Will you return to the NHL when the lockout ends?


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Will you return to the NHL when the lockout ends?

  1. How about the option ” never watched it in the first place” ?!

    • Read my comments. I have a better idea.

  2. After receiving the NHL offer, Players to move forward want all contracts honored. Well in their perfect world as they receivie lucrative contracts and then become underachievers they never consider giving back. Some that come to mind Redden, Gomez, just to mention a few. Wake up NHLPHA!

  3. Hockey is like a soap opera. You can hardly wait to see the next game, but if you are away from it long enough, your interest lags and somehow you don’t care anymore what nasty tricks Stefano (soap opera charachter) is up to….or if Luongo is on a winning streak or not. Other things fill the void. Hockey better hope that won’t happen, but it might.

  4. I assume the survey is basically showing how Canadians feel. God help those loser franchises in the U.S. The KHL will gain big time from this…

  5. Caught the Ryerson Rams home opener at the old Maple Leaf Gardens. Great Game, Great Venue and a great price. I’ll never pay 160 bucks again for a seat at the ACC! NEVER

  6. I hope that local sporting leagues are benefiting from the NHL lockout. In an age where the average Canadian cannot afford to take his/her family to an NHL game without a major financial sacrifice, I cannot feel anything but disgust toward the NHL and the NHLPA.

  7. How about “I don’t care… ….I never watched it… …and I told you so…”

  8. I can’t stand the whinning of some of the players… regardless of the percentage they get of hockey related revenues they make more in endorsements. Also, because they want more we (the fans) suffer because of the increasing price of tickets. Yes, the clubs set the price but it also is dependent on how much they have pay the players to play. Many of the owners have worked hard and long to be where they are (ok they make more money and can do without some of it however with a little luck and a lot of hard work they got to where they are).

    • I’m not sure I buy the argument that the millionaire players are shiftless whiners who just woke up one morning as professional athletes, whereas the billionaire owners had to work long and hard to get to where they are today. Arguably quite a few of those billionaire owners did less work to earn their billions than the players did to earn their millions.

      With NHL revenues continuing to grow, I’m not sure I have much sympathy for the owners argument that the players’ portion of said revenues needs to shrink. To me, their position amounts to “Yes, the pie is bigger, but we want to give our employees as smaller slice because, well, we can, and we’d like to make more money”. If the NHL is going to insist on keeping teams in markets where they can’t turn a profit, why should the PLAYERS be punished for that while league revenues continue to go up? I don’t see why the players should take a haircut in order to allow the owners to keep teams in southern Florida, Nashville and Phoenix.

  9. Why people are so interested in sports while the food supply is being destroyed by GMOs and chemicals, radiation is raining down on the entire Northern Hemisphere from FUK-U-shima, the entire planet is teetering on the edge of GLOBAL financial collapse due to the banker’s and politicians’ scamming over the last century…well…aren’t there REALLY more important things to worry about than “games?”

    • Yeah. You tell ’em.

      The poll should have been either:

      a) What should the government do about the e-coli issue?


      b) Do you approve the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the result in Etobicoke Centre?

      Maclean’s has no ear for the important news. Can’t believe I subscribe!

  10. How about the option, “When the Oilers (Leafs, Habs…) stop sucking.

    • More Kanukistan than Soviet.

  11. If there’s not a good re-run of Seinfield or a good movie, maybe I’ll watch. It’s always good to have something else to watch anyway. Some of the games are boring, boring, boring.
    The Billionaires can watch their Millionaires, I could care less.

  12. Disgusted with this $$$$$ bit. I wonder if Rocket Richard, etc, is/are rolling in their graves!!!!!!

    • So true! When The Rocket played his heart out for a meagre salary, today’s overpaid whiny players should have their salaries reduced by 90%.

  13. Fehr is and always has been a jerk – he ruined baseball until steroids got it back with
    all the home runs. Fehr, Bettman and players are all greedy idiots.

  14. Cancel the NHL for good – most of us will not miss it

  15. I was addicted to baseball… their strike cured me of that! Maybe this is just what I need.

  16. I went to a fight, and a Hockey Game broke out

  17. Yeah, what Pat said.

  18. 22% of Canadians as sheeple is way too high. Hopefully the numbers on this survey will change so that the percentage is a great deal lower. Because, of course, if you are going to take it and keep coming back for more, there will be more for you to take.

    • What do you mean? That the NHL lockout takes the Canada out of Canada? If so, then JSYK, it doesn’t.

      • Uh, no. That when people accept poor customer service, they shall continue to receive poor customer service. And that the service will become worse over time. Which is what one is doing when the product is not available consistently. I mean, internet service providers are notorious for less than optimum customer service, but you’d never accept this sort of thing there, right?

  19. @macleans.ca Never watched it…don’t care…told you so…do a poll on the e-coli issue or Etobicoke Centre…the end…bad poll…

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