AUDIO: George Galloway’s speech at Columbia

The anti-war MP’s full address


After being banned from speaking in Canada by the Canada Border Services Agency due to his support of Hamas, outspoken anti-war British MP George Galloway headed to Columbia University. There, he spoke to a group of about 100. Here’s the full audio from his speech:


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AUDIO: George Galloway’s speech at Columbia

  1. It’s hard to see how national security could have been threatened by Galloway’s delivery of such a speech.

  2. I wonder how Macleans will write this story in it’s magazine? Will the article be on the right to free speech or treat the story with the usual terrorist spin. Macleans has a chance for a renewal of my subscription if they just get to the truth without pro-Israel bias.


  3. History shows that who ever tried to accomplish their goals by killing more people and by suppressing the truth were never ever successful in their attempts, Hitler became a history, and killing of more people did not help him , Communists did not survive, could not accomplish their goals,
    It is really a food for thought why Canadian govt is so scared of truth ? I can forgive the Journalists, be they at Macleans or CBC because in order to keep their job they must flatter the govt and flatter Israel. shameful though it may be it is a standard practice in north America but I think the efforts to suppress the truth are only counterproductive and more so in the age of internet, I did not even know If Mr. Galloway even existed but since Govt refused him entry I have seen many of his interviews on you tube and now here. I think Mr.Galloway is a hero and attempts at insulting him would only make him more powerful. I agree with Keith but I would ask him to be nicer these poor journalists must sell their conscience to earn their bread and butter when it comes to Israel. It is ironical that in their quiz they seem worried about seals not being killed properly . they should explain why Mr. Harper chooses to support the mass murders by Israel and not ask them to be more humane.

  4. We need a (Media – Tell the truth campaign) on behalf of Canadians. I’m sick of doing all the research myself. It is so very obvious this decision was not done by border security alone. The security agreement with Israel has not even been debated and the opposition has just rolled over since it was made in 2008. Why is that? National security my eye, Galloway speaks truth to power, and that is the danger. I’m praying on bended knee Galloway will find a venue to speak to Canadians, maybe then we’ll be told the truth about Canada and Israel’s complicity in keeping him out.

    (had to hide the screen, boss walked in) Come on Macleans, show some backbone and fill in the information gaps! I was willing to give this government a chance, well not anymore, this latest attempt to smear Galloway reeks of freedom to fascism. Get the real story or get out.

  5. From DC in BC……George Galloway should not only be allowed to enter Canada, the Land of the Free, but should be allowed to address our Parliament. His speech at Columbia on the Palestinian question was thoughtful & moving & very necessary for the Canadian people to hear. He did not sound like a terrorist to me, but someone who has spent the last 30 years speaking for a people with no voice. Can
    it hurt to listen?

    • I don’t agree with some of what George Galloway says, and frankly looking at his history he seems like a far-left ideologue. Does that mean we should keep him out of the country? No. He has done nothing that violates the criminal laws of this country, and we have a responsibility to keep political bias out of government officials carrying out non-political government duties. Stephen Harper’s government seems to be mired in J. Edgar Hoover syndrome; namely, not being able to distinguish official responsibilities as separate from personal political views. It is also hypocrisy given that the Harper government allowed Bush into the country in spite of laws expressly barring torturers (including those who have ordered or presided over torture) into the country.

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