Justin Bieber banned from Philippines after Instagram quip

Insulting a boxing icon may stop the Biebes from thrilling in Manila


Justin Bieber’s rise to stardom is in large part thanks to YouTube. In the Philippines, however, Instagram may prove to be his downfall.

A resolution was filed in the country’s congress last month declaring Bieber a “persona non grata,” barring him from entering the country unless he offers a public apology for taking a few jabs at boxing legend Manny Pacquiao on Instagram, a photo-sharing social network program.

The Filipino icon was knocked out in a recent bout, and images spread across the Internet of him lying motionless on the canvas. Bieber posted a photo of the unconscious boxer with a superimposed picture of Simba from The Lion King, with the words “Dad wake up.” A second Instagram posting juxtaposed the picture with Michael Jackson doing his dance move. The caption reads: “Pacquiao doing the lean with MJ. Classic moment.”

Bieber’s boxing allegiances are firmly rooted in the corner of American Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr., who is the pound-for-pound king of boxing and Pacquiao’s rival.

“It doesn’t matter if it is someone as big as Justin Bieber making degrading or insulting comments about a Filipino citizen. Banning him will show how seriously we take our national pride,” said Representative Carol Jayne Lopez. She encouraged Filipino youth to stop listening to Bieber’s music. There was the Twitter hashtag “#banjustinbieber.”

Bieber responded on Instagram: “If they were beliebers I know they wouldn’t leave my side over [a] boxing opinion.”


Justin Bieber banned from Philippines after Instagram quip

  1. Wow, I thought this story finally died, but no, the western media is not yet finished with deliberately lying (yes, your headline is a bald-faced lie). This article is a textbook example of bait and switch “journalism.”

    The Philippine Congress has not passed the resolution; the very article to which you link (dated Dec. 14, so not only is your article a falsehood, it’s also dated one) says so. I.e. Bieber has not been banned from the Philippines. In fact, the resolution probably won’t be passed since nobody is taking this seriously, except apparently, the western media. Does Maclean’s have editors or fact-checkers or what?


    There, I said it online, so it must be the truth.
    Oh wait, is that not how reality works??

  3. Since when does “filed” mean “passed”? Agree with Bouleverse. Your editors are jackasses. Go back to Journalism school please.

  4. Come on people!!! in the Philippines it will takes months to be approved. It would be deliberated in the congress soon. As you know the Philippines is still in the adjustment period between the old delayed justice system and the fast-paced of the New Justice system.

    Beware, if it is filed then it means in the Philippines as … waiting for the Vote of the member.

    Take note also, the Philippine are very emotional people in the world. Look! that woman Law maker could change the feeling of that entire country during the congress session if she will share the emotional situations how are Filipinos are discriminated abroad and would trigger the national unity to push the congress that the “biebs” music and presence be ban in the entire territory.

    You can’t blame the writer as the writer maybe familiar how filipinos reacts with “emotion” and international insults specially the defeated “manny paquiao” is a law maker.

    Wait for the time that this issue would be discussed in the congress.. this time I bet 60% YES and 40% biebs would be forgiven. Since this high pride, high profile and very famous Bieber will never apologize then.. expect the rest. or let the Canadian PM intervene so the relationship of the 2 countries would not be affected by this foul issue.. I knew also Bieber felt so sorry of what he’s doing that his famous name could have red marks of embarrassment if the “persona non grata,” barring him from entering the country would be approved by the majority law makers.

  5. THIS IS CRAZY!! They r banning him for saying his OWN OPINION?!? Haahahahahahahhahahahaahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhhhahahahhahhahhhahahahahah no. Just . No. Just because he hates Pacquiao doesn’t mean y’all have to ban him from touring here .. Psh.. Beliebers here will be so mad. Their dream is to meet him and y’all r crazy. :p

  6. This just in. Phillipino fans have reacted with outrage and have begun illegally downloading, copying and selling all of Biebers music twice as fast as they used to.

  7. I hope other countries follow and ban Bieber for just making music

  8. Maybe Canada should teach the Philippines a lesson and not allow any more of their citizens into our country … teach them a little lesson in messing with the Bieber Nation ;-)

    • Stupid. The Biebs is a poor role model. He is a very unclassy punk. I’m not a Bieber fan in fact I can’t stand the kid. What does banning Bieber from the Philippines have anything to do with the Filipinos who did not take part in the Biebs being banned. The people here who call Filipinos “stupid” etc should take a look at themselves in the mirror. The Biebes has done a lot of shit making him a very poor role model. He is an embarrassment to Canada!

    • banning filipinos from staying in canada is like saying cut the population in half. beware!

  9. wow how weak is that banning the bieber because he made fun of their heri well its not his fault that ms pac man got his ass put to sleep wut sore losers. all of u pactard mfs

  10. but I don’t support that homo anyway but its still weak of them to try that BS

  11. Dumb Filipinos, Pride is not a good thing, read your Christian bible, GOD says pride is bad. What other country would even consider this, face it, Manny has always lost to Marquez.

    • Hey you stupid white trash or whatever you are … If you are smart you would realize that the decision of banning the Biebs was based on a small group of people in the Philippines – man you are dumb! But you know what since I can’t stand that little Canadian punk I’m glad he’s being banned – and for your info the majority of Filipinos do not like the Bieb’s music lol

  12. nothing can defeat JUSTIN BIEBER <3

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