Geert Wilders goes global -

Geert Wilders goes global

An international message



Controversial Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders last week announced his intention to spread his “stop Islam, defend freedom” message across the West via international alliances in an effort to ban sharia law and immigration from Islamic countries. Wilders told reporters on July 15 the movement would initially launch in the U.S., Canada, Britain, France and Germany later this year. Though it is starting at a grassroots level, Wilders said he hopes the initiative will eventually influence legislators, or spawn its own lawmakers.

An advocate for gay and women’s rights, Wilders is best known for his criticism of Islam, and receives around-the-clock protection because of death threats. His anti-Islamic rhetoric landed him in hot water in 2008 when he was charged by a prosecutor in Jordan with blasphemy and contempt for Muslims for making Fitna, a film that claims the Quran is Fascist and inspires terrorism (the case is ongoing). He is calling his new organization the Geert Wilders International Freedom Alliance, and said he would hold speeches in the coming months in the five countries where the alliance is launching to drum up support.


Geert Wilders goes global

  1. While short, its nice to see a well balanced article written on this great man. So many news sources seem frantically determined to paint Mr. Wilders as some radical right-wing extremist as they hurry to pander to political islam. This is completely not the case, for as this article briefly mentions, he has been fighting for years as an advocate of gay and female rights, even before he started standing up against the totalitarian Ideology. Additionally, his stances on a variety of social and fiscal issues are more a mix of centrist and moderate (both right and left depending on the issue) values, if journalists would actually take the time to do thier research.

    Mr Wilders is a brave man standing up for free speech. Political correctness has gone overboard in today's society, and it should not be a crime to speak the truth. Unless you have witnessed firsthand the situation in many parts of Europe, and the problems that polical islam has brought, you have no right to criticize the efforts of this hardworking politician.

    I commend Macleans on a well balanced article (though I hope to see longer ones with less erie photos in the future) and urge all of you to help in any way you can once the International Freedom Alliance comes to Canada.

  2. Gay rights and Salafi-Wahhabi Islam are fundamentally incompatible. Pim Fortuyn knew this, as did Quentin Crisp and others. Yet 'wymyn's' groups cling to stupid xenophilia about a culture founded by a child molester (Aisha was NINE when Mohammed married her), that harbours such ambivalent feelings of lust and revulsion toward women, forcing them to cover up.

  3. It's so good to hear that Geert Wilders is globalising his initiative! Racism is the lowest form of humanity but Islamophobia is the height of common sense!

    • Wow… 30 minutes! I was wondering how long it would take before someone spouted that rediculous word.

      Rick, I do apologize if this comment was not intended sarcastically, and regardless, you are entitled to your opinion, but someone really needs to address the made up term "islamophobia".

      This is a complete misnomer for people like Geert wilders who publicly stand up and say enough is enough. First of all, "phobia" implies an intense and usually IRRATIONAL fear of something. By making his name and opinions public, Geert and other people like him demonstrate how courageous they by sticking to their convictions, despite constant threats of death for themselves and their families by muslim fanatics. Furthermore, addressing the "irrational" aspect of a "phobia"… have you ever read any reliable academic or journalistic articals about the treatment of non-muslims in islamic countries like Saudi Arabia? It is appalling, and gives us every right and reason to be afraid of a muslim majority population.

      Finally, I just dont understand how people can use the term "Islamophobe" as an insult to people. By expressing my right to free speech I face the threat of being charged with "hate speach" in some countries, and death threats by radical muslims who can publicly "demand" my head on a platter because their precious "feelings have been hurt", and yet I'M the one who is supposed to be ashamed???….. Sticks and stones friends, sticks and stones.

  4. If the Ku Klux Klan calls itself a religion, it will deserve exactly as much respect as Islam. By the way, Wilder's party (Party for Freedom = PVV) is now the most popular party in the Netherlands. (see the chart:

    • Thx for the chart. That's good news. Why is it so difficult to get info in this censored lieberal world?

    • Yes thanks.That`s very encouraging news.

  5. Baruch Spinoza, 350 years ago, single handedly promoted and succeeded in bringing about the separation of Church and state.
    His philosophy of freedom of speech, freedom of choice and being free from any religious dogmas is ingrained in the hearts of the people of my native country the Netherland. The Dutch showed the way and the western world followed. Geert Wilders is just the man to show the Muslims and others how to free themselves from evil thoughts. As far as Spinoza is concerned God= nature= Yaweh= Allah=…..

  6. Geert Wilders has said he will ban the publication of the Qur'an and ban the construction of mosques in Netherlands. Thus he is against both Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion.

    Wilders is the greatest threat to freedom in The Netherlands.

    • My friends, here is a list of arguments which YOU can (and should! :)) use in a dialog with muslims about Islam. Don't give up!

      Under this list you can find it a second time, but in German (unter dieser Liste finden Sie sie nochmal auf Deutsch)

      1. Muslims CANNOT doubt the Koran (2:1)
      2. Non-Muslim sex slaves are OK (Koran 4:23-24)
      3. Non-Muslims are sworn enemies of Muslims and Islam (Koran 4:101)
      4. Muslims are forbidden from having non-Muslims as friends (Koran 5:51)
      5. Muslims have the holy duty to kill non-Muslims (Koran 9:5)

      6. Only GUARANTEED way to enter “heaven” is to kill non-Muslims (Koran 9:111)
      7. Muslims MUST terrorize non-Muslims (Koran 8:12)
      8. Muslims can lie to non-Muslims to help Islam (Koran 3:28, 16:106)
      9. Non-Muslims pick one: 1. Die, 2. Convert, 3. Pay Extortion Money to Live (Koran 9:29).
      10. Non-Muslims are vile creatures deserving no mercy (Koran 98:6)

      • Why should We believe in all this Koran bla bla….We were not raised this way.
        We like this country the way it is and all of us Non Muslims wish to tell our politicians that we would like them to do something about this growing threat. What will it be next: that if we do not follow the Koran or Charia, we will be beheaded or stoned….
        Politicians, please stop this.

    • The Qur'an should be banned all over the world its a very evil book, even worst than the Satanic Bible, freedom to such a book is freedom to kill.

    • If anyone is a threat to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion anywhere in the world it is idiots like yourself. If your eyes and ears are not open to what has been taking place all around the world, then that leads me to believe you are not a very educated individual. But as the world outside of Islam knows, Muslems are not well educated people in most cases. You are an insult to the human race

  7. 11. Wife beating is OK (Koran 4:34)
    12. Marriage and divorce of children is OK (Koran 65:4)
    13. Rape is OK, need 4 male Muslim witnesses for proof (Koran 24:13)
    14. Robbery and theft of non-Muslims (Koran: Entire Chapter 8 called Booty)
    15. When Koran conflicts, later verses cancel out earlier verses (Koran 2:106)

    16. Mohammed at 51-years old married his child bride Aisha (6-years old).
    17. Mohammed didn't deflower her until he was 54 and she was 9.
    18. In one day, Mohammed help behead (Koran 47:4, 8:12) between 600-900 Qurayza Jews in Medina in 627 A.D.
    19. Only Mohammed had permission from Allah to marry as many wives as he wanted to (Koran 33:50).
    20. To prove rape in Islamic law or Sharia law, Muslim females need four male Muslim
    witnesses in good standing (Koran 24:13).

    • Nice one daniel.The truth hurts.

  8. 21. The Koran has 114 Chapters called Surahs and is not presented in chronological order,
    but chapter length order, from longest (Chapter 1) to shortest (Chapter 114).
    22. Many verses in the Koran conflict, so the concept of abrogation (Koran 2:106) applies. This means, later occurring verses make cancel out the earlier verses.
    23. The last chapter written in the Koran, Chapter 9, is extremely violent., nullifying ALL earlier peaceful passages.
    24. Robbery and Theft of non-Muslim property is OK (The entire Chapter 8 of the Koran
    is known as Booty or Spoils).
    25. Muslims that leave Islam (apostasy) MUST be killed. (Bukhari 4:52:260) Quoting
    Mohammed: “…if a Muslim discards his religion, kill him.”
    No mosque should be built in Denmark and Muslim immigration must be STOP in all countries or else within 20 years we will lose our democracies, liberties,and way of life to SHARIA Muslim law!
    Join IFA International Freedom Alliance

  9. Islam is not a religion of peace, not even muslims who say it is believe it is. Second of all, if Canadians aren't as stupid as I think they are they will let this man into our country.

    • Well Mikea, I'm Canadian and I must agree with you. People in this country are stupid, but there are a few of us, hopefully you are one (Canadian I mean) that will help to stand up for Geert coming to our Country. We need him desperately

  10. This Canadian will pay his way if need be.

  11. I'm a Canadian and I support what Greet Wilders is doing. He is a great hero who will be remembered by coming generations as a great saviour of freedom and liberty for all.

    Islam is the most despicable and dangerous ideology the world is facing today. Its not same as other religions like Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism etc. It must be internationally banned. Islam should be made illegal and anyone following or propagating Islam should be prosecuted under strictest laws. Those who have researched and understood this evil know how dangeous it is. I encourage everyone to understand this danger. Check out

  12. From a Canadian
    l will no longer stand quietly by and let Radical Islam put down roots in my Canada…
    l will resist their attempt to take away my free speech
    l look at Greece
    l look at Italy
    l look at Germany
    l look at France
    l look at England
    l think to myself why would l want this outdated farce in my Canada….
    why would l want Sharia Law in my Canada…
    why would l want no go zones in my Canada…
    why on earth would someone even consider this in this day and age
    Why should Canadian women cower in fear that Sharia Law might gain roots in Canada
    lm guessing that politicians have gotten so desperate for votes their now willing to sell out ordinary Canadians and their values for a few votes no mater where or how they get them
    lm all for responsible immigration….
    This push to fill my Canada with Radical muslims is not responsible immigration !!
    when they pull up to the Canadian Border in a taxi only to be directed by US Customs where to go and cross illegally into Canada l can only shake my head in disbelief
    Why should we take these folks in when they break the law to get into Canada trying to jump the queue that other folks have waited years to get in….
    L think a wise idea would to be to slow down on the Islamic immigration into Canada until we see how Greece,Italy,France and England work out.
    Gotta be honest here…dosnt seem to be working out to well over there folks…am hoping Canadians are smarter than l give them credit for at this point
    This is your future folks…choose wisely
    l will no longer stand by quietly on the sidelines and see my Canada given away for a few simple votes
    l will engage my family
    l will engage my friends
    l will engage my coworkers
    l will ask them to also engage thier own familys…thier own friends and thier coworkers as well
    l will not go quietly into that dark muslim night….

    A Canadian