Canadian resident dies in anti-government protests in Egypt: foreign affairs


OTTAWA – Foreign Affairs confirms that a Canadian resident has died in the strife in Egypt.

A spokeswoman would only say the person was a permanent Canadian resident married to a Canadian citizen.

She says consular services are being made available to the family.

The Globe and Mail identified the man as 26-year-old Amr Kassem, who lived in Toronto with his wife and child.

The Globe is reporting Kassem joined a large rally in Alexandria on Friday that was protesting the crackdown by security forces against anti-government demonstrators.

The newspaper quoted his wife Asmaa Hussein as saying Kassem was shot in the back of his head.

There have been more than 700 people killed in Egypt this week as Muslim Brotherhood-led protesters have taken to the streets to denounce the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi.

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Canadian resident dies in anti-government protests in Egypt: foreign affairs

  1. What the blazes was he doing there?

    Another Muzzie off doing his Jihad. At least he won’t be coming back here for medical care.

    • Unfortunately, he left his wife and kid here, who will probably be on welfare for years and years. .

      • The concern and compassion here is overwhelming.

        • So why should we feel any concern or compassion for someone who chose to get involved in fighting against democracy? Obviously, his Muzzie friends meant more to him than his wife and kid. He made a choice.
          Good riddance .

          • Well for one thing, you have no idea why he was there….other Egyptians from Germany, the US, and so on went back to help….and they aren’t all Moslems ya know….if fact if you were paying attention you’d know that’s what the fight is about!

            And for another, he’s a human being.

        • Compassion–for someone who chose this time to “visit”!! All governments are telling everyone to stay away from Egypt. So why, did he go?

        • I am giving them more compassion than they, the MB murdered people, burned out churches with people in them and others they have murdered got.

          Cheaper to pay welfare than jail.

        • You mean like the compassion the MB are showing the Coptics in Egypt?

          • You do know the MB are the group the Egyptians are trying to toss?

            Would you like to be blamed for everything some other Canadian or christian does? Then don’t do it to others.

          • “You do know the MB are the group the Egyptians are trying to toss?”

            You’ve got it backwards. The FORMER government was the MB. The military ousted MB and are now the current government.

            Anti-government protests are PRO Muslim Brotherhood protests.

          • Find another hobby….world affairs are beyond you.

          • Oops! Your tolerance and compassion are showing again, Emily.

            From a hopefully suitable left-wing source, the CBC, August 16, 2013:

            “Heavy gunfire rang out throughout Cairo as tens of thousands of Muslim
            Brotherhood supporters clashed with vigilante residents in the fiercest
            street battles in the capital since the Arab Spring uprising, part of a
            countrywide “day of rage” that has seen at least 60 people killed.”

            Oh no! Did the CEEB get it wrong, too, Emily?

          • Morsi….the ousted leader …is MB. It’s the MB Egyptians want to get rid of.

            Morsi supporters are clashing with the democracy supporters in the street.

            I don’t watch TV….but if you do, at least TRY and get it right.

          • Duh. That’s what I just said.

          • No……… it isn’t. But I see you’re as confused as you sound.

          • Sorry dear, but it’s your circular arguments that are making you dizzy.

            Bottom line, let’s see if we can agree: The MB has been removed from government by the military. The military is the current government. The violent demonstrations are between the MB supporters (the former government) and the military (the current government).

            Can we at least stipulate to those facts?

          • No

          • LOL! If nothing else, you are consistent.

          • I fail to follow your logic.
            I see I am not alone.

            You should be concerned.

          • We lost a good Canadian in Egypt….never mind that he was a human being. The only thing I’m concerned about is the ignorant hatred shown by visiting Americans on this site.

          • Did you know him personally, Emily? How do you know he was a “good” Canadian? I’ll bet you know that the same way you know that Americans are all ignorant, right?

            Please re-read the article and you will see that he was NOT a Canadian. He was a “permanent resident”.

          • “A family member of a Canadian resident killed during a protest in Egypt …”

            Read much? That’s the first line from the link you gave us.

            Canadian RESIDENT. Thank you for making my argument.

            I’m flattered that you think I am American, but unfortunately it ain’t so. I’m just not a Canadian blinded by her own delusions of superiority.

          • I don’t know what you are….but it’s certainly not Canadian.

            Not literate either.

            Now go bore someone else. I’m busy. Ciao.

          • Good. So that means we won’t have to see more of your postings.


          • Mine you’ll see. I just won’t see yours.

          • Yet here you are ….

          • Oh Emily, just one more quick thing, just to leave this on a cheerful note.

            Not only am I Canadian, but I VOTE.

            Have a great day!

          • One vote….pffffft.

          • Well, like the lefties in the States say, “Vote early and vote often”. ;)

          • There’s no logic to follow, Joe. Sad.

      • Probably not new to welfare either. If Immigration Canada were smart, check their entrance paperwork and look for lies, if found, deport.

    • Yep, amazing the ROI on a well placed bullet. Imagine if Omar Khadr was dead in the fight area how much US and Canadian tax dollars would have been saved?

      • How true.
        Shame that so many people know so little about the Khadr family’s history either, and boo-hoo about his treatment at Guantanamo .
        He got a small portion of what he deserved there.

        Our immigration & justice systems are seriously screwed up, when these kind of people are allowed into Canada, for their passports of convenience, and then get out A.S.A.P., so their kids can get all of the benefits of a Canadian citizen, without ever contributing a single cent to the economy.
        And to even allow him to consider a lawsuit against taxpayers for not rescuing him when he was in prison, for fighting against our allies in a foreign country he had no business being in is a real travesty.
        But then again, judges are lawyers, and they don’t have to be particularly smart or decent people to get the job, just be enough of a bottom feeder to stay close to the politicians who can influence their appointment as a judge.

  2. One less terrorist in Canada

  3. Good, we are down one MB terrorist sympathizer and less future costs in deportation, incarceration and public defenders. Always a silver lining in every cloud.

    • But, his wife may decide that it is Canadian taxpayers’ fault that he was killed, because we didn’t “get him out” before he got his bullet, and decide to sue us for the standard ten million figure that seems to be popular with these parasites and their lawyers. .no matter what the reason they give for being where they shouldn’t be, fighting where they shouldn’t be. .

      • Look out for Edney to come parachuting in from Edmonton where he is assisting Khadr.

  4. Lotta people looking for someone to hate on here today….must be visiting Americans.

    • Nice job hating Americans, Emily.

      Pot, meet kettle.

      • Bored ignorant Americans taking up space on here.

        • “Bored ignorant Americans taking up space on here.”

          Oh, the HATE!!!! LOL!

        • Actually, it’s kind of nice to see that smugly superior exterior crack a bit with the visceral hate your kind have against conservatives and Americans. It’s interesting to watch your bigotry in action as you lecture and scold the rest of the world to be loving and compassionate.

          • Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s dangerous.

            Stop playing poster child for ignorance on here, and find something useful to do with your life.