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Wife of Arthur Porter denied bail


MONTREAL – A bail request has been denied for the wife of Canada’s former spy watchdog, Arthur Porter.

Pamela Porter has been forced to remain in custody during her legal proceedings.

Her next court appearance is July 3, when a date will be set for her preliminary trial.

She faces one charge of conspiracy as well as another related to laundering more than $22 million.

The 52-year-old is accused of helping her husband, the former head of Security Intelligence Review Committee and of the McGill University Health Centre, launder the money.

She has been detained since being arrested by authorities in Panama on May 26th.

Pamela Porter is the first out of 106 people arrested by Quebec’s anti-corruption police squad where bail has been refused.

The Porters were arrested separately last month in Panama on an Interpol warrant. She agreed to return to Canada to face charges.

Arthur Porter remains in a Panamanian prison and is fighting his extradition to Canada on the grounds his arrest was illegal because he has diplomatic immunity.

The former head of the Security Intelligence Review Committee faces several charges related to alleged scams in the awarding of a $1.3-billion Montreal hospital contract.

He says he’s done nothing wrong.

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Wife of Arthur Porter denied bail

  1. Arthur Porter may be well pleased.

    There was a movie where Danny Devito played the part of the fellow who had a wife that was kidnapped. The kidnappers in the movie told him that they would kill his wife if he called the police. Danny Devito immediately started to smile, called 911 and the kidnappers could hear the sirens in the background.