Extremism in the schools

Some startling revelations about the radical nature of the curriculum being taught

Extremism in the schools

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An investigation into more than 40 part-time Muslim schools and clubs in the U.K. has uncovered some startling revelations about the radical nature of the curriculum being taught. Materials obtained by the BBC include textbooks that detail the application of sharia law, such as how to chop off a person’s hands and feet if they are caught stealing, along with whether the best punishment for homosexuals who engage in sexual activities is for them to be stoned, burned or thrown off a cliff. Other materials ask children to list the “reprehensible” traits of Jewish people and note that non-believers will end up in “hellfire” when they die.

This isn’t the first instance of extremist undertakings occurring at schools in the U.K. In 2007, at the prestigious King Fahad Academy in west London, one teacher reported that pupils as young as five were being taught from Arabic textbooks that described Jews as “monkeys” and Christians as “pigs.” And this past August, a Muslim women’s group reported that an increasing number of female students at universities were being recruited by their peers for violent endeavours.

To stop the spread of extremist activities and teachings in academia, the government needs to start enforcing the law, says Douglas Murray, director of the London-based think tank Centre for Social Cohesion. “It is already illegal to teach racist, sectarian and bigoted attitudes in schools. If these were neo-Nazi schools, whether private or not, the government would have sent in the police at the start.”

Yet for decades, such hateful literature was largely ignored by civil society and considered just part of Muslim culture, adds Talal Rajab with the counter-extremism organization Quilliam. “Such ideas therefore went unchallenged, creating a climate where extremism could foster.” To curtail the problem, Rajab believes teachers should be heavily scrutinized to ensure that they are not extremists themselves, then equipped with the necessary training to spot the early signs of radicalization among pupils. Unfortunately, many of the Muslim schools are not funded by the state, which makes them difficult to monitor.


Extremism in the schools

  1. Just another example of the West falling flat on its face when it tries to assimilate foreign cultures, especially those who aren't afraid to stick it to us in the name of freedom and religious diversity. I thank my Christian God that I won't live long enough to see the Islamists with their Sharia law take over while bleeding-heart liberals stand by and do nothing.

    • Yes, but do you have children and grandchildren that you care about?

  2. Are there simply elements of western culture and Islam that are incompatible? Multiculturalism advocates were niave and never imagined the extreme and radical nature of certain cultures growing and being nurtured by the laws intended to protect. Human rights indeed!

  3. hate is NOT a human right, nor should it be considered as part of "religious freedom"

  4. Freedom of religion is a great thing. Encouraging racism and violence isn't…

  5. The people of Britain (and all Western countries) have 2 choices.

    1) Throw out the pro-immigration traitor politicians and deport all radical Imams before it's too late


    2) Learn to submit to Shariah law.

    • Isn't it frustrating to even think that other countries may in the future have to shed their soldiers' blood to again save Europe's butt? One would think that after almost if not losing their freedom, they would have learned to be aware, conscious, treasure, and defend the freedom they were given back, but noooo, they would rather be politically correct… as many of us are. Listening to how the PM of Sweden describe the terrorist bombing of Stockholm as mere ''unacceptable and unwanted", is ludicrous, as if it's a mere hair on once served food. I haven't seen such a lame reaction from an attack before. If his reaction represents most of Europe, no wonder they need saving time and time again.

  6. This article is very disturbing. I like to think that I have respect for the great religions of the world, and freedom of religion is very important. But please, let's accept and assimilate only what is GOOD about various schools of thought, whether religious or secular, and reject unequivocally what is cruel and unjust and unlawful.

  7. Has anybody thought of why they left their homeland in the first place. Could it be to get away from their beliefs? Then they try to bring it to a non-racist society. Go figure. Remember majority rules and there will come a day when one of them get into a political voice of authourity.
    God help us then.

    • Have you seen what has been happening in Europe(UK, France, Norway) especially Sweden? There was a violent chaotic protest where the "left" merged with the Islamo supremacists and harassed the Jews from getting out their synagogue. They were protesting the attendance of Israeli athletes in Tennis Davis cup, the police looked so helpless and useless. As they are quarter of the population already, the politicians are bending way backward trying to appease them hoping to keep peace and their votes. Even medias (government subsidized like CBC (leftists too) – only in multiple – not to televised nor write about details of crimes committed by minorities so as not to disenfranchise this fastest growing minority group. Instead of thanking the country for such appeasement, they keep demanding more and getting so obnoxious and more dangerous, just like sharks scenting blood. Some of the muslims are embarrassed by this but they are also afraid to lend their voices, as intimidation and violence to those who disagree with them are quite common. Europe right now are lacking leaders who have the werewithal and courage to implement their own laws and to address this difficult and dangerous issue .

  8. But but but the PC barking dogs of the left will take offense at any criticism of Islam. Gutlessness has taken over from common sense.

  9. The Islamic Republik Of Britain.

  10. I am very surprised to see this negative propaganda in such a respectable megazine. Please do your own research instead of spreading this poison among the beautiful multicultural communities od Canada. I am myself ver surprised to know this new thing that we muslim call jews as monkey or christian as pigs. you call Taliban as radical muslim but believe me there are also enough christ or jews taliban present in our communities who could never like different communities living peacfully. I invite you to go to muslim scholars and ask about whether these information in this article are true. you will be surprise to see how surprised they would be after reading this article. Please contribute towards making this world more peaceful and avoid those things if somebody in any religion is doing to provocte hatered. once again i am very surprised to see such a doubtful article in a respectable magazine like macleans.

    • Your argument is about as good as your writing. Why would they need to ask scholars about whether it is true when an investigation showed it to be such?

  11. i totally agree that my writing is not good enough but i disagree to rely only on investigations done by media specially those media groups who are owned by some radical religious groups and have conflicts of interests. Anybody with negative intentions and enough resources can go in any religious school and easily gather negative materials to do negative propaganda

    • Taquiya (deception) as a means to an end, is considered acceptable in Islam. I would rather judge people not on what they say but on what they do.

    • Watch TV channels in the Middle Easts and see with your own eyes what your Imams and clerics teach their adherents from the very young to adults:

  12. But but but… I was always told by my lefty betters that all muslims were peaceful and loved diversity and …. GROUP HUG!!!

    My worldview is collapsing in front of facts… must resist… must find rationalization…. quick…. this investigation was made by Zionists Neocon Haliburton Bush Cheney…. Aaaaaaah, I feel better now.

  13. Really? Come on, where is the common sense?