Europe’s war against Islam -

Europe’s war against Islam

Attacks on religious freedoms are going mainstream


Europe's war against IslamPerhaps it is fitting that it was French President Nicolas Sarkozy who came to the defence of the Swiss, who voted in November to ban the construction of new minarets in their country. Sarkozy’s father was an immigrant to France, and his mother’s ancestors included Ottoman Sephardic Jews from Thessalonica. Sarkozy’s father abandoned his family and refused to help them financially. Sarkozy grew up poorer than his peers and resented it. “What made me who I am now is the sum of all the humiliations suffered during childhood.”

He was, in other words, something of an outsider. It wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine that he might be predisposed to sympathy toward the millions of other outsiders now trying to find their place in Europe—the continent’s growing Muslim population. Yet Sarkozy reacted to the Swiss vote by urging that it be respected. “Instead of condemning the Swiss out of hand, we should try to understand what they meant to express and what so many people in Europe feel, including people in France,” he wrote in the French newspaper Le Monde. “Nothing would be worse than denial.” He urged French Muslims, who make up four per cent of France’s population and are more numerous than in any other country in Europe, not to challenge France’s Christian heritage and republican values.

Sarkozy, a populist politician, was simply reflecting widespread popular discomfort about Islam in Europe. A 2008 survey funded by the Germany Marshall Fund of the United States found that more than 50 per cent of respondents in Germany, Italy, Holland, and France believe that “Western and Muslim ways of life are irreconcilable.” Another study, by the Pew Research Center, revealed an increase in negative views toward Muslims and Jews in Europe from 2004 to 2008. (Attitudes towards Muslims and Jews in the United States improved during the same time period.)

Some sort of symbolic demonstration was likely inevitable. But the Swiss never looked like obvious candidates to launch what is arguably the most illiberal and bigoted legislation Europe has seen in years.

Switzerland hasn’t suffered an Islamist terror attack. And Swiss Muslims, who make up about five per cent of the population, are more integrated and upwardly mobile than Muslims elsewhere in Europe. Most Swiss Muslims come from Turkey, Albania, and the former Yugoslavia. Few are radical or even all that conservative. Women who hide their faces behind Islamic niqabs are a common sight in east London, but not in Berne.

Islam’s presence isn’t that visible in Swiss architecture, either. In the entire country, there are a grand total of four minarets—the steeple-like spires that often adorn mosques where Muslims pray. But that was four too many for the Swiss. More than 57 per cent of participating voters approved the proposed ban, with majorities in 22 out of 26 cantons supporting the constitutional amendment.

The conservative Swiss People’s Party spearheaded the referendum campaign. Their anti-immigrant public relations campaigns in the past have included posters depicting three white sheep kicking a black one off of a Swiss flag. This time around, their posters featured a sinister-looking woman in a black burka standing before a Swiss flag riddled with missile-like minarets.

Those supporting a minaret ban pointed to a poem Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan recited more than 10 years ago that compares minarets to bayonets. But the vote wasn’t really about minarets, or architectural harmony, or even, as some have suggested, the Swiss thumbing their noses at political and media elites who assured them that the responsible thing to do would be to reject the proposed ban.

“The minarets are an excuse,” says Stefano Allievi, a sociologist at the University of Padua. “The issue is Islam.”

According to Clive Church, an emeritus professor at the University of Kent, many Swiss are slow to accept foreigners. Citizenship can be denied to third-generation Swiss residents, whose grandparents immigrated decades ago. There is also anger in Switzerland over the arrest in Libya of two Swiss businessmen who were detained in 2008, shortly after Geneva police arrested Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi’s son and his son’s wife on suspicion that they beat their domestic staff. Gadhafi’s son and daughter-in-law were quickly freed, while the Swiss businessmen were jailed for more than a year before they were released on bail in November. (They have since been convicted of immigration offences and sentenced to 16-month jail terms.) Some Swiss anger over this affair was channelled into the movement to ban minarets.

Still, it would be wrong to portray the minaret vote as some sort of freak storm that will soon dissipate. The vote tapped into a deep well of unease. Already there are moves to build on it. Christophe Darbellay, head of Switzerland’s Christian Democratic People’s Party, wants a ban on separate Muslim and Jewish cemeteries. And the Swiss People’s Party is planning further measures to reverse what one of its MPs describes as the Islamicization of the country. “Voters gave a strong signal to stop the claim to power by political Islam at the expense of our laws and values,” Adrian Amstutz told a news agency. “Forced marriages, female circumcision, special dispensation from swimming lessons, and the burka are top of the list.”

Elsewhere on the continent, the Swiss vote has intensified a debate as Europeans grapple with the fact that the demographic makeup of their countries is changing rapidly, and likely forever. Many want to halt this transformation, or at least erase its most visible manifestations.

One in four Swedes is in favour of banning the construction of more minarets. In Italy, a member of the Northern League, which is a junior partner in Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s coalition government, called for a vote to ban minarets modelled after the Swiss referendum. Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, of the Northern League, says he would have “no objections.” A nationwide vote may not be necessary. Allievi, the Italian sociologist, says mosques in northern Italy frequently have their electricity and water cut off. The official explanation is that they have transgressed fire or zoning bylaws. “The real reason is they detest Islam,” he says.

Protesters in 2006 left a severed pig’s head outside a mosque being built in Tuscany. The following year, those opposed to the construction of a mosque in Padua paraded a pig around the site to “desecrate” the soil for Muslims. Roberto Calderoli, a Northern League senator, has called for a “Pig Day” to protest the construction of a mosque in Bologna.

Opposition to visible signs of Islam in Germany is rarely so explicit. Anti-mosque rallies draw more police than activists. One last year brought out a handful of anti-Islam protesters, and some 40,000 supporters. But, says, Josef Joffe, editor of the German newsweekly Die Zeit, “We do this more subtly.” People are unlikely to complain about the mosque itself, but rather the resulting noise or lack of parking.

In France, where a law already prevents French students from wearing “conspicuous” religious symbols at state schools, a parliamentary panel is exploring possible laws that would forbid women from wearing burkas. Sarkozy has voiced his support for such a ban. “The burka,” he said, “is not a sign of religion. It is a sign of subservience. It will not be welcome on the territory of the French republic.” Last month, the country’s justice minister, Michèle Alliot-Marie, said that men who force their wives to wear burkas should not be granted French citizenship. “There are a certain number of basics on which we must stand firm,” she said. “For instance, someone whose wife wears the full veil is someone who would not appear to be sharing the values of our country.”

France’s former prime minister, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, has accused the government of starting a “barroom discussion” about identity. This is probably a good thing—at least until the discussion moves from the bar to the gutter outside, where several political parties have set up camp and are seeking to exploit tensions regarding Islam’s growth in Europe.

The far-right National Front in France has, predictably, called for a referendum, but one that would extend beyond the simple issue of minarets to include immigration and the impact of religious and ethnic minorities on French society. In Holland, Geert Wilders, the platinum-haired leader of the Party for Freedom, has seen his popularity soar on the strength of an unequivocal stand against Islam. Never mind minarets. He wants to ban the Quran.

The British National Party, a far-right organization that is only now moving toward allowing non-white members (because Britain’s Human Rights Commission threatened legal action), today focuses its vitriol almost exclusively against Muslims. “To go anywhere near inciting racial hatred is grotesquely unfair because no one can change how they are born,” BNP chairman Nick Griffin has said. “On the other hand, to criticize a religion in much stronger terms—even if it does cross the line imposed by law—I think is entirely justifiable, because everybody has the choice to change a religion if it’s bad.”

Griffin describes Islam as “a wicked, vicious faith” and “a cancer eating away at our freedoms and our democracy and rights for our women.” This June, the BNP won two seats in the European Parliament. The party is poised to accept its first non-white member, Rajinder Singh, a septuagenarian Sikh who hates Muslims. “He is perhaps the kind of immigrant you want, if you are going to have them,” a BNP spokesman says.

At issue is a question of national identity—what it means to be Dutch, or French, or German, or Italian. “The big problem in Europe is that the way we create identities is unlike how it is done in classic immigration nations like the United States, Canada, and Australia,” says Jan Techau, director of the Europe program at the German Council on Foreign Relations. “We have not developed any kind of mechanism that allows people from all over the place to enter our societies, play by a certain set of rules, and become one of us.”

Indeed, many of the Muslims in continental European countries are the descendants of migrants who arrived a generation or two ago as “guest workers.” They were never meant to stay, and therefore little effort was made to integrate them. But they did stay. And they had children who are now considered foreigners despite their native birth. Often without citizenship, they have little stake in the political process, and withdraw into isolated Muslim enclaves that are common in dozens of European cities.

It would be wrong, however, to blame this segregation solely on the host societies. Integration is not always sought by European Muslims, either. Many mosques and Muslim organizations in Britain, for example, have ties to South Asian Islamist groups that discourage friendly interaction with non-believers. In some European Muslim communities, brides are imported from poor and backward villages in North Africa. They arrive too late to attend school and have little opportunity to learn the language, get a job, or become part of the larger society.

“It takes two to tango,” says Joffe. “The indigenous have to be more generous about accepting ‘the Other’ and his unfamiliar ways. The newcomers have to adapt to local mores: don’t drop out of school, learn a trade, become a bit like us, try exogamy, don’t build mosques that are higher than the church steeple next door, don’t live in ‘parallel universes,’ as a classic shibboleth has it. This is going to be a long bargaining process—painful for both sides, but absolutely necessary.”

For several years, Usama Hasan, a part-time imam at the al-Tawhid mosque in east London and a professor of artificial intelligence at Middlesex University, has been trying to encourage the growth of a “Western, British Islam” that is both modern and moderate, and rejects the cultural and political baggage of South Asia and the Middle East. Last year, he helped launch the Quilliam Foundation, which dubs itself the “world’s first counter-extremism think tank,” and whose founders are ex-Islamists who now reject the ideology they once followed. “It’s worrying, this kind of development,” Hasan said of the Swiss referendum in an interview with Maclean’s. “It underlines the need for more dialogue, more interaction, more balanced and sane voices to speak up. That’s the only way forward after this.”

Tariq Ramadan, a Swiss author and academic, blamed the minaret ban partly on his compatriots’ fear of Islam. “While European countries are going through a real and deep identity crisis, the new visibility of Muslims is problematic—and it’s scary,” he wrote in the wake of the vote. But Ramadan also blamed his fellow Swiss Muslims for their passive role in the debate, for not engaging with their countrymen. “I have been repeating for years to Muslim people that they have to be positively visible, active and proactive within their respective Western societies,” he said.

Integration won’t be easy. And there are many European Muslims and non-Muslims who don’t appear to want it. But it’s difficult to imagine a stable and harmonious continent unless this occurs. Those who want to ban minarets might not want to acknowledge it, but Islam is now a European religion.


Europe’s war against Islam

  1. So much for the big melting pot. Either reinforce the cultural walls of the nation or turn the heat up on the pot to fully assimilate people into the society. This grafting method is doomed for the welds to withstand the test of cultural expansion on the hosting culture without stress.
    Canada has managed to graft cultures into her make-up but not without subsurface discontent. Good thing no one told the Native Americans what us European immigrants would turn out like eh?

    • Islam does not melt, it ends up dominating.

      • What does not melt, can be skimmed off.
        To put it bluntly. Time to stop letting outside concepts of rights over-run established ideals and laws. We don't let other countries dictate our culture so why do we allow small but steady immigration to do so?
        I'm not saying we shut down immigration but is it wrong for a country to ask voluntary immigrants to accept the culture that they are choosing to enter into?

        • Canada is more influenced by America than any non-Christian groups. Shall we start expelling them?

          And just look at what the Internet has done to free expression and the invasion of foreign ideas. I don't think people realize that Muslim's use the Internet. Is it time to start filtering foreign websites?

          Are Francophones to be skimmed off? Atheists and agnostics too? Increasing godless Ontario?

          As Canadians we can only define our culture by what it is not. We are a country of immigrants that has changed significantly decade-over-decade, generation-over-generation and if you think asking immigrants to accept our culture will stem the tides of change, you are being very naive.

          • Nich – I couldn't disagree more. Canada is a liberal democracy, and that entails many substantive traditions and obligations. There are many things that we ARE. The Charter is a good place to start, though by no means the only place of reference. At Canada's core is a moral and legal obligation to respect individual freedom and autonomy. We are also a society that respects the rule of law and equality before the law. Multiculturalism is not the core of Canadianism; indeed, it was an afterthought in the Charter process, and its position in Sec. 27 has a lexical ranking clearly below the individual freedoms and legal entitlements that come in the sections before it.

            If newcomers, like both of my parents, can live within these obligations, then there is no problem. If they can't, then Canada is not a place for them. And if we can't ask for this, then we are a society for which there is nothing to defend. And to think this acceptable is what is naive.

          • Fair enough. We can apply some cultural definition through our adaptations of British (and French) basis of law and sense of social contract, but socially speaking we are a society constantly in flux, which is why we went from excommunicating homosexuals from many aspects of society 50 years ago to allowing them to marry today, for example.

            You say multiculturalism isn't a core of Canadianism, ranking below individual freedoms and legal entitlements, but I would say that such freedoms and entitlements inevitably lead to multiculturalism by their very nature because it provides in law protection to minority groups from the rule of the majority (J.S. Mill would like it I am sure), resting heavily on the most important word in the Charter; 'reasonable.'

            The point I was making was against the rather disgusting bigotry directed towards a group of people who for the overwhelming part meet our societal obligations the best they can, with each generation meeting them better than the one before.

  2. Between Islan and the Europeans this article speaks of, I think the Europeans will be more liberal.

    Just a thought.

    Islam complains of intolerance? A surprise.

  3. Muslims, Jews, Christians its all the same. All move to acquire power and use tools to hold that power at the expense of freedoms and mainstream civilized thinking.
    Religion is a disease, !
    gone is the spirituality that once made a religion special.
    Instead Religion uses spirituality as a tool to draw unsuspecting and typically naive students of our world into a life of worship, and obedience subject to the will of those who have power and wield it through a guise of spirituality.
    Muslim faith is simply a faith of choice in many countries where life is cruel, poor and with few glimmers of hope for many citizens. A perfect breeding ground for those who wish to gain power and control masses of people through a guise of spirituality and faith.
    Just like the Christians did hundreds of years ago to many of the worlds native communities. The guise was to spread the word of God and teachings of Jesus. The reality was to convert so called 'backward' peoples into a western thinking society to improve the wealth and influence of those who held religious powers.
    The cure? Spirituality without conversion, obedience and rules. Rule of Law is set by the state, (hopefully democratic) not by an interpretation of a dusty old book!

    • Christians and Jews are not on a worldwide movement looking to impose a set of barbaric religious laws on the world. So there is no reason to bring them up. Try sticking to the threat of today, and that is Islam.

      • You are right. There is only one religion that actively turns people in raving lunatics and psychos due to a word or a drawing. They are the issue not the rest.

  4. Hopefully all non-Islamic countries will end all Muslim immigration, as it is the Trojan Horse to the West.

    Islam 101: The Religion of War

    • As far as I can tell all religions are religions of war. Islam definitely does not hold the pattent on violent extremism.

      • False. Christianity is not a religion of war and never has been.

        Take your religious hatred and shove it.

  5. There's some very ungenerous and xenophobic attitudes here, and you're missing one important facet of Canadian society: our ability to integrate immigrants. These problems arise because Europe does not have these mechanisms in place. I'm generalizating, but I've found that very many of the baby-boom in white Europe consists of racist, anti-semite, moral relativist, far-right pigs…I should know I am white, I was born there and these people are my relatives. Moslem extremism is the price these people pay for marginalizing immigrants.

    • That may be part of it. The other part is that political Islam is NOT compatible with democracy. Can you blame people if they resent that?

      • What does "political Islam" even mean? As far as I can see there is no religion that is compatible with democracy. Countries have democracy because they are able to separate church and state. Or mosque and state if it suits you. Your attitude and that of Switzerland et al is thinly veiled racism, plain and simple. Like I said before, if you marginalize people, whatever their religion, in your society they will fight back.

        • "no religion … is compatible with democracy"

          Exactly. Democracy rests power with the people the best it can, while most religions rest power with elites who's right to rule comes from god (see: fiction).

          People might be flawed, but at least they are not fictional.

        • It should be obvious that from this board and the thoughts behind the Swiss referendum that many western citizens are beginning to feel marginalized by the politically correctness and accommodation.
          Some may begin fighting back as well if feeling cornered.

    • Go ahead Felix, tell us how Muslims have integrated into Canada. Or any other country in the last 1200 years. They haven't, in fact they cannot. They remain separate, acknowledge only the Koran and Sharia, and as they grow in numbers demand more and more separation and compliance of others with Islam. Until their military defeat in the late 15th century Islam was spread solely by war into Europe, Egypt, Africa, India, Iraq and Iran. After 1700 Islam was isolated and contained by western powers, in particular Britain. Sorry Felix, you are a naive little boy.

      • So Rob, what you're saying is that I, as a Muslim born in Canada, am incapable of integrating? I'm sorry to burst your little bubble, but I, as well as many Muslims I know live peacefully here amongst non-muslims. As unimaginable as it may be for you, we seem to get along great! I cannot say that I base my life on the Quran or Shari'a, although the Quran for me is a guide. I am perfectly fine with customs and traditions and the way of life for many in Canada; and people accept that I am a Muslim; maybe you should try accepting these kinds of things eh? Also, Canada is made up of many, many, successful Muslims contributing to society. Your theory, about us not being able to integrate, it's all in your head my friend.

        • i suppose you havent been to sweden recently have you…

            from the longstanding “best place in the world to live” according to all polls to the “rape capital of the world” in 7 years… yes SWEDEN now has the highest instance of rape of any country in the world…

          the third largest city in sweden has been completely occupied,  —- brutal gang rape  of girls as young as 9 years old by muslim immigrants in broad daylight is an everyday occurance, they refer to swedish woman as “whores”…the wear tshirts saying “20 more years” referring to thier belief that within twenty years they will control sweden and have it under full sharia law…

          it is all out warfare.. there is no denying what is going on in sweden right now…

    • do you have your head burried in the sand?? what the hell is the matter with you, take a look outside!! The muslims living in Canada or not different than that of any of in the world today. They are a virus, content from killing the host from within. Given the high risk nature of these people, all immigration of these people should be stopped – if only as a logically precaution.

      Muslims are the most self-entitled people in the world, they come in, ravage a society, fraud the social system and our tax dollar, and pray for nothing but your complete and utter extermination.

    • Canadian society has the ability to believe even when the facts are plaster to their face. I think your PM may be 1 exception.

    • Yes. You are generalizing.



  6. Way to go Switzerland! If only Canada's politicians had the courage to deal with this cancer to western society. Sorry folks not wanting intolerant, backwards and violent immigrants in your country is not racism. Religion of peace my eye.

  7. Good for them for finally taking a stand against this undesirable threat. Hopefully all others follow.

    • Oh no! Architecture is coming! The architecture is coming!

      For the love of humanity, won't someone outlaw the architecture!

  8. 1,500 000,000 Muslims (almost one quarter of the World Population)Grew in just 1400 years with Christianity is almost equal to Muslims. (50% world total in 50/50)NATO with 100,000 occupy 30 Million Afghan's Afghanistan. and 750 million in the region trying to write off Islam after developing Car airplane diesel fuel parking mall hiway
    culture .It is simply not possible to write off Islam with NATO or Israel actions .There are more than 20 Million Muslims in Europe more than 10 million in America Israel from 22000 to 5 Million and USA increment of 30,000 additional Soldiers will write off Islam wipe out
    75 million Iranians or EU leaders waging War on Islam.Is there any
    Muslim Country waging war on Christianity or Christians?Best thing is to reduce oil use in Car airplane buy cheaper homes live modestly
    and learn new trade than being Soldiers (waging war on Islam).Few
    radical Muslims in 1 500,000,000 population or 100,000 Nato soldiers in Millions of local equation with 30,000 extra Soldiers ?What is the Objective?

    • Your text is almost uninteligible, and it might be a good picture of what your logic is all about.
      Just to tell you about war against Christians: I met a black man from Pakistan, few years ago, in Toronto. He was a refugee in Canada for only one single reason: HE WAS CHRISTIAN.
      His Muslim countrymen threaten to kill him if he refused to convert to Islam. They told him the Bible was a lie, his prophet (Jesus) was a loser, they put a knife in his neck, and still he resisted.
      He made his way to Canada.
      I know this story not from 'the media' ( I use the term THE PRESS), but from a VICTIM HIMSELF.

      Sorry, maybe your religion is not violent, BUT ITS FOLLOWERS ARE INDEED.

      • Wow, way to stereotype. Indeed, all followers of Islam MUST be violent! Come on out of that little cave your living in and open your eyes and maybe actually look at the world and other cultures other than your own. Just a suggestion. Cheers.

  9. Stop propanganda against Islam.If you study Islam you will find true light and peace there.Thats basic human right what to wear or not depending on his/her belief system.

    • @ Omair…U and ur religion need to grow up and smell the coffee. the world is not open to the dark ages anymore. u want to subjugate ur people, please go ahead…in YOUR OWN COUNTRY. do not step out and expect everyone to accept ur draconian religion as "faith". i know lots of muslims and live in an area full of them and i can safely say, all this religious stuff and faith are PURE BS!! they are not interested in prayers and stuff. they want to enjoy the freedom our country provides, but are scared to admit it to themselves and to their peers. THAT IS THE ESSENCE OF ISLAM – PEACE ONLY IF U ACCEPT ISLAM OTHERWISE SUPPRESSION AND DESTRUCTION. there are no human rights in islam…only what the book allows. i know u can't understand that, so am not going to waste my time trying to explain it to you.

    • Whathever the Islam4UK`s leader is saying there, Omair, it is HIS OWN PROPAGANDA, not western one, ok?
      And for all others reading this article, not all immigrants reject integration, despite how hard and painfull it might be for them.

  10. See what happens when you debase a national news institution and start pandering to the Steyn crowd?

    • I'm moving on to the Walrus.

  11. Freed from the limitation of religious thought, it really becomes clear how antiquated and counter-intuitive religious intolerance is (and religious thought in general). Religion as a moral compass is one thing; religion as a justification for hate is another.

    It is similar to people killing each other over which is better, Burger King or McDonald's.

    At least as our species takes baby steps forward, we slowly leave the mysticism, barbarity and prejudice of our ancestors behind. There is still an outside chance that reason will take hold before we kill each other over rather delusional beliefs and differences of faith.

    • Amen to that!!

  12. Albanian terrorists are next.

    • do you people realize muslims in iran and saudi arabia are more civilized than ur precious "western" world. iran and saudi arabia have one of the highest percentages in the world for the most women in parliament, while the "west" still lags behind them. do you know why this muslim terrorism thing got started. its because the us want oil in the middle east, and the only way they could invade the middle east was by making muslims terrorist. THERE ARE NO MUSLIMS TERRORISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the us just wants u to believe that so they can get their precious oil, and pays fucking ******* to work with them

  13. Swiss Nato US Canada EU with Minaret Ban ? Have a surprise .Biggest Brick Minaret was completed 1368 as Qutub Minar adjascent to a Mosque evolved as Canadian CN Tower Minaret with a revolving restaurant Communication Tower adjacent to Skydome(in lieu of Mosque) Iraq_Iran war of Ayatollahs vs Dick Chenny Reaganomics Thatcherite resulted in with $ 100 Billion debt of Dubai (no oil-gas)$90m /floor Burj Duba (at $1,500,000,00with a potential mosque at 158th floor with Minaret Burj Dubai 2717 ft has CN Tower 1830 ft minaret Principle.Q Minar was completed at 1368 but Canada always choose 1,8,6 ,3 numbers 1800 for free. Canada USA Australia Newzealand Israel – they are recent democracyor countries .Turkish Roman Empire Turkish Empire Kingdoms (so called dissolved with recently with coming of Darwin Einstein Israel Sheiks USA Nato allied past 90 yrs are having hell of a time.But 1400 yr old Allah factor discards evolution of darwin with miraj of Alaqsa (i.e. relativity) and defination of creation outlined as replacement of dynasaur with computerized new creation Human to measure greed. God is whom Trees prostrate and Human Stone High rise comes tumbling to the ground like 9/11 towers amid final destiny for ever(hereafter).

    • From your writing (and I've read all your replies) I would suggest you are the paranoid schizophrenic.

      • I can`t get the point of Zakaria`s text.

  14. Europe is NOT against reigious freedom. Europe is fighting against Islamic fascism, having plenty of previous experience of previous incarnations of it.

  15. I just visited Londonistan. It was a pleasure, realy. Everybody speaks English, though they have birds, turbans, and hate for the west. London-istan used to be part of Europe before Arabs settled in there. But, it is not the Arabs who are destroying Europe, it is the liberal, sick bastard politicians who want to be politically correct. Our leaders work for the enemy, Islam, not for us. Muslims will never become part of the civilized societies. They will never accept us, unless we convert to Islam. Wake up Londonistan and UKistan! Wake up!

  16. Selam Alekum! Islam will rule the world! We have taken UK, Spain, Holland, etc. We will take Vatican, and USA next. It is easy for us to defeat the white men. They are defeating themselves for us. They allow us to go to their countries, where we use and abuse their legal system until we scare them into surrender. Look, UK has surrendered to us and USA, with the assistance of our Muslim brother, Obana, will submit to us soon. May Allah give us the strength and guidance to invade the world and convert all mankind into the purest religion, Islam.
    To defeat Christianity we need three things:
    The anti-Christian Jewish-American media
    The mentally ill white liberal men and women,and,
    The continuation of the Politically Correct laws of the white world.

    • Hmmmm, I think you are NOT Muslim at all. You are totally the oposite of that.
      Sorry, your agenda does not work here.

    • It's people like you (if you're Muslim at all) who make these other people look at Islam like it's a disease. Get your act together, stop this nonsense, seriously.

  17. Now I see where Ezra Levant's old commentors have wound up. Ken Whyte's done a heckuva job, Why not just rename it the "Toronto Report"?

  18. Addulameer (if that is your real name)

    I do not know where you get these verses but they are not correct and taken out of context (which vol are you refering for words of muhammmad – which hadiths).

    If we want to discuss "sincerely", we need to quote the right stuff and study things in depth and from the right source. Please read the life stories of the prophet muhammad and see how he has shown kind treatment to his enemies and how they became muslim( He is called mercy for mankind- why?)

    Please go read about islam from right source if we are sincere in knowing its teachings – not just quoting wrongly to support our "unknown" agenda – maybe this is what this article is for?)

    Why then there is so many muslim converts if what you quote about killing kafirs are true – think, think, think.

    I also wonder why there are so anti-islamic comments – read about islam from authentic sources – dont go to the so many fake and anti-islamic websites (i wonder why so many????) This is like what we will do to discuss other subjects and then give your opinions.

    The actions of ignorant muslims around cannot represent the real islamic teachings – this argument goes for any teachings.

    The world always blame those who reacted but what about the instigators – they are just as guilty.


    • @ mhus…I like that reference to "we need to quote the right stuff and study things in depth and from the right source". I suppose only the "good" information should be revealed, eh!! May I suggest that every argument that aims to and implies clarification and education must encompass ALL attributes of the subject. I know that is not a prerequisite of Islam, but it is everywhere else. And yes, you can say I am taking this statement out of context…you said it, I did not.

  19. islam is evil all belivers are going to hell were they belong fuck islam

  20. It's sad that Europe is slowly regressing to the Middle Ages, a time of grave ignorance, and unfortuantely Muslims are not helping in any way as they did during the Dark Ages to bring Europe out of the depths of darness into the light of knowledge/learning (arts/sciences/spiritualism etc.) which history books refer to as the Age of Enlightenment. Today, it seems like both sides are failing each other even though we live closer than we ever have in the past.

    • "Muslims arent helping in any way as they did during the Dark Ages to bring Europe out of the depths of darkness into the light of knowlege/learning (arts sciences spiritualism etc…)

      LOL! what a bunch of garbage!! try reading a history book for once, one that talks about the "spread" of Islam in the 7th and 8th century – and make sure it wasnt written by a self loathing white boy or a Muslim. Ever hear of Athens? How about the word "sholastica"?

  21. Pay attention. Muslims have never, repeat, never, integrated into any society. They maintain a separate life dictated by the Koran and Sharia law. As they become more powerful in a society they always, repeat, always, increase demands for separate laws, deference to Islamic ways by others and ultimately, when powerful enough, an Islamic state and conversion of non Islamic citizens. This has always, repeat, always been the historical process as Muslims have immigrated into non Islamic areas of the world. Until they were defeated in eastern Europe in the 15th century Islamic expansion had been solely through war.

    • To Rob:I had finest technique to acquire v good education and extremely competitive skill outside N America (wasted doing nothing) .My entire family and my earthly life with their earthly life is at ruin (without even Applying for immigration as such ). Why immigrants come what they are being displaced for all over the world? There is no one Muslim Country or countries with 1 500 000 000 Muslim waging a Jihad or crusade against Christianity or G8 _G20 Countries (who have 90% world Resource _all the oil _food _and extremely high GDP/capita _and world's wealth) Why 22000 Jews Israel now occupy 90% with as many in Number as Holocaust figure over 5m with v.v.high GDP/capita (all for free). EU USA and Allied and their countries control both immigration card security displace in all location. If you do not want them here and out there back home turned as Middle east Darfur and daily killings within Few hundred radiuses of Soldiers.Where would you like them to go (only graveyard)? First you find out why your soldiers' or Israel's 100% greed Objective ? Then ask me what happened to us past few decades.Any Muslim Coming any Muslim going Any Muslim staying .

    • You are an idiot. Grow up. Many muslims integrate just fine – like my wife. What they don't do is adopt hate filled attitudes like yours. I think that is your real complaint, you just can't stand people that are not full of intolerance.

  22. aren't conservative muslims just acting like old fashioned christians? check out the bible how it talks about multiple wives ..right wing crhistians also believe they are the only religion …. religious people in general give things up and suffer somewhat .. so that is why they try to make everybody else suffer with them

  23. a classic manifestation of xenophobia

  24. The problem as always is religion and the mutual intolerance it generates. History and anthropology tell us over 10,000 relgions have been created by mankind over the ages most claiming to be the true one. Concepts of chosen people and other destructive concepts are the product of frontal lobe epilepsy , mental illness and vivid imaginations. Of interest is the recent study that proves the least violent and war like countries are the ones where atheism prevails.

    • Quoting individual Muslim to exxagerate is current strategy of the West.Western Security Canada USA Allied supremists Aggressionist are People with paranoid schizophrenia.They have superiority complex topped with grandiose mistaken beliefs and delusions about protecting themselves from the plot that they think is against them.Consequently they have squandered world resources aligned with none Muslim immigrants hell bent on
      defammation of Islam while using oil n gas resource and even with 90% of everything.Muslims are having nightmare with with their desire to acquire remaining 10% ( i.e. 100%)syndrome.Only half a dozen religion remaining but Muslims plus christians (only) constitute 50% of the world total.

  25. Islam equalled to Christianity in numbers in just 1400 yrs.Out of 10 Million In Americas and 20 Million in Europe Almost all of them lived there centries.One in a One and half billion Osma Bin Ladin has successfully produced 19 Children_ Grandchildren with multiple wives while his Billionaire father in the same league as Oil sheiks and Oil
    Emirs who virtually gave away Islamic Resource oil N Gas and cash Wealth within Decades Also called sr Bin Ladin
    had 50 wives and concubines and unlimited Children (including Osama[no guarantee]).Quoting Osama while bringing
    wealth car air plane culture asset using own armed NATO US Israel ALLIED (reserved for Russia and Past Warsaw Pac Army with tens of thousands Missiles and NUke are terrorizing Muslim with 90 % wealth all oil Resources with own WMD home and abroad.One in a Billion and half Muslim (with no one waging a war or even capable of waging war).Then bragging killing Muslims in highly abnormal quantitites since the days of carpet bombing and emptying 250,000 tons bombs at a time days.Who is animal and why?

  26. The author of this article should try reading the Koran – or better yet – try living in any Islamic State as a non-Muslim. Mohamed was a warrior prophet who carried out, encouraged and taught violent oppression, forced conversion, mafia-like "protection" taxes, and hideous oppression and ownership of women.

    And there has been no Islamic reformation.

    A high incidence of rape of female infidels – the torching of autos by the thousands every year across Europe – no go zones for law enforcement in Muslim enclaves throughout Europe.

    And Macleans thinks the problem is with intolerant Europeans?

    Its political correctness gone insane. Tolerance of the intolerant is a prescription for disaster. If Muslims hate Western society, Western laws and mores – then they should go back to the failed Islamic states from where they came.

    • I agree. Western democratic countries are insane to allow Muslim immigration. We believe in separation of church and state; they want their religious beliefs to supercede our democratic beliefs. 'Sharia' law has no place here. It scares the crap out of me to see Muslim women covered head-to-toe with only their eyes visible (or worse, with those caged-mask headresses) walking the streets. How would anyone describe a person in this attire to the police in the case of an illegal incident (bank robbery, bombing, hit-and-run traffic accident, murder, etc.) If they can't even dress appropriately for a western world country, they don't belong in it. Keep them out.
      I don't consider myself a racist, I define myself as a 'culteralist'. And militant Islam is definitely a culture/religion I would rather not have in Canada. Politically incorrect? You bet! So what? Better safe than sorry.

  27. Islam is incompatible with Western life. But the horse is already out of the barn. It's a fight to the death, and the Arabs intend to bring us all down to their level, just like Obama.

  28. I'm amazed at the old bozo's who continue to bat the drum of political correctness while not yet cognizant that our population is old, old, and getting older.

    As old Viagra ridden Thomas Walkon,, who still thinks he's hip, finds some aspect of our existence to ridicule, he is seemingly unaware that he is adrift in a powerful current, which is carrying him ever closer to a transforative sea of change.

    it's as if his office floor is a raft, and with eyes glued to his computer screen, the old timer is adrift,reminiscing about the good old days where flower children set out to change the world.

    Well you did Thomas. Now the only remaining question is, how long can you stay afloat?

  29. Fantastic I agree, thank you for your services to all good people Weibo.
    I wish I could meet a real man like you, in Vancouver and not a drippy hippy or metro boy.

  30. I have always advocated that in Canada we adhere to the following: "All religious laws are secondary to secular laws". All people who become citizens of Canada must pledge to uphold Canadian laws, sign a document that adheres to that sentiment and lose citizenship if they don't. Everyone in the RCMP should be wearing the same uniform, everyone must wear a helmet if riding a motorcycle, no one can have their face covered when getting an official gov't id, muslim kids can't take ceremonial knives to schools, etc. Common sense. However, the only true way to eradicate religious problems is to come to the understanding that all religions need to be done away with. Only the simple minded believe in 'God'. As for Muslims, they are engaged in the new crusades. Do nations have the stomach and political incorrectness to avert their plans? Time will tell.

    • One problem here is that the Koran trumps national law. Have you not noticed how the phrase of "Nation of Islam" is used? If you study the Islamic legal system, not only will you find many conflicts with the modern national government, but issues that trigger wars.

      Many religions have adapted to accept the modern nation-state authority. Islam has not. This alone is one of the causes of so much violence and warfare.

    • Sorry Kevin, it`s not Muslim kids who are carrying cerimonial knives into schools. It is SIKHS, FROM INDIA!
      All religions to be done away… What about 'to be done away' with all totalitarism?
      We should defend democracy, and not imposing totalitarist ideas as if they were `humanists` or `secular`.
      Soviet Union did what you propose. China is still doing so (Fallum Gon, Dalai Lama).

    • Thanks for highlighting the underlying phenemona within this issue. A lack of knowledge on the religion of Islam. Turn off your radio, switch of your televisions, and close your internets for just a MOMENT. And open up a book for once about Islam. You got to hear what non-muslims think about Islam, now give muslims a chance! Isn't that the only way to create crtical thinking on a dialect, to hear both sides of the story? Because if you truly did study Islam you would know that Muslim kids were not the ones to bring knives to school it was Sikhs. A seperate and distinct religion from Islam, contrary to popular belief ofcourse. And let me tell you I have been a PRACTICING muslim living in Canada for 20 years with peace with everyone else,
      SURE we don't believe in the same God but that does not mean we can't peacefully coexsist! And contrary to your oppinion I think Canada is one country moving towards peace, afterall we asked that "God keep our land glorious and free"

  31. it's too late!! Political correctness, infertile secularists, an aging dying old collection of flower children, immigrant dependent societies, are in their last stages.

    Islam is young, vivacious, politically motivated and ready to move from tenant to landlord. Our politically correct sell outs refuse to admit this, or even admit that there's writing on the wall. But the day is not far when the shrew will walk inside a tent, or at the least cover her head and walk three feet behind the man. And in parts of Europe where she doesn't, she is seen as a whore and often raped.


    political correctness is the fertilizer which allows the healthy growth of Islamification, who's believers don't give a rat's ass about political correctness or the weaklings who support it.

    40% of Islamic Muslims want sharia law in the UK

    32% of British Muslims believe that western society is decadent and immoral and that Muslims should seek to bring it to an end.

  33. What a JOKE!!!

    Mention of SHARIA anywhere? nope…

    But guys, lets not forget Islam means peace, just look to surah 9:29, or 5:34 for confirmation!

  34. I also wanted to add Surah 5:32 and 5:33 to your collection. If you havent noticed, Muslims usually use surah 5:33 when telling people about the "peaceful" Islam, surah 5:32 is a copy from the Talmud – teh passage goes "…..anyone who murders, it would be as if he slew all of mankind…." – – clearly stolen from Jewish sources. What Muslims dont tell you, is that surah 5:33 – very next surah – reads: "….for those who make mischief in the land, their punishment is only this, that they should be MURDERED or crucified, or their hands and feet should be CUT OFF on opposite sides, or they should be imprisoned…."

    Another point, my favorite little story from the Quran (surah 33:25-27) and from many different Hadith – is the complete annihilation of the Beni Qurayza Jewish Tribe, all 900 of them (Ibn Ishaq, Taburi, Bukhari) – personally supervised by Mohammad (i think he beheaded a few himself). These Jews DID NOT fight in the battle of the Trench (as many Muslim polemists claim), they were simply slaughtered because they refused to convert to Islam and because they supported the Meccans verbally.

  35. For referance to the Beni Qurayza extermination and Battle of the Trench please see: Sahih Bukhari Vol 4 Book 52 Num 68 (also Bukhari Vol 5 Book 59 Num 443), Bukhari Vol 5, Book 59, Num 444 (also Muslim 19, Num 4370 and 4371), Sahih Bukhari Vol 5, Book 59, Num 449, Sahih Bukhari Vol 4, Book 52, Num 280 (also Bukhari V5, B58, N146, and V5, B59, N447, and V8, B74, N278), Abu Dawud Book 38 Num 4390, Abu Dawud Book 14 Num 2665, and more…

    I ask Muslims; Is this the "uswa hasana" you want to be like and follow? Your "perfect man, perfect example"? A warlord? who personally sought out the murder of 900 people in one day?

  36. JIHAD

    As Mohammad says in Bukhari Vol 4 Book 52 Num 268; “War is Deceit”

    Sahih Muslim 30—It is reported on the authority of Abu Huraira that the Messenger of Allah said: I have been commanded to fight against people so long as they do not declare that there is no god but Allah, and he who professed it was guaranteed the protection of his property and life on my behalf except for the right, and his affairs rest with Allah.

    Sahih al-Bukhari 2785—Narrated Abu Hurairah: A man came to Allah's Messenger and said, “Guide me to such a deed as equals Jihad (in reward).” He replied, “I do not find such a deed.”

    Sahih al-Bukhari 2796—Narrated Anas: The Prophet said, “A single endeavor (of fighting) in Allah's cause in the afternoon or in the forenoon is better than all the world and whatever is in it.”

  37. JIHAD cont…

    Sunan An-Nasa'i 3099—It was narrated from Abu Hurairah that the Prophet said: “Whoever dies without having fought or having thought of fighting, he dies on one of the branches of hypocrisy.”

    Sunan Ibn Majah 2763—It was narrated from Abu Hurairah that the Messenger of Allah said: “Whoever meets Allah with no mark on him (as a result of fighting) in His cause, he will meet Him with a deficiency.”

    Sunan Ibn Majah 2794—It was narrated that Amr bin Abasah said: “I came to the Prophet and said: ‘O Messenger of Allah, which Jihad is best?' He said: ‘(That of a man) whose blood is shed and his horse is wounded.'”

  38. i wonder if a christian or jew or hindu or buddhist could openly worship and lead their christian/jewish/hindu/buddhist life in an islamic country like saudi arabia with all the freedoms and rights of saudi citizens. oh yeah, the answer is no.

    the west's active persecution of islam? really? sounds like it is just more reactionary than active.

  39. one day it be a fight between chinese, east indian and peoples of muslim culture. people of european descent are on downturn, even your birthrate is too low to continue. face facts and get over yourselves.

  40. We need a United Mosque… Kinda like the United Church… Yeah, I know, it's a terrible idea/comparison… But it would signify a break from fundamentalism…

    Apostate Shelters… Needed big time… Some Muslims want to get away, but don't know how… Apostate Shelters would help bridge the gap for those seeking freedom from religion or conversion…

    Just some thoughts… fire your flame throwers at will….


    And for all the IDIOTS that have commented, deaf dumb and blind, never will you see or hear the truth! Shame on you allllll.

  42. HAHAHAH everyone is soooo mad. You see, you may degrade Islam all you want, try to force out all you want. However, eventually you will realize that you were ALWAYS wrong.

    Inshallah. And Allahu Akbar! Allah is GREAT.

    • Allah is a dog rolling in pigs blood, Mohamed is Allah's poop… Stoop and Scoop…

  43. You have highlighted all the parts of the Quran that support your motives. Now its time to hear both sides of the story. Directly from the Quran:
    In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

    109:1 Say : O ye that reject Faith!

    109:2 I worship not that which ye worship,

    109:3 Nor will ye worship that which I worship.

    109:4 And I will not worship that which ye have been wont to worship,

    109:5 Nor will ye worship that which I worship.

    109:6 To you be your Way, and to me mine.

    This is a universal message of peace applied to every human on the face of the planet. Because we may not all follow specific religions but we all worship something, whether it be our own desires or celebrities. But verse shows that although we may have our differences we can still live peacefully by letting each other live our own ways of life.

  44. I have always advocated that in Canada we adhere to the following: "All religious laws are secondary to secular laws". All people who become citizens of Canada must pledge to uphold Canadian laws, sign a document that adheres to that sentiment and lose citizenship if they don't.

  45. This article contains two conclusive remarks – "Integration won't be easy" and "Islam is now a European religion". As I understand it, Islam is a totalized dictum – it functions prefectly well without the assumptions of other beliefs…therefore, it seems that Mr. Petrou is misinformed.

    I am disappointed in Maclean's for having gone to print with this article, given that it offers scant evidence of useful synthesis. Also, the accompanying photo-collage on p.24 of the print edition seems sensational and damaging.

    Maclean's and M.Steyn won the recent 'human rights' case that threatened to chill critical discussion of this issue, but M.Petrou's article seems to indicate that Maclean's has been chilled.

  46. I'm glad to see that Maclean's has an open mind. That title, "Europe's war against Islam – Attacks on religious freedoms are going mainstream" immediately lets the reader know that there's no prejudice here, doesn't it?
    I don't like mosques or, at least, I don't like muezzins. I don't like churches either ever since, as a student at UofT, I made the mistake of taking a flat right next to a church in downtown Toronto. Church bells on Sunday mornings are not what a student wants. Churches, mosques. They're all public nuisances.
    And, I certainly agree that no state should allow forced marriages, female circumcision, forbidding females from being educated, and, generally, treating girls and women as property, allowed to do only what their families permit. This has nothing to do with religion. The way some Sicilian, Greek and other families in Toronto have treated their daughters shouldn't have been allowed either.

  47. The most intelligent post thus far.

  48. i think I'm going to throw up.

  49. There is a new war coming. Muslims believe all non-muslims are inferior and should be conquered. We are not welcome in their countries and we are killed if non-muslim. Get your head out of your posteriors, they will not stop until everything is muslim, it is simply what they believe in and will never change. Yes, they will exploit democracy and kindness if allowed.

  50. I never knew there's a thing such as these going on. Thanks for sharing this article.

  51. Religious freedom is essential, however one must discern between religious freedom and dangerous religion. A religion is dangerous and must be stopped, when it attempts to impose its values on others – when it has no tolerance of other creeds and when it exacts vegence on those who don't follow their dictates. Back in the 80's the 'Orange People' became such a dangerous religion, imposing its WILL on communities and expelling those of other faiths, by taking over political positions in local councils. Today, Islam is attempting to do the same in the West. Their are some very sick fanatics who cloth themselves in the Moslem faith to attempt to usurp power.

    the fact is that ISLAM is a striving THEO-POLITICAL-IDEOLOGY of world-
    domination masquerading in drags of pornographic false piety before
    its intended SUBJECTS as a "religion of peace

    If the Fascist proto-Nazis in Brussels will overturn centuries of
    coherent jurisprudential thinking of the West by saying that an
    abstract conceptual category such as ISLAM can now in the latter days
    be slandered — (whereas once it was sanely understood that only a
    flesh and blood PERSON and his/her individual identity be
    slandered/libeled) — then I say that if a whole religion
    can be slandered then [good for goose; good for gander[ a whole
    religion can well be held accountable for any and all acts
    that any one of its zombie-bots visits upon other human beings

  52. The issue is not about freedom of religion in Europe and Switzerland which exists and is guaranteed! The issue is that Islam is not only a religion but a political, judicial and social system which is incompatible with ours! Change the way you think!! Islam wants to substitute itself to our secular societies! Fight for your future freedom now!

  53. Zionist spy and anti Islam conspiracy
    Former Dutch MP and extreme enemy of Islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali was forced to leave Netherlands and resigns from the parliament because of her indirect involvement in making of a film criticizing Islam. The maker of this film was also duly punished by heroes of Islam. Read details on:

  54. Bangladesh is the third largest Muslim nation in the world with a total population of 156 million. It is the country, which hosts the second largest annual Islamic congregation in the world. Bangladeshis by nature are extremely devout and they have been unconditional defenders of Islam. The country has excellent relations with the Muslim Ummah and has shown the guts of standing in favor of oppressed people of Palestine and any other country, where Muslims are being persecuted or oppressed by enemies of Islam. But, with all such appreciable and glorious track record of a real Muslim nation, for past several years, an identified Zionist spy named Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is continuing anti-Muslim and anti-Islam activities right from within Bangladesh through his anti-Islam publication named Weekly Blitz as well as by writing objectionable and nefarious articles against Islam, Muslims and the entire Ummah.


  55. Well well. We have a bunch of little babies whining and twisting the truth to fit their hate filled little universe. To all those who have posted anti Muslim comments – grow up, learn the facts, and act like rational adults Islam totally advocates peace, tolerance and love. It is you who are full of hate. It is the European derived societies that are insatiably warlike. Look at colonialism. The last time I checked, world wars one and two were European wars. I could go on. Bottom line, if the west keeps attacking the rest of the world, surprise! people are going to fight back. Hell, even Buddhists would probably fight if we invaded their countries.

  56. Islam prevails over any other doctrine whether they like or not

  57. ‘religious freedoms’?

  58. It’s there country, they worry about their bloodlines and values being drowned out by outsiders moving in and bringing along with it them 3rd world birth rates.

    I tip my hat to the swiss, don’t let some white guilt bleeding retard from Canada call you a bigot. 

  59. muslims are extremely bad people
    their only goal is to torture non muslims particularly women and men who can mate
    they want to dominate in population and subdue enslave torture non muslims
    they must be killed