Al-Qaeda: the world’s new pushers

Islamist extremists are assisting Colombian cocaine smugglers


Al-Qaeda: the world’s new pushers

In a partnership that U.S. authorities are referring to as an “unholy alliance,” Islamist extremists are helping Colombian guerrillas smuggle cocaine into Europe through unstable West Africa to increase their funding.

Marxist rebels from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) have started collaborating with al-Qaeda in the wake of interdiction efforts on the part of American and European forces aimed at curtailing the amount of cocaine travelling straight from Colombia and other Andean nations to the United States and Europe. “In the mid- to late-1990s when the Europeans became better at maritime interdiction, off the coasts of Portugal and Spain, for example, traffickers started moving their routes southward,” says Jay Bergman, director of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for the Andean region of South America. “So the next progression was to Western Africa.” Indeed, according to the DEA, drug flights from South America to West Africa have greatly increased over the past three years, and officials have seized “ton-sized quantities of cocaine.” Interpol also estimates that two-thirds of drugs sold in Europe in 2009 were trafficked through West Africa.

Last month, U.S. prosecutors arrested three alleged al-Qaeda collaborators in Ghana and accused them of plotting to transport shipments of cocaine across Africa. One of the suspects even gloated on tape that, without him, “[al-Qaeda] could not eat.” To clamp down on the Colombia-to-Africa cocaine route, the DEA says it will improve intelligence rather than attempt to patrol the Atlantic Ocean. “It is much cheaper to have a DEA agent operating in West Africa with sources of information than it is to set up a gauntlet of multinational frigates and surveillance planes,” added Bergman.


Al-Qaeda: the world’s new pushers

  1. See? We can all learn valuable lessons from the CIA.

  2. Whose fault is this? This is a predictable consequence of our foolish drug war. Treating citizens like children and mismanaging addiction and abuse leads to a criminal opportunity which squanders the resources of communities while it drags law enforcement into futile conflicts with human nature.

    We know how to efficiently and effectively address the use fo drugs. The fact that some people will become addicted, to one drug or another, is a reality. Criminalizing some drugs does not lower the overall rate of addiction it merely shifts a higher percentage of addicts to more legal and culturally approved drugs at a very high priced in both human and financial terms.

    With the resources squandered on futile cowboy-style "drug wars," we can educate most people away from addiction and treat those who become addicted more humanely, without creating economic opportunities for ruthless and desperately poor people who will, by every measure of history, take advantage of our arrogant lack of respect for reality. The tragic global consequences of that arrogance grow more disturbing every day.

    • Amen, Joey. The drug war has been an abject failure and a colossal waste of resources. If we had legalized all drugs, it would take just a fraction of what we have spent on interdiction and incarceration to set up FREE treatment programs for those who become addicted. If we had legalized and TAXED the drugs we wouldn't have a budget deficit and would probably even have a surplus. I realize this argument is the equivalent of saying there is no God for many people but it is the only rational approach that would work. (Oh, BTW also… there is no God. Just good and evil, right and wrong, moral and immoral and all the shades of grey in between)

    • i agree with you but this is only 10 percent about the drug war. it all starts with the men in alqueda and the farc. 30 % are mentally ill and express their symptoms through murder and various inhumane activities, the other 70% are men who if they have had human and civil rights in their countries as children and young adults, right now they would be prominent citizens of their countries. al qaueda smuggles it because they need to fund their efforts, in their mind to bring justice and to protect their families and people.. and the farc live surrounded by coca leaf fields and that becomes money to fund their efforts , in their mind to bring justice and protect their families and people. when real diplomacy in the world takes place through means other than violence this little cocaine smuggling cycle would stop, maybe that 30% of mentally ill, crime prone population would always be there but as long as the number stays minimal , grand scale operations would be rare and profit would go decrease significally. The dea can probably dismantle this but they will re group somewhere else and we'll have to continue chasing them. what our country needs to do is to stop killing children in the middle east, and in latin america. IAnd I know if your intelligent and well read you know exactly how we are doing that. Treat the cause not the symptoms.

    • i couldn't agree witj you more…and all this completely stupid "al-qaeda" crap is just the mask that all those corrupted people are hiding behind…pls don't believe them…there is not such a thing as al-qaeda…every thinking human being knows that…they are the worst addictive and harmful drug…let's fight against them….

  3. Wao al qaeda is bad we better intensify the war on drugs btw PLEASE NO MORE BLACK HELICOPTERS thx

  4. However, if we legalized all drugs then it would cut off al-CIAda drug funds (Afghanistan, etc)

  5. Total BS.

  6. It's costly in both human lives and money and it's only getting worse. They call it the war on drugs, or the war on terror or both. The red thin line between the two is gone.
    Al-Qaeda proved to be nothing more than thug organization regardless their so called religious doctrine and beliefs. I'm not aware of Muslim population living in Columbia although Al-Qaeda is heavily involved with Columbian drug cartels. The reason is drug money.
    By cleverly using the poor and ill educated young individual from various parts of the world Al-Qaeda has at its disposal a large brain-washed human pool they used whatever they like to. They give those lost souls a sense of identity in this world and a passport for the afterlife: 77 virgins and supposedly an eternity of luxury. That's all you need to “create” a human detonator. I bet there are long lines at Al-Qaeda bomb-vests depots.
    Perhaps instead of spending our soldiers lives and our money on endless wars on terror and drug trafficking we should focus on poor countries economy and education. I realize is a long and costly process however I think is better than slowly bleeding out in a long and senseless attrition war we have no chance of winning.

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  10. Let's not forget that Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and similar groups are getting stronger and stronger in Canada, the U.S. and Western Europe through immigration and political correctoids like Bernie Farber and Richard Warman are waiving them in.

  11. opium, al quaeda, colombian drug traffickers, oneheluva movie idea…

  12. It's time for this Drug War to end already. The fact that drugs are illegal is the only reason terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda have the bulk of their money in the first place. Make it all legal and American businesses get the revenue from manufacturing, transporting and distribution, the government gets to collect a sizable tax, the people get more accurate dosage as well as quality control, and our enemies lose their funding. Portugal has decriminalized all drug use, and their usage rates have dropped! It's time to end this paranoid war against our own people.,8599,18