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Will there be an investigation into Harper’s muzzling of federal scientists?


OTTAWA – The federal information commissioner is being asked to investigate the suppression of scientific information by the Harper government.

The request from the Environmental Law Centre at the University of Victoria and the ethics watchdog group Democracy Watch is based on the legal requirements of the federal Access to Information Act.

They argue that the law’s stated principle is to ensure government information is available to the public and that any restrictions be limited and specific.

The Conservative government has brought in a sweeping communications policy under which federal scientists must get permission before speaking publicly about their work — permission that is often denied, delayed or limited to approved talking points.

Calvin Sandborn, legal director of Victoria’s Environmental Law Centre, says citizens in a democracy can’t make informed choices when taxpayer-funded information is being withheld.

A spokeswoman with the information commissioner’s office says the complaint has been received and that a preliminary examination will take place to see if a full investigation is warranted.


Will there be an investigation into Harper’s muzzling of federal scientists?

  1. Harper hasn’t the capacity to realize that government scientists work for Canadians, not him. He also doesn’t get that scientists share findings among themselves (and the public) to broaden human understanding. In 2015 we need to tear down Harper’s Ministry of Truth and put an end to his war on knowledge. Never again.

  2. 2015 cannot come fast enough. It will be a breath of fresh air the day we se the end of these buffoonish cartoon characters as they scurry back into their dull, ignorant little lives. Let’s be honest – who in their right mind would want any of these things in their homes. It ‘s not a Canadian government – it’s a cult of small-minded creeps.

  3. Just like the Roman and Medieval Inquistion was was responsible for prosecuting individuals accused of committing offences relating to heresy, including Protestantism, sorcery, immorality, blasphemy, Judaizing and witchcraft, as well as for censorship of printed literature.