The Memory Project - Glenn Price, In battle -

The Memory Project – Glenn Price, In battle

Bringing down the enemy

The Memory Project - Glenn Price, Stories of connections WWII

Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment's Pin (left), Glenn Price's Medals | Courtesy of The Memory Project

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In 1945, Glenn Price, from Middleville, Ont., joined the Canadian Army’s Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment in the Netherlands.

Our responsibility was to clear the Germans out of the Reichswald Forest. They were up in the trees with high-powered rifles. We went through with Jeeps and shot a flame-thrower up in the trees—they came down with their shirts on fire. It was pretty gruesome, but we took a lot of prisoners and had to disarm them. They had no ammunition?.?.?.?no gasoline. All the German officers had big Mercedes that they had stolen from wealthy Dutch people. So Canadian officers took those cars and ran them until the higher-ups said no more gas. I had one for three days [before] they took it away. They were only for officers.


The Memory Project – Glenn Price, In battle

  1. This is well done. We need to hear the stories and care about the veterans who gave so much. And so many are forgotten now! Concerning Afganistan, I am absolutely against our soldiers being over there any longer. I am a Conservative who is getting really angry with our government, for not keeping their word – to the Canadian people! They promised – the boys will come home in 2011. Come on Prime Minister Harper. Is your word no good at all?

  2. Thank You Glenn for doing what you did in the second world war, and Thank You to everyone who are Veterans for Canada , who still are giving their lives or putting their lives on the line for us.

    Thank You
    Glenn Price Innisfil, Ont.