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21 miners confirmed dead in gas explosion at western China coal mine


BEIJING, China – A gas explosion at a coal mine in western China has killed 21 workers, an official said Saturday.

The miners were earlier reported trapped by the blast in Xinjiang region’s Changji prefecture early Friday. Twelve others escaped the explosion.

An official at the Xinjiang region’s work safety bureau said that 21 miners were confirmed dead and another one who had been trapped was injured. The official, surnamed Wang, refused to give further details and said the incident was under investigation.

China’s mines are the deadliest in the world and suffer frequent explosions, floods and cave-ins.

Such accidents are usually caused by a failure to ventilate methane gas from the shaft.

Safety improvements have reduced the number of deaths in recent years, but regulations are still often ignored.

The official Xinhua News Agency reported that the mine had been ordered to suspend production in June to make safety improvements, citing the State Administration of Coal Mine Safety.

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21 miners confirmed dead in gas explosion at western China coal mine

  1. Unfortunately there seems to prevail an attitude of ‘plenty more peasants where those came from’ in the coal industry in China.

    And unfortunately they’re right, there are plenty more peasants desperate for paying employment.

    • That’s what capitalism runs on.

      • Heh heh heh… dead peasants is a typically communist (especially stalinist and maoist) sort of resource.

        • Actually ‘dead peasants’ is a WalMart policy.

          Capitalism runs on slavery….always has. No slaves, no capitalism.

          • Now you’re claiming that Walmart kills off its employees?

            Which ones? Got a list, from even one Walmart store?

            And it should be pointed out that the supposed capitalist system we have here has always paid me for my efforts, often quite well. And the capital I have invested will, with luck, outlast me.

          • Why don’t you ever look things up?


            I understand that your motto is ‘I’m alright Jack, so to hell with you’…..but I’ll point out that every society…..no matter what economic system they have……has people who are well-off, even rich.

            In fact, China, Russia, Sweden, Denmark etc…..have billionaires.

          • Your understanding is, as usual, deficient if not entirely defective.

            The abuse of a term like ‘dead peasant’ in your rather silly link does nothing to create any credibility for you.

          • In other words you have no idea what’s going on, so revert to babble.

          • I know that ‘what’s going on’ at Walmart has nothing to do with peasants, dead or otherwise.

            But you are an habitual producer of non-sequituri, so I cannot profess to being very surprised.

          • That is just your normal confusion. You are waaay off topic. Speak to your family.

          • Heh heh heh… it’s your path off the topic, not mine.

          • Heh heh heh grandpa…speak to your family.

          • To go back to your path, when are you going to come up with a list of peasants killed off by Walmart?

            You never did accomplish that task.

          • Like I said, Grandpa….you’re confused.

          • Emily’s path? That would be the Shining Path.

          • You’re full of it, capitalism runs on knowledge.

          • Yes, knowledge of where to find cheap labour.

          • Well you two are really trying to argue that capitalism is based on greed and that’s an oversimplification because greed is a ubiquitous human characteristic..

            I’m willing to put forward the position that socialists exhibit a much higher level of greed than capitalists do.

    • Sort of like when we built the railroad? Labour standards for Chinese workers were a little lacking, weren’t they?