Holland’s anti-Islamic crusader

Winning votes with a message of religious intolerance

Holland’s anti-Islamic crusader

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There was never any doubt that Geert Wilders could talk the talk; this most disagreeable Dutchman, head of Holland’s far-right, anti-immigrant Freedom Party (PVV), is famous for mouthing off—mostly against Muslims. (He is famous for equating the Quran to Hitler’s Mein Kampf and for claiming that “Islam is the cause of all our problems.”) The question has always been: could he walk the walk? Well, he’s walking. And there’s new concern that he could walk his way to the prime minister’s office.

During the Netherlands’ local elections last week, the PVV made major gains—carrying the city of Almere and placing second in The Hague. In no time, critics and supporters alike were painting those local victories as a sign of what is to come when the country holds national elections in June. Said Wilders, in a victory speech on Wednesday: “Today Almere and The Hague, tomorrow the Netherlands. We are going to take the Netherlands back from the leftist elite that coddles criminals and supports Islamization.”

His plan to “conquer the entire country” is ambitious—but Wilders’s pledges to “ban the Quran,” unleash “urban commandos” on city streets, and uphold “Judeo-Christian values” are selling well in a country torn apart over immigration policy. A new poll projects that, in June, the PVV will nab more seats than any other party.

Marc Chavannes, a Dutch journalist and professor, laments that his country “is certainly not showing its best face.” Elsewhere, the broader repercussions of a win for Wilders are being sized up. Some express their concerns obliquely: a column in the U.K.’s Telegraph wondered if “Geert Wilders [is] the new William of Orange,” the 17th-century Dutch prince who took the British crown—sweeping in, at the invitation of Protestants, to prevent a Catholic dynasty from ruling the land. Others feel no need to mute their disquiet: shortly after Wilders’s municipal victories were announced, Germany’s Die Tageszeitung newspaper featured a front page photo of Geert Wilders smiling broadly—with a taped-on Hitler moustache.


Holland’s anti-Islamic crusader

  1. I'll agree that the Netherlands "is certainly not showing its best face” — in prosecuting a man for choosing to exercise the most fundamental human right: freedom of speech. As for your subhead: "Winning votes with a message of religious intolerance," the REAL "religious intolerance" comes from those who immigrate to another country, refuse to integrate into their host society, and instead, try to force the host culture to change to suit them. That is the ultimate in arrogance. If I was an immigrant, welcomed by a country I freely chose to inhabit, I would expect to adapt and integrate — not force my ideological nonsense down the throats of my hosts. As for all the name calling, etc — eg. the German newspaper featuring Wilders with a Hitler moustache — it's apparent to me who the REAL fascists are.

    The best thing that could happen to the Netherlands, and all of Europe for that matter, would be if Geert Wilders becomes their next PM.

  2. With all the literature out there showing what Islam really is, I don't understand what the "west" is being so obtuse about. If the muslims get their way, that is, Sharia, we "infidels" will have three choices, submit, convert, or die. On the other hand, if they don't get their way, they still give us the same three choices.
    My parents immigrated to Canada to seek a better life. They arrived here, obeyed the laws, integrated, and contributed. Multiculturalism basis it's model on their (and millions of others) example. What Geert and his followers (in Holland and elsewhere) expect is for the muslims to follow that example.

  3. i am going to be moving to the netherlands in about a month and while it is unfortunately likely to signal a significant reduction in my participation here, i look forward to be there for much of the campaign and the election itself. it will be interesting to be in another country for a national election as a point of comparison. it can't be any worse then our recent run up to, and forays at, the polls can it?

    ps is QEII okay with Geert borrowing her hair? how long is the loan for?

  4. I wish Geert Wilders was our Prime Minister(of Canada)!!! Some one who is not afraid to tackle sensitive issues for the silent MAJORITY!!

  5. Thankfully some politicians have the guts to stand up to the invasive EVIL Virus called Islam. Too bad Canadian politicians are TOO afraid to be truthful.

  6. So Katie you know all about Wilders do you? Aside from repeating the lie about the Koran and Mein Kampf. Mein Kampf is banned in Holland because of its language against Jews and other groups and Wilders had the temerity to point out the Koran and Hadiths of Islam are equally as bad and asked why they weren't. In fact his position is no speech or writing should be banned. Would you like to make yourself look even more ignorant by denying this? Muslims represent a huge growing immigrant community who are demanding more and more submission of Holland to Islamic law. They have killed film makers and tried to kill others who have "insulted" Islam. You might look at what an ex Muslim woman, Hirsi Ali has said about Islam and how she was railroaded out of Holland because she criticized Islam. They do not integrate in Holland nor do they in Canada.

  7. Wilders is dropping in the polls
    PVDA (Labour) has a new leader, Job Cohen, former Amsterdam mayor.
    Latest has Cohen moving ahead of CDA and PVV.
    This will could be historic. Hollands first Jewish PM.


    Its all early, lots of campaigning left.
    Cohen is popular though, and will be tough to beat.

  8. Wilders success can be attributed to the main stream parties completely ignoring the adverse impact of immigration. As long as they remain too timid to take on the issue Wilders' strength will grow. The is happening and will happen in other countries, including Canada.

  9. " this most disagreeable Dutchman" Trying to establish your leftist creds? Maybe when your daughters are being whipped in the legs by Islamic religious police for wearing skirts you'll reconsider your broad and generous liberalism.

  10. you know, so often I am feeling overwhelmed these days by events from around the globe like the violence of Islam and their
    war against all of us that are not of Islam. I live in Canada, a country not known for having a tenacious back bone, a Country that seems to go out of it's way to accommodate the desires of immigrants no matter how many rights of existing citizens get stomped on. I just want to thank all of you in this blogg for your comments, now I know that I am not alone.

  11. Sharia law! To think that the subject was actually seriously discussed for implementation in Ontario. I was actually a bit surprised it was rejected and some of the loudest opponents against accepting Sharia Law were Muslims, if truth be told.

    However it is my opinion that the majority of Muslims would not oppose it, at least the majority of men. First Sharia Law, then Honour Killings.

    • Sadly, honour killings are already happening. I guess you mean they will become perfectly acceptable and legal in our wonderful "multicultual mosaic." Sad, really.

      • Wayne, the only honour killing that I've heard off in Canada regarding Muslims, is the one in Ontario, the TO region I believe where the guy arranged the drowning of his two daughters and an ex-wife by vehicle in a canal. I am so curious how his trial will go and what kind of sentence he will get. He should get convicted for 1st degree murder and get the usual sentence for such a conviction, which is 25 years before parole. I'll bet he get a lesser conviction and get sentenced to 10 years before parole..

        • There have actually been several others, I heard of one where the family went to India, the daughter met someone the rest thought unsuitable, and both she and he were killed. There was another in the Prince George area where the father killed his daughter because she was seeing a white class mate. I'm sure there have been more, and everyone needs to ensure there are no more.

          'Bye for now

  12. Katie, you miss the point.
    Perhaps you ought read Mark Kingwell's essay on civility. And then read what the imams are saying.
    Nothing like using double standards, eh?

  13. So Katie Engelhart thinks that Geert Wilders is a "most disagreeable Dutchman" and he is "intolerant" . Maybe he would be more agreeable if he lied down and let the Islamic community take over Holland and then impose Shariah law? Does Ms. Engelhart realize what this would mean for Dutch women? Does she know anything about how non-Muslims are severely oppressed in every single Muslim-majority nation, even those that proclaim themselves secular like Turkey or Egypt? And Geert Wilders is intolerant for not wishing this hell upon his country??? Macleans should hire more journalists and fewer politically correct hacks.

  14. Dear Editor,
    Please look up the word "dhimmi" for Ms. Englehard and explain it to her and little words. She will need to know it when she wins the "dhimmi of the year" award.

  15. Dear readers,
    I have experienced the Islamic ways when I myself was living in the middle east for a short period of my life.
    All I have to say is that I'm appalled by the way the "west" deals with the "east". People in the western world must realize that their tolerance towards the Islam is being read into as weakness. In the middle east people know only one way to interpret any kind of weakness, and it is to exploit it and destroy the weak.
    I myself recently moved to Canada because Europe is on the verge of becoming another Muslim state, and people have already forgotten the history of Muslim occupation of Europe. Back then it took hundreds of years to clean Europe from Muslims and it cost many lives.
    It seems that radicals will always prevail at the expense of the moderate. Absurd but it's happening again.
    If any country (that's includes Canada) wants to keep it's identity, it has to enforce immigrants to accept local ways.
    Let's not forget that there is a reason why people have moved from their own country in the first place. They moved because they have realized that their country (cultural) way wasn't working. So how come they want to create the same old order in a successful country???
    But I guess their lack of intelligence and basic human understanding prevents them from event pondering on the matter.

  16. I do agree with the dutch politician, about the seeds of violence in Islam but it would be better if you questions the flaws of Islam in the name of enlightenment and basic human decency . If you question Islam in the name Christian values, that is not fair. What are Christian Values by the way? protecting and glorifying the sodomizing priests? I think Islam is full of flaws and has inherent violence in it, but it seems like some people are giving too much power to Muslims by being overly scared and hateful of them , is it really possible that there could be sharia law in Europe? those who are really afraid of it must be overly timid and need psychiatric help. at least you allow the Muslim fundamentalists to feel good about the fear they have generated in the minds of white Christians of greater or better values.who do not really believe that better values prevail or probably they know deep down that there values are not any better. I think one must feel sorry for those fanatics who have made their own lives miserable more than they can make the lives of others miserable. fearing their own angry and vengeful God .and doing stupid things to please him. Some people find good reason to express their racial hatred , as if they would hate the immigrants less if they were trying to imitate them all the time . Immigrants from Phillipine and Mexico get just a little more respect in Canada and US than muslims although they are not even Muslims.

  17. Gives me the chills. I cant believe people can agree with this man.
    " Muslims are the cause of all our problems" sounds a lot like Hitler saying " the jews are the cause of all our problems"

    Thats messed up, im sorry. I agree that we shouldnt bend over backwards for Islam, but the Netherlands is about 5% muslim. Most of them are Turkish, which is by far the most secular, liberal group of muslims.

    Im SURE 5% of the population is FAR from what is causing all your problems.

  18. Herbie:
    –I believe those two examples you gave were non-Muslims, they were Sikh or Hindu. Their fundamentalists are capable of 'honour' killings 'as well.

  19. Macleans certainly has sunk to the gutter since the whole Human Rights debacle. Looks like they were cowed. Now they are running smears for the Soros crowd.

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