Australian prime minister hopes Parliament will pass bills dumping carbon tax by Christmas


CANBERRA, Australia – Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Tuesday he hoped Parliament would pass legislation dumping Australia’s carbon tax by Christmas.

Abbott revealed that Parliament would sit on Nov. 11 for the first time since his conservative coalition won government at elections on Sept. 7.

High on the agenda will be bills to repeal the carbon tax paid by Australia’s worst industrial polluters.

The legislation would be sure to pass the House of Representative, where the government holds a clear majority. But the outcome is uncertain in the Senate, where no party holds a majority of seats.

“I would like the Senate to consider this matter as quickly as possible,” Abbott told reporters, adding that he wanted the Senate vote before Christmas.

The unpopular carbon tax was introduced by the former centre-left Labor Party government and has been levied since July 2012.

Labor leader Bill Shorten stands by the tax which is designed to curb Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. Australia is among the world’s worst carbon gas emitters on a per capita basis.

Abbott plans to end the tax from July 2014.

Electricity bills would fall by 9 per cent and gas prices by 7 per cent with the tax gone, Abbott said.

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Australian prime minister hopes Parliament will pass bills dumping carbon tax by Christmas

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    • Deniers are the biggest morons in human history

      • Yep, and eco-scare for money will solve nothing. Real problem is too many people. Imagine how many would starve if Canada ceased using CO2 energy and the wheat didn’t go around the world?

        Biggest deniers of reality are the eco-scare tax’em more fraud movement. Lets hope hey are right and it is warming as more farmland is needed for feeding the next billion kids irresponsible parents are having and cannot support them.

        Sure don’t want it cooling as not much survived in Canada in the last big ice age where Toronto was under 3km of ice.

        Yep, sky is falling fear for junk science and no rationality in fear.

  2. The sun and the electro-magnetic field of the earth have more to do with global weather than carbon dioxide. Trying to predict climate using a computer model (which is what the UN is relying on) is just another one of those “garbage in garbage out” deals that people have a right to be suspicious about. Carbon trading is the biggest fraud ever conceived.

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