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Which of the party leaders made the best impression on you over the course of the campaign?


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Which of the party leaders made the best impression on you over the course of the campaign?

  1. I'm still tepidly behind the Conservatives getting a majority but I've been extremely impressed by Iggy on the campaign trail.

    Layton impresses me only in his ability to offer everyone the moon and stars to everyone with a strait face.

  2. All i can say is please don't get sucked into these promises that the party leaders like Jack Layton and Michael Ignatieff are offering. They will never work and Canada will feel the pain because of it if they are elected. Canada is striving right now with a great economy, so why would you want to change anything?

    • It's a delusory free-market carcinoma that will eat us up in 4-5 years.

      That kind of 'stability'.

    • Correct. For all who are thinking of voting for NDP and Layton, HE INTENDS TO SPEND $60 BILLION …….Before he does that, he will raise taxes, drive our country and economy DOWN.

      PEOPLE, get smart and think before you get mesmerized by personality. WE ARE VOTING FOR WHO HAS THE BEST TRACK RECORD TO RUN OUR COUNTRY, not someone who is pleasing to the camera

      • Oh come on! You suffer from cognitive dissonnance. Before the Conservatives came in, they had no track record and you still voted for them despite them forming a reckless coalition between the Reform and PC.

        It is funny how everybody is agianst, but also against reduced services…schizophrenia if you asked me. There is no reason to beluieve that Jack Layton will be any less pragmatic than any of the other leaders when it comes to responsible spending. This is not a dogmatic party and they will have to put a budget to the vote, just like any other.

        In fact, because they have much greater respect for Parliament and our Federal institutions than the Harper government, you can bet that they the checks and balances of our system will be more readily accepted by a Layton government than by any of its predecessors.

        Finally, a note on the surge…the main reason that the NDP is so dominant in Quebec polls is because unlike all the other main parties, the NDP is the only one that never screwed them. Granted, this is not a fail-safe, but if you want to run on track record…then in this election, it's probably better not to have one.

        • Sorry…meant to say it funny that averyone seems to be against raised taxes, but also against reduced services…clicked send to quickly….won,t let it happen again.

      • But Layton would not be buying fighter jets and "forgetting" to factor in the cost of the engines.

        • And how will out military feel and what situation will they be stuck in if the little socialist gets in or overthrows the Conservatives? Much as the hippy mentalities like to think we must embrace and pay for all and have nothing but peace…..sorry to bust the bubble, but the world is in turmoil, and we need our military in place and able to deal with future unknowns. Vote Conservative, it is the best choice!

          • "The little socialist". "Overthrows" the conservatives. Note the right winger's contempt and belittlement of their fellow Canadians. Note their pretense of having some kind of inherent right to govern, regardless of the outcome of the election.

          • My aren’t you the self righteous one, ever heard of Cons, Hitler, Nazis, Con Bots..etc.? Like you are as pure and angelic as you and the media like to portray you. If anyone has been leading in the attacks both in the media and on these forums, it is the left.

    • Canada IS feeling the pain right now, and it has for the last five years! Enough. Time to go forward not backward.

    • Canada's economy is operating in political deficit right now. So basically Harper is artificially stimulating the economy by spending more than he is taking in. To do that at a time when Canada is enjoying a world comodities boom is incompetent. You ask why change anything? That is very short term thinking. Remember the 90's?… The belt tightening the sacrifices, the budget slashing? All in an effort to get the debt under control? Well, New conservative government made the surpluses that were being used to pay down that debt disappear in about 18 months. Just in time for a recession. Now we have a 60 billion deficit. 30 billion a year to service the debt. That will go up to 33 billion next year. Now interest rates are rising maybe increasing the cost of servicing the debt to 40 billion.. Conservatives repeat over and over how well the steered the economy. If they say often enough to enough people, there will be lots of people who bel;ieve it. Facts although speak louder than words..

    • Probably because a lot of people don't want to vote for the guy who said he'd never run a deficit, then gave us a huge one, or the guy who's actively trying to destroy our democracy. Just a hunch.

      • Um, we all know that deficit is also thank to Layton and Ignatieff who insisted and demanded more stimulus spending. And save the huge deficit crap, it is a world wide recession, and yes we have large deficit, but it is a drop in the bucket to most others. The Conservatives did a good job, an economist is what we need, not a socialist. Vote Conservative, keep Canada as the envy of the world economically.

    • what are you smoking. i have been unemployed for 18 months as an autoworker and they are not calling us back yet or ever. we need more socialism and less conservatism right now. you think it is wise to spend $60B on fighter jets and billions on better bigger prisons! what great economy, you must be a moron!

      • The money for the jets wont be spent for another 5 years. Your pal Jacko is going to spend the $60B now, and begin to raise taxes now.
        If you think it's hard to find a job now, just wait until Jacko screws everything up.

    • Justin, look up "striving" in your dictionary. Or maybe that is what you meant.

  3. Why does it take a fake-poll surge to get Harper, Ignatieff and a legion of journalists to get Jack's apparent vapour-ware in their sights?

  4. I never thought I'd say this but Harper is a good man and a competent leader. I will not vote Liberal this time around. I'll have to hold my nose a little on some of the Conservative policies (mainly in the social arena) but overall, I have to say that they are now the best choice for Canada. Don't make me regret it Mr. Harper!

    • Citations needed.

    • You got that right Francis

  5. Jack Layton has years of experience in front of TV cameras in Toronto – he would ride around on his bicycle whining and complaining whenever anyone wanted to get anything done in the city. He has no accomplishments as a politician other than that, the 'ideas' in his platform are ridiculous.

    • Well, whining and complaining was Stephen Harper's career for years.

      • will I am whining now I just saw Layton and Chows exspense acct for 1 year 628,913 Layton 530,304 Chow and thats not even their salary or pensions ,plus this couple of lagers have lived on the peoples purse strinfs for 30 years so give it a rest already …

        • That's why he is a good socialist – he has lived off of others for years, plenty of experience there hey Jacko!

  6. Maybe the question should not be who was the best but who was the worst given the comments,I agree with the holding nose part but i wanted to breathe.

    • Thanks for the laugh… I had been holding my nose for so long that I wasn't even aware of it anymore.

      Thanks again… now I can think straight again.

  7. Harper is an anti democratic fascist, Iggy is on record being in favour of torture and both were cheer leaders for the illegal and immoral attack on Iraq, the continuing slaughter in Afghanistan- and the list goes on.

    An NDP led Co-Operative with what's left of the Liberals will form the government, and be far more representative of the majority of people in this country. Harper's destruction of this country will come to an end, and the born again nut bars, pro gun twits, anti environment jerks,
    mega prison, billion dollar warplane enthusiasts, and tea party wannabes will have to be satisfied with the wilds of rural Alberta and the shallow end of the gene pool.

    • I wish you would stop smoking that stuff

    • Gee Bill, aren't you just an open minded, love everyone, hug a tree, everyone must pay for my existance kinda fella. Someday I hope you give reality a try!

  8. Help! . . . Who do I vote for? I used to like Harper but he is looking more and more like Mohmar Kadaffi every day – a dictator who wants to control everybody and everything, and not allowing anyone to deviate form his own plans. What ever happened to a transparent and approachable government?

    My Preference. . . a coalition government led by Harper. Why does everyone think a coalition government should be formed only from the Liberals-NDP-Block parties. If in a minority situation again, the Governor General should rule "This government will consist of all of the parties according to the percentage of seats won. This Concensus Government will be led by the leader of the party that has won the most seats."

    It works in the NWT and Nunavut. There are no parties. People run as independents and when elected, THEY elect the leader of the government. No party Politics! – the members of parliament answer first to the people who elect them. Isn't this the way government should work? People elected by the people – working for the people?

    Party Politics is DEFECTIVE!

    • I think that noone includes the Tories aka Harper in talk of coalition because of two reasons. First, he vehemently opposes the idea of coalition government and insinuates that it is not a legal form of government or the will of the people. Secondly, Harper does not have a track record of being willing to work with other parties/leaders. Instead it seems to be his way or the highway. Considering that, is it really surprising that he is not spoken of in conjunction with coalition speculation?

      • Wouldn't that be something if Harper would have to rely on a coalition with the Liberals to maintain power?

        • Good as a last resort.
          Anything is better then having the NDP wreck the country.

      • If Mr Harper hadn't worked with the other members in the opposition then why has he been there for 5 years take your blinders off . there was a recession , we wouldn't even have any debt if he hadn't stimmulated the country . I guess we should have just gone on empty . And Jack Layton is the black mailer in this crappy thing . OH MAYBE I WILL SUPPORT >>>MAYBE I WON"T give me what I want or I will bring your goverment down he did it with Paul Martin so he has done it with Steven Harper ….Whinning Jack Flash

      • Tell me, if you were Harper, the week, day before the election……if you want a majority government, would YOU give the voters the option of him in a coalition? That may sway voters away from a majority vote into considering a Coalition with Conservatives. He is smart, and he is a strategist who is in a different situation than the Libs and NDP. The fact that Terry Milewski (CBC) was insensed that he would not answer a hypothetical question before the election, just shows how stupid and disruptive the media is trying to be. Mr. Harper has had to battle the other parties and the media this whole election and his time in office. He deserves a Majority, Canada needs a Conservative Majority.

    • Finally someone I can agree with. Partisan politics is killing North America in general. If all parties went into elections realizing they HAVE to work together for CANADA once elected, we would have a government for the people. All the people, not just those that voted for the party that got 40% of the vote and calls themselves the majority.
      And, yes Donna Mr Harper did have to stimulate the economy to save us all but if proroguing parliament twice, calling an early and unnecessary election and being found in contempt of parliament is 'working with the other members' God help us all.

      • Stop the nonsense about prorouing parliament and look to see how many other paties have done it.
        As far as the contempt charge, do you think maybe Chretian would have been found in contempt for HRDC, Adscam,
        Shawinigate, etc., etc., if he didn't have a majority.

      • Don't think for one second the opposition parties are or have been innocent in the House. It has been relentless witch hunts, non-issues blown out of proportion for weeks, leaked documents and outright plans to oust Mr. Harper. The "Contempt" vote was just step 1 in Ignatieff's plan to take over, luckily it is backfiring.

    • Who the F*** is Kadaffi?

  9. Six weeks of attack ads before the election show the quality of Tory thought patterns. And then they suggested others caused the election! Attacking the leaders of other parties, has left the Liberal leader well behind. Attacking problems such as underfunded health care, providing generic drugs to Africa to fight Aids, and caring about the people who have lost pensions through corporate receivership has encouraged me to vote NDP. People don't vote for the man…they vote for what they believe in! Even though my wife and I are doing quite well, we care about those people who have not had the opportunities that we have had. Layton represents the sharing and caring attitude needed in Ottawa. That is why we send reps to Ottawa.

    • I couldn't have said it better myself Ken without spewing invective. Thanks for your thoughts. BTW – I have already voted….NDP.

    • Check the vote that brought the government down. It wasn't conservatives.
      You make flimsy excuses just like the Jack or is it John massage story.
      He was there, but your type ignore that and go after the messenger, but if it's the Conservatives you and the lefty MSM, never let go of the story

    • Why is it only attack ads if the Conservatives do it? Ignatieff has had a daily rant on CBC denouncing Harper and the Conservatives at will. CBC has then backed him up with misleading headlines and verging on slanderous "journalism." This has been going on much longer than the so called "Attack" ads from the Conservatives. And here is a scoop, the Election was caused by the opposition…..like it or not. This is nothing but an attempt to take over the PM's office. Only the partisan blind such as yourself cannot see it for what it is.. I have already voted Conservative and hope for that majority!

  10. It is wrong and immoral for a coalition of losers to form the next government. This country is in big trouble if the N.D.P. get any kind of power from this election.

    • oh you'd prefer just one loser to form the next government? well we have one of those already.

    • The NDP is only as strong as Harper is despised.
      I don't like either… call me politically disfranchised.

    • Oscar, you've obviously swallowed the codswallop that Harper has been dishing out. Guess what — coalitions are certainly part and parcel of a parliamentary system of government; a coalition is a completely valid way of constructing a parliamentary government. You don't have to look any further than the Mother of all Parliaments; Great Britain has a coalition government at present.

  11. You should have gone to school, i guess that is why you are an ndp supporter ?

  12. just look at socialist countries,it will show you in what of a mess the got in to.

    • Yeah… thanks to regunomics the USA put one over those Chinese socialists…. eh

      • Regunomics? I thought the cigar wielding Clinton fixed everything for the US, and it looks like your pal Obama has done wonderful things too.

  13. I can't imagine Jack Layton representing Canada on the international stage…embarrassing and I don't think any other international players could possibley take him seriously. Iggy should move back to the US, he is as much American as Canadian…Harper will be getting my vote.

    • Do it fast…. before senility completely sets in.

  14. Harper has the experience! He has strough economic background and he got us through the hard times of a couple of years ago – the best in the Western world.

    Layton is very impressive but will bankrupt this nation; his ideas are grand but we cannot afford them all – he is helping himself to his playground. We will have to pay the resultant financial mess.

    • If there were a recession coming we would have had it by now????

      ….. and now you clowns think it's over???

  15. The idea that focusing on helping the people instead of sucking up to the super rich is bound to be disastrous has been mesmerized into our psyche.No wonder Harper can scare the pants off so many who think the sky will fall if a government does not pay homage to the almighty multinationals.And fear drives the polls, not hope. Hard to see how Jack can pull this off in this strange climate.

    • It's the multinationals that provide the jobs in this country.

  16. We got lucky and have a PIRATE party candidate that we are going to vote for since that describes the whole lot of them perfectly.

    • Tried One for the money..
      Two for the show….

      (thumbs up)

  17. If Jack makes it in, Then we all can sleep like babies, waking up every hour crying………HARPER is still the man

    • I haven't slept for 5 years… I need a change

  18. This is great, put a whole lot of "Dippers"in opposition for one term, because they sure won't be reelected, and we won't have to pay a nickle in pensions for them.
    Mounds like a great deal to me and the new bunch will have to be in for two terms before they get a cent, should balance the the budget.
    Looks good to me.


  19. No, no – be very afraid of Jack Layton. Hiking corporate tax to 19.5% would destroy our fragile economic recovery. It means borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. It means in the short term he will generate enough money to pay for all of these fancy social programs that he has dangled before our eyes. But in the long term it means job layoffs and large deficits that we cannot afford to take on. Layton wants to increase corporate tax and then generate money for small businesses. Everyone knows that Mom and Pop's local coffee shop is generating more tax money than say McDonald's. He will work agains the oilsands one of the largest contributors of Canadian revenue that we have. Harper does not have all the answers but he is not promising a whole lot of fluff we can't afford to pay for.We can't afford to buy now, pay later. The United States tried that and is still digging itself out.

    Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/decision-canada/

    • Don't talk as if representing fiscal conservatives…. stevie has been everything but.

  20. Two negatives don't make a right… it just makes a double negative.

    • Thank you for your substantial response…..You should vote for the NDP considering how you avoid coming to grip with the issues…

  21. The bastion country of Capitalism ain't doing that good either.

    • A lot better then what Jack has in mind for us.

  22. Where are the 43% of respondents in these comments? One thing we can expect if we are in the 43% is that Liberals and Conservatives and the corporate hegemony will do their very best to bring him Layton down if he gets in. 43% could be a majority government. And I suspect young voters are underrepresented in most of these polls. It is the young vote that will put him over. If you vote for him, be prepared for the onslaught. If you want what Jack stands for, be prepared for every possible discouragement that the opposition can muster.

    Because, you see, more important than Jack, is what he stands for.

    The Globe & Mail came out a couple of days ago saying that Harper was the best choice because he provides leadership, bullheadedness and discipline. No mention of an idealogical or ethical requirement was made. It amazes me how people can let arguments like that convince them that they shouldn't choose what they really want.

    It's true though, if you are going to survive the coming onslaught, Jack, you are going to need some of those qualities, as are those of us who want to support him. Steel yourselves.

  23. You hit the nail on the head ! Good one !

  24. Some of the Harper "record":
    – Harper is a fan of nut-job Economist Leo Strauss who believed an elite group should rule;
    – The non-elected staff in the leader's office controls tactics and strategies. To do this, the Prime Minister's Office increased its taxpayer-paid funding by $1 million;
    – Tory MPs, who should be speaking for their constituents, are muzzled. Harper's central authority writes media releases and MPs' often-aggressive statements and questions, laced with personal attacks, for the House;
    – Generally, those who don't agree with the Harper way become victims of name-calling and smear campaigns;
    – CBC's the Fifth Estate has revealed that 20 government departments are now involved in national "security," along with CSIS and the RCMP to spy on its citizens. Why????

    • I gladly voted for Mr. Harper and the Conservatives!

  25. More of the Harper "record":
    – The government is buying 65 crappy F-35s stealth fighters from Lockheed Martin through an untendered contract worth $9-billion — an amount which excludes roughly $7 billion more in maintenance costs. That's $16 to $21 billion, of our tax dollars for obsolete crap;
    – Harper pushed hard to end the long-gun registry, even calling pro-registry police a "cult." even as most Police/RCMP evaluations concluded that it was an important tool for law enforcement;
    – Crime rates are down and the population is aging, but the Harper government claims its gotta introduce tougher laws, incarcerate more Canadians, and spend $9 billion on American-style super-prisons — because of an increase in (get this) "unreported" crime;
    – One-third of the 54 bills introduced by the Conservatives over the past several months are related to crime.
    -Harper is ending rehabilitation programs for inmates, 95% of whom WILL be back in society, at some point;

    • I Agree with much of what Mr. Harper and the Conservatives are trying to do, don't let Connor's negative take on everything sway you. Vote Conservative!

  26. Vote for a Harper majority? Hmmmm…let's look at some facts. Harper:
    -Frigged up a a $16 billion surplus and now we have a $55-plus billion deficit;
    – To fight the mess we're in, Harper promoted the HST, which moves the tax burden from corporations to consumers so avg Joe's and Jane's have to pay more for things like food and heat.;
    – Harper wants more corporate tax cuts, which will cost $5.6 billion annually, which leaves the country with less $;
    – Harper gave a $75 billion bail-out package for banks with no closed tax loopholes or tightened regulations required;
    – Harper has said they'll cut education funding, which will raise post-secondary tuition;
    – Harper stonewalled during UN Climate Change negotiations in Copenhagen. He lobbied against an extension of the Kyoto Accord — which has ignored anyway, even as 2010 and the most weather-related disasters on record;.

  27. How do I decide not to vote for? This is too easy:
    -Harper said he wouldn't bring in cap-and-trade legislation without U.S. signing on. Obama is now cutting emissions, so what's the holdup;
    – The Reform — now Conservative — Party was connected to the Petroleum Club in Calgary. Harper intends to spend tons of $ expanding Alberta tar sands;
    – Harper let the home renovation tax credit expire on Jan. 31, 2010;

  28. The business community has way to much sway and power. There's a new body of research should be considered carefully.There is now copious amounts of hard medical evidence that a person's economic status and social participation directly affects their physical health. And that, in turn, affects the cost of health care. This is not vague, bleeding-heart sentimentalism; it is hard scientific proof. How do we do this? By putting people first!!! Not something Harper knows how to do.


  29. In spite of what Harper says, trickle-down economics DOES NOT WORK!!! It merely lets the rich get richer!!! Corporate tax rates have declined, steadily, yet working and poor Canadians pay a higher percentage of income on tax. How is this fair???

    • And despite what Jacko says, Cap and Trade will be expensive for all of us. And yes the extra cost will trickle down to us all.

  30. I was thinking it's funny no one is talking about the Liberal party. Then again, I should really keep my mind out of the gutter.

    One Green vote in the tar sands from me!

  31. Stephen Harper should not, and cannot, be trusted. A Harper majority would be ruinous for Canada. A number of commentaries have, for several years now, noted that Harper displays the personality hallmarks of being a "malignant narcissist", which makes him only slightly more cuddly than a full-blown sociopath. For example, see:
    http://www.metaball.ca/2008/ball_Mar-08/0308_01.h…. http://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2009/09/10/HarperUnfit/

    The bottom line — *don't* vote for the Harper Government!

  32. To all those people who offhandedly say Layton would bankrupt the nation: Just have a look at all the provincial NDP governments who have delivered more balanced budgets than any other provincial party in Canada. It's a fact…the NDP doesn't go into deficit spending to pay for fighter jets and prisons. The Harper govt. has NOT passed on economic management.

  33. Smilin’ jack really? As a used car salesman maybe or some greasy real estate agent!! He’s have Omar Khadar home setting up a Islamic school and all that diversity crap. I’d love to see Harper running things. But I’m voting Green.