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Will the F-35 issue hurt the Conservatives in the long run?


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Will the F-35 issue hurt the Conservatives in the long run?

  1. 1. Media and other opposition party’s run hysterical smear campaign… 2. Media commission polling data to confirm if contrived smear campaign has had the desired effect… 3. Repeat 1 and 2.

  2. pretty negative poll.  The only quasi-positive choice on the poll is that the govt is doing ‘major damage control’. 

    A whole lot of negative assumptions going on in this highly skewed poll, and I have to agree with Trudopian’s assessment; this poll is basically trying to smear the government.

    Now Macleans can officially go on record saying they have polled their audience, and every response toward the governments handling of the F-35 has been a negative one. 

    Shame on you Macleans.  Pathetic.

  3. Shame on you Macleans for trying to hold conservatives responsible for what they do.  You must be part of the mythical liberal conspiracy that makes conservatives crooks and liars.  You see they wouldn’t be evil and or stupid if those damm liberals wouldn’t push them….something shinny I was distracted…what was I saying?

  4. I agree with the first two comments, there should be an option in the poll where we can select Stephen Harper is sexier than Vladimir Putin or this poll is biased.

  5. The only issue I have with the poll is it assumes the
    conservatives had credibility to begin with that could be damaged.  I have to wonder though why things like hypocrisy
    or election fraud never stick to these slimy bastar…err I mean fine Christian

  6. you might give us some choices that don’t demonize the conservatives since this is a multiple guess kinda joke!

    •  I agree with Marcdanarc.  The real issue here isn’t that the Conservative government is lying it’s the stupid people that vote for them that is the issue or “the joke” as the case may be.

  7. After the Robocall scandal I don’t think Stephen Harper, alias Pierre Poutine, can possibly do his credibility any more damage. We have come to expect this level of corruption from second term governments.

  8. Of kind of manipulated answers are those in this Macleans poll? It should have only the options “yes”, “know”, and “don’t know”. 

  9. While it ought to damage the Tories’ credibility it probably won’t as most people are not paying attention.  A democracy only works if people take the trouble to be informed.

  10. The Conservative party was founded on lies and misinformation in my opinion ,firstly the Orchard case were he was lied to in order that another candidate would win the P.C. party leadership.Secondly Harper campaigned on Senate reform,the party in power cannot reform the Senate and  he knew that or else he was and is pretty stupid.In my opinion the Conservative party is very untrustworthy almost to a man  or woman.

  11. Another incompetent decision that will cost us ( the middleclass) dearly while they sit on their fat pensions and pretend to govern.A friend once remarked that you could never loose money betting on the stuipity of the Canadian voter. I used to disagree.

  12. What will next week bring? Perhaps Harper will reveal the Conservative solution to cancer, earth quakes and world poverty. after all they must be working on something to offset the last couple of months of stupidity

  13. There was zero credibility to be damaged to begin with. The Neo-con’s continued attempts to “spin” their litany of misdeeds as the fault of everyone from the opposition to rogue party members to departmental bureaucracies does little to obviate the basic criminality of their demagogue mindsets. These are not honourable people, and they are dangerous as hell. They’ve done nothing positive or of note for this country that another party would not also have done; they have, on the other hand done considerable damage to our democracy, international reputation and national pride with actions and inactions which other parties would never have done. 

  14. The F35 controversy will have very little effect on the Conservatives. The majority of people are apathetic to begin with, and those who take the time to follow the issue and become familiar with the facts are a tiny minority.

    People deserve the governments they get. I hope the Conservatives get re-elected with an even bigger majority so that they can finish the job. In the final analysis, wealth must flow from the lower and working class to the upper class and the corporate elite. In the interim, the lower and working class must be kept uninformed while the little that they have is taxed away.

    This is reality.

    • … Simple Simon: truly simple!

  15. From an article Kamloops News, Apr. 10/12, titled “Feds’ review doesn’t go far enough: expert.
    Winslow Wheeler, of the Washington-based Centre for Defence Information says the debate needs to move beyond the eye-popping cost, muddied procurement process and what cabinet ministers knew – or didn’t know. He says tough questions need to be asked about the aircraft’s actual stealth capability because there are certain types of radar, already in existence, that can detect the F-35.
    Other questions need to be asked about the aircraft’s ab ility to defend itself from air-to-air missiles fired at a distance and how it performs as a fighter.

    There has been far too much nose-thumbing “we have a majority so you can’t stop us” mentality within the Harper Government since they beat their way into power with bully/scary ads and roboguff.
    If Canadians want to save democracy we need to raise our voices to keep the Harper Government honest – with the help of the media – not ready to buckle or ever give up until these glaring issues are resolved to our satisfaction. Let’s use our democracy, while we still have it, to keep them honest.

  16. If we must have super jets to be good neighbors and help our allies, let’s take half the order. Buy a few submarines that actually work and find some submarinars to operate them. Put the rest of the billions to work in R&D related to the environment, alternate energy systems, science, medicine.

    • excellent response.  Best there is so far.  Let us all remember that it was the Liberal Party that bought the Subs. Remember the one that caught on fire while being sailed to Canada and causing one death?


  17. i optimistically answerered YES but we have seen how thoroughly ignorant Canadians are about this Harper guy and his cohorts for years now.Oh, I wish!

  18. The media is not reporting enough on this latest fraudulent scam by the Conservatives. Stephen Harper is once again committing unethical and fraudulent behavior, and McLeans is not reporting enough on this to hold him accountable

  19. F-35 are for defense of North? Why not heliccopters and a couple of good submarines?

  20. Why are we sinking taxpayers money into experiments? Obviously it is the intent to buy these aircraft after making such a commitment to R&D – and no “Canada” hasn’t made a commitment to buy any planes yet but you can bet our withdraw from this initiative would come at a cost, not only what was sunk on R&D but some undisclosed penalties for not following through on the F-35 initiative .
    There is always more to any story when you are dealing with the Canadian Government