Donald Trump puts the brakes on ‘world’s greatest golf course’

Businessman blames ‘ugly’ wind farm off the Scottish coast for the delay

Big-winded versus big wind

David Moir/Reuters

Celebrity businessman Donald Trump sure keeps himself in the news. Last year the billionaire flirted with a run for the Republican presidential nomination, and so fiercely contested President Barack Obama’s citizenship that the White House had to produce a presidential birth certificate to prove the man wrong. This year he was awarded an official Scottish coat of arms by the Scottish heraldic authority—after being slapped down for trying to use an unregistered one—while taking another jab at Obama, calling the administration’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline “disgraceful.” And he’s also announced that he’s about to pull the plug on a controversial $1.2-billion development in Scotland, because of what he calls an “ugly” offshore wind farm.

That seems to be Trump’s latest excuse for not finishing a project that, since 2005, he’s been trumpeting as the “world’s greatest golf course.” The resort was supposed to feature a five-star hotel and hundreds of holiday homes on a pristine area of sand dunes off the Scottish coast north of Aberdeen. Now, the wind farm proposed by a group of energy companies would install 11 wind turbines about 2.5 km off the coast where Trump’s golf resort is located. Trump says until Scottish authorities decide on the fate of the wind farm project, which is not expected to happen at least until May, he’s halting all future developments for the site, including a “super-luxury” clubhouse that, according to a local politician, looks like “a Victorian lunatic asylum.”

As recently as June, though, Trump said that it was the global economic crisis that was forcing him to postpone building part of the luxury resort, including a second course. Now Trump is saying that because of the wind farm, he won’t spend another penny on his megaproject, even after allegedly pouring $160 million into it (the first 18-hole course is scheduled to open in June with only a temporary clubhouse). It all sounds very dubious to the strongest opponents of Trump’s plans: local residents, politicians and environmentalists. “I definitely believe he wants to sell it,” says David Milne, who has rejected Trump’s offers for his property, adjacent to the golf course, for years. A Trump International spokesman says the resort is staying. But since the wind farm is expected to be approved, it’s unclear whose family coat of arms may ultimately fly over the resort—or however much of it sees the light of day.


Donald Trump puts the brakes on ‘world’s greatest golf course’

  1. I don’t care for his business tactics, no matter how successful it makes him. A commitment of that enormity should be kept unless there is a war or other kind of catastrophe, especially when it’s being built in the land that created the game!

  2. Good. We don’t want his golf course. The man is scum

  3. Has anyone blamed the English yet?….It will not be long…

    • Why its not there fault that this idiot thinks he can buy anything he wants, why does he not just disappear and stop talking aload of rubbish and flashing his cash.

  4. No-one is to blame but Trump. He said shocking things about residents neighbouring his site on internationally-shown TV shows in the hope that he could humiliate them into moving out, or changing their homes to suit what he wanted to see – and, of course, knowing they couldn’t get back at him. Now he thinks he should be able to control the sea view too.

    He proved he has no love for the environment by…
    1) building a course designed for people flying in from long-distances…
    2) (incredibly) shoring up the sand dunes on the site and changing the habitat after 4000 years of natural movement on an area of special scientific interest
    3) now opposing a wind-farm because it’s not what he thinks the golfers should see.

    Well I’m sure they’ll also want warmer temperatures and guaranteed sunshine as they play, so he’ll probably plan to heat the whole damn thing and shine sun-lamps over it too. Nothing would be surprising.

    The government put investment over environment – and dollars before even the dignity of its own people. Alex Salmond intends to take Scotland to independence and wants all the big bucks he can get, so I’m sad to say they’ve let Trump bulldoze in every sense. They act like excited schoolgirls meeting a pop star.

    • Hay bozo, did you read the environmental impact study and report done well before this project was started and what steps were taken to protect the dunes, the wildlife, and natural vegetation? Do you know how long all the planning went into this project before it ever got off the ground?  So you are in favor of building a stupid wind farm that more than likely will not financially pencil out and work?  Figures.

  5. Contrary to his celebrity here in the U.S., Trump is generally not well-liked and thought to be a monumental ass.  He’s being shot down all the time.  We here in Indianapolis, IN made sure he got the boot when it was announced he would be the grand marshall of the Indianapolis 500 Parade (he blamed a forgotten “previous committment” for not being able to fulfill his duty); Republican presidential candidates refused en masse to appear on the debate stage with him as moderator, so he bowed out of that, too.  I was appalled to hear about the support he got for this golf course in Scotland.  Truly heinous to destroy that beautiful habitat.

  6. This is just delicious, I hope it runs and runs. Trump? More of a wildcard, and a low one at that: Alex Salmond holds all the jokers, and its fun watching Trump dance to his tune – watch those windmills go round and round!

  7. I just saw part of a film about how he has ruined that part of Scotland and has harassed the people who won’t sell their property to him.  So here’s one for the little people.

  8. Perhaps Donald just found out perpetual high winds such as those required for a wind farm just do not mix with golfing? Not to mention the havoc it will create with the photo ops and his horrible hair.

  9. This bag of hot air has a lot of gall calling anything ugly, I mean with that comb over hair doo this dude looks more than a bit past his prime.

  10. Leaders need to make the tough and easy decisions without emotional affliction and concern. I’m sure it is not any easier for mega leaders or small leaders for their decisions.  The good thing is that  we still have the right to free choice and opinion and should enjoy it while it lasts but remember that it is fading. Let’s not forget the term “making an honest buck” providing that’s what it is.
    Just my opinion and thanks for the opportunity. JEH

  11. Its is too bad most of you people don’t get it.  First when I say Trump and the brand what do you think, If you can’t think then I will tell you. It is FIRST CLASS, HIGH QUALITY, and yes luxury.  You have no idea of the work that went into building this magnificent golf course.  All the dunes were protected, all the wild life and natural vegetation plus and up hill battle getting permits etc.  Now you want to build a UGLY wind farm that probably will not pencil out as to its cost and the return of investment to produce worthwhile power.  Trump could have built a great resort and there would be lots of golfers who would have come to pay and play.  Don’t believe me, look up Bandon Dunes in Oregon, it always operates in the Black, a very similar setup.  This course Trump has built is going to be one of the finest courses in the world, but what do you lame brains care, most of you are envious of a man who has made it big and thinks first class.  Yes, I know he is arrogant but that comes with being big, you have to think that way to make it big. The resort could have really improved the local economy there, with lots of jobs and money poring into  the community, but you seem to REALLY screw it up.

    • Seriously, how could anyone possibly envy him? His attitude regarding the rights of individuals is repulsive and the only thing he cares about is money. Who could envy such an empty soul?

      In fact, you calling people here “bozo” and “lame brains” and suggesting that those commenting are “never up to any kind of challenge” while everyone is specifically challenging Trump’s view proves there’s little point in arguing with someone who puts “a game of golf” above both the heritage of that beautiful area of Scotland and its future.

  12. Amazing how all the people who post on this article hate Trump, what he does and even what he builds!  If you don’t play the game golf, you will never know what he built. But then again most of you are never up to any kind of a challenge, just a bunch of wimps

  13. Wish Trump was never allowed to destroy… oops “develop” this part of Scotland. Centuries of history distroyed for one man’s greedy ego trip.

  14. Watched the documentary on this situation last night and was discussded that people can have such disregard for other people purely for money. What a hideous man. I hope the much more environmentally friendly wind turbines go up. What a shame he has ruined the sand dunes if he can just decide to toss the project away like he is suggesting. Shame on the police and local government for allowing money to rule. Full support for all the people effected by him!

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