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Holland’s anti-Islamic firebrand

He wants to ban the Quran. He’s also leading in the polls.


Geert Wilders is famous for his punchy one-liners. Here’s one: “I don’t believe there is a moderate Islam.” And another: “The more Islam that we get, the less freedom that we get.” Wilders, for all his rhetorical failings, is always to the point—like when he categorically proclaims: “I want to ban the Quran.”

It’s not hard to imagine one of these brash catchphrases serving as a slogan for his possible run at the Dutch prime minister’s office in 2011. Today, Geert Wilders stands at the helm of the Netherlands’ fastest growing political force: the Party for Freedom (PVV), founded by Wilders after his 2004 split with the People’s Party. Wilders, Holland’s most notorious right-wing political rock star, has already managed to win a broad base of support, picking up 17 per cent of the Dutch vote in this year’s European elections.

But the PVV has come to resemble, for many, less of a political unit than a vehicle for Europe’s most brazen and unapologetic crusade against Islam—or, as Wilders is known to say, “that sick ideology of Allah and Muhammad.” That is at the heart of the PVV’s stance on nearly every issue. “Islam,” he insists, “is an ideology, not a religion. And it’s a very dangerous, violent and fascist ideology.” Indeed, Wilders has mobilized the right wing around a shared fear: “the Islamic invasion of Holland.”

Wilders wants to ban Islam’s primary religious text, the Quran, on the basis that it is no different from Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler’s 1925 articulation of Nazi ideology. He also backs moves to prohibit the headscarf and burka—a policy that is endorsed by the country’s integration and immigration minister. Recently, Wilders has played on economic woes, urging the government to calculate “the cost of multiculturalism.” It’s an approach that has ostensibly met success; polls indicate that were a national vote to be held today, Wilders’s party would walk away with more votes than any other.

Wilders’s rise, some say, can be traced back to the day five years ago when a Dutch-Moroccan Muslim shot and then nearly decapitated Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, allegedly for insulting Islam. The killing spurred a series of mosque burnings, and pitted Dutch nationalists against a growing body of immigrants. As the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel has written, “Nov. 2, 2004 was the Netherlands’ Sept. 11, and after that day many politicians declared that the country was now at war.” Wilders’s war has included his 17-minute film Fitna, which means “diagreement and division among people” in Arabic. It juxtaposes images of Sept. 11 and the 2005 London transit bombings with verses from the Quran, such as: “Prepare for them whatever force and cavalry ye are able of gathering, to strike terror, to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies, of Allah and your enemies.” (Last February, he was denied entry to London to show the film, although that stance was later reversed.)

Wilders’s rise, says Simon Usherwood, a professor at the University of Surrey, is explained in part by “economic downturn, [which] produces swings toward more reactionary politics.” But another factor is his undeniable charisma. Wilders’s nickname, “Mozart,” is a tribute to his striking hair: longish, cut bluntly, and bleached platinum blond—an attempt, say the rumours, to hide his allegedly Jewish ancestry. But the crux of his support stems from a pressing anxiety about immigration. There are now around one million Muslims—many from Morocco and Turkey—in the Netherlands. But while they only make up around six per cent of the population, there are Muslim strongholds, like Rotterdam, where, Usherwood says, you find white citizens worried that a “national minority will become a local majority.” Tensions are ripe, he claims, because the government has stuck to a policy of “benign neglect”: “simply stick[ing] your fingers in your ears and go[ing] ‘bla bla bla, I can’t hear you.’ ” This has allowed Wilders, with his own crude solution, to sweep in.

Ian Buruma, author of Murder in Amsterdam: The Death of Theo Van Gogh and the Limits of Tolerance, points his finger at a more global phenomenon: “It is a sign of a broader shift that is happening in Europe, or even the United States with Sarah Palin, in that there is a strong populist mood.” Wilders has managed to take advantage of an “anti-elite” sentiment, says Buruma, in part by manipulating criticism voiced against him. “Part of exploiting the fears of being victimized by elites is his own position: ‘look at me, the elites are out to get me.’ It helps cement that image of the beleaguered voice of the little man being stifled by the elite.”

For Wilders, the Netherlands—which Usherwood stresses is still “liberal and permissive”—is filled with hidden Islamic threats. But how much longer this Dutch Mozart, who is under heavy police protection, will be able to run his mouth is a topic for debate. A national court has charged Wilders with hate speech, and the trial will begin in January. But Buruma thinks a courtroom show will only fuel Wilders’s following, especially if tensions around immigration are not definitively addressed. “When people get fearful,” he warns,” they are capable of following demagogues anywhere.”


Holland’s anti-Islamic firebrand

  1. Each time Ian Buruma relates Sarah Palin to Europe I feel somehow 'bothered'.

    This is not the same party – Wilders is actually an experienced politician – who simply has the courage to say what everyone else is thinking – in Europe it is not just Wilders whose views are being stifled – it is almost everyone's!

    We have a right to be fearful – we should talk more about the Dutch and other Leftist EU governments who have been giving serious consideration to the introduction of Islamic law – to help Muslim integrate. In Holland even secular Muslims fear the Dutch gov. direction – with regards to Islamic law. Sharia law restricts rights – for most of us in the free world that is not negotiable!!

  2. How about the saying "when in Rome, do as the Romans?" We have permitted a number of immigrants to adopt their archaic rules and laws in our wonderful country. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Goodbye Sharia law. If you agre with this law, get the hell out of Canada!! Burka, not acceptable. In this country, you hide your face if you are robbing a bank or partaking in an illegal native protest. This great country is being ruined by the left trying to apease everyone. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

  3. I wish Canada had a politician like him.

  4. Geert Wilders is right on the money with what he says. As a woman I fully support him because we stand to lose the most in a world increasingly be overrun with the evil and dangerous ideology that is Islam. People need to quit the political correctness crap and wake up. Do you think that murderous Muslim terrorists care about it? No! Only when it's used to try and stop people like Mr. Wilders from sounding the alarm and waking up the sleeping masses. Mr. Wilders is the modern-day Paul Revere telling us that the Muslims are coming and we need to stand up and protect ourselves, our cultures, our religions, our laws, our governments, and our people! Now all we need to do is listen!!! Go Geert, Go!

    • Didn't Mary wear a hijab?
      Your ignorance reflects that of your people, Italians huh? hahahaha
      Cowards in war. Worshippers of money. Losers of an oppressive empire, at whose hands?
      Ours. Salut. lol

  5. Look at all the hate-filled Canadian (purported) ReichWinger xenophobes!

    ☛ you're a humiliation on Canadian culture & ethics.

    ☛ you should be ashamed of yourselves!

    I was taught to believe in a Canada & personal ethic that embraces everyone: if you treat people like garbage, you're most certainly not creating a society in which you want to live. If you want a sustainable society, treat people with kindness & respect.

    You gain *nothing* by acting like some White Supremacist cretins… unless, that's your highest aspiration.

    My Canada has nothing to do with that disgusting behaviour or ugliness.

    Spread Love… or you'll never see it.

    • not all muslims are necassarily wanting to kill you; what , you actually think that? isn't that prejudice? you can't quickly assume that. This is also a religion, so why disrespect it like that? i find that offensive! OH MY GOD, I THINK I WANT TO KILL YOU.

    • dont you all believe in God? what is this?

    • muslim extremists count on people like you to scold people like me because i have a justified and rational fear certain people who want me dead because to them i am less than human. do you remember september 11? are you not aware of the significance of that day? were you feeling the love watching t.v that morning? why should i sit back and listen to anti-western, anti-christian, anti-anything-but-islam muslims cheering that day, and every terrorist attack since then, and not be angry about it? it's ironic that the bleeding- heart- liberal- hippie- make-love-not-war-feminist-gay-rights-don't-step-on-anybody's-toes-mush-for-brains are the ones defending radical islam when they are the ones that terrorist hate the most.

    • Cut off all the "HEADS"…now…the BODY…is more perceptive to alternative indoctrination…without RELIGEON….Only Law and Democracy !!!

  6. When the moslem hordes take over you will be the first one they line up against the wall. wake up

  7. It's nice that the Canadian media shelters us canucks form some of the terrifying stories which are quickly unfolding:

    Iran 'planning 10 new uranium enrichment sites' Sunday, November 29, 2009
    •Ahmadinejad has said international sanctions against his country will not work. BBC Tuesday, 1 December 200
    ◦Mr Ahmadinejad also said that Russia had "made a mistake" in voting last week to condemn Tehran for building a second enrichment plant.
    ◦Nations warn Iran on nuclear sites plan 30 November 2009
    ◦Germany warned Iran to expect further sanctions if it went ahead.
    ◦Why has the Security Council ordered Iran to stop enrichment?
    ◦Because the technology used to enrich uranium for use as fuel for nuclear power can also be used to enrich the uranium to the higher level needed to produce a nuclear explosion.

  8. a good place to start looking for that small percentage is the mosques,

    i agree——-you go first

  9. People crow about "freedom of religion". Well here's what many of us want – freedom FROM religion. Western civilizations have spent centuries fighting religious dogma only to find a new form of superstitious nonsense crawling across the continents – Islam. Time for governments to limit the influence of this regressive culture. The Dutch and other Western countries need to secularize every aspect of their societies to halt the spread of this and other poisons.

  10. The Quran can not, of course, be banned. Not unless Christians and Jews also want to open the door to the banning of their Holy Books by those who would also take offence by them. The freedoms of religion, expression, assembly, etc., that are the hallmarks of free societies all allow people to peaceably worship and gather as they wish.
    The anger at the heart of this issue is really about accommodation. Established societies are quickly growing weary of being forced to sacrifice their norms and traditions to accommodate the sensitivities of newcomers.
    So long as the self-loathing, politically-correct leftists continue to insist that we accommodate – rather than integrate – those who come to our country, we can expect domestic anger and resentment against newcomers to simmer. That is a very natural and legitimate response by the population to the erosion of the national framework that made their country such an attractive destination to these newcomers in the first place.
    The mystery to me has always been why people fleeing these medieval dustbowls of the Middle East then seek to turn Canada into a carbon copy of the gulag they just escaped.

    • Kill People Who Don't Listen to Priests
      Anyone arrogant enough to reject the verdict of the judge or of the priest who represents the LORD your God must be put to death. Such evil must be purged from Israel. (Deuteronomy 17:12 NLT)
      If a man commits adultery with another man's wife, both the man and the woman must be put to death. (Leviticus 20:10 NLT)
      A priest's daughter who loses her honor by committing fornication and thereby dishonors her father also, shall be burned to death. (Leviticus 21:9 NAB)
      Kill Nonbelievers
      They entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and soul; and everyone who would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, was to be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman. (2 Chronicles 15:12-13
      Kill Sons of Sinners
      Make ready to slaughter his sons for the guilt of their fathers; Lest they rise and posses the earth, and fill the breadth of the world with tyrants. (Isaiah 14:21

      Remember these verses everytime a Christian comes to you to talk about love and Jesus Christ

  11. MacLean's is ginning up the hate again.

  12. Do you need an adult diaper for you sudden loss of bladder control?

  13. hones to God, what world are u living in, they are wolves in sheeps clothing, you own to ur self and your kids to know the truth, these people want to KILL you, because u do not belive in mohamad, wake the hell up and open your eyes. know what you are dealing with.

    • Why don’t you wake up and realize that their god is the same as “God”.  Because he’s called by something else, which is Allah, by the way, doesn’t mean anything.  And the people that they want to kill are the ones who are completely ignorant to every aspect of their religion.  Islam, like every other religion has their extremists, and it’s people like you who blow it out of proportion and seem like all people of that religion are out to get you.

      Ceeger, whoever you are, I would suggest that you “wake the hell up” and start understanding who you’re talking about.

  14. thank God, i'm not the only one thinking this way, ok in islam thoes extremists that peole talk about and make them look like the bad ones, they the the true follwes of islam. they are all the same.

  15. CANADA growe some balls and speak the truth. Wilders is the man

  16. It Is high time that the people of all countries wake up to the fact that Islam is out to replace western society. Mind you most Muslims are reasonable , but is the small percentage of extremists who control the agenda, and a good place to start looking for that small percentage is the mosques, were the imams are preaching the doctrine of Muslim supremacy and the need to overthrow western society.

    • Where do think "the doctrine of Muslim supremacy" cames from if not the only 2 texts that define Islam: The Qur'an and the Hadiths?

  17. Furthermore it seems cruel to state the facts, but better to be forewarned than to experience a calamity.Geert Wilders is right on with his policies, non-political correct as they may appear.

  18. Katie Engelhart’s use of phrases such as, “his crude solution” and, “run his mouth” is indicitave of her displeasure with Wilders.

    But, guess what, Katie – he’s right about everything he says.

    Have you read the Qur’an, Katie? I have, and it’s a hate-filled anti-infidel rant from start to finish.

    Why else would so many Muslims support this endless jihad unless they’re convinced their god demands it of them? Do you have an answer to that?

    • I think young Katie may be quite naive. Perhaps she is an Islamic apologist since on her facebook page she admires a Muslim journalist. I highly doubt she has every aquainted herself with the Qur'an. Apparently, according to this book I am in the category of pig and monkey.

  19. Muslims are brainwashed that they cannot "dump the CRAP" or mercenaries will be sent out to murder them. Even the most educated will NOT integrate because of the fear that is beaten into them from childhood. Islam does not recognize the right of any other religion to exist. Islam is an insidious evil virus that spreads by force, like some invasive foreign plant or animal that is unknowingly introduced and then takes over and destroys all native species—almost impossible to eradicate. The fundamentalist imams trained in wahabbi Saudi Arabia are being sent into all countries to make sure that all adhere strictly to Islam and force the infidels to make way by exploiting western human rights and religious freedom laws. Thank goodness for Wilders ! !

    • As an American citizen I find this article horrifyingly incorrect. The assumptions made by several of the above commenters are based on the few fundamentalist Muslim extremists who have made it into main stream media. Don't always believe what you read or see on TV. I don't know about most Canadians but agreeing with a pretty blond politician is a halfassed decision.

  20. Infidels will not know what hit them once the insidious virus Islam takes over their countries. Being SO human rights and religious freedom conscious IS blinding the west to the real agenda of Islam. Islam [Allah] forbids the existance of any other religion, so, infidels, get ready to be annihilated. Muslims breed like rabbits and unless immigration is controlled, they will over-run the west and the infidels will be enslaved to that EVIL insidious Islam. Thank goodness for Wilders. Wake up politicians, YOU will NOT be spared. !

  21. 1. Birth rate will determine the future of europe. So start having more western kids.
    When the majority become the minority, then the majority can call referendum to change the Country constitution, so Birth rate is very important.

  22. Islam-bashing in the name of freedom mistakes liberty for the libertine. Adherents of Islam (like members of most religions) limit their behavior in a number of ways. And yes, Muslims get angry when people defame their most important figure – but the vast 99.999999% of Muslims expressed their anger peacably (one killed Van Gogh and should pay for his crimes). However, so long as they don't infringe on the liberties of others, there really isn't a problem. Don't like Islam? Don't join the damn religion. A religion can only "oppress" its own members, and even then, because it is a voluntary association, it can only "oppress" people insofar as they want that oppression.

    I find it ironic that the same people who blame religion for centuries of intolerance, war and destruction (a flimsy argument at best), believe that the solution is to elect intolerant hatemongers like Wilders. Heck, even if you want to integrate Muslims, the carrot works a lot better than the stick. It is no coincidence that France and the Netherlands are both the least respectful of the traditions of immigrants, and have among the least integrated populations. Canada and the United States have fared far better. We realize that 3 generations down the line the temptations of sex, drinking and rock & roll are far more likely to succeed at integration than Geert Wilders.

    • Aye. Having a more open economic system is what I had attributed this to. France's restrictive firing laws are in effect restrictive hiring laws that make employers unable to take a chance on someone with less education and experience – particularly the young and immigrants. But I have to think that what you say has a lot to it. Banning the Koran and these shunted descriptions of Islam as a 'virus' are disgusting ideas that don't begin to have currency in Canada or the US. Maybe our long practice of being countries of Folk Fests make the difference. I don't know. I had thought that it was a more "aggressive" sense of national identity that in particular has made America a place that respects Muslims and which Muslims respect. Hmm, or maybe the kind of comments I'm reading here are a symptom of the weakness of those nationalisms and their inability to confront and embrace differences.

      • muslims respect america? i say again, are you kidding? sept 11? anyone? have you all forgotten so quickly? in the muslim world, america is known as the great satan. that's not a pet name.

    • i get the impression from reading your comment that you are someone who picks up the odd magazine article written by some liberal apologist of terrorism, but that you have no inkling of what is really going on in the world today. "one killed van gogh and should pay for his crimes"? do you understand your own words? a man was murdered for making a movie critical of islam. does that not strike you as incredibly frightning? when the danish cartoons were published, 100 people died in the ensuing riots. PEOPLE DIED OVER CARTOONS! the worst part of that one was that the published cartoons are not even the ones that got people killed. several imams who thought the uproar was not sufficiant drew a few more, depicting the prophet, among other things, copulating with a dog. they then showed these with the actual cartoons to whip up more fury.

    • what about salman rushdie? he's still under a death sentence for his satanic verses. death for writing a book. seems reasonable. islam has no regard for the liberties of others. it's a foreign value to them. look around canada right now. islam is getting a good start oppressing non-muslims as we speak. google ezra levant, syed soharwardy, mohammed elmasry, khuram awan, human rights tribunal. read some of their rulings, and get ready to watch what you say in public

  23. Many things here.

    First, as has been said before, banning the Quran doesn't make any sense. If we are to ban this book, we should do the same with a broad swath of other writings, among which the Bible (it does contain pretty violent passages advocating massacre of civilians, for instance in Exodus or in the Psalms). And by the way, I guess most of the commentators here who speak in favor of this banning are the same who vigourously defend freedom of speech when prompted by Mark Steyn. This said, I am NOT a defender of section 13, so don't jump on this argument. I only mean that if you really want freedom of speech, censorship is not an option. It should be obvious anyways.

    Second, if identity matters as for integration, employment is the thing most immigrants long after. They care about getting a job much more than they do about keeping their old identity. That's why they came here in the beginning.

    I do recognize that heinous speech from the part of muslim preachers should not be accepted more than from other public communicators. However, it is a huge misrepresentation to believe that all muslims hold radical views and it eschews the fact that many "real" Canadians are not moderates and are not very attuned to what happens in the world.

    • You clearly do not understand the Bible. There are definitely some harsh areas of the Old Testament. It stands alone as an incredible document of both historical and prophetic accounts. However, the New Testamant presented a The New Covenant with the coming of Jesus Christ which did away with the rules and regulations of the Old Testament such as strict dietary and hygenic requirements. I'm won't get into the specifics with someone who clearly is not a Christian (if you were you would not have written such a thing), but I simply wanted to point out your comments which display a glaring and ignorant understanding of the Bible.

  24. Religion was once defined as a belief of a spiritual nature. Unfortunately in the hands of humans it is twisted and mutated into a force that condemns , spreads fear and spews hatred.
    Eradicate all religions and just imagine for a moment the peace that could exist.

  25. The Netherlands is a welfare state in which each faction of whatever religion can count on a fair share of public money. This came about historically and has been in effect for a long, long time. Religiously inspired and run education, radio stations, newspapers, unions, political parties etc, etc, can all count on a lot of public money. No problem until recent as all contributed to this money proportionally. Unfortunately most of the new arrivals in the Netherlands are until now not contributing to this scheme according to proportion, meaning that publicly funded, but Islamic controlled education, radio stations, newspapers, etc, etc can proliferate without any obligations going the other way. This out of balance situation needs to get addressed sooner than later.
    Every immigrant in N-America understands the need to work maybe twice as hard as anybody else in order to make it. Not so in the EU and especially not in the Netherlands, once you're in, you're set for life, no matter how marginal. So far not too many positive indications have come from these new immigrants as a whole and their now abundant second generation. Should Dutch society get overhauled to prevent this from happening in the first place? Should Dutch society continue to bleed and allow more non-contributing muslims into their midst? Who can blame the Dutch or any people from not wanting this to happen?
    PS Denouncing Islam its religious status in the Netherlands would indeed be the fastest way to stop the flow of public funds.

  26. There was a time when the beauty of philosophy and science and art was centered in the Muslim Caliphate. Some of the people who have commented here should reflect on that – that there was a time when the least discrimination for Jewish people was found in Islamic lands, and when the self-confidence of that empire allowed a publicly gay and publicly religiously sceptical poet as the celebrity of his time. I suggest that it was self confidence and not religion that enabled the beauty of that time in Islam and that it is a sense of having being defeated and not religion that causes the excesses of fundamentalism today. Maybe the ugliness you think you see in Islam is only a reflection of your own new fear in the mirror.

    The Muslim man who wrote the book "The Islamist" had to run away from home to join an Islamist group. Put that in your pipe.

    • who are you trying to fool, the idea of islam is to take over, and make everyone muslim, if they chose not to, kill them, kill the the none belevers remeber, you know what i hate, is people who pretend islam is a peacefull religion and they are just trying to live in the west like everyone else, the truth is they try to take over in every way. they need to be stopt NOW.

    • Jews have always been ghettoized in the Islamic world (along with other religions), forced to pay non believer taxes, not allowed to own property and if a muslim killed a jew he would normally not be prosecuted. That's when they just weren't killed outright as Mohammed did according to the Hadiths. Which Caliphate are you talking about?

      • I haven't found the book (it's an Islamic history that counters the Islamist version of what it means and has meant to be Muslim) I was thinking of. I haven't really looked yet, so maybe I will. I think it was the period from 1300 back to the beginning of Islam. And I'm not saying things were ever all that good, but the book makes the case that it was definately better than conditions in the Christian world. Come to think of it, maybe all I'd need to say is that the holocaust did not happen on Muslim soil – but then again… not for a lack of trying since the creation of modern Israel.

        Btw, I'm a Rob H too ^_^

  27. canucklehead:
    are you kidding? the ugliness we think we see? the fear in the mirror? i don't "think" i see anything. i know what i see. i see people being murdered for speaking out against islam. i see planes slamming into buildings full of peole, i see suicide bombers blowing themselves up in crowded clubs and markets, i see foreign aid workers being decapitated while still alive, i see bodies of american soldiers being dragged through the streets, i see girls being murdered for becoming too "westernized" , i see classrooms full of kindergarten children being sprayed with automatic weapons, i see trains being blown up in london and india. there may have been a time when islam was beautiful, but that time has long since passed, and the only reason there is fear, is because that's what they want us to feel. there is no excuse, defeat or religion, that justifies the sort of fundamentalism we see today.
    why don't you put that in your pipe.

    • Again I refer to the book "The Islamist". The man who had to run away from his home to join an Islamist group also found that Muslim countries like Egypt have harsher laws against such organizations than western countries, and most shocking to him was that in countries such as Jordan and Syria very few people wear the burka – instead he found various colourful scarves. Here's the thing: you are making the same mistake that he had made by taking the Bin Ladens of the world at their word when they say they represent Islam. They do not. They know very little but that they want power. It is not Islam that is the problem, it is the people who think they own Islam.

      It is undeniable to say – as Ann Coulter once remarked – that the Amish have been quiet lately. There are differences between religions and there are problems with Islam itself that it must deal with. But again, to say it is about the people and the religion is to take the Islamists at their word and advance their goal of separating all Muslims from the rest of the world. You would give them more victims and more power by doing that.

        no people like you are the problem. sitting there telling the world that it has nothing to worry about. you are what islam calls a dhimmi. a "useful idiot". someone who can't see past their own self rightiousness to the danger in front of you, activley trying to blind others to that danger. you think that colorful scarves are a sign of free thinking in a muslim country? they are not. women are still forced to wear those scarves, or be beaten or killed. honor killings are rampant in the muslim world. not by the bin ladens, but by ordinary people. i'm not saying that there are not some muslims in the world who are good people, but i am saying that islam, the religion itself, is not one of peace if you are not a muslim.

        there is no denying that the koran tells muslims to kill infidels, although i'm sure you'll try. i also don't know what you're getting at with regard to the amish. they're always pretty quiet aren't they? who cares. they aren't the ones blowing people up, and cutting peoples heads off. there are obviously differences between religions, my religion tells me to love others, and respect them. it tells me i am supposed to convert people who don't believe as i do, but that people have free will and that is to be respected. islam says no such thing. convert or die, that's the choice, and that is a problem that can't be dealt with, because that would undermine the book it's based on. it is about the people. and why should we not take them at their word exactly?

        because of their long history of not doing what they say they will do? i'm pretty sure they are fairly good at following through on their threats of violence. and by the way, their goal is not to separate themselves from the rest of the world, if it were, they'd stay in their home countries instead of spreading out all over the world. their goal is to dominate, to exterminate, and to replace. you give them more victims, every time you manage to convince someone that a threat does not exist. you give them more power, every time you make excuses for what is wrong with their religion.

  28. try this, think of all the examples of islamic terrorism over the last ten years, and replace all the muslims with white christians. would you still be defending them then? i bet there are a lot of christians who feel defeated in their religion. would they be justified in your mind too? i doubt it. but then again, you'll never have to, because any real christian values the life of every other human being as they do their own.

    • AMEN! Just keep in mind there are Christians of many colour…I know you know that and were just trying to make a point.

    • Just like they did in Iraq right? Or Bosnia? or Chechnya? or Goa? or South America?
      When it comes to violence, Christendom takes a back seat to nobody.
      Do you not see, the Holy Land was desecrated by whom? Jews? No. Muslims? No.
      "Christians", well let history speak for itself.

  29. finally someone is talking some sense!! we should follow his example and start taking action against this creeping, passive invasion the mullahs are conducting over very noses!! the gross naivety and gullibility of the people of this country is astounding, to say the least! these guys are walking into our country and taking FIRM root with our permission and we are letting them. this whole 'equality' BS is going to lead to them taking away our freedoms. Heed the warning now while there is still time.

  30. take a deep breath right wingers. you have no one to blame but yourselves.
    my heart does not bleed for right wing fanatics or religious fanatics. you've colonized and marginalized these people and now
    they are here to kick you asses.

    • too bad bombs don't make distinctions like "right" and "left"

    • Karma brother. They shudder just by thinking of us. HAHAHA
      They don't enjoy peace. That is enuough for me.

  31. If only atheists ran the world. If you want to achieve peace of mind and happiness, have faith. If you want to be a disciple of truth, then search.
    We as citizens need to question the impact our judeo christian teaching and values on society. Simply banning the burka and sharia law will not rid us from the evil religon has inflicted on the world.

    • how ironic that you promote atheism, and then tell us to "have faith". doesn't jive does it.

  32. Spaceman wrote: "take a deep breath right wingers. you have no one to blame but yourselves.
    my heart does not bleed for right wing fanatics or religious fanatics. you've colonized and marginalized these people and now
    they are here to kick you asses."

    And you think you or your family will be safe. You left wingers make me laugh.
    Of course you won't have to worry any longer about how we in the west oppress women and homosexuals. Under Sharia law women will not be allowed to leave the home unless they are completely covered and without a male relative. No more worries about that dam glass ceiling eh. Homosexuals will be publicly hanged of course so I guess Gay Pride parades are out of the question.
    Socialism and Political Correctness are mental disorders. Unfortunately they may doom us all.

  33. This sixth century religion of illiterate tribesmen is the worlds most dangerous anachronism. It brooks no interpretation, no apostasy, no tolerance as we know it and no secularism. This is a religion and a culture that lives by the old testament lunacy- misogyny, stoning for adultery, an eye for an eye, the murder of children for so called honour crimes. Though not a tenant of the Koran, female genitle mutilation is practiced only in Muslim countries, by Muslims. Stoning to death is practiced only in Muslim countries. These despicable practices have no place in a modern, liberal, secular society, or anywhere else in the 21st century. The religion that condones them is an abomination. People that commit these acts are savages.

    The sooner we wake up to that fact, stop being so politically correct and start saying what needs to be said, the better for us all., and that includes what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians. We’re not being tolerant, nor accomodating. We’re being blind and stupid. Europe is slowly realizing what the danger is- and we better realize it as well.

    Fanaticism, superstition, tribal warfare and slaughter may have been fun and games in the sixth century. Now, with nuclear weapons, they threaten our very survival. The lunatics that fly planes into buildings, or drop bombs on wedding parties after first having morning prayers, and the born again hordes that look forward with glee to the nuclear annilation of millions so their so called saviour can return, are all to blame.

    As some wit once said, the world won’t be free till the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest..

    • Really loving the dialogue on this comments board. Don't understand how Africans can practice a religion handed down to them through slavery and bondage.

  34. Moderate Islam? Where is moderate in the Islamic countries of the world where most of the world's Muslims live? Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Egypt? Everyone of these countries restricts the rights of women, tolerates honour killings of women, doesn't allow other religions to preach freely, build places of worship, does not give equal treatment under Sharia to non muslims and on an on. Where is this moderate Islam?

  35. Please disregard the spell/grammar. Was typing fast.

  36. do any of you have any morals or ethics to ban a holy book is fuleing the fire between the division of islam and the media. i am muslim living in canada and i have never seen such excuse my for my language such assholes. The islam that is shown in the media is not what islam is and will never be and when your speaking about banning a holy book who dont we go ahead and ban the bible and the torrah .We allow this we are allowing a fundamental freedom that many countries strive towards. Does anybody want to go back into a secular time where the only relgion and true force was the church that atheist, muslim or jews were allowed. NO one does and the ISLAM the word is arabic for peace so before you utter such disgusting ideas like banning a religion you should do some research !!!!



    • Actually the Masons, illuminati are out to detroy everything.
      Read you dumb son-of-a-criminal Aussie. HAHA

  39. Holland is low-land right?
    Sodom was buried underneath the the Dead Sea.
    This modern day Sodom, quite literally, will also face the same fate.
    Burn Theo burn. Shame on you Ms.Ali, for bowing to the white man who will use and abuse you, then shall you be discarded.
    Try as you will, the banner of Islam will be raised in Europe, but by
    the right minded white people, not as much through immigration, as you suggest. We don't need to fight you at all, our way is superior…watch all the conversions worldwide on "YouTube".
    Mr. Wilders', fear God, you blaspheme Him, then how can anyone help you?

  40. Oh angry white people. Yes, your men are impotent. Yes your women
    infertile. Yes, Christians, LOL, you are killing your own babies, hence your own future. If you're feeling less-than, work on yourselves, don't
    try to tear others down.
    You are enraged, and feeling very inferior. This is why you resort to such low-minded tactics.
    You see us, people of colour, and you see us excelling in school, buying nicer homes than you, having stronger family structures, and you can't stand it. I love it. You conquered and robbed with violence, acts for which those perpatrators are now burning in the lake of fire.
    Guess what? You invited us all here. We used our minds, and have gone further than you can stomach.
    Karma, no?