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Hitler comparisons are ‘not what monarchs do’: Putin

Vladimir Putin chides Prince Charles for Hitler remark


ST. PETERSBURG, Russia – Russian President Vladimir Putin says Prince Charles’s reported comparison of him to Adolf Hilter was unacceptable, wrong and beneath the Royal Family.

A Canadian museum volunteer told The Daily Mail that the heir to the British throne made the remark to her in a private conversation during his visit to Canada earlier this week.

Putin says making such a comment is “not what monarchs do” when he sat down for a question-and-answer session Saturday with international news agencies, including The Canadian Press.

“It reminds me of a good proverb: ‘You are angry. That means you are wrong,”‘ he said.

He told the head of a British news agency: “Give my words to Prince Charles. He has been to our country more than once. If he made such a comparison, it is unacceptable and I am sure he understands that as a man of manners.”

The prince’s comments were reportedly made to Marienne Ferguson, 78, after she told him how her Jewish family fled the Nazis in Poland as the Second World War began. She said the Prince of Wales compared the turmoil to Russia’s annexation of Crimea in March.

“Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler,” Ferguson quoted him as saying. The Russian president said he shakes off the disapproval of international figures. “I will be guided not by what they say about me anywhere,” he said. “I will only be guided by the interests of the Russian people.”

A spokeswoman for the prince declined to comment on Prince Charles’s alleged Hitler remark, nor on Putin’s criticism of the prince on Saturday.

Moscow, meantime, has demanded an official explanation from Great Britain about the comment.

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Hitler comparisons are ‘not what monarchs do’: Putin

  1. The USSR lost over 20M people fighting the Nazis.

    Charles needs a trip to the Royal Woodshed.

  2. Charles is one hundred percent correct, Putin is a psychopathic thug, self styled mafia thief.

    • You just string words together….even when you don’t know what they mean. Yawn.

    • I think you’re suffering from the “Bill O’Reilly Factor”, of foxnews.

    • Um she’s a member of the official opposition Billy Bob and a lesbian, so no, not a fan.

      • You’re a bigot.

        So you won’t be voting for Wynne and the Ontario Liberals then?

    • I think you’re suffering from the “Bill O’Reilly Factor”, of foxnews.

    • Lordy….Fox news and the Daily Mail as sources!

      No wonder you don’t know the Russian parliament and Putin voted against gays before the Olympics….hence her dislike.

      • Another swing and a miss by Emily.

  3. I find it absolutely wrong to compare Putin with Hitler. He is more like Stalin. Stalin killed over 60 Mil-THE REAL CRIMINAL!!!

    • Putin is Putin, and a good leader for Russia…whether Harp and Chuck like him or not.

      • Why don’t move there?

        And don’t let the door hit your fat ass on the way out.

        • I think we’ve had quite enough of you, BillyBob.

          When you haven’t an answer to something, you just attack me. Anyone can do that…but it doesn’t change anything.

  4. To the “Victor, goes the spoils…”, and in Chucky’s case, the embarrassing rhetoric against a country(Russia), that was, beyond anything else, almost solely resposible for destroying Hitler.
    27 Million Russians died, to save Jolly ‘ole England, from a plight that might have resembled France, during those days.
    Without Russia taking the full blunt of 80% of Germanies initial war machine, WW2 may have ended very differently, lest we all forgot, and therefore the Normandy Invasion would not have been possible.

    So, on that note, Prince Charles was absolutely ignorant. Even his Mother, the Queen, would not make such an insulting statement, out of respect for the Russian people.

    • Absolutely agree.

      Without Russia, we’d all be speaking German now….and we never give them any credit for that. Or anything else for that matter. But there is no need to insult them.