Hungary's far-right turn -

Hungary’s far-right turn

What’s behind Budapest’s sudden and extreme political shift?


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“Canada is an island of peace and tolerance,” says Akos Kertesz, thrilled to be here, even if 80 is not the best age to start a new life. For Kertesz, public intellectual, author of more than 20 books, plays and hundreds of essays, starting a new life in a place where he doesn’t speak or write the language is terrifying. But it is not as terrifying as being threatened, shouted at and abused by strangers. That is what happened to Kertesz after he wrote an article that attacked Hungarians’ cherished views of who they are.

In a Hungarian-language American newspaper in August 2011, Kertesz wrote, somewhat carelessly, that Hungarians were “genetically subservient,” and thus preferred dictatorships (ultra-right during the 1930s and ’40s and, later, Soviet-style Communists) to democracy. He also charged that they were the only Europeans who had accepted no responsibility for the Holocaust, during which more than half a million Hungarian Jews were murdered, with the active assistance of police and government.

Kertesz later corrected the “genetically” bit, but not the overall message of his opinion piece.

Though Kertesz and others have said this sort of thing in the past, this time, it caused a media storm. The far-right Jobbik party demanded that Kertesz be stripped of his honours and distinctions; the prime minister agreed and promised a bill would come before parliament to deal with “such racist, anti-Hungarian, traitorous statements.” Email and blog attacks escalated with promises to reopen Dachau and shoot “this filthy Jewish maggot and his compatriots into the Danube.” Ultra-right news portals joined in the anti-Semitic invective.

Kertesz, whose face is well-known, was threatened on the street, shoved off the sidewalk and chased. His wife was afraid to leave the house. Their lawyer said there was no point going to the police until “blood had been spilled.” They were afraid to wait. “I am 80,” said Kertesz. “I do not wish to fight any longer.”

It is no secret that racist incidents have increased in recent years. A statue of Holocaust hero Raoul Wallenberg was defaced, and the monument to Jewish martyrs was spray-painted. Jewish cemeteries and homes have also been spray-painted, and gangs have attacked some Jews on the streets.

A year ago, a Jobbik party representative stood up in parliament, demanding that the general assembly make a list of all Jews in the House. No one, not even the opposition Socialists, stood to protest, though the government later explained it would not make such a list.

Though the Hungarian Garda, a nationalist organization, has been banned, it continues to march in slightly amended uniforms and under new names; the few Holocaust survivors who are still alive in Budapest today can be excused for feeling fearful.

At the Tom Lantos Conference on Jewish Life and Anti-Semitism in Europe, Deputy Prime Minister Tibor Navracsics said, “We cannot allow, especially knowing our own responsibility, anti-Semitism to gain strength in Hungary.”

Kertesz arrived in Canada in February 2012, seeking asylum. The Immigration and Refugee Board granted him refugee status, despite the fact that the Canadian government has designated Hungary a “safe country.” Since the new designation, Hungarian Roma fleeing aggressive discrimination are routinely returned home.

Kertesz’s honorary key to the city of Budapest was revoked after he left the country. His many books have been translated into 11 languages; English is not one of them. The first English-language translation of Kertesz’s book Makra is expected to be published here next year.

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Hungary’s far-right turn

  1. Unfortunately the article does not seek to answer the question it poses in the beginning of the piece. But it is evident that Hungary is in decline, economically, politically and in society.

    • Hungary’s economy is on a huge upswing after being completely devastated by the socialist/communist corrupt leadership. Hungary has gotten it’s act together, refused further loans/debt and started to move in the right direction… This is very tough for the EU as they insist on complete and utter control, which is this case excludes Hungary. Good for them!

      • I dunno where you live, Peter, but here in H. people are starving and leaving the country by the 100s of 1000s. Read about it.

        • Care to compare actual inflation figures, GDP, international debt, fiscal deficit, to those just three years ago? Thnx in advance.

          • From gutter to the edge of the gutter? Are you joking? Hungary is closer to Albania than Canada. Isn’t it?

          • This comment was deleted.

          • I’m sorry what language is that?

          • Clearly you do not need to worry.
            You can only speak one.

          • Not worried at all. You seem to be an angry man or woman. I feel for you.

          • Here we go. Didn’t take long to start the antisemitic drivel.

          • It depends. In lexicons the entry Canada is several pages closer, whereas in geography Hungary is closer, which I don’t mind at all – I would hate to spend 361 days of a year to shovel snow, and I am more than pleased to enjoy the Adriatic with its unparalleled beaches and topless gatherings unavailable anywhere else.

          • Hungary has no access to the Adriatic (closest would be Croatia) and Canada is large enough to also include Arctic areas. Vancouver or Toronto have more pleasant weather than Hungary.

          • Of course it has access – for me it is about a good three hours drive. Or if I want to, just another two-three hours to go to Lake Hévíz, to enjoy outdoor swimming in the middle of winter, while some poor Canadians are busy to dig themselves out from under the ten-foot deep snow, or remove the very horny mooses from the boot of their cars.

          • You have no education obviously regarding other countries. Pointing out that you can drive to the adriatic in 3 hours is not relative since you can drive to Austria, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia and Poland in 3 hours from most places within Hungary. You can drive from one side of the country to the other in less than 7 hours.

          • Actually Vancouver is milder but Toronto is colder than Hungary. The Okanagan Valley in the interior of BC is the closest weather wise.

        • How is the situation in Greece and in Spain???
          Is it not the World Bank who wanted Hungary to reduce pension payments.
          Is it not Hungary/FIDESZ who paid it back and told the office to leave the office?
          Is it not FIDESZ who had utility bills reduced for the working class?
          Who are you for?
          The Multi Nationals that suck the living blood out of a country?

          • You are on the wrong forum. ESL is elsewhere.

          • Listen.
            Do you have anything to say?

          • Better than you, who does nothing but spread lies.

          • No, the WB did not.
            No. It was the IMF not the World Bank, whioch means that loand now being taken through bond issues on the market cost around double what the IMF loans did.
            No. Utility bills were forcibly reduced without a means test, not just for the working class. Bigger the bill, larger the reduction. In response the utility companies increased tariffs for industry and commerce, who have passed this on through their pricing structure, right back into the laps of the populace.
            No, the multinationals do not suck anything out of the body of the country. Without them (the likes of Audi, Mercedes, Suzuki) Hungary’s trade balance would have collapsed completely. They also pay taxes, employ uncounted thpousands who would otherwise be out of work and those thousands also pay taxes.
            So, “ddd”, try to force yourself to either stick to facts, or simply shut up. Would be better than this tirade of lies.

        • And that has been the case for almost 10 years now. What is exactly your point? That Fidesz couldn’t stop this trend in 3 years? Really? Are you that naive?

          And your last sentence: Read about it! Whahahaha good luck finding any unbiased articles on that subject. I see now why the reality you live in is so flawed. “Read about it”….hahahah that made my day!

      • You are delusional my friend. Hungary is spiraling into an abyss. Dictatorship, lack of moral etc.

        • Dictatorship. Sure, opposition politicians are arrested, no political debates on TV channels, radios and in printed press, demonstrators are summarily executed, criticism is muted.

          • Exactly. That’s what Orban is preparing with Putin and Lukashenko. You sound like a leftist.

          • Ah, Lukashenko is a cheepo. Orbán deserves to be called at least a Hitler, Stalin or Mussolini, and for a good round measure of political incoherence, also as Kadar and Rakosi, and for the classically versed, a Caligula. Best if all thrown together.

          • Atta boy!

        • This comment was deleted.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • That’s all you got?
            Anything worthwhile to say?

          • Now it’s better. Please re-write so we can respond.

          • What do you want rewritten?

          • Another lie!The government was elected to a two-thirds majority, with a share of around 28% of the ballots out of the total eligible population. Of those who bothered to vote, it received only around 2% more than the democratic opposition – and still had a two-thirds majority.

          • What an utter nonsense: Fidesz-KDNP had 2,706.292 votes on the list (corresponding to 52,73%), so the combined opposition is 47,2%, giving you the difference over 5%. Failed in maths, didn’t you?

      • Right now the government has indicated it will take up another $2 billion in bonds (loans).

      • You must be delusional about Hungary’s economy. People are leaving that country en mass due to the dire economic situation.

  2. “Somewhat carelessly”… He was asked to apologize for a long time and eventually his correction was: “Correctly there doesn’t exist such a sentence”

    I do wonder how the Canadians would take that if a notable, decorated
    Canadian writer wrote, say, “Canadians are genetically inferior” and
    then if he insisted on that. Would they get upset at him? If yes then
    what would Canadians think in the hypothetical case this writer would
    flee to Hungary and then Hungary would grant political asylum to him?

    • “I do wonder how the Canadians would take that if a notable, decorated
      Canadian writer wrote…”
      Conrad Black, a recipient of the Order of Canada, renounced his Canadian citizenship so that he could sit in the British House of Lords. Many Canadians were outraged and said “good riddance”, but to the best of my knowledge Mr Black, who has since returned to Canada after a prison sentence in the USA, can walk the streets of Toronto without fear of assault.
      Mark Steyn, a Canadian writer, has regularly heaped scorn on the Canadian Human Rights tribunals and their silly rulings. He lives in the USA, which he says is a freer society. Many Canadians say “good riddance” but to the best of my knowledge Mr Steyn does not fear assault when he walks the streets during visits to Toronto.

      • Did any of them say something like the Canadians are genetically inferior? Thanks.

        • Conrad Black once described Canada as “a Third World dump run by raving socialists”.

          You can google Black and Steyn to get more examples of their iconoclasm, although Black has mellowed in recent years. Both of them are worth reading, whether you agree with them or not.
          And as Stewart Smith notes below, both leftists like Suzuki and rightists like Levant equally enjoy freedom of speech in Canada.

          • Do you think this is akin to saying that Canadians are genetically inferior? Sorry but, in my book, it isn’t.

          • An obsession with genetics is more of a European thing. As a Canadian I would just find it laughable to be accused of being genetically inferior.
            Being accused of being a third world dump is a bigger insult to a Canadian.

          • FYI the likes of this Ákos Kertész routinely accuse Hungary of being a third world dump or worse. Those are still big insults for us though.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Actually they are “putting up” (poor word choice) with your kind of “verbal abuse.” They are even allowing you to post even though most of your comments are antisemitic.

          • Poor Kertész had to put up with the verbal abuse that he called Hungarians “genetically subservient”. This clearly proves how anti-Semitic Hungarians are.

          • Yes it does.

          • Not only Hungarians, but most Europeans in general.

          • Wow, you think we have free speech in Canada? BWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHA

            God I’d love to be that naive again.

          • Mr. Kertesz spoke the truth. You can’t stop people from speaking out just because it is uncomfortable for you. Change your country and then no one will have the reason to say anything bad about you.

          • Well, with Hungarians it’s often antisemitism and anti-Gypsy sentiments. It’s rooted in their language sadly. The word Jew or Gypsy are often slurs people sling at each other with ease.

        • You are exhibiting a mighty dose of inferiority. Why do you worry about free speech? Where did you grow up? Kazakhstan?

    • Complete fail Leto, any country in which both David Suzuki and Ersai Levant can walk around unmolested understands freedom of speech in a way that you simply can’t fathom.

      • I’m truly sorry, Stewart, that you are unable to demonstrate freedom of speech in practice after someone decorated with the highest award of your country said you folks are genetically inferior.

        • Free speech. Look up the definition Letor. I understand that in the Arab world, where you seem to live judging by your photo, that’s a different thing but in the developed world it’s ok to say what you’d like to say. Please celebrate Mr. Kertesz as a manifestation of free speech.

          • I would celebrate that if you put your money where your mouth is. Till then get off the high horse.

          • No high horse here. You need to learn what democracy means. I understand your hesitance and ignorance after so many decades of communism. Still, that doesn’t justify your antisemitic comments about an elderly man who had to flee his country.

          • How about the Roma?
            Why are they being sent back?
            If it is so bad?
            Is that not Racism on behalf of Canada?
            I am sure plebty of elderly got sent back?

          • My bad, before the ‘genious’ points it out.
            It should have been ‘plenty’, and not ‘plebty’.

          • My bad, it’s ‘genius’.
            The ‘genius’ has corrected my spelling mistakes over and over, potentially has even given me thumbs up, but has still not commented on the the actual points having been made.

          • Who are you talking about? Leto again?

          • No. You.

          • There are 2 ddd-s on this forum. I’m now officially confused. Are you the racist ddd?

          • Again I am the only one.
            Just for your ‘honour’ I have been keeping extra attention not to make any spelling mistakes as that is the only thing you seem to be able to comment on.
            Do you have anything to say?

          • ’bout what? :D

          • This comment was deleted.

          • You are cute :D

          • You have proven that you have nothing to say.

          • Surely.

          • Do you want to meet for coffee?

          • No offense, but not interested.

          • Nor am I, but then why did you even ask?

          • Done with you. If you are looking for internet love, look on rightwinger sites.

          • You are out to lunch.
            You are the one who had asked to meet for coffee.
            Are you really that delusional?

          • Sure do not.

          • I told you I don’t spend time with racists. This is not a dating site.

          • Who is the one that believes in being ‘chosen’?
            It is you that had asked for coffee, not me.
            Have you already forgotten?

          • ddd Vizsla
            • 4 minutes ago

            Do you want to meet for coffee?

          • Now you are pure Slime. Not saying that you weren’t prior, but the only out you seem to come up for your stupidity is to smir things

          • What is smir?

          • Hey Leto, do you want to hook up with me? I live in xivth district, close to Metro…

          • Are you bipolar?

          • That’s the same thing I was asking. Now you see?

          • Ironically I am repeating myself again, I am the only ddd that has signed in on this forum and No I have not signed in under any other names.

          • My bad, maybe as dddd by accident, wasn’t there to smir the picture.

          • So this is what you have stated:

            ‘Actually they are “putting up” (poor word choice) with your kind of “verbal abuse.” They are even allowing you to post even though most of your comments are antisemitic.’

            …and now you are rambling about free speech.

            Clearly you are hypocrate and probably a Jew and if you ‘can’ generalize Hungarians I sure ‘can’ generalize Jews.
            Jews will do anything to protect ‘Jewism’ whatever that means for them and if and that involves Slime and manipulation.
            Slime is not Intelligence.
            So should it be about free speach or not?

          • English please.

          • You want it rewritten?
            Which part.
            Where I didn’t write the ‘a’
            ‘You are a Hypocrate.’
            the word ‘speech’.
            Anything else?
            Do you have anything to say?

          • My bad, one more,
            It should have been ‘generalise’ and not ‘generalize’ as I don’t support American English.
            Anything else?

          • So typical.

          • What is a “hypocrate?” A small crate?
            I’m trying to make sense of you.

          • Oh my bad,
            You are a genious, thank you for pointing it out.
            I sure have made sense of you, You are a Jew and having nothing to say.
            Anything else for you?

          • You are getting there. It’s genius not “genious.”

          • You are a true ‘genius’.

        • Well the guy sitting in the PM’s seat right now said

          “It may not be true, but it’s legendary that if you’re like all
          Americans, you know almost nothing except for your own country. Which makes you probably knowledgeable about one more country than most Canadians.”

          and this

          “Some basic facts about Canada that are relevant to my talk… Canada is a Northern European welfare state in the worst sense of the term, and very proud of it”

          Part of being civilised is accepting that people have the right to say what they want within the limit of the law even if they are wrong. Given recent history of Hungary and the country’s lurch from totalitarian regime to totalitarian regime and the emerge of the neo-Nazi Jobbik party it appears that Kertesz got a lot more correct than Harper did back in 1997.
          As for the genetic bit. Objecting to that is a bit rich considering the anti-Semetic Jobbik is being elected in large numbers. Being an anti-Semite is all about genetic heritage.

          • How is this relevant to what Kertesz said, that is the genetic subservience of Hungarians and his likening Hungarians to happily grunting, wallowing pigs? If I may?
            I cannot see anything even close in Harper’s words.

            Please also tell me that part of being civilized means accepting, perhaps with some happy grunting, when a Jew says things like that about you.

            What is rich a bit indeed is that Kertesz, and the ones like you, squeal like a pig about to be slaughtered* about anti-Semitism when the ones they offended send them to hell for these insults.

            * I just had to quote Kertesz’s words again…

            More details here:

          • You see sir, I don’t have to differentiate between an insult directed my way by determining whether a Jew, a Moslem or any other denomination said it. The quality of a persons words are not determined by the faith they were born into, but rather by the content of their expression.
            The fact that you are upset that a Jew made these statements shows me you are the spawn of those my family and my community fought in the last world war. As such anything you have to say will be tainted by your clearly anti-Semetic foundations and the fact that you are upset about the use of the word “genetic” just shows me what a hypocrite you are.
            You are only too happy to judge others by their ancestry but get upset should anybody suggest your hatred and tendency towards servitude is in fact hereditary. Double standards and visceral hatred of the other seem to be deep within your very core sir.

          • The quality that you try to play down these statements and the fact you’re making hints at a particular 20th century genocide in return shows that you are the spawn of those who think there exist a particular ethnicity which can do anything, including maintaining apartheid regimes or committing war crimes such as applying white phosphorus against civilians, and then it’s enough to wail about so-called anti-Semitism and to point at that particular genocide whenever there is backlash.
            All this just shows me what a hypocrite you are. You are only too happy to absolve some of their hate crimes because of their ancestry.
            Double standards and visceral hatred of the other seem to be deep within your very core, sir.

          • You’re flailing now
            From what you said above part of what you find objectionable about what was said is that it was said by a Jew.
            I don’t find what you said objectionable because you are a Hungarian. I’ve known a couple in my day and they were pretty good people. So I will not say that you are an anti-Semite because you are a Hungarian I will say that you are an anti-Semite because you are as illustrated above.
            You are also conflating the actions of the Israeli State with the actions of individual Jews. In other fora I have been accused of being an anti-Semite because I have criticised the Israeli government over illegal settlements. But those guys are also conflating the two, just as you do.

            So before you throw out false accusations as a desperate measure make sure they apply.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • I never conflated any event from WW2 and what he wrote about you. I wrote that it only fair for Jews to be concerned when one sees the rise of the neo-Nazi Jobbik party in Hungary, because of what happened the previous time a Jobbik like party gained power in Hungary. The lessons history has to teach us should not be ignored.

            If you have to parse the definition of ant-Semite in such a way that it ignores the contemporary meaning of the term, you haven’t a foot stand on, jack-booted or otherwise.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • It should of concern to Hungarians that anyone calls them names, but you seem to only think it’s an issue if Jews do it.
            That’s what defines your position. The fact that your country is flirting with neo-nazism again does worry you, just the fact that one commentator who is Jewish said something nasty.

            My original examples showed that I will hold a white, man (just like me) who is powerful accountable for his insults to the people of my country. It shows a consistency in approach that you fail to display.

    • Free speech Letor. Have you heard of free speech?

      • Have you heard of “verbal abuse”? Have you heard that there are people who will accuse you of anti-Semitism in no time if you express your dislike at their hate speech?

        • But you are clearly antisemitic. You are upset about this man’s comments because he is Jewish. You can’t deny that. Unfortunately, there are many people like you in Hungary. You can’t understand free speech and tolerance.
          You need to be able to tolerate that people have differing views. You can’t vent your antisemitism so openly. You need to learn civilized discourse.

          • I’d be upset about his comment even if he was a Tagalog. And yes, I can vent my dislike about this because that’s freedom of speech. In case you didn’t heard of it yet.

          • My son, free speech is free speech in any language. I know it’s hard after all those “Soviet” years but you will learn. Learn or perish. Hungary can’t afford to leave the EU. It would be really sad.

          • My boy, free speech is not about insulting a whole nation and hiding behind accusations of anti-Semitism.

          • My dear son, free speech is free speech. A nation should have a much higher self-esteem. It can’t murder anyone randomly for exercising free speech. Leave and learn my son.

          • Will you leave all alone who criticise Jews?
            -Hypocrasy at it’s best.

          • Forgive me for using the term “son” but you seem to be mighty young and inexperienced for this forum. Your picture suggests that you are a high school student. I applaud your intellectual curiosity and standing up for Hungary but you still have a long way to go youngster.

          • No, I’m not going to forgive you for using the term “son” and I’m not a high school student.

          • Well, I take it back then. I take my hat off to your parents if you are not high school age yet. Still, some of the education they gave you is stilted towards racism and antisemitism. A slight change in your curriculum would be highly advised.

          • Just keep your patronizing to yourself.

          • Live and learn my boy. Live and learn. I’ll do the same.

          • Try riding a lower horse, my son. Or you’d fall too big.

          • Nobody rides a horse in Canada. That’s the past. Hungary needs to move beyond the past. It needs to wake up. Horses are out. People drive hybrids now.

          • Really, who would have thought? The proverb still won’t change to “driving a high hybrid”, my son.

          • That’s a proverb you made up my dear boy. Instead it’s “high noon” for you and Hungarians to realize that that 1800s are gone.

          • No, my dear son. That’s a common English proverb in every day usage. Maybe not in Canada, where I haven’t been to and I don’t want to go to, but it is certainly one in the UK.

          • Hmm, I thought you were Hungarian. So you are in the UK? But then why the obsession with Jews and Hungarians? And why making up proverbs on the fly? Tell us or might young correspondent.

          • UK shoe-sizes don’t work in Canada. Where are you now? Kazakhstan? You sound like Borat, the British comedian with your views. Are you just pulling our legs :D

          • No he did not insult a whole nation, just the racists and the nationalistic radicals within Hungary.

          • You’re a liar. He did insult all Hungarians (not you, of course, because you’re not one). I gave reference to the full quote. Full stop.

          • Sorry , I am one! I guess now you are going to call me names? Speak for yourself. All you are doing is showing people that Hungarians have no self esteem. Like I said, you will only be insulted if you are a radical nationalist.

          • I would like to react to this one. Mackie free speech does not equal double standards. Throwing an insult, then taking the obvious response to this insult as antisemitism is clearly hypocrisy. According to this logic, insulting Mr. Kertész with antisemitic comments should also be called free speech, but no it is antisemitism. These are so simple arguments, that I do not even wish to go deeper into this subject. However, bear it in mind, that false allegations, distortions of facts and most of all double-standards will lead to REAL antisemitism and then you have it. You can point at it. “You, see I told you, they are a racist bunch”. Sadly not everyone sees this ruse, but it is a simple smear campaign against a small country. You made degrading comments on Hungary even without knowing someone here basing all of your knowledge on highly-biased newspaper reports and other niece pieces of media. You know what? Because of your actions, I do not start to hate Canadians and start an absolutely pointless debate. In fact, I think, that you have mighty good things in your country (I remember a TV series called Regenesis, which I have found especially cool). Maybe you should come here to Hungary, see the country for yourself, then you can make a comment on your personal experience. Hell, I seem to be much more tolerant to you, much more “liberal” in the true meaning of the word.

          • ‘You need to be able to tolerate that people have differing views.’
            So then don’t you need to tolerate differing views on Jews???

        • quit the crap Leto, what? Trying to poison this discussion too? Using “jew” as a slur is antisemitic. Not the part where you disagree. Just so everyone knows what this Leto is like, he makes threats and shows on every Hungarian blog or article the mentality of Hungarians. He is the poster boy for antisemitism in Hungary. A true embarrassment to Hungary!

      • ‘Actually they are “putting up” (poor word choice) with your kind of “verbal abuse.” They are even allowing you to post even though most of your comments are antisemitic.’

        Free speech???
        “putting up”

        Is that free speech for you?
        Really? Lile Really???

    • Maybe Canadians haven’t committed such acts that Mr. Kertesz was criticising in his article.

  3. Kertesz is a racist and a silly man. Canadian asylum policy in racist: Hungarian gypsies, no; middle class white intellectuals, yes. Canada changes its laws to get rid of Hungarian gypsies and carries out an advertising campaign in heavily gypsy areas in Hungary telling them they are basically excluded from the asylum process. Then it lectures other countries on racism. Nice one, Canada.

    • Mr. “A Dick” (what a fitting name!) free speech is not an illusion.

      • I don’t think free speech should include hate speech. Kertesz was inciting hatred. That’s wrong.

        • My highly esteemed Dick. It was not hate speech. Hungarians are trying to murder this man for using his rights. The comments he made are protected by free speech criteria.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Stop flashing your teeth in anger. You are clearly antisemitic my dear Dick. Please most kindly refrain from antisemitic and anti-Muslim discourse.

          • ???

          • My highly esteemed and friendly Dick. Please refrain from the hateful monologues and embrace minority rights.

          • Richler likened a certain type of Canadian to sows just to make a point, once upon a time. The other types of Canadians didn’t care.

            Who seems hateful, who seems justified, who is just angry, these are all complex things to judge and we’re all biased. That’s why free speech is a good thing.

          • FYI Kertész likened all Hungarians to wallowing pigs who grunt happily and guzzle swill in the same article where he called Hungarians “genetically subservient”.

            Here is the full quote, Google Translate is your friend:

            “A magyar genetikusan alattvaló. József Attila talált mentséget: „ezer éve magával kötve, mint a kéve sunyít, vagy parancsot követ.” De ez nem mentség arra, hogy a magyar a legsúlyosabb történelmi bűnökért sem érez egy szikrányi lelkiismeret furdalást, hogy mindent másra hárít, hogy mindig másra mutogat, hogy boldogan dagonyázik a diktatúra pocsolyájában, röfög és zabálja a moslékot, és nem akar tudni róla, hogy le fogják szúrni. Hogy se tanulni, se dolgozni nem tud és nem akar, csak irigyelni, és ha módja van legyilkolni azt, aki munkával, tanulással, innovációval viszi valamire.

            Ma már a második világháború borzalmaiért, a Holocaustért egyedül a magyar a felelős, mert a magyar nép az (a német néppel ellentétben), amelyik se be nem vallotta, meg nem gyónta a bűneit, se töredelmes bűnbánatot nem tanúsított, se meg nem fogadta, hogy soha többé, se bűnbocsánatért nem esdekelt”

          • Now you are exaggerating. Do your parents know that you have access to their laptop? You naughty boy :D :D :D

          • That’s a wikipedia entry. Your point is moot my child.

          • Another media article.
            I’m starting to get a strong suspicion that you don’t consider Mr. Kertesz a Hungarian because of his faith. Even if the above was true (and it’s clearly protected by free speech), Mr. Kertesz is Hungarian and thus he is simply exercising self-criticism. Look up my youngster what the world “self-criticism” means.

          • My dear precocious boy. You ignored my question above. Do you not consider Mr. Kertesz Hungarian because he is Jewish? If that’s the case, you simply join the line of Hungarians who denounce their best because they are not Christian. Is that the case my dear youngster?

          • My precocious toddler, pay a bit of attention to the full quote instead.

          • I’m convinced that the reason you are so much up in arms about Mr. Kertesz’s views is because he is Jewish. You probably belong to the Hungarian political party Jobbi. They hold such extremist views. Are you a Jobbi member?

          • This comment was deleted.

          • That’s not relevant at this point my young correspondent.

          • So isn’t your question, my son.

          • Pardon me for saying this but we are not related so I can’t be your son. Letor, if you were my father with such views I’d have denied you a long time ago.

          • And I cannot be yours either. Anyway, troll, you’re boring now. Bye.

          • Bye, and please do not come back. Canada is fine without you and your ilk.

          • Please don’t try to tell me where I should and I shouldn’t go to. It’s really none of your business.

            PS: would be just fine without you but I understand you love to troll there.

          • As I mentioned youngster, Canada is a great country. It gave asylum to the highly esteemed Mr. Kertesz.
            Please leave now. And do not come back. Your views are nauseating.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • We don’t condone such language in Canada. I’m embarrassed for you. I just flagged your reply. It’s disgusting. True colors? Finally?

          • I noticed that you started to erase your offending quotes youngster.
            Suddenly worried now? Don’t worry, free speech protects you also.

          • Canada wake up….you are dealing with a disgusting racist right now.

          • We know his kind. That’s why we gave asylum to Akos Kertesz.

          • “Jewish piece of shit” The views of a typical Hungarian , maybe that’s why he left the country because of people like you ?

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Got you flagged. Why don’t you take your racist stuff back to Hungary?

          • Canadians, if you’d like to see why Mr. Kertesz left his home look at this fellow Leto.

          • Please don’t leave! Would you like to meet me?

          • Dear ‘Vizsla’,
            Nice attempt to manipulate.
            This wasn’t posted by me.
            Pure Slime.
            Slime at it’s best.
            Jewish Slime that is.

          • Why not?

          • I’m not Jewish but would love to meet you…

          • Dear ‘Vizsla’,

            Nice attempt to manipulate again.

            This wasn’t posted by me.


            Pure Slime.

            Slime at it’s best.

            Jewish Slime that is.

          • Sorry, double post linking to the full quote deleted.

          • Mackie again. Call someone genetically inferior. This is hate speech by all standards. Dick is right. Then start spreading lies, that they wanted to kill you. You know, if that would be the case, he would be long dead by now, but this is not that type of country, sorry. Have you ever heard of casuality? An action is always followed by a reaction. Hatred in this case is usually greeted with hatred as well. The one to start this debate was Kertész. No one called him out before. You know even WW2 with all it’s horrible things was a response to an awful peacy treaty. Your ignorance is not bliss as they say but it is dangerous. Educate yourself in the matter and be more tolerant, if you really think of yourself as a true liberal.

    • Those gypsies, If only they would know how to write…

  4. Hungarians are no anti Semitic, or anti this or that.
    They hate everybody.

    • That’s not true for all Hungarians but it’s true for Leto on this forum. Just scroll up and read his entries. Disgusting fellow using a black cat as his logo. I’d love to get my vizsla check this kitty:D – He’d be: “Yes sir!” in no time.

      • I see you’re back, under yet another name, troll.

        • Another name?
          You are the troll. A racist troll.

  5. I remember, years ago when the Warsaw Pact was collapsing, talking to an east European. I think he was Czech; I can’t remember for sure. I expressed the opinion that things were looking up for eastern Europe. He wasn’t so sure. He said democracy required a spirit of compromise and tolerance, and eastern Europe’s doesn’t do compromise and tolerance easily or well. Leto seems to be an example of this.

    • You seem to be an example for a pompous and hypocritical (Canadian?) “liberal” pundit who thinks he’s blowing the trade winds.

    • Good points!

  6. How about this: “Kertész, like other Jews, is genetically subservient, and as a means to overcome his frustration and greed, constantly guzzles swill,.” I mean, even the lowest level and most insane Stürmer in the Third Reich would pale in comparison – and this is exactly what this “liberal progressive” has opined about the Hungarians. ALL of them.

      • I especially liked this bit of slip of tongue in the article:

        “Though Kertesz and others have said this sort of thing in the past”

        and that none of them got what they really deserved is the best proof for the Hungarians’ immense patience and tolerance.

        • Yeah, his Hungarian-hating ilk has said quite a few “this sort of thing”s since Hungary became a democracy in 1990.

  7. Here is a short excerpt from the text – use Google translator, and enjoy all its filth. It turns out that the Hungarians are genetically subservient; that they feel no remorse for even the most serious historical crimes (have a guess what that can be – massacring the Indians or organizing slave trade Surely not); that it can neither work nor study, and those (obviously non-Hungarians) who may advance by hard work and study, will be killed by the envious Hungarians, given a chance. And the bonus, it is of course the HUngarians who are ultimately responsible for the Holocaust.

  8. Canada has sent thousands of Roma back to Hungary.
    Jewish Prime Minister Harper has stated that the Roma can go somewhere else, anywhere within the E.U. if it’s bad and not to Canada.
    Then Canada had declared Hungary a safe country of origin and the even paid for billboards in Hungary adertising and advising Roma not to leave as with the changes they will be sent quicker.
    Jewish Harper is also the same person who a few years back when a Canadian activist on a ship from Turkey got killed by Isreal on International waters and Harper flew the next day to Israel not to condemn the actions, but to state that he agreed and supported the actions.
    So Roma are being sent back by the thousands, while one Jew gets coverage.
    Is that not racism.
    Usually people in Canada always write about how much a person will or will not contribute to the system and how much the person is a burden on the system.
    Not the case if you are a Jew?
    Will now all the Roma also all be granted asylum in Canada???
    ….or will Canada pay for billboards advising Roma not to leave as they will be sent back?
    So is the situation in Hungary dangerous or not?
    How is this not Racism???

  9. Well…. Why doesn’t he try to write something negative about Canadians? And then let’s see how long he will live there so peacefully. If people stand up for their honor being called racist then being not a racist is a shame. Seriously?

    • Who? Leto? He is negative about Canadians…

      • And what are you?
        Are you a Jewish American?

        • I’m a short-haired Hungarian retriever. Closest relative is a Weimaraner.
          There seems to be 2 ddd-s one is antisemitic and can’t spell and another that can spell.

          • Ironically so far as I can tell, I have been the only one posting under ddd.
            So do you have anything to say?

          • ’bout what?

          • You have answered your own question.
            Thank you for coming out.

          • You are welcome :D Now you can calm down.

          • And you can think about what to say.

          • Cutiepie! You are. So angry!

          • If I were to be angry, what would be so wrong about it; as anger is a natural human emotion.
            But clearly you have been brainwashed.

          • I’m clearly not interested in you. This is not a dating site.

          • You are the one who had nothing to say, had corrected spelling mistakes, then had your own spelling mistakes made, then had asked for coffee and now this….
            Anything else you as an American Jew want to say?

          • Why are you obsessed by Americans and Jews? And why do you keep asking people out on this forum? Don’t tell me that all the “ddd-s” are you. Are they?

          • Well on this forum I have been the only one posting as ‘ddd’, and nobody has asked you out. You had asked to meet for coffee and then had cancelled. Not saying that I hadn’t refused myself, but clearly you are confused and/or are bipolar or actually just Slime and have nothing to say.

          • I suspect Leto is playing games with you and me. Aren’t you Leto?
            (I have no desire to have coffee with you or Leto.)

          • Nor do I, and nor do I think that Leto does.
            But you would have to ask him yourself.
            I think you are just pure Slime and as such think that the same person posts as two login names, cause that is what you would be capable of doing.
            Slime is not Intelligence.
            You had corrected my spelling mistakes, accomplished in me focusing on them and you still have nothing to say.

          • Say about what Leto?

          • I wouldn’t actually know.
            You would have to ask the person yourself.
            Now do you have anything to say?
            I am getting tired of your Slime and nothing to say.

          • As mentioned before I have only been axtra careful with my spelling after you had pointed out my mistakes and that is the only thing you seemed to have been able to concentrate and comment on, but clearly you didn’t get sidetracked, you just have nothing to say.

          • Leto, Leto, you are playing games with us :D :D

          • This comment was deleted.

          • OK buddy get lost with your triple personas and foul language. If you are Hungarian, you are clearly embarrassing your tribe.
            I don’t care if you are Leto or dddd or ddd, you are racist and antisemitic. Go home and lick your wounds.

          • I meant to say extra instead of “axtra.”

    • In Canadian English it is actually ‘honour’ and you have forgotten at least one comma.
      I don’t actually want to sound like you,
      but I have no clue what you are trying to say.

  10. This comment was deleted.

  11. Why on Earth do we need to shelter such obnoxious jerks?

    • Kertesz may lie and maybe Canada granted him only a landed immigrant status.

  12. Canada has not confirmed yet since last week if they provided asylum to Kertesz indeed. “We are not going to summon Canada’s ambassador merely based on the words of Ákos Kertész”, Hungarian Foreign Ministry spokesman Gábor Kalota said.

  13. The author has misquoted Prime Minister Orbán and distorted his comment about the proposed law.
    It’s simply incorrect to say that he “agreed and promised a bill would come before parliament to deal with “such racist, anti-Hungarian, traitorous statements.”
    In fact, the prime minister was talking about when it is appropriate to
    respond to offensive, insulting statement and when it’s better to simply ignore
    them. He said, unfortunately, one has to handle statements that are often
    “ignoble, silly or racist” (“nemtelen, szamár, rasszista”). See the record in Hungarian at
    Also, he said that when the parliament considers the law on state honors, it should debate whether it is a good idea to be able to withdraw such honors and, if so, on what conditions.
    A misquote as serious as this would ordinarily merit a correction.

    • I bet my boots no correction will be made.

  14. I am amazed at the amount of lies and misinformation that both this article about Kertész and comments about Hungary have provoked. I currently live and work in Budapest, no ant-semitism here, people are not leaving by the 1000’s, the economy is in upswing and probably in much better shape then most other EU countries. If Mr. Kertész wants to leave and feels better in Canada, then its his free choice. Perhaps his choice was led by that fact that his literature and works have not found such a wide public audience as he expected. Making some negative propaganda and anti-semitism remarks might earn him some free marketing and higher book volume sales. He probably has a very astute agent and has seemed to do a very good job misguiding a naive Canada.

    • Finally someone talking some sense Nicholas! Thank you. I read this long list of bickering and I am thankful, that someone has some experience with Hungary and sees what is this all about. You know, we are very fed up with the OVERUSED word: antisemitism. It is often just a barrier to hide behind and mask other things. You know some jews (and I must emphasise not ALL) practice zionism, which is similar to eugenics, which the Germans thought about earlier. It’s the same concept of an übermensch and the others, who are inferior or goyim as some jews might say. But this is an extremist jewish view not representing the entirety of them! So I will not brand jews collectively as some people to be hated (which is also true for arabs, or chinese or anyone else) because they have some wackos amongst them as well. As for Jobbik, they are a bunch of idiots and many think about them this way. Don’t you have some loudmouths in your country, who can do nothing, just yell stupidities? Well they are just like that. There was a guy called Csanád Szegedi, who was a central member of this party and when it turned out, that he is of jewish origin, he changed into a pro-israeli lobbyist. If you ask me, who cares? Another driveling idiot. That is all. As for Hungary, it is a peaceful country and we are emerging economically yes. Maybe a lot of liberal newspapers might call us the abyss (probably because expelling their precious IMF or taxing the banks), but this is far from true. Well if Mr. Kertész wanted out, he got it. Bye-bye. I cannot really care.

  15. Are Hungarians “genetically subservient”? Didn’t they fight the numerically vastly superior Soviet army in 1956, making it possible for Kertesz’ happy supporters to escape into Canada? What is the “genetically superior” Jewish equivalent of this heroic struggle? The Jewish Councils of 1944 or Kun, Rakosi and Gabor Peter?

  16. I wonder if these conscious and systematic lies ever stop about Hungary. Most of the journalist pick up on the pr messages that are prepared ahead – dominantly by “lefties” and are far from the truth. Absurd lies about dictatorship, hunger, censorship and antisemitism etc are a slapstick – certainly when the facts are exactly the contrary.
    Facts are that Kertesz and his type of people who has enjoyed close relationship to the previous semi-communist government of Gyurcsany, did not receive the same benefits anymore. Suddenly life was sour in Hungary and his remarks about comparing Hungarians to pigs, singling them out for the cause of WWII was not appreciated. Righteously was the majority of Hungarians hurt by these rude and ignorant comments, but -unlike in Gyurcsany’s era- not a single atrocity was reported towards Kertesz. He himself must have realized that he went too far this time and made up a story that “someone try to drawn him” (of course he could not call upon a single witness in a public swimming pool, and no, not because all Hungarians recognized him and collectively would not testify etc) but simply because it was a BS story. Currently resident of Canada , creating horror stories about Hungary, comparing this country and its democratically chosen government to North Korea. I am personally offended by his outrageous lies and remarks with the connection to WWII and Hungary’s blame and would have sued him had he not fled to Canada.