A nation faces its ‘darkest day’

The earthquake in New Zealand could have have many more devastating consequences for the country

A nation faces its 'darkest day'

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New Zealand is reeling from a 6.3-magnitude earthquake that rocked the country’s second-largest city on Tuesday, leaving at least 65 dead. “We may well be witnessing New Zealand’s darkest day,” said Prime Minister John Key, speaking from the city of Christchurch, near the epicentre of the quake. It was the second time in roughly six months that the city was rattled by tremors, after a 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck the area in early September, leaving two seriously injured but no fatalities.

A nation faces its 'darkest day'

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The Tuesday quake, though, proved far more devastating, hitting at lunchtime when streets and offices were at their busiest. It wrecked the facade of Christchurch’s iconic cathedral, and reduced several buildings to rubble, leaving over 100 residents trapped, according to the city’s mayor, Bob Parker. Some 120 miles east of the city, the tremors also shook off 30 million tons of ice from one of New Zealand’s largest glaciers. The earthquake sent ripples through the financial markets as well, with the New Zealand dollar, known as the kiwi, plunging to its lowest level in almost two months. And economists warned that the damage and disruption caused by the quake are likely to slow down the country’s economy.


A nation faces its ‘darkest day’

  1. According to Wikipedia who References "Subnational population estimates at 30 June 2010 (boundaries at 1 November 2010)". Statistics New Zealand. 26 October 2010. Retrieved 26 October 2010.

  2. Why isn't this article up to date? The numbers of bodies had significantly increased by the time this article was posted.

    This article seems like it was posted only to generate revenue from ads, not to provide your readers with an update on how the people in Christchurch are doing.

    • My guess is that it was filed earlier for print, and only posted online after the print version had hit the shelves.

      But if you're just looking for a running body count, there are better places than a Canadian weekly news magazine.

  3. You could at least post a link to some data to back yourself up if you're going to harp on the fact checker.

  4. Any country that's hit by this magnitude will surely suffer. I can't imagine the damage when that happens in Vancouver. A large subduction earthquake has been forcasted to hit here. With mountains ringing/ blocking immediate help and buildings that may not withstand such devastating type of earthquake, the damage will be unimaginable.

  5. No one disputes the severity of the situation nor that it is a tragedy. However it seams to have gotten lost in the news cycle to the uprisings in the Mid-East.
    Is it because New Zealand is distant to us or is it because it's too real to us to see a nation developed similarly to our own has been devastated by a rare but possible event that could happen here?

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