Canada says talks on track as Germany set to reject EU-Canada trade deal

Canada says talks on track as Germany set to reject EU-Canada trade deal

A newspaper in Germany says Berlin won’t sign the deal, although an agreement was reached in principle last October


MONTREAL – The Canadian government isn’t commenting directly on a report Germany is poised to reject a proposed trade deal between Canada and the European Union, instead insisting that work to finalize the agreement remains on track.

The German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung cited diplomats in Brussels as saying Berlin won’t sign the deal in its current form.

The sticking point is the legal protections granted to foreign investors, the newspaper said Saturday.

Critics say such provisions give companies too much power by allowing them to sue governments for unfair treatment.

A senior European Commission official told the German newspaper the trade deal is seen as a test on the issue for a far larger deal in the works with the United States, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

Shannon Gutoskie, a spokeswoman for International Minister Ed Fast, did not speak to the German newspaper report and would only say negotiations to put the finishing touches on the deal continue.

“Excellent progress is being made,” she said in a statement.

Canada and the EU reached an agreement in principle on the deal last October after four years of negotiations.

The Harper government trumpets the deal, known as the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, as one of the biggest ever — one it says could benefit Canadian business more than NAFTA.

A longterm setback has the potential to be politically damaging to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who has staked his government’s reputation on the potentially lucrative agreement.

Karel de Gucht, the EU’s trade commissioner, said this week a finalized agreement was still within reach, though he acknowledged negotiations have been difficult and complex.

“It has been very, very arduous to do this,” he told the European Parliament’s international trade committee on Tuesday.

The Council of Canadians cheered the possibility that Germany could reject the proposal.

Maude Barlow, the organization’s national chairwoman, said her group has been warning the legal protections granted to investors give foreign corporations the right to dictate domestic policy.

“We call it corporate rule. What these investor-state deals do is they give corporations the right to challenge domestic law, and we feel that is profoundly undemocratic,” Barlow said.


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Canada says talks on track as Germany set to reject EU-Canada trade deal

  1. Talks have been ‘on track’ for CETA since 2004….but nothing ever arrives at the station.

  2. SH- “it will be in place before the next election” politispeak it will be a plank for Conservatives in 2015.
    SH-“free trade opponents will lose” politispeak I have the means to make their lives miserable…CRA &CSIS.
    For every trade deal they sign the GDP of goods & services declines…2000-46%GDP; 2005-38%GDP; 2011-31%GDP.
    For every trade deal they sign, dealing with the other countries trade barriers takes years & costs $billions..think lumber, think COOL. Other countries don’t want OUR products…they want to sell their products to our consumers.

    • …but we do NOT have any “products” for them anyway, except for maybe us just being fetchers of wood, water, or crude, …, for them ?
      Canada has not had any exportable (developed)-products since the late 80’s. !
      In others words, all they want is our cheap ‘raw” stuff, so that they can, in the end, sell us expensive-(because of our own gov’t-over-taxation)
      END Products, back to us.
      And that my friends is, unfortunately, just how stoopid we, as canadians, really are.

  3. It would be nice if the Germans were to show some cojones
    unlike our roll-over-and-tickle-my tummy gummint.

  4. wow, the Germasn, trade-wise, are actually smarter that the Americans -surprise, surprise ?

  5. And another gaggle of Lefturd comments.

    • “This Harper fellow is quite something, eh?”
      you’ll find it under the News section.

      • Read that already, what a waste of time, you and Feschuk have something in common in your writing abilities…………..nothing but bird cage lining.

  6. After that criminal Harper got to power, Canada has only gone one way: Down…..
    Canada used to lead in the world in nature conservancy, arts, culture and science.. Now, everything is about money, development and destruction of everything worthwhile and decent.

    The criminal psychopath calling himself Harper is only thinking of Alberta’s filthiest most environmentally destructive oil in the world tar sands being shipped to Asia, which he feels will make his gang of cronies wealthy, the Enbridge Pipeline out and out lied with maps they made up of going through the Great Bear Rainforest, by deleting many islands from the maps. Kitimat, B.C. voted NO to Enbridge Pipeline, so will not be the port for all these huge oil tankers, presently their only rumours going around as to where the Port will be. This obscene “prime minister” took the Humpback Whales off the endangered list, which is in preparation of putting a pipeline through to the West Coast. The Alberta Tar Sands have ruined the habitats of the caribou, as they are migratory. The building of a big hotel in Banff National Park, right in front of Maligne Lake, will hurt the caribou, as they migrate back and forth in the valley of the Maligne. There used to be laws of commercial building not allowed in the National Parks. The Criminal Conservative Government of Canada has thrown out Environmental Laws all together, and Canadians better start now to overthrow the criminals at the top and get their government back.