Don't mess with the anthem -

Don’t mess with the anthem

The Philippine Congress voted unanimously last week in favour of a bill proposing a $2,000 fine or jail time for the improper singing of the national anthem

Don't mess with the anthem

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Charice Pempengco, the 18-year-old Filipina starlet who recently landed a role on Glee with her powerful singing voice, could soon be violating her home country’s laws if she’s not careful. The Philippine Congress voted unanimously last week in favour of a bill proposing a $2,000 fine or jail time for the improper singing of the national anthem, Lupang Hinirang (Beloved Land). Pempeng­co, like many pop stars, opens sports events with a crooning interpretation of the national song—a trend that prompted the government to put a stop to the corruption of a patriotic symbol traditionally set to the beat of a military march.

Included in the bill is a ban on clothing displaying the country’s flag. “It’s basically and principally for Filipino citizens to instill more love of country, by explaining to them how the symbols of government, led by the flag, should be treated, including the proper way of singing the national anthem,” said Rep. Salvador Escudero, the bill’s principal author. The proposal must still be approved by the country’s senate and President Benigno Aquino before it can be passed into law.
But this concern isn’t unique to the Philippines. Another Asian country, Bangladesh, has made “insulting the national flag or anthem” a punishable offence.


Don’t mess with the anthem

  1. I think it is highly inappropriate for you to put that Charice "could soon be violating her home country's laws if she's not careful." Why point specifically to Charice? Tsk, tsk, tsk…

  2. I think what she meant by that, 'even the great grand charice could be in trouble for such an idiotic bill once signed into law'. i think the best way to handle this is let all in congress sing the anthem in public first and guage where the bill should really land. the bill expects everyone is an expert in singing. poor me, i'm tone deaf. i cannot make a perfect c note vocally, etc etc… and if i want to sing our anthem out of patriotism, will i get fined? if there's such thing as rights to sing our anthem, this bill is eqquivalent to a sitting duck with all guns ready to shoot at the slight mistake you make.

  3. change that… this bill is equivalent to a situation where one is singing like a sitting duck …

  4. mtpg – @wdg – very well said, this article is so unfair to charice…please get all the facts first before writing your article…

  5. Funny, my comment was deleted. It wasn’t even offensive or anything. Must have hit a sore spot with the site or the writer.

  6. the writer failed to mention that Charice’s version of Lupang Hinirang during Pnoy’s Inaugural was sited as the only one “ACCEPTABLE” from other versions.

  7. ok, why the hell is this important???? the country is going nowhere with one corrupt administration after another and an even more corrupt and useless congress and this is somehow important and worth writing about????

  8. Isn't this law the exact opposite of the point of having freedom? You may not agree with me, but unless I'm saying something hateful, I have the right to say/sing it.