British student Jack Buckby spearheads far-right political movement -

British student Jack Buckby spearheads far-right political movement

National Culturists put a younger face on conservatism


Zoubeir Souissi/Reuters

He’s an unlikely far-right trailblazer: neither old, nor angry, nor square. Jack Buckby, the 20-year-old founder of the National Culturists—a Tea Party-inspired youth movement that aims to reinvigorate Britain’s flagging far right—pairs John Lennon glasses with modish ties and ironic facial hair. He’s well-spoken. He blogs. He’s already a darling of the radical British National Party (BNP), which campaigns on the premise that immigration has put British culture in peril, and has plans to spread the word to campuses nationwide.

His political awakening occurred, he says, after realizing that “if you disagree with multiculturalism, you are deemed a racist.” Frustrated, Buckby came across the work of John Press, founder of the Brooklyn Tea Party. Press argues that “traditional majority culture” should be promoted over diversity, which, he feels, embraces “practices such as female genital mutilation and drug-running gangster culture.” In 2011, Buckby, who is partway through a political science degree at the University of Liverpool, founded the National Culturists. “We don’t have aspirations to be a street movement,” he says. “We want to be an academic organization.”

That may be just what Britain’s far-right needs: in 2009, a street movement known as the English Defence League attracted hordes of supporters to its anti-Muslim marches. But the group’s window-smashing, proto-fascist song-chanting members also alienated social conservatives.

Lately, anti-immigrant parties like the BNP and the anti-EU U.K. Independence Party have been shedding support to Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservatives, who are tightening up immigration laws. (The 44 councillors elected to represent the BNP in 2006 have dwindled to just three, and the party’s national support barely tops two per cent.) Even the Labour Party seemed to be courting nationalists, with its 2012 call to subject some public sector employees to English proficiency tests.

Buckby isn’t threatening to smash windows over Islam; he markets himself as a small-c conservative who is simply battling “namby-pamby” political correctness. His supporters insist he is drawing attention to real problems, like the presence of unofficial sharia courts in Britain. His views, however, appear to be in line with the facepaint-wearing Islamophobes: Buckby wants to bar Muslim immigrants from entering Britain and ban British Muslims from protesting. He wants to teach schoolchildren that Muslims hate gay people and, bizarrely, holds Muslims responsible for pedophilia in Britain.

Buckby’s position fits a broader trajectory, says historian Tim Stanley: Britain’s right wing, he says, has shifted “from naked racism to a more sophisticated critique of multiculturalism.” But BNP Leader Nick Griffin, he notes, is a Holocaust denier, and Buckby speaks warmly of Hungary’s notoriously anti-Semitic Jobbik Party.

Buckby’s campus events are sometimes broken up by rowdy “anti-fascists.” While campaigning, he travels with a bouncer for safety. Even his home isn’t free of political fights. His parents, he admits, after a long “umm,” aren’t on the “same wavelength.”


British student Jack Buckby spearheads far-right political movement

  1. A baby fascist, how cute……and so trendy

    • I see him retiring in Argentina, like his ancestors did.

    • Don’t use the word fascist when you clearly don’t know what it means, Seleena. I heavily oppose fascism, and that’s evident when you consider that I support freedom of speech, proportional representation and direct democracy, and I oppose close ties between big business and government.

      • Jack, can you please give us your definition of fascism? i’m not sure you’ve read much about it.

        • Fascism largely involves jingoistic, expansionist tendencies, a rejection of democracy and representation, promotion of an authoritarian state. Political police, close ties between government and big business and large control over enterprises.

          I certainly have read about it – I’ve read more about it than these ‘anti fascist’ fools who have no idea what they’re opposing. Not one of them I’ve met in real life have provided a definition of fascism.

          I am a keen supporter of direct democracy, proportional representation and do not condone regulations on enterprise as strict as what would be true in a fascist state.

      • Hello Buckby, you don’t know who I am, but hello and good luck. We don’t agree on everything (business side of things), but on immigration we need people like you.

      • AHAHAHA for freedom of speech?!?! o ya totally except when their muslims…. this just SCREAMS racism, not allowing someone to do something based on race is RACISM. So not allowing muslims to immigrate just because their muslims… is RACIST. I love it when people are blatantly racist but act like they have no idea what people are talking about. Are these people ACTUALLY that stupid?

        • Even though muslim isn’t even a race lol but you all get my point

    • This is one trend I’d like to stay across the pond, please! More Stone Roses, less racism!

    • So you tarnish him with the “fascist” brush having gathered all of your information from this short article, what does that say about you?!

  2. What the hell is “ironic facial hair”?

    • I’m glad I am not the only one who thought the same thing. ..

    • about says it all for the totality of the tripe.

    • Code for “Scruffy little shit who’s too lazy to shave” ?

      • This photo was taken by a passing photographer on a day I hadn’t shaved. It is not a regular ‘style’ for me. Men grow facial hair – it’s a fact of life!

  3. Does this mean as a Libertarian that I have to like this guy?

    • No, it means he’s doing your dirty work for you as UKIP struggle with their new found popularity.

  4. turned out the “ZOMG SHARIA COURTS BLOOD LIBEL KILLING BABIES!” stuff in Ontario was that you could settle your disputes, when both parties were willing, through a private arbitration mechanism governed by legislation. Dollars to donuts it’s the same in Britain and the far-right will never, ever, ever stop misrepresenting them.

    Busby, my dear little disgraceful puke. have you heard of a man named Ezra Levant? You’d like him, he was a liar too.

  5. Is it just Muslims and visible minorities that are the problem? What about Celtic populations? Should they be barred from using their natural speech and practice their customs? What about Italians or Frenchmen? Do the English give a pass to the Germans because they’re inexorably linked? Or does that go for Frenchmen, Scandanavians, and Celts, too?

    Guess you’re just going to hate on Muslims and visible minorities? What about child molesting priests of other faiths? What about violent uprising from different faiths (Maybe you’re too young to remember The Troubles? I’m not even 30 and I know about them)?

    Those who practice/administer Sharia Law in the UK/Canada should be found and arrested. We already have courts; these so-called ones have no authority. It is the state who is responsible for criminal justice (at least in Canada) and no one else has the right to exercise such responsibility. People who commit crimes should go to jail – but weeding out whole populations of people because you decide they do something? Do you not see the problem with that? Were you not riled up at Selena60 lumping you in with fascists?

    Do you not see how easy it is for people to paint you with the incorrect brush? How easily wrong they can be proven by simply listening to you for a minute? How dare someone call a right-leaning individual who wants to remove entire selected populations from his country and smear them as repugnant a fascist, you say!? For someone not doing a poli-sci degree, fascism/nationalism can be readily confused (most people look to the german example in the 1940’s). Surely even you must recognize that no, you’re not a fascist, but some of the most troublesome aspects of 1940’s fascism (where most people take an idea of fascism from) stemmed from the Nationalistic tendencies of these parties. And your group is repetitively named the ‘National Culturists’.

    No, you’re not a fascist. If you believe, inherently, that Muslims are increasing pedophilia; that all Muslims hate gays; that they should be barred from protesting or even entering the country, we already have a word for that. You’re a racist.

    Definitions of racism? “a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.” ” a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race”

    Dude (if I may take leave to be so bold): if you believe those four things I’ve previously listed, you are a dictionary-defined, straight-up, through-and-through, mother-hatin’ RACIST. If you’re against Affirmative Action initiatives (an American thing), that’s one thing. If you think certain countries are queue-jumping in Immigration more than another, that’s another thing.

    You, however, are a racist and need to come to terms with it. I’m sorry no one has been this blunt with you before, but you can’t just up and redefine what racism is to suit your whims. Should dictionaries start listing a schedule of exempt peoples and races to suit your agenda?

    Using the Iron Cross as your symbol doesn’t help.

    • Brian, I am sure the in your milquetoast, namby pamby fashion based on drawing room wishful thinking, a profound ignorance of Islam and its supremacist agenda and a knee jerk reactionary bias towards being politically correct at all costs, that you probably mean well, I must point out from the outset however that meaning well in a world that wants to cut your throat simply because you are a stupid infidel isn’t going to do you or anybody you care about a lot of good.

      Usually when I read uninformed twits like you who hope to be everything to everybody “Just because it makes me feel so good inside mommy’, I resist the gag impulse and turn to some other posting hoping for some glimmer of intelligence. Today however I am in a generous mood so I will invest a couple of paragraphs on you hoping it might bear fruit, well down the road in your case. Google Melanie Phillips, Mark Steyn, Geert Wilders, Lars Hedergaard etc.and begin to educate yourself about what is really going on in Europe and beginning to happen in Canada and the U.S.. Learn something before you post anymore of your uninformed inanities. You embarrass yourself.

  6. No one believed Cassandra either. I clearly see a rough future ahead for all the Western countries that have allowed and continue to allow heavy immigration of poorly educated people from non-Western/Third-World countries. I’ve realized that most people don’t have very effective predictive powers, so I understand why few perceive the threat. Also, the multikult has been very effective in indoctrinating everyone with the Kumbaya ideology.

    I’ve lived in two cities that have undergone radical demographic shifts–Detroit and LA–and they both fell apart. Obviously, LA is still limping along, but give it a few years. Detroit on the other hand is dead. It looks like a war torn Third-World city. In the 60s the black population and politicians did everything they could to drive out the white residents. (How many times would you have been willing to get broken into, robbed, jumped, and threatened, harassed and screamed at in the streets before you took your family and left?) Then they drove the place into the ground. They once called Detroit “The Paris of the West.” Now it’s a smoldering ruin. A city that took 10 generations to build was destroyed in less than two.

    In 2050 when the democratically elected Muslim majority Parliament in England is voting on whether the artworks in the British Museum should be considered blasphemous and destroyed, I hope I’m around to say I told you so.

  7. He’s one to watch for the future if the usual mass media’s hysteria is anything to go by.