Detained Greenpeace activists transferred by prison train to St. Petersburg -

Detained Greenpeace activists transferred by prison train to St. Petersburg


ST. PETERSBURG, Russia – Officials say the 30 people arrested following a Greenpeace protest at an Arctic oil rig — including two Canadians — have been transferred to St. Petersburg.

Greenpeace and Russian transport officials say a sealed wagon attached to a passenger train transported the group from the northern city of Murmansk to St. Petersburg’s Ladozhsky Station.

While Russia has not given an official reason for the transfer, it comes after widespread international protests over the arrest of the 28 crew members, Russian photographer and a British videographer aboard the Greenpeace ship.

The two Canadians are Paul Ruzycki of Port Colborne, Ont., and Alexandre Paul of Montreal.

St. Petersburg is a more accessible destination for the activists’ lawyers and family members than Murmansk, a far-flung city north of the Arctic Circle that gets little light during its long winter.

Greenpeace International Arctic campaigner Ben Ayliffe said in a statement that the organization did not know which pre-detention centre the activists would be taken to in St. Petersburg.

In late October, Russia dropped piracy charges, which carry a sentence of up to 15 years. The 30 are now charged with hooliganism, which carries a maximum sentence of seven years.

The ship, the “Arctic Sunrise,” was seized by the Russian coast guard on Sept. 18 and all crewmembers were arrested after staging a protest outside of an oil rig owned by Russia’s Gazprom state energy giant.

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Detained Greenpeace activists transferred by prison train to St. Petersburg

  1. I hope they are jailed for a good time. There has to be a separation of delivering a message, whatever it may be, and interference in an ongoing operation duly authorized by the authorities of the day.

    • I’ve never understood this eagerness to accept whatever action a government takes, as if it is automatically legitimate. Where are the libertarians when we need them?

      A government asserting it’s right to enforce national laws in international waters is something we should oppose. Russia doesn’t own those waters, just because it put a piece of hardware (the rig) there – nor should Russian law apply on its rig. Sticking a Canadian rowboat in mid-atlantic doesn’t make the surrounding sea a part of Canada.

      The piracy charge actually did have legitimacy, in the sense that it is an offense under international law. It was just ridiculous, since nobody believed these people were pirates. Hooliganism sounds more sensible, but only applies in Russian territory.

    • By your logic, the Nazis too were conducting “an ongoing operation duly authorized by the authorities of the day.”

      Greenpeace has every right to interfere with we know is wrong: the decimation of ocean life as we know by over-mechanized fishing operations.

      If you disagree, start looking up jellyfish recipes..

  2. Tired of hearing about “widespread international protests”. Greenpeace is sure protesting. The Dutch are upset, but the actual people of the world – you know, the ones who post in these comment sections – are really happy to see these spoiled egocentric brats rotting in jail. Go Russia!

    • Yeah right: these youngster are so selfish, trying to protect the oceans! they should be vacationing in the Fijis instead of caring about your sorry ass future.

      • They are idiots.
        Life is tough, it’s a lot tougher if you are an idiot.

  3. The whining about the cold is astonishing. What did they expect from their inevitable arrest in the Russian arctic?

    They figured maybe that they’d get to be imprisoned in a tropical paradise like Guantanamo Bay?

    Russia doesn’t have many such paradises for prison camps.

    • I thought the cold would be a wonderful message for these youngsters. They want us to be “a little” colder in the winter and “a little” warmer in the summer, you know, so we can save the planet and all. So I wonder how they are currently enjoying the future they want the rest of us to live?

      They only WISH they were at Camp Gitmo right about now!

  4. Seriously, reading some of the Greenpeace hater comments to the article is sickening : I guess Canada is having its George Bush moment.move along people nothing to see here!

  5. Gotta love Putin on this one!

  6. Now that there is FUNNY!
    I don’t care who you are….