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Who is your pick for Newsmaker of the Year?


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Who is your pick for Newsmaker of the Year?

  1. Sure, give us 3 lame choices, and then try to pass the most chosen as “THE” top choice winner. Did anyone suggest these particular 3, other than mark, the queen and the Higgs particle. I think it should be our piece of Kent, Monster of Environment. He certainly has given us the worst news of the year – officially out of Kyoto.

  2. Somebody’s got their head stuck in the sand to come up with these options as Newsmakers of the year.

  3. Yet another “distraction poll” designed to throw people’s thinking AWAY from anything of real importance.

  4. Id say it would have to be chief teresea spences hunger strike and pm harpers failure to meet with her.

  5. Elizabeth? Zuckerberg? Are you serious? should have added at least 10 more people including Psy, Obama, Armstrong

  6. Come on people – Malala Yousafzai – all the way!!!
    Courage, bravery, justice, injustice, women’s rights, children’s rights.

  7. Theresa Spence

  8. How about Chief Theresa Spence!!!

  9. The economy is first and foremost on everyone’s mind. We all wish to know if te recession will continue in 2013.