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Go forth, and re-evangelize

Spreading the word: The Pope wants to tackle the ‘process of secularization’



Even as the Vatican deals with the fallout of the continuing sex abuse scandal, Pope Benedict XVI has announced that he is setting up a team to “re-evangelize” the West to counter the rising secularization of once-Catholic countries, including Canada.

The new department, to be called the Pontifical Council for New Evangelization, is aimed at rich, developed countries whose practising Catholic population has declined. The Pope hopes the new body will tackle the “process of secularization” that “has produced a serious crisis of the sense of the Christian faith and role of the Church.” Monsignor Rino Fisichella, the recently retired president of the Pontifical Academy for Life (the Vatican’s top bioethics position), is the president of the council.

The announcement came at a vespers service in late June, during which the Pope also confirmed new appointments to senior positions. The bureaucratic shakeup included the assignment of Quebec Cardinal Marc Ouellet as head of the Congregation for Bishops, which vets bishop nominations worldwide.


Go forth, and re-evangelize

  1. Bring it on.

    I can think of nothing that would push our culture in a more secular direction, then interference from the Catholic church.

  2. About time.

    It's a mixed assignment. On the one hand, the West is plagued by cultural Catholicism – many were baptized Catholic, attended Catholic schools, and therefore think that they were raised Catholic when in fact they don't know the most basic elements of their nominal Faith. Having only a superficial understanding of their Faith, these folks tend to think that it's a bunch of crazy myths glommed onto some platitudes about being *nice*, and dismiss it accordingly.

    But on the other hand, there is an increasing awareness that the wholesale abandonment of religious belief throughout the 20th century did not lead to much in the way of happiness, peace, or a better society. Combined with the overthrow of several notions in science which had seemed to be at odds with religion, this makes for a good arena in which Catholic teaching can be weighed on its own merits.

  3. Who is not shocked, saddened and disgusted by the sexual abuse of young children that is rampant in the catholic church.
    It seems that the Bavarian pope has done nothing to deal with this issue, and may have actually helped in the conspiracy of silence, denial and cover-up. He apparently sanctioned moving some of these "priests" to new parishes where abuse of children resumed. Did you hear the story of the 5 year old boy in Brazil……?
    Church attendance is now at about 20% of the population in North America, and less that 10% in Europe. What will happen now with the younger generation when everything is finally revealed, possibly in courts around the world?

  4. "Re-evangelize”???

    What we are witnessing is the problem that came with creating the myth of papal infallibility which made it impossible for the Popes(s) to accept any blame for how Europe become "un-evangelized" in the first place. Yet as events have unfolded and no matter how hard they have tried to spin blame onto secularisations, Jews, women, gays, imaginary communists, the sexual revolution, feminism and even of late the devil himself, it is nevertheless painfully clear that it is the Pope, along with his self serving band of Bishops and a majority of docile lapdog priests who are to blame for a loss of faith.

    The Roman Catholic Church is going down and what a feeble sight we are watching as the band of incompetent bishops rush around rearranging the deck chairs while the Pope retreats to his summer palace to play his piano.

  5. It's a little late for that. The only thing that might turn our society away from the secular is another one of those 'divine tribulations' that we, as a race, do to each other from time to time.

    When we realize we're not in control of much at all. That we are heading for the bridge abutment with a jammed accelerator, or when the oxygen machine just isn't doing it for us ant more, we're able to 'take the time' to focus on something other than our busy lives. Or maybe there's something else to do.

    Sadly, I think this Pope gets to watch it all happen.

  6. The Catholic and other mainstream churches can't win. If they try to liberalize, they lose followers to the fundamentalists. If they don't, they lose the next generation of Catholics.

  7. "…to counter the rising secularization of once-Catholic countries…"

    Hehe…where do I start ?

    OK,so now secularization is a disease ?
    I'm really glad that the Catholic Church has ironed out it's policies of abuse and slavery to the point where this blowhard figures he can call out those who define their ontology by what they know rather than what he tells them.

    "Once-catholic" ?
    Hmmm…..I know some guys who were Catholic boys in their youth who positively shout that from the treetops…

    -Gooey Stewey