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Which party came out on top of the long-gun registry debate?


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Which party came out on top of the long-gun registry debate?

  1. Corrupt Liberals wasted billions of dollars on the long rifle registry and it does absolutely nothing for Canadians – it's da usual bizness when it comes to crooked Liberal pork barrel programs. They can only win over dumb people on this issue.

    • What is the difference!
      The conservatives have wasted Billions in the G20 Summit. For What?

      • The summit was one time, this gun thing will go on and on for ever. the registry does not work and never will at 60-70 Million pr year so the Toronto Papers say.

    • The whole political point of the gun registry was to make Canadians safer. Reality tells you that it's just another exercise in controlling the people.

      Fact is, the gun registry is a complete sham, on top of being a waste of money because the ONLY people who are going to register their guns are honest citizens who BELIEVE that they are doing the right thing, or those who simply don't want to be made criminals because some beaurocrat without any intellectual capacity thought it was a good idea to exert more controls on the people who pay his salary.

      I mean, everyone knows that when a criminal is going to rob a bank, the first thing they do is rush out to the nearest government office to register their guns! Heaven forbid they would want to be in violation of the gun registry while they were out robbing banks!

      We are also fully aware that drive-by shootings have remained at the same levels they were before the gun registry was implemented solely because the gun registry exists. Obviously there would be a great deal more of this sort of crime if it weren't for the drive-by shooters not being allowed to register their weapons, right?

      The truth of the matter is that the gun registry only serves to give criminals the same access to weapons as they had before the registry, and removing guns from the hands of honest, non-violent citizens. This bill does nothing to enhance the safeety or security of anyone other than the criminals who don't abide by the registry statutes in the first place, and it's time that we stop being complete idiots and buying into al the garbage that our politicians tell us.

      What's next? They'll tell us that due to the 30-year drop in all manner of violent crimes on average across the whole of Canada, we need to build more prisons because of an increase in "unreported crimes" next?

      Oh yeah…they already did that…so how many peope out there actually BOUGHT THE PROPAGANDA this time?

  2. I would like to see a report (a real one) that indicates how many long guns were used in a crime and not a fictish one made up to support this wasteful program.

  3. You're right, we lost… now we'll still be funding the damn thing.

  4. Contrary to what your poll about the long gun registry seems to suggest, all political parties lost on this one and so did all Canadians.
    A waste of taxpayer's dollars is always a waste of taxpayer's dollars.
    To all those who voted to retain the registry – shame on you, you have just done everyone in this country a major disservice. Capital punishment was more effective than any gun registry will ever be.

    • Subterfuge! While I support a gun registry, the issue is just distracting us from more important issues. North American politics is more combative than productive. If they wanted to improve public opinion, try working together on an issue that matters to everyone, like improved wait times at hospitals, or more efficient and transparent government spending.

  5. The liberals haven,t won anything. If it was,nt for the hypocritical Dippersit would have been defeated.

    • Poor sport Jac? it appears son and your argument is getting pretty lame with no substance.

  6. As with a lot of the decisions made in Ottawa, we as taxpayers have unreliable information on which to make a decision. All we get is all the political rhetoric with little fact. It's all a big game and aren't we all sick of having to pay for it when there is so much meaningful work to be done. How about this – in BC 30% of kids starting school do not have the ability or social skills to be going to school & it crosses all economic groups, apparently due to lack of supports to families and children. Oh no let's not do that, we would rather get involved when they drop out of school and turn to crime. Meanwhile federal & provincial politicians carry on like kids in a school yard!!!!!!!!

  7. Just like a cheap magician they are doing something with one hand to distract the audience from knowing what the other hand does. and the tax payer looses. They asume we are stupid(BCIT mechanical degree,several electronics degrees Malasapina university. years studying disfuntional behavior)that and all politicians and beauocrats seem to have forgotten the meaning of CIVIL SERVANT
    Steve Lloyd

  8. If we are look at the people who supported the gun registry, it was police and doctors who have to pick up the pieces when somewhat gets hurt from a rifle. Either by accident or illicit activity. The people who wanted to scrap it..ie the farmers and hunters, have a personal vested interest ..ie they dont want to bother to register. If I have to register my vehicle..why would a gun not need to be registered??

    • The Registry will not stop the clean up the police and doctors have to deal with. It will be the same, do you think if your name is on a registry it will magically stop a bullet? Do you think a suicidal person will not find another way to do themselves in? Guess who still has to be at the scene or declare someone dead—-that's right, the police and doctors. You have no argument and you are very misguided in pointing fingers at farmers and hunters. They are the ones being shafted by the shear ignorance of people like yourself!

      • Since you feel that I am ignorant , please enlighten me. Why is it so terrible that someone would register their gun?? If you using it for legal purposes and abiding by the law and ensuring your guns is secure when not in use. Tell me what problem the registry poses in this case. If you can explain this, I will certainly change my thinking.

        • The problem is that you're not using LOGIC in your assessment of the situation.

          Gangs are NOT going to register their guns. HONEST CITIZENS are.

          When the time comes that the criminals running our country want to take our guns, do you honestly think that they're going to go to all of the CRIMINALS' HOMES to pick them up? Not by a long shot! They're going to all the homes of the HONEST PEOPLE WHO REGISTERED THEIRS.

          Once the honest people no longer have access to guns, the criminals will have a far, far safer work environment in which to rob, raid homes, and generally run amoke throughout society.


          How many times have you overheard a concersation between a couple of crackheads who were planning on robbing the nearest 7-11 for cigarrettes saying "You know, we'd better go get those guns registered before we rob that place…I mean…we wouldn't want to break the law while we're breaking the law, now would we?"

          How difficult a concept is common sense for the average Canadian to grasp? Has our educational systemn failed us all so badly that we can't see the truth for what it is in so many cases DAILY?

          After hearing your "logic" I'm starting to believe that if there actually is an "Illuminati" out there trying to take over the world, that they're COMPLETELY JUSTIFIED in wanting to kill off 90% of the population…if the people refuse to think inteligently about ANYTHING, then obviously, their utility in continuing the human race is also nullified.

          • You have just proven my point with regards to the gun registry!

        • If registering your car meant that police could come into your home/garage and search it without warrant…how would that make you feel?

          If your car's license sticker expired how would you feel if the police marched into your yard and took it? Then charged you with a CRIMINAL offense?

          If your car was in your driveway unlocked (unsecured)…how would you like it if the police towed it away and again charged you with a CRIMINAL offense? No ticket, no fine…you could go to jail and have a criminal record for it!

          It's hard for me to understand how so many Harper-haters mock his "tough on crime" stance and talk of building new prisons…and yet support the gun registry which invents criminals out of ordinary citizens.

          People don't seem to realize that you could always register your guns before the stupid LGR. Several people did. Then, in a knee-jerk, grandstanding, exercise in political fluff, the Chretien government decided to make criminals out of people who didn't register their hunting rifles and shot guns. Nothing but window dressing in reaction to Marc Lepine…but people who didn't own long guns seemed to be placated by it and more than willing to trample over the rights of gun owners to satisfy their need to "feel good" that something had been done in the name of innocent victims. Nothing was accomplished.

          When you…or others bring up the canard of "well you are required to register your car…why not your gun?"…This is why. If you were suddenly subject to unwarranted search and seizure of your possession(s) and were subject to being criminally prosecuted for paperwork mistakes and/or minor license infractions…I think you'd soon drop the analogy and (hopefully) see why so many "duck hunters and farmers" are steaming mad over this legislation.

    • You need a license to:
      – drive
      – own a vehicle
      – fish
      – hunt
      – get married
      – trapping
      – build
      – renovate
      – own a cat/dog
      – sell things
      – prospect
      – mine
      – operate a cemetery
      – store/own explosives
      – sell alcohol
      … and a whole host of other things.

      Take a gander at: http://www.ontario.ca/en/information_bundle/licen

      So, by all means, lets not regulate WEAPONS! Yeah, make all the arguments you want to about ultimate effectiveness – it's a weapon capable of easily delivering typically fatal damage over distance.

      The program cost way too much to install, but that ship has sailed. Money's gone. Infrastructure is in-place. Current operating net program costs are on the order $69M – not the billions that opponents wave about as a clinching argument. If you want to take an issue with the program costs, start at the $69M – not the (outrageous) sunk costs of development.

      One good source document is the RCMP 2010 report: http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/pubs/fire-feu-eval/eval

  9. The way this issued was handled by the Harper government was typical of this government and other governments in the past on every issue. They use it to be devide people and to grab votes..to appear to cater to one particular viewpoint. This time it was a wedge between urban vs rural. They know that gun control will be very sensitive to those living in more crime ridden areas and sensitive to people who needs guns to make a living such as farmers… that is the way politicians work…devide..dont try and present a solution for all..that doesnt gain points in the electorate..However, we are naive to fall for it..Even on here …arguments but no solutions..

    • Mike38guy…I don't disagree with your "logic" of registration… be it cars, guns or anything else. Comparing the two (guns and cars) may NOT be a stretch, but I think the argument that responders have with your initial comment is that you make it seem that "police and doctors" who "clean up the mess" caused by abuse of guns in today's society is actually going to be lessened by this registry. The point has clearly been made that MOST of the "mess" caused by guns which ultimately involves police is NOT coming as a result of the use of legally registered arms. I personally don't have any guns myself, but I once did. And my gun was registered. It was stolen from my home (the locked cabinet it was in was destroyed, btw), and to my knowledge, it was never recovered by law enforcement. Now…what good did the registry do to "protect" anyone who may be injured when the crook saws off this gun and uses it during the commission of a crime? (continued below)

    • (continuation of my previous post) So, whether the argument is specious or not, the bottom line for ALL of us is this…we are paying for a registry that is costly, rife with administrative waste, and ultimately useless in terms of lessening the "mess" that you are concerned that police and doctors have to "clean up". True, it lets the government and their agencies know where some law-abiding gun owners are… but aside from that, what's the point of it?
      I'd like you to RESEARCH the number of deaths and injuries that happen each year due to self-injurious consequences from gun ownership, as you clearly believe this is a large number. I can assure you, having done some research on this, it is NOT a large percentage — especially when compared to the number of crimes committed by criminals and gang members using weapons. (not quite done yet)

    • (last part, I promise…)
      As for cars, people use these to commit suicide every year as well, and they are, as you've pointed out, registered. Does that reduce the "mess" that results when someone decides to "abuse" their right to drive? No.
      Finally, I would like to make it clear that I am no longer a hunter, and have never been a farmer — but I do respect both of these "classifications" of people, and I would outraged to be painted with the wide brush you seem to use when speaking of them.
      I will readily admit, I don't have a solution either. But I AM completely against a registry that is an ineffective, overly bureaucratic, and (as a result) an extremely costly attempt to "lessen crime"… as this has been postulated since it was originally introduced. To be quite frank, it simply DOESN'T WORK and I think despite your rhetoric, you can't argue against that.

  10. The registry was created because 14 women were murdered in Montreal. No male who posts comments seems to remember that. Most women murdered in Canada are killed with long guns owned by their partners or family. Personally I think that the lives of women are more imoportant than the feelings of farmers or duck hunters. Leaving history aside, if policemen and doctors support it, that is good enough for me. How can Harper say he is anti-crime but he wants no gun control? I guess he thinks, as with everything else he does, that Canadians won't notice that this makes no sense. Maybe he is largely correct. Response to this vote says a lot about how rural white guys think than anything else.

    • For your info. I am female, this bull about women cowering in the corner if the registry was stopped is, as previously stated, bull. Women I know can shoot a rifle as good as any man. You will always hear the same special interest groups trying to label Harper as a women hater every chance they get. Most women murdered in Canada are beaten or stabbed to death. So tell me, is there anyway this registry will prevent a shooting? It seems to me that the registry may only come into play AFTER a crime is committed, to find the owner of the gun. If any gun was legally registered, it would of been licensed also, they could get the same information from the licensing paperwork.
      Everyone chooses to use the women murdered in Montreal as reason for this registry….if this registry was in place back then, would it of prevented these murders? We all know it wouldn't of. It was a knee jerk reaction to an aweful event, it was pushed in by Chretien, to appease the people. That doesn't mean it worked/works or needs to stay. So FormerPCer- it is not only "rural white guys" that think this whole fiasco is a Liberal mess, keeping it doesn't make sense.

      • Some of the toughest people I've ever met in my life were women, so I agree with you 100%.

        How many MEN would be willing to pass a HUMAN BEING out their naughty bits? Not me, I call tell you that much! To hell with pride…NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

        The fact remains that only the honest citizen who does not want to be "criminalized by the stroke of a pen" is going to be the one to register. The big city gang members aren't going to register their guns. The foreign drug cartels aren't going to register their guns. (They're also not going to stop importing cocaine and heroin either…at least, not as long as they make 60% of their money from importing cannabis, since we cant' grow it here ourselves and eliminate foreigners from profiting off our government's propaganda) The small-time break-and-enter artists aren't going to register their guns either.

        So what happens when the honest people of Canada have no guns? They will then be described as "clear targets" for any criminal who DOES have a gun.

        Education be damned…common sense be damned…Canada be damned…and by your own hand, because so few Canadians are willing to simply THINK CLEARLY about anything, if it might cut into your entertainment schedule…

        As to the earlier comment that you don't need to reigster your vehicle if you'll be using it on private property, that is not true. You can't go to a car lot and buy a car, even paying in CASH, without registering it today. You are required by statute to sign over authority and ownership for any vehicle you purchase in Canada to the Queen, otherwise, you are not "legally allowed" to purchase the vehicle.

        Try taking a look at the definition of the words "REGISTRY" and "REGISTRATION" and "REGISTER" and see the truth for what it is…and while you're at it, take a few seconds to think about the roots of the word "MORTGAGE" as well…the French don't need to look at all…they already know…

    • We all Register our vehicles and there are more people Killed and Maimed on the Highways per day than there are people Killed or Maimed by long guns I dear say in a 2 year period. and the only voice you hear about this is MADD, how come?

    • Actually "FormerPCer" you are entirely wrong. Wow, so wrong. Most women that are murdered in Canada are not killed by guns at all, let alone long guns. Nice try though. Masacres in Quebec may have been a stimulus for this grand waste of money but that doesn't make it useful at ALL!!!! It was a placebo response to a terrible event.
      Policemen and doctors do NOT support the LGR, only a few whack-job socialist quacks and the CACP (Funded by the company that runs the registry) support it. Regular officers DO NOT SUPPORT THE REGISTRY.

      P.S. Do us rural non-whites not count? Or are you such a sad individual that you paint all of those against the regsitration of legal possessions as 'white hicks' because you are driven by rhetoric and not fact?

      BTW – Men are also victims of domestic abuse, can you believe it? White ones too!

    • Emil garbi (aka marc lapine)was a muslim male, who chose to use a gun to punish women, why don't we start a muslim registry?

    • Registering guns would not have prevented that. Get rid of the gun registrey and bring in capital punishment! There has to be a deterent!!!! manslaughter should be 10 – 25 years with no chance of parole, 2nd degree murder should be life with NO CHANCE of PAROLE, FIRST degree should be death !!!! If this was in place, THAN you would see a decrease in murders, because most could only murder ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  11. What a piss poor arguement. You are telling me that you would buy a car to use on private property. What bull. __I am not a city sslicker ..you are pompous and presumptuous__I just think that ifyou own a weapon, you need to register it…dont make the rest of us look like gun toting hillbillies.

  12. Actually killing the bill hurt the NDP more than anything else they have done to date. There was absolutely nothing to be gained and a lot to be lost. 74% of Canadians want it scrapped. The first political party in Canada that actually took a stand against gun control was the provincial NDP of Saskatchewan, NOT the Ralph Klien tories of Alberta as many have said.

    There is deep disapointment in NDP held ridings that were against the bill and this will haunt the incumbants in the next federal election. I have not been an NDP supporter for many years due to the elitist attitude shown by succession of dud party leaders.

    Jack Layton picked his hill to die on and all I can say is good riddance to the puppet master and his merry band of closet commies!

  13. The main problem is that Canada is operating as though it was a democracy, only most people simply don't bother to vote. This is how Stephen Harper got into the position of "Emperor of Canada" with only 17% of the population's votes.

    The other problem with the "demoncratic process" in Canada is that, as with every other "democracy", if 51% of the country is packed full of wilfully ignorant morons without a second synapse available for firing, the other 49% ALWAYS lose in the polls. People like Joe-Bob win, and "minority votes" from people like scientists, doctors, physicists, et cetera, simply lose by way ot numerical calculations by Elections Canada.

    And people wonder why this country is falling directly into lock-step with the USA and following directly down the exact same path to destruction…from within…

  14. Guns are murder weapons , whether used on people or innocent wild animals . A progressive . civilized country has no need for them , apart from police and military . We don’t need gun control , we need a gun ban . In this 21st century there is no more need to kill wild animals for food . Let’s end that barbarism . And how many people are killed every year by “sporting”weapons ? Most importantly , criminal vermin would have a very difficult time arming themselves which would make all of us much safer . Of course, this is pie in the sky and no political party would have the guts to touch it . Maybe , unless the Greens ? C’mon Greens why not run with this ? I’m sure you’d be surprised with the support for a gun ban in Canada . You could use the votes and it fits you well .

    • What nonsernse. The safety measures are in the licensing process. The registry does nothing.
      A nd do you really think that a criminal is so stupid as to use a registered long gun in a crime/ . Odds are his weapon (prbably a hand guin) has just been smuggled across the border, probably in exchange for an amount of BC Bud.

      • Legalize BC bud, then?

    • I have always avoided shooting innocent wild animals, it's the sly, worldly ones that I happily blast away at, serves 'em right.

    • You are living in a rainbow land filled with abstract love and grace.Visit the dark side in our major cities and you will find lots of guns and violence neither of which will abate will the ban on all firearms. This will create another underground industry in which the criminal element will thrive.

    • You certainly have NO CLUE to what it is to hunt. It is a tradition that dates from the time my forefathers came to Canada. It is a time I shared profoundly with my father, and I also share with my sons. I have six sons, three have taken to the hunt, three didn't. I for one could respect their individuality, how can you not do the same. Because for fascist. I also recommend you check stats before implying, more people are injured in hockey than hunting and the number of participants are just about equal. Furthermore, I am one that was a victim of a gunshot (shotgun) accident. Have you taken the new courses – hunting or firearms… didn't think so. For the most part its a farce. Most people come out of there actually believing they know what to do.

      • Before you raise a brow on us uncivilized white trash, I'd like to underline the fact that I'm a teacher and believe that the focus here is all wrong. Its pistols that illegal guns such as automatic weapons that should be our focus. Hunting laws in most province prohibit the use of pistols. If thats the case, ALL PISTOLS should be illegal and nobody except for police or military should have them. Long gun registry is a farce, at least 10% if not more are now hidden away somewhere. I am not afraid to speak out because I am fully legal. Some people I know have stashed their weapons elsewhere because they don't trust our government. The long gun registry is far from resolved, and the money used to have it should have been used to confiscate illegal weapons instead… The government will NEVER succeed in getting all canadians to register their long guns, it just won't happen, and they just don't have the manpower to do complete the task. They can't control drugs or contraband, long guns will just be another example of the governments ineffectiveness.

  15. Long time gun owner and NDP voter. Canadian taxpayer lost hard on this one. What are we up to now? $1 billion? Annual operating costs of 60 million? And how may times have the police used the registery, something like 10,000 times a year… so an average of $6000 per call. I'm all for protecting our cops and the public, but I pretty sure that kind of money could have been spent elsewhere in law enforcement / crime prevention.
    Very disappointed at the NDP, and while I can't bring myself to vote PC, I will just not vote next election.

    • WRT the 10,000 times cop used the GR. Every time a cop goes on shift, gets into his/her car and lights up that laptop, they access the GR. This is the where the opposition came up with the large number of times they said the database was used. Each use was not with the intent of finding out info, it was part of a login process. The Libs and NDP has mislead the Cdn public.

  16. Only the corporations getting paid to keep the sad joke LGR going came out on top. NOBODY else did.
    (Oh wait, that means the recipients of CGI cash: the CACP led by Billy the Liar Blair and the Coalition for Gun Control, a bogus not-for-profit led by a feminazi and funded by the Lieberals)

  17. I wish MACLEAN's would stop flashing their bias – put on a robe or something.

    "Liberals: they've finally beaten the Conservatives at something" ? Finally? Even given that the statement "at something" implies that the Liberal's have "never" been the Conservatives – so winning "once" would be enough, let's just ignore the significant number of elected Liberal regimes since confederation.

    Yes, I know, it's obvious, but really, once MACLEAN's decided to become Fox North (Sun TV notwithstanding), they became no more than tired diatribe … long standing subscription eventually canceled.

  18. What a loaded, bigoted statement that is FormerPCer!

  19. I had received Macleans Magazine as a gift subscription last Christmas. It has steadily gone down hill all year. I just wish my subscription will run out before I read another article that has no resemblance to the truth similar to the one suggesting Quebecers deserve better. The whole country deserves better tha what we have in Ottawa – why all the Quebec bashing? After all it has the best econmic picture in all of North America – things cannot get better in Quebec – unless you are referring to better journalism! Macleans should be ashamed!

  20. Canada should take a lessson of what is going on now in Europe, everybody is on the street in protest for the social situation… gov. are doing nothing for us, and they spend our money how ever they want.

  21. It will have absolutely no effect whatsoever. The gun nut lobby will go on, obsessed with the idea that it's fine to have to register your car, ATV, whatever but register deadly weapons? How dare those city slickers. Meanwhile the Starbucks latte crowd will thing the gun registry will solve the runaway crime problem and denounce Harper for wanting to lock up violent, habitual criminals. "doesn't that damn Harper know crime is down"!!! How dare he. It wouldn't change a single vote. A plague on both their houses.

  22. The “Coalition” or “Axis of Evil” obtained a Pyrrhic victory at best on the LGR vote. It is not just about registerting Long Guns. It’s about FREEDOM.

    This useless, wasteful, stupid program was born of fear and fueled on emotion. I recently asked a Liberal MP to name 3 Canadians who were “saved” by the LGR. when he did not reply, I asked for 2 names then 1. He couldn’t answer.

    He was not aware fo the editorial in the G & M. the day of the vote that quoted the RCMP report just Leaked.

    99.9 % of famers and hunters by their very nature are independant, reliable, very saftey concious and responsible. They know guns can kiill, and therefore have the greatest respect for the correct use and handling. They don’t need scared citizens, Leftist Politicians and MOMMY or DADDY to tell them how to be responsible. We deserve, as is out natural right, to be allowed the the freedom to exercise responsibility without STATE threats through such an irresponsible law.

    Go to: http://www.kateysfirearmsfacts.com/ Download the just released RCMP REPORTS, get involved, and rally your MP and your Riding Association to ACT

  23. Most canadians are sick and tired of paying and wasting money for something called a "long gun registry" when all the funds are quietly redirected to other departments under the cover of a redundant non-existent LGR department.

    Very upsetting! A perfect example of letting minority lobby groups drive Liberal and NDP parties to vote against the majority. Libs, NDP and BLOC do not work for Canada, nor work for the majority that care for the success of Canada. Billions wasted again.

  24. I know this debate will go on forever – but I find it hard to understand why the same people who don’t complain about licensing their car will still complain about licensing a gun, when a gun is designed to kill things, and cars are not.

    • Anybody can buy and own a car without any form of licensing. If you own a car, and it sits in your garage, and your driver's license expires, nothing happens to you or your car.

      You must have a firearms possession and acquisition license to acquire guns. If you own a rifle, and it sits in your gun safe, and your possession license expires, your home will be raided by police, your property seized, you will be prosecuted, and fined or jailed, and have a criminal record.

      That's the difference between the auto and gun licenses. Even after having passed a rigorous licensing process, legal gun owners are assumed to be criminals, and can be jailed for the triviality of forgetting to renew a license on time.

      By the way, the background checking done to verify one's "stable and honest citizen" status before a firearm possession license is issued is far more comprehensive than what is done before issuing a driver's license.

      The firearm owners' licensing system was in place long before the advent of the long gun registry. A firearms acquisition license was required in order to purchase guns, but if it expired you simply couldn't but any more guns. Your existing guns weren't seized, nor were you prosecuted for a trivial paper pushing oversight.

      A firearms possession license is government issued evidence that the owner was thoroughly tested and researched, and is a stable citizen with adequate gun safety training. There is no other government issued document widely available to the Canadian public that provides the same assurance the the owner is credible and stable.

  25. $66 million a year can put a big dent in preventing and dealing with real crime. It could put quite a few more officers on the street. The GR was used as a political tactic by the socially soft Libs and NDP. Just like the fallout of letting migrant boat after migrant boat land in this country (that the Libs and NDP love), we will pay the price for this too.

  26. Too bad the poll didn't have "none of the above" as a choice.
    They all put their foot into it, without a sign of a single rational thought amongst them.

  27. You can not buy a gun in this country without a permit! Hense, easy to track who owns the gun. Criminals don't register their guns! Having a gun registered does not stop loose cannons, etc from committing murders. They are sick individuals. More needs to be done about the mentally ill or the overstressed persons than simply wasting our money on the registry. It was a make work project for more civil servents, that is all it was.

  28. Had a phonecall from a good friend crying.. A letter in the mail to addressed to her hubby from the registry wanted a latest photograph of her husband to re~register. HER HUSBAND IS DEAD, the last thing this poor woman needed was a letter from this taxpayer wasting bunch of CRATS breaking her heart again. They are farmers, who legally registered . Modern techology should have sent the gun registry a message that Mr. S is DEAD. Than send send a letter to the family to explain what needs to be done with father/husbands legally registered rifles. That didn't happen, they wanted a recent photo of him. Shameful , feels like jackboot Nazis/communistis invading our county.

    Steven Harper, we are here for you.