Anger this man at your own risk -

Anger this man at your own risk

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is accused of punishing those who cross him


Anger this man at your own risk He enjoys his reputation as “America’s toughest sheriff,” but Joe Arpaio of Arizona’s Maricopa County is also one of the most investigated law enforcement officials in the U.S. According to a local TV station in Phoenix, which is the county seat as well as Arizona’s capital, the FBI is probing allegations that Arpaio used his position to settle vendettas against anyone who challenged his authority.

One case involves County Supervisor Don Stapley, indicted on 118 charges of violating campaign finance laws last December. In September, three days after prosecutors requested the last of those charges be dropped, Arpaio had Stapley arrested again. The reason? According to defence lawyer Paul Charlton, Stapley “opposed the sheriff’s budget. When you cross this guy for legitimate reasons, you’re going to find yourself under criminal investigation for completely illegitimate reasons.”

The FBI probe comes on top of a Justice Department investigation over allegations of illegal searches and seizures in the Phoenix area, and discrimination during sweeps for illegal immigrants. And that’s not all: recently, a defence lawyer complained that, while her back was turned in court, two officers rifled through her privileged legal documents and even managed to photocopy some pages. The sheriff’s office insisted that the men, who were caught on video, were examining the papers for contraband.

While popular locally—he was re-elected for the fifth time last year—Arpaio has suffered a series of defeats at the federal level. Last year a federal judge ordered changes to county jails after ruling that pre-trial inmates received poor food and inadequate medical treatment. And in October, after complaints that he was systematically violating the rights of the Hispanic community, the Obama administration sharply limited Arpaio’s ability to detain suspected illegal migrants.


Anger this man at your own risk

  1. Blah, blah, blah. I do not have enough toes and fingers ten times over to count the number of law suites against the good sheriff. However, I can count on one hand the number of times he has lost a law suite. Joe calls them the flavor of the month, I thing he is wrong. It is more like flavor of the week.

  2. One more immigrant-phobic making justice with his own hand.
    It`s fashion being against Hispanics. Your life is poor and ugly? Blame the Latinos. Your city is a mess and the city hall is corrupted? Blame the Latinos. You don`t have the same values as your parents, and kids today do not behave as before? Blame the Latinos. The birth rate is getting lower and lower? Blame the Latinos. Twelve-year old girls want to cover their faces in their schools? Blame the Latinos!
    Blah blah blah blah blah
    One more mini-Lou Dobbs over there.

  3. Your court Videos show proof however in Maricopa County and Sheriff Joe Arpaio's leadership they still seem to win. Taxpayers need to see where their money is going once and for all. Believe it. Maricopa County is Scary! Court documents myself and proof of an unjust corrupt controlling money power system needs to be stopped. Torture to inhumanity of humans run by a leader Sheriff Joe Arpaio needs to be stopped A.S.A.P. That's why we are doing a movie BackSPIN. Can anyone help our cause film? Feel free to contact us and our movie production as we need help to spead the word and get this film rolling…COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION will show Arpaio's MEDIA FRONT CRUMBLE LIKE A COOKIE.
    Alison Hicks
    Author/Film Creator

  4. Sounds to me like Richard Warman, but using a Sheriff's office instead of a Human Rights Commission.

  5. A bigoted white supremacist in charge of something …. why who could have imagined that in America. The sooner this man is removed from office the better for humanity. Alas America's less educated citizenry admires a bully and hence Bush and Cheney had their day.

  6. I think big tough Joe should take his one man show on the road. Perhaps into some of those areas in most USA cities that have signs posted "police will not respond to calls beyond this point after dark". Show them all how tough you really are Joe, respond to THOSE calls… I dare you.
    Another lil tin god using their office to promote their personal agenda… how novel… good thing the citizens of that country have the US constitution and the bill of rights to protect them.o

  7. symptom of america.
    let's get it over with.
    waterboard him.

  8. It's the American way. He's just doing what everyone else does to hold on to power.