Who is to blame for the NHL lockout?


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Who is to blame for the NHL lockout?

  1. How many people even care?

  2. the next generation of kids don’t care at all and this ain’t helping – enjoy the money while it lasts, some day you’ll be left fighting only for scraps of what the game makes now

  3. Bettman needs to go he is an idiot

    • I agree.

  4. All of the above, yes, I agree but,…. bottom line, the owners are the most responsible. They put themselves in a situation where they NEED this new contract to go THEIR way because they can’t control themselves.

    In the last lock-out, they wanted and got a salary cap so as to control player costs. They also got a salary roll-back but that was an extra. Since then, these same owners (throught their GMs) have been shooting themselves in the foot by their free agent frenzies, offer sheets, massive length and money contracts, etc.

    It’s hypocritical, really. I’m a Montreal fan and I see the result of a stupid contract. New York Rangers gave Scott Gomez an outlandish contract ($7.5 million) several years ago. This set a ‘benchmark’ for other players to strive to attain. A dumb side thing here is that Montreal decided to take on that contract (headache). The New York Islanders gave Rick DiPietro a 15-year, $67.5 million contract. Result? Another benchmark.

    Minnesota gave Zach Parise and Ryan Suter 13-year, $98 million contracts. Philadelphia Flyers put an offer sheet to defenseman Shea Weber for 14-years and $110M. Boston Bruins signed Milan Lucic to a three-year, $18 million contract extension. I can go on and on. Then these same owners turn around and complain that the players make too much money. It’s hypocritical.

    The players have had a door open to them and, quite naturally, they went in. If you and I were given ridiculous raises, would we refuse them? Would we say: “Well…, for moral reasons, I can’t accept this.”? Not likely.

    I’m not sure what the answer is. Collusion is illegal so that’s not a valid route.

    A foundational problem is that the league is ‘saddled’ with the built-in notion that there are 30 teams that each want to win that same Stanley Cup (or, at least make the playoffs) and ‘all is fair in love and hockey’. Each team’s GM will cut any other team’s GM throat if it gives him the advantage in achieving the desired success.

    So, it doesn’t matter, in a way, whatever system is set in place. The same dynamic will be operative. It’ll continue being a dog eat dog dynamic, if you will.

    Maybe (but not likely) the new contract that will be signed will have built-in criteria with absolutely NO loopholes so that the GMs will be prevented from knifing each other or starting another escalating salary war. Maybe… but not likely.

    Yes, Gary Bettman is partly responsible due to his way of handling things. Yes, the players are wanting the best of all worlds all the time… too bad for anybody else. But, bottom line, YES, the owners have set the stage for this lockout and want to, again on the backs of the players, save themselves from themselves. Shame mostly on them!

    Who’s responsible? Everyone directly involved in the contract situation but mostly the owners.

  5. If Bettman is not fired, then the NHL does not have a future

  6. If Bettman is to blame then I look at the NHL owners and ask why they
    have not taken a stand against him. It’s the NHL owners right now who
    are giving the huge contracts to the players so I can’t really blame
    players for accepting the big bucks.

  7. The fans are ultimately in control and they are the biggest idiots of all. If you really want things to change stay away from the games and don’t even watch them on TV. Try going to watch your local midget league all-star games. If you are lucky enough to see to reasonably well-matched teams I’ll bet you will enjoy the game just as much, and maybe more, than paying ridiculous amounts of money to watch a bunch of pampered millionaires, and put more money into the pockets of a bunch of greedy billionaires who have little or no interest in producing good, clean exciting hockey for you to enjoy. The best game of hockey I saw last season was played between two teams of doctors in a tournament in Peterborough and that includes the few NHL games I did manage to watch when I could not find anything more interesting to watch on TV.

  8. there should be one more answer to tic – WHO CARES !!

  9. So what are we (particularly in Toronto) losing?? A league where you can see Todd Bertuzzi, but you can’t see Sidney Crosby. If I want to see the real thing, I’ll take the Women’s Olympic team, either hockey or soccer, any day.

  10. The players! They get millions of bucks and now they want more so they go on strike!

  11. Wow! Free at last from pre-empting hockey games interfering
    ad nauseam with our regular programming. Let me know when all the yuppy
    overpaid players, promoters and owners of all sports are on strike and locked
    out for being too greedy and pushing the economic growth excuse to ridiculous limits.

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