Death through diversity -

Death through diversity

France’s fate has been sealed


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In France, attacking the ideals of the ruling elite and lamenting over the republic’s purpose and importance has long been an acceptable pastime. Yet the country’s newest dissenter, author and political journalist Éric Zemmour, has taken the habit to an entirely new level.

Zemmour, a self-described Gaullist and Bonapartist who works for the daily newspaper Le Figaro, favours the death penalty, accuses modern feminists of wanting to “castrate” men, and has suggested that the majority of French drug dealers were of Arab and African descent. “It’s a fact,” he told a television interviewer, without providing details to back up his assertion.

Now, in his latest book, entitled Mélancolie Française, Zemmour predicts France is doomed to fall into a civil war with Christians fighting Muslim “barbarians.” He goes on to suggest that the European Union was originally a French idea for controlling the continent, sabotaged by Britain’s entry in 1973, and that historically France was destined for greatness until everything went belly up after King Louis XIV lost to England.

To get everyone’s blood boiling even more, Zemmour argues that France’s fate was sealed when it abandoned the practice of assimilating immigrants and embraced the idea of ethnic diversity. “French culture is not Muhammad,” he says. “It is François, it is Christian.”

Zemmour’s been called a fascist on live television and attacked by the left-of-centre establishment for inciting hate, yet his books fly off the shelves, and millions tune in to radio and television to hear what he’ll say next about the country’s decline. But why exactly does Zemmour think he is so popular? “I say what people think,” he noted in a recent interview. “The elites impose a political correctness that the people cannot stand.”


Death through diversity

  1. I guess if you aren't a fan of Sharia Law and you think people moving into your country should assimilate, that makes you a fascist.

    He's right. Half of Europe will be under Sharia in the next decade or two unless there is a major uprising against it. If there's not, wave goodbye to your cultures and your laws, because Islam does not allow assimilation in any form.

    Political correctness will be the death of Western culture. Some cultures are more equal than others, even when they also come with political and legal counterparts that you're a bigot or a fascist if you aren't willing to change your country and culture to make room for.

  2. Canada has the same problem with multiculturalism. As in France and Britain, Australia and the U.S., this isn't some sort of lefty xenophile movement, but a sop to politicians' real estate sector masters (banks, REITs, speculators, construction and development companies). Hundreds of thousands of warm body imports ensure neverending housing starts and infrastructure (roads, schools) construction. Donations to 'environmental' groups (e.g., the David Suzuki Foundation, the Sierra Club), along with the fear of being called the R-word, keep environmentalists from questioning the policy that has lead to massive urban sprawl, habitat and farmland loss, and unsustainable freshwater consumption. Multiculturalism is an added incentive for immigration–it's like you've never left your homeland. Eventually, these 'citizens' bring their values and true loyalties to bear against their new country: mysogenistic cultural values, corruption, rigging of MP nominations, outsourcing of local industries, and–as Richard Fadden has let out of the bag–treason against their new country. It's members of the business community and their lackeys in office that got us into this mess, and they should be held accountable.

    • There are millions of people in the "business community" that would disagree with your labeling wholeheartedly.

      I'm not sure what causes this in Europe, but in the U.S. the leftist, ultra-tolerant, multicultural pushing media has more to do with it than anything else, and that's changing slowly. The U.S. has been hit pretty hard by the Islamisization movement, but nowhere near as hard as Europe, and it's starting to become a pretty common topic of discussion now with much more warning than Europe gave themselves.

      I believe in the U.S. it has much more to do with politicians being afraid to be labeled bigots than it has anything to do with the business community. The business community just plays along and makes the most of what they're handed like they always have.

      • Ways businesses benefit from mass immigration (legal and otherwise):

        *rising housing demand, i.e., continuous housing starts, from the construction of social housing for low-income immigrants (e.g. Jane & Finch), to upper-income estate housing and condos

        *increased spending on infrastructure (roads, schools, hospitals) construction, to cope with a surging population

        *wealthy immigrants' disposable income spending

        *poor immigrants are coercible, depress labour costs (lower wages) and help in tax evasion and shifting costs to the public sector (employers of Mexican illegal labour in the U.S. don't pay payroll taxes, nor buy health insurance, shifting bad debt costs to public hospitals and local/state taxpayers)

        Politicians benefit in other ways:

        *in Canada, Britain, France, the U.S. and elsewhere, immigrants provide a pool of bloc-voters, with often questionable party nomination practices (e.g., Tower Hamlets, Northeast Calgary)

        *in the U.S., the near utter lack of voter ID in some states (it's apparently considered 'racist') means that illegal aliens can vote in even Federal elections, aiding pro-immigrant candidates

        Note, too, that the 'diversity' propaganda is disseminated by a media-telecom complex with extensive cross-ownership in industries directly benefiting from mass immigration (banking, real estate, construction, agribusiness). Also, look closely at the donors' lists of groups such as the David Suzuki Foundation, and read about the strings David Gelbaum attatched to his $100M donation to the Sierra Club. Corporate money pulls the strings of the 'lefty' Diversity is Strength crowd, not the other way around.

        • We went from a discussion of Islamic immigration to mass immigration, which are two entirely different topics for the most part, but that's probably my fault, so I'll respond anyway. I just want to point out that there is a large difference between simple mass immigration and Islamic immigration, and they have to be looked at differently.

          Anyway, I agree completely that business benefits in plenty of ways due to immigration, but America has always had an open doors policy for people who come in intending to produce. And of course the high end corporations are going to have their say, but it's a political corruption issue more than a business issue.

          I'll give you that money to those groups comes from corporations who's interests will be aided, and you obviously know more about those details than me. Regarding the media, whether they are owned by businesses or not, they are heavily left leaning, and they do control the narrative regarding political correctness and multiculturalism.

          The illegal issue is a whole different discussion. They aren't buying houses, and they hurt as many businesses as they help.

          Regardless of all of that, a country can choose to bring in large amounts of immigrants and not lose it's culture. They have to put a premium on assimilation. That has not been allowed of late due to political correctness and "diversity" propaganda as you pointed out, but whether that is backed by business or pols, the number one factor is the media, and our media has abandoned us.

  3. I have concerns with radicalizations of Islam and how political correctness stifle proper debates and discussions, but just because I agree on some points he made, it does not mean that I support this guy. France downfall has always been its stratospheric ambitions and false pride – this guy is its best poster boy and he have it in spades too. As I have read what is going in Pakistan, on how moderates are starting to lend their voices against radicals, I am hoping that Canadian Muslim Organizations, the politically correct elites will take notice and lend their voices too.

  4. Or diversity fatigue.