Egyptian women like their niqabs -

Egyptian women like their niqabs

Some are wearing it to rebel against a corrupt regime


Egypt has long championed a moderate interpretation of Islam, but some Egyptian women are rebelling against government-promoted secularism. More and more of them are choosing to wear the niqab—a veil that covers the face—in addition to the traditional hijab, which only covers the hair, spreading fear among government officials that some Egyptians are embracing hardline Islamic values.

The controversy surrounding the niqab boiled over in October when Mohamed Sayed Tantawi, Egypt’s top cleric and head of the Islamic Al-Azhar University, walked into a high school classroom in Cairo and told a female student to remove her veil. Soon after, Tantawi banned niqabs in classrooms and dorms at his campus, on the grounds that it “has nothing to do with Islam” and that it was unnecessary since the university is gender-segregated.

Egypt’s state-run media have backed Tantawi’s ban by encouraging females to show their faces, citing the “damaging” effects of the niqab on society, while the ministry of religious endowments has gone so far as to distribute booklets that suggest the niqab is un-Islamic. But despite the government campaign, analysts say increasing numbers of women have taken to wearing the niqab, which was almost never seen in Egypt just a decade ago.

Some women are wearing the niqab as a form of rebellion against a government that is widely viewed by the masses to be autocratic, corrupt and uncaring—they feel they should be able to choose their own dress. For others, the decision is based on the belief that wearing the niqab will bring them closer to God, a notion inspired by Salafism, an ultra-conservative school of thought practised in Saudi Arabia that places an emphasis on orthodox Muslim doctrines.
Although most followers of Salafism shun politics, the movement has much in common with the ideology of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, giving the government even more ammunition in its quest to quell the movement.


Egyptian women like their niqabs

  1. Maybe these women who choose to wear niqabs have pimples & are trying to hide them, or feel inadequate among more beautiful women..because they are just plain ugly..
    Ultimately it's their choice, but how can wearing something so archaic be considered an intelligent way by them to protest their corrupt uncaring government. Seems hypocritical to use this symbol of oppression of women
    There has to be something a bit less passive-aggressive..

  2. I think it is about time, humanity should grow out of religion. There should be better reasons for not wearing neqab than calling it unislamic . It is surprising how long it will take to understand a God who just wrote one book and left for vacation , leaving the devout followers to figure out what is Islamic and what is not. God gave us a brain and a rational mind to do better things instead of wasting all those energies in trying to find out what God really wanted.

  3. Interesting paradox. Being veiled hides the wearer from the eyes of others but it also draws attention: look at me, I'm extraordinarily devout. I can see you but you can't see me..etc etc. I feel like being mysterious today!

  4. Wearing the niqab as a form of rebellion is like trying to conceive while wearing a condom. Yes, there is a minute, statistically insignificant chance that it will work, but, for the most part, you look like an idiot.

  5. In 1,500,000,000 Muslims it has been noticed that a lone Muslima Lawyer in the UK Court wanted to Keep Niqab and presented her case to the judge.Very few housewives (specially) in Arabia or Afghanistan decided to wear Niqab or Burqa.In false Pretence 100,000 Nato US allied soldiers after killing own 4000 in WTC New York collecting Insurance milking $10,000,000,000 for Lockerbie bombing invaded Afghanistan presumably like Israelis used Burqa as a way to move in since Israel had only 22000 Israelis then.There are many None Muslim Women of sex trade who became Muslim
    And are wearing Niqab for fear of recognition.Why you are waging War on 1,500,000,000 Muslim armed with Nato Allied soldiers WMD money all the oil and 90% world resource ?

    • What are you trying to say?

  6. many muslims believe the moderation is always the best. even the prophet commanded muslims not to be very soft nor very stiff the moderate is the best.

  7. to everybody who wants to undrestand why muslim women wear neqab ?
    here are some facts about islamic dress:
    god says in coran ( the muslims holly book): ( o children of adam! we have bestwed raiment upon you to cover yourselves { screen your private parts etc.}

  8. God then informs us what exactly he means by this( cover yourseles):
    " Tell ( talking to the profet Mohammed peace be upon him) the believing women to cover thier gase from looking at forbidden things and protect thier private parts from illigal sexual actsand not to show off thier adornment exept only thet which is apparent: palms of hands or eyes for the necessity to see the way or outer dress like veil gloves.
    ..and draw thier veils all over their juyub:{i;e; bodies,faces, necks, bosomes etc..}

    • laila this is you,Iam fadwa your friend from boston ,Ilham also are our friend plz if its you answer me.Thanx