History won’t be unkind to Trump—it will be cruel

Scott Gilmore: Even if Trump can outrun the law, he will still be remembered as the most ignorant and incompetent president ever

Donald Trump at Snap-On Tools in Kenosha, Wisconsin

U.S. President Donald Trump gestures as he speaks before signing an executive order to tighten the rules for technology companies seeking to bring highly skilled foreign workers to the U.S., Tuesday, April 18, 2017, at Snap-On Tools in Kenosha, Wis. (Kiichiro Sato/AP/CP)

Life is not fair, and if you are over a certain age, and if you are paying any attention, you have probably come to the conclusion that fate and karma do not exist. The good guys don’t always win. The meek did not inherit the earth. And while justice isn’t often bought outright, it can always be rented.

But, you cannot defy the laws of gravity. If you throw a stone up into the air, no matter how much money you have it will eventually come down. Even if you stare into the news camera and promise it is going to stay up there forever and even if 46.1 per cent of the electorate believe you, that stone is still going to fall.

I’ve been reminding myself of this more and more frequently as I watch President Donald Trump wreak havoc across government, the United States and the world. It is too late for this story to have a happy ending. The lesser man won. The damage being done to the international order, American democracy, to Washington’s stature in the world, will never be entirely undone. One of the world’s most notorious frauds, one of the most incorrigible liars in history, became the 45th president and it’s too late to change that.

But, that doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences. The president, his allies, and the people around him have all set in motion certain things that will lead to unavoidable repercussions.

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Consider the president’s election team, men like Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn and Jared Kushner. Meetings with Russian intelligence agents during the election, and more than a few shady business deals have guaranteed that their personal Javert, special counsel Robert Mueller will be issuing indictments. When the crimes are this significant, and when the posse on your trail is this large, you can’t outrun the law.

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Then there is the team in the White House. They’ve already begun to fall by the wayside with over a dozen fired or forced to resign so far. But that will not be their real punishment. Last week a man named Herbert Kalmback passed away at the age of 95. He had led a long and distinguished career as a lawyer. But every obituary focused on one thing, his short time in the Nixon White House and his (minor) role in Watergate. No matter what he did before, or what he did after, that was a stain that could not be washed off. It will be the same for Bannon, Scaramucci, Preibus, Spicer and Gorka. They will always be remembered for what they did or didn’t do during the few short months they spent in Trump’s orbit. You can’t out run the public memory.

The Republican Party will also have legacy issues ahead. Ironically, at a moment when the GOP has more governors, senators, congressmen and judges in power than at any time in the last 80 years, it is in utter disarray. They have not even been able to line up in an orderly fashion to pass a single piece of important legislation, even after 7 years of chanting “Repeal and Replace Obamacare”. But, this too is a case where the real consequences are further down the road. The party and its President have accelerated a decade long trend by further alienating women, Hispanics, immigrants, urban voters and youth. The impact of this will likely be felt for decades, as the GOP base of elderly white men literally dies off. Consider that the Washington Post is reporting over a 100,000 Puerto Ricans will relocate to Florida due to the aftermath of hurricane Maria. The Republicans won that state by only 120,000 votes. They can’t outrun demographics.

Then there is Donald Trump, the man at the center of everything. Over the last two years he has demonstrated an apparent ability to defy all the laws of politics. At every stage of his nomination race, of the election, and of his Presidency, he has broken seemingly inviolable norms, he has committed traditionally unforgivable crimes, all without apparent consequences. Accusations of sexual assault, lawsuits for fraud, tax evasion, self-dealing, nepotism, lewd recordings—all transgressions that have destroyed the careers of better men before him, and yet these have not even interrupted his stride. The laws of gravity apparently don’t apply.

But, even if he escapes impeachment, even if Robert Mueller does not unveil a list of crimes, even if all the congressional and Justice investigations announce there is no evidence of collusion or tax evasion or obstruction of justice, Trump will still be remembered as the most ineffective and incompetent President in a century, if not in all of American history.

After nine months in office, he has proven to all but his most loyal partisan followers that he is totally incapable of running the government, defending American interests, passing legislation or even to managing his own cabinet. At this point, there is nothing the President or his supporters can do to escape this verdict. When it is all over, his term will be described with words previously unassociated with any other modern president: ignorant, treasonous, confused, incompetent, petty, crass, ridiculous.

History won’t just be unkind to Trump, it will be cruel. That stone is going to fall.



History won’t be unkind to Trump—it will be cruel

  1. If you go back and read Scott’s previous prediction about Trump it was that it was a guaranteed sure bet that Trump would lose the election. Based on his predictive skills I predict Trump will be remembered as the greatest President of all time.

    • Well he must be saving that for later.

      At least Scott had the confidence to put his real name against that prediction.

    • Yep — the word IMPEACHMENT got dropped by the desperate press a couple of months ago.

    • The greatest President????


      Please… what hallucinogens are you taking? Let us all enjoy that trip!

      • Yes, the people’s president, bringing back the people’s choice, not the PC crowds choice, or the pundits and journalists choice, or the big wigs in Hollywood’s choice… Scott can’t stand that he didn’t get to pick who wins!

        • Nonsense. Just because a pathological liar claims to be “for the people” doesn’t make it so.

          Trump’s first major action was to appoint more billionaires and multimillionaires to his Cabinet than ever seen. His second major action was to try and pass healthcare “reform” that would strip tens of millions of Americans of their health insurance. His third major action is to try and pass tax “reform” that will reward multimillionaires and billionaires with an extra $750,000 each, on average, every year, while tossing literally just a few crumbs to the middle class — all while telling us he’s doing it “for the people.”

          “People’s President” my arse.

          • Oh yes, Snopes and Politico, the most biased ‘fact” checkers ever. They have been called out numerous times. But hey, you’ve got your talking points down.

          • “JackThom” isn’t even a real profile. He is nothing but a Russian TROLL operating out of a troll-factory in St. Petersburg Russia.

            Ignore him, and all his posts. He is working with Putin to overthrow the United States government. Trump is merely the tool by which they are accomplishing their agenda.

  2. It should make you think how history will reflect on a society whose women murder in abortion three quarters of a million helpless innocent US citizens every year.

    That’s a lot of murderers walking the streets and a lot of exceptional gifted people snuffed out before contributing.

    • Ohh we’ve moved on have we?

      Blame everything on women…..and worry about snuffing out geniuses!?

      Sorry, no. LOL

    • It’s rather unfortunate Trump’s mother wasn’t one of them…

      • LOL… best of the day Keithbram…

      • yes, she birthed a future president. Maybe a Democrat mother aborted a presidential candidate better than Hillary…. Hillary was so bad , even “evil, racist, misogynist, Nazi, Hitler, Islamophobic, homophobic (did I leave anything out?)” could beat her.

        • No it was simple sexism…..by the electoral college.

          The popular vote was for Hillary

          • So when Obama beat her, it was sexism too? No, it was she not only was a horrible candidate, it was the Dem policies that sunk her. Hillary is one of the most corrupt to ever run. If she won the popular vote, that didn’t make her president, but sure puts the nail in the coffin that Russians were helping Trump.

          • Obama didn’t run against Clinton. You’ve got the wrong election.

            Wrong information as well.

            Plain ole sexism I’m afraid

          • Obama got MORE VOTES than Clinton did in 2008, “JackThom”.

            It’s time for you little Russian whores to SHUT UP and let Americans

      • The best best part of DT ran down his mothers leg …..

  3. History will not have to be unkind or cruel towards DT, history will only have to have honest to reveal a narcissistic, incompetent, racist, failure. Please feel free to add to this beginning list of DT’s unfortunate qualities ….

    • My thoughts exactly. Not cruel to simply tell it like it is (was).

    • It’s not what your feelings are, it’s the accomplishments. Did history record the temperament of Washington, Wilson, etc. What will be remembered is the negative and fake news of the press, one sided slanted bias, revealed for all to see. That history is already being written. Thanks for playing though.

      • what accomplishments? So far -> “0”!

        • Beating Hillary was the best accomplishment yet! Besides everything else … that you won’t hear about in this rag. It’s all about personality, and what the authors feel, not what has been accomplished.

          • Its sad that the DT supporters continuously point to past politician’s possible problems or mistakes to deflect from DT’s run of failures and lack of legislative accomplishments.

          • And, don’t forget how they simply declare any inconvenient facts to be “fake news”.

            Expecting honesty or decency from a Trumpist Republiwhore is a waste of time. JackThom, sitting in his cubicle in St. Petersburg Russia, is on a MISSION to subvert the United States by spreading divisiveness and lies. The best thing to do is ignore him, and remember: If JackThom says it, you can bet your ass that the opposite is true.

  4. Here’s another thought – perhaps given Scott Gilmore’s unbroken record of failure to understand its actually Scott Gilmore who will be nothing more than a footnote to history.

  5. History has been full of crazy and brutal leaders.

    The last days of Rome had both.

  6. The article underestimates the populist boost of a conventional war against a nation-state. Trump will never be anyone’s president but he is commander-in-chief, and he certainly plans war wherever he can bring it. They’ll lap it up when he does.

    • Yep … right up to the moment their children are drafted…

  7. It matters very little how history will classify Trump. The damage done to the US as a whole, is irreversible.
    They lost the last bit of respect around the world. Who, in the right mind will want to deal with this country? Other than Israel and Saudi Arabia perhaps.
    Out of self interest for the time being. But that too, can change rapidly… China already “ownes” most of
    Africa’s resources, Russia is closing deals in the Arab world at an alarming pace… it won’t be long and the US $ is no longer the world currency. Europe is looking at the US strictly for entertainment (Not only from Hollywood but increasingly from Washington).

  8. OTOH, Scott Gilmore will be remembered by no one. He is another speck of yellow journalist sand on the slimy yellow journalism beach.

  9. Of course it will.

    We are a cruel and delusional society. Trump is the epitome.

    Our past behaviour predicts our future behaviour. Our present behaviour indicates our past. Our propaganda ensures that we will not learn from history.

    The greedy elite try to oppress the rest. History is full of Trumps.

    Any society is simply a machine. When it isn’t working well, sometimes it can be fixed, sometimes it needs to be replaced. First we need to recognize its purpose.

    Which leader recognizes this?

  10. “When the crimes are this significant, and when the posse on your trail is this large, you can’t outrun the law.”
    Sure you can. Just look at the Clinton’s.

    • The Clintons (no apostrophe) were INVESTIGATED FOR YEARS!

      Ken Starr spent TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS investigating all the accusations that you whorish serial-ninth-commandment-violators of the extreme-right have been spewing out at them since the early 1990s, and he found NO CRIMES. NONE WHATSOEVER! Which is why they only had the blowjob (and Bill’s lying about it) to use at the impeachment hearings.

      Of course, being the worthless anti-American pathological lying whores and scumbags that they are, the propagandist bitches like Windsortraveller just keep on repeating the disproven accusations. And it works!

      But decent people still recognize it for what it is.

  11. Ha ha. I think Obama will get that award.
    Cease fire in Syria still holding, ISIS on the run, out of TPP and Paris Accord… all good things. All those red tape and silly regulations to stifle business … Obama era highlights, Gone, Gone gone.
    Trump will be remembered for breaking up the cabal of the media, the PC crowd, and pundits and politicians hold on who gets elected. Trump is the people’s president, and I know the likes of Scott can’t stand it.
    All good, the more the likes of Scott squeal, I know I voted for the right candidate… Trump!

    • We get it, you are an ignorant trumpflake whose only argument logic is whataboutism. Now stop spamming the comment sections with your self loathing and insecurity.

      • Hey Jackie – Just in case those around you have failed to tell you: You’re a moron. Must be tough being a Democrat and a sniveling little man. Lol

      • I see, only you are allowed to spam… where’s your rebuttal? Opinion polls…. lol. Where there are 12% more Democrats polled. Sure we saw how that worked out.

    • If you think he is “great peoples President” then tell us how come his approval rating after nine months in the Office, doing: “great things; the best ever; fantastic; ETC”, his overall approval rating is at all time low at 32% and only 67% by his supporters, down from 92% in February 2017!!?
      Please explain this, instead of writing nonsense most of the time without any reliable supporting facts or you think this also a “fake news”-like yours?

  12. Brilliantly written, right on target.

    History will show that Trump with his kindergaren-sized persona presided over the beginning of the fall of the American Empire.

    • How can that be when GDP has gone up …. Those jobs Obama said would never come back, guess what, they are coming back. When the big corporations that fled overseas to safe havens in other countries, get the incentive, through lower taxes and rid of red tape and stifling regulations, those jobs will come back. Obama presided over the demise of the US, Trump will make America Great Again. Who cares about personality, it’s the economy … stupid!

      • Jack, if you believe the Foxcon jobs are going to make America great again, you are past the point where you could be helped.
        A simple search, with an open mind, will reveal that this company, had issues with breaking labour laws in… China!!! The US is attracting their Minnesota operation with tax “incentives” to the tune of tens of thousands per employee… Not much in the news about other manufacturing operations returning to the US.
        As for GDP current numbers you are reading too much into it. Sure net employment numbers go up, when you have multiple storms creating hundreds of billions in damage. Rebuilding is manpower intensive.
        The current administration seems to think that isolation is the way to prosperity. Proven to be wrong, numerous times around the world. Probably all “fake news”?
        I do agree with you that “it’s the economy… stupid”…

  13. Never underestimate the self loathing and hate brainwashing of the white goblins crawling the web coming to the defense of their master. Even worse, they do it for free.

    • They did it for 8 years for Obama.

  14. History is written by bolshevik academia revanchists. MAGA! Trump 2020

  15. Trump is a tranformational character. Barry lies about healthcare, gives Iranians 1 billion dollars in cash to continue their nuclear program and brought the economy to its knees. By any measure Barry’s a fascist. Clinton’s were traitors and rapists. The Democrats may but history will not be kind to a fascist or a team of rapists but they will be kind to the first real American since Reagan: DT! Bank on it.

  16. as long as liberals believe that they will be the writers of said history, then, of couse he’s right. But they won’t be. These leftist liars will die in shame and live in shame for all time.

  17. What a load. Kennedy’s old man wanted the US to enter the war on Germany’s side and Kennedy himself couldn’t keep his pants zipped to save his life. Is he remembered for that? Plus Trump is only wrecking “havoc across government, the United States and the world.” If you aren’t one of the deluded and sycophantic left that claimed Hillary had a 99.2% chance of winning the Election and you weren’t one of the 46.1% of American’s that voted him in – completely legally using their system. In other news, the Stock Market is at historic highs, employment is growing and for the first time in 35 years, a US President actually has China exerting pressure on North Korea, Iran is worried and Putin has stopped expanding his influence. Except for those still fighting the last election, they sky has not yet fallen. And as to being one of the “most incorrigible liars in history”, perhaps you should focus a bit closer to home and a guy by the name of Trudeau. Because if “justice” has anything to do with it, the damage he has done to Canada is going to far outlast the damage Trump is doing to the states. And that’s if it survives him.

  18. Our Bolshevik American media really think a majority of Americans think like they do. Simple question: “Who’s the President?”
    We’re tired of you telling us what we SHOULD think instead of just letting us live our lives, work our jobs, and raise our kids.
    We support ALL our Bill of Rights, admire our Founders, and love this great country. None of you, or your fellow NFL multi-millionaire, millennial snowflakes, apparently, do and, quite frankly, we’re just downright sick of it.
    So stop blowing it out your nose and just report the facts.

    • Just because the facts don’t fit your scenario doesn’t mean they aren’t facts. BTW – you do know you’re on a Canadian media site … right?

      • The author didn’t mention one thing that was policy, only what the author feels about Trump.
        Maybe Trump won’t get all he wants, what the people want actually, but he is working hard to.

  19. The major problem, is Trump as a human being; he represents the worst in a person.

    As Trump read his prepared speech after the Las Vegas mass shooting, I thought
    he was so out of character and lacked any sincerity.

    But, I do agree with most of Trump’s policies, except for his anti-climate change stance.

  20. And you, kind sir, are wrong, wrong, wrong and, again, wrong.
    Trump’s ALREADY managed three hurricanes, one mass shooting, all with care, dignity and “rapid response.”
    He’s a “businessman” who knows how to get things done.
    YOU predicted he wouldn’t win – guess what. Next time, it’ll be a landslide.

    • ‘He’s a “businessman” who knows how to get things done.” …. how many bankruptcies and lawsuits over sham businesses is your hero up to now? How many bills has he managed to ge through Congress & Senate?
      Trump is a narcissistic, thin-skinned cry-baby…

  21. Trump is already the best president ever. He is winning the fight against the Establishment including the media, something that would’ve been considered impossible just two years ago. He sees what is wrong with the swamp and has the courage to drain it. He represents the people. The Establishment don’t really hate Trump. They hate his voters. They have contempt even for those of the public that voted for Hillary. Trump has exposed them for what they are and their reign is over.

    • So far he’s doing a better job of filling the swamp than draining it..

  22. History will be kinder to our inarticulate president than the barely literate “journalists” who sully our internet. Obama, now there’s a guy with a compromised legacy. No aspect of American life improved under him. A likable but feckless party guy who had great Friday night soirees on the taxpayer dime but did little else than provide distraction to his adoring but dim-witted media devotees.

    • Speaking of the taxpayer’s dime … how much have you forked out for trump’s golf weekends so far this year?

  23. Is Trump the best or the worst? Frankly Scarlett, I don’t give a damn. I like arguments I can win.

    Would you like to know how to win every argument you choose to enter?

    Make both the purpose and the content of your argument, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Don’t argue if you can’t.

    While your points are irrefutable, your opponent can only agree or lie, which can be easily refuted with logic and science.

    Your opponent will see the writing on the wall and try distraction. Stay with the truth and you can not lose.

    The side benefit of winning any argument this way is furthering morality, ethics and justice.

    Cruel grade school favorites like, “I know you are but what am I” isn’t arguing. It may temporarily satisfy the latent schoolyard bully in you. There are always bigger bullies than you.

    Just saying.

    • LOL … robmisek touting logic & science ….

      • After what I just told you, do you have something you want to say?

  24. when I meet anyone, who pretends to have a clairvoyance, I immediately ask about the next lottery winning numbers, if a person doesn’t know what would happen in a week, how he/she could know, what would happen in a few years?
    I would advise to the editorial board to read “Expert political judgment” by Philip Tetlock and get rid of incompetent mr. Gilmore.
    mr Gilmore demonstrated not just lack of critical thinking, but also lack of proper education: he never heard of space exploration, because he have no clue about escape velocity – a minimal speed needed to “defy” a law of gravity and not to return to the Earth.

  25. Record gains on the Dow and the best employment numbers since 2001. You’re right, America is clearly going down the drain…

    • And GDP going up, employment up, and strangling red tape and regulations… going going gone.

    • Those numbers were all improving under Obama’s watch too – we are in a long bull run on the Dow and S&P. Don’t suppose that was enough to convince you Obama was doing a good job – so why does the argument work now, do you think?

  26. One thing for sure we are going to find out if trade deals and international partners are important. If you are Canadian then there is no way you should ever support Trump. He will never do anything for Canada. Which pretty much forces us to at least look at China as a trading partner. No matter how revolting the prospect seems.

  27. Is it just me or are we witness to a koolaid party on the left that has never been experienced. Gilmore must be a Canadian Liberal that has never travelled into the heart of America. His latest position of stature is social commentator. Jesus. I bet my barber has more political credentials. Trump is a phenom. He was hatched by Liberal social and MSMedia when they pretended to have the moral high ground. The Liberal fools are do not get that Trump is only the beginning.

  28. “Their victories have not been your victories.” Nope, I don’t think history is going to be cruel to Trump.

  29. I would love to believe you but the sheer hatred and ignorance of a substantial portion of the U.S. electorate says otherwise. There may not BE a literate human race left alive to record the verdict of history. :(