Israeli mobs: Holy Land or gangland? -

Israeli mobs: Holy Land or gangland?

Mizrahi: Trying to stop an all-out gang war in Tel Aviv


Holy Land or gangland?

At the funeral for assassinated Tel Aviv mob boss Yaakov Alperon last month, one of his sons vowed a special blood-soaked revenge for his father’s death. “We will find the man who did this,” promised Omer Alperon. “I’ll send this man to God. He won’t have a grave because I’ll cut off his arms, his head, and his legs.”

Days after the gruesome statement was made, the Israeli government ordered an immediate crackdown on organized crime to stop a quickly developing all-out gang war. In the face of mounting pressure, Israel’s police are struggling to overcome growing concerns they are impotent in the face of the growing violence.

Yaakov Alperon was slain on Nov. 17 when his car was bombed on a residential street. Following the killing, the former chief investigator for Israel’s national police, Moshe Mizrahi, wrote in the Jerusalem Post that he worried the assassination would spark a “major blood feud,” and civilians could get caught in the crossfire. Over the last three years, increasing violence between crime groups has claimed the lives of at least eight civilians and dozens of gangsters.

So far the police crackdown has produced the arrest of mob boss Amir Mulner, an explosives expert who was stabbed in the neck two years ago by Alperon’s son Dror at a mafia summit. Mulner is suspected of orchestrating Alperon’s assassination. He and nine others were charged last week with possession of a semi-automatic 7.65-mm Beretta pistol with a silencer, and conspiracy to commit a crime. Police also arrested Alperon’s older brother, Nissim, who was thought to be the most likely to instigate a revenge attack, along with 18 others during a raid on a café.

For now, Tel Aviv remains unusually quiet. But locals know the fight to uphold a crime family’s honour can only be won with more blood. Alperon’s sister Shoshana, for one, is calling for it to be spilled. “God willing, those who killed Yaakov will have the same thing done to his children,” she said following her brother’s assassination. “Kill, and be killed.”


Israeli mobs: Holy Land or gangland?

  1. hmmm…it seems as if more Israelis are killed by Jewish crime gangs than are by Palestinian rockets.

    I suppose killing off their own won’t win any votes for Netanyahu and his ilk.

    • Israel will NEVER obtain true peace, UNLESS it returns to live in the faith of the fathers -Abraham etc.- . Only then will the GOD of the Land give His blessing and protection. Israel may claim they own the land, but forsaking GOD and His commandments will bring punishment! such as at present and which has plagued them since the Declaration signed back in 1948.

      • Judaism is a dead religion… your delusion about returning “to live in the faith of the fathers” is laughable.

        The man-made humanitarian disaster that the Israeli establishment has created in Gaza will haunt them for generations to come.

        Back to the subject at hand: organized crime in Israel is not tackled with the same intensity that racial issues are because that will not endear politicians to the Jewish electorate.

        • If you look at religion as a man-made conglomeration of holier-than-thou ideas, it is dead.

          If you realize that religion is the understanding beyond your own limitations, of the realities of the entire Creation, then neither Judaism nor Christianty, nor Islam or Buddhism is dead.

          Religion is as alive as is the difference between the finite- ness of your and my thinking, and an understanding of eternity.

    • Have the Israeli police even considered a massive aerial bombardment?

      • GOOD IDEA!!, aerial bombardment of the gangster’s residences and their places of business,covering at least 10 blocks radius, shut down their electricity, water, and other utilities and isolate them from food suplies ,(ignore the collateral damage to innocent pleople, that’s irrelevant) that way the military and police will learn something or at least will feel the rage of the israeli people for a change…

    • Yes because Israel is the only place that has crime in the world, and therefore we must use this fact to validate our feelings towards their military decisions.