Listen: How Europe changed Poland

A senior World Bank economist talks about Poland’s economic growth and what it means for the rest of Europe


Marcin Piatkowski is a senior economist at the World Bank in Warsaw. He says that in 1989, following the end of the Communist era in Poland, the country could have become a failed state. Instead, its economy has exploded, far surpassing that of neighbouring Ukraine, formerly a rough equal.

Piatkowski spoke with Maclean’s correspondent Michael Petrou during his visit to Canada this week. Marcin Bosacki, Poland’s ambassador to Canada, was also present and is quoted below.

Piatkowski on Poland’s success and how it will change Europe:

Piatkowski on Europe’s long-delayed reunification: 

Piatkowski and Bosacki on the prospective expansion of the European Union:

Piatkowski on what Ukraine must do to reform its economy:

Bosacki on what the conflict between Russia and Ukraine may mean for Canadian energy exports to Europe:


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