Catalonia's orgasmic politics -

Catalonia’s orgasmic politics

The Young Socialists’ video isn’t the first message in this campaign to use erotica to turn on the voting

Catalonia's orgasmic politics

Still from Spanish election orgasm commercial

Votar és un plaer” (voting is a pleasure) reads the sign at the end of an electoral campaign ad by the Young Socialists in Catalonia, a group within Spain’s Socialist Party. It’s such a pleasure, apparently, that it ends in orgasm. The video, in fact, features a young woman becoming progressively aroused as she approaches the ballot box—and reaching climax upon slipping in her vote. The aim was to “show how important it is that all young people in Catalonia go to the polls,” the authors of the clip, released ahead of this month’s regional elections, told El País newspaper.

Unsurprisingly, the ad caused a stir among Spanish politicians on both the right and the left, who called it “crude,” “misleading,” and an “attack on the dignity of women.”  But many among the Spanish public were unfazed. “References to sex, as is logical, sell,” quipped El País in a separate article. And the Young Socialists’ video isn’t the first message in this campaign to use erotica to turn on the voting. Another candidate, Montse Nebrera, who heads her own party, went on camera wrapped in just a towel: “If we were seeking a media sensation I would take it off,” she said, “but we don’t think everything should be politics.”


Catalonia’s orgasmic politics

  1. I think this ad is frankly humorous

  2. It worked for 'herbal essences'.

  3. If it gets you to go to vote, go for it!!!

  4. I dunno, it might give young voters the wrong impression. Plenty of foreplay is great, but who will explain the disappointment & frustration of premature election?

    • Isn't there a pill for that kind of problem?

    • Hahaha, you gotta learn somehow…

    • Hahaha! That is awesome

  5. "Votar es un plaCer". Placer means pleasure. Plaer doesn't exist. Small error, but it sticks out like a sore thumb atop the paragraph.

    • Catalan, not Spanish…

      • Youps, my mistake. Should've known, being in Spain…

  6. Homage to Catalonia

  7. How does one become a Deputy Returning Officer in Catalonia?

  8. They have my vote…