It's time for Justin Trudeau to do brave things -

It’s time for Justin Trudeau to do brave things

There are 2,248 innocent Syrian refugees stranded by Donald Trump. The least Canada can do now is give them a home.


Late Sunday night, a terrorist atrocity at a mosque on Sainte-Foy Street in Quebec City was the most unlikely of ways for a weekend—one of global pandemonium ignited by the incompetent malevolence of U.S. president Donald Trump—to have come to an end. Just as unlikely was the unintended role Prime Minister Justin Trudeau played in the weekend mayhem, with a heartwarming message that captured the world’s attention, only to end up adding to everybody’s confusion.

But now that six innocent Muslims have been murdered at the Centre Culturel Islamique de Quebec, Trudeau is facing a daunting summons to moral courage that he, and all Canadians, have no choice but to answer. The Quebec City outrage was like some barbaric rebuke to the uplifting message about this country that Trudeau had relayed by Twitter on Saturday: “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength. #Welcome to Canada.”

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Retweeted more than 400,000 times, Trudeau’s message to the world offered such a bold contrast to Trump’s Friday afternoon executive order that it was not unreasonably taken to constitute the promise of a specific response to the Trump administration’s suspension of the entire U.S. refugee system and the panic and misery his ill-considered decree had caused among thousands of other innocent people.

“Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a message for refugees rejected by U.S. President Donald Trump: Canada will take you,” the Associated Press reported. The headline on the Public Broadcasting Service news page: “Trudeau says Canada will take refugees banned by U.S.” The BBC’s account: “U.S. refugee ban: Canada’s Justin Trudeau takes a stand.”

Trudeau had neither done nor said any of these things. But now, Trudeau and his ministers must actually do some brave thing.

He might have put a bit more thought into the implications of wading into the hoarse-voiced screaming match Americans were having with one another, but Trudeau cannot be faulted for having been taken the wrong way. In any case, it doesn’t matter now. And Canadians cannot allow it to matter, whether the murderers of those innocents in Quebec City were of the white-supremacist variety that Trump’s electoral-college victory has sent into such triumphalist ecstasies, or of the takfiri jihadist type that has driven so many innocently devout Muslims to the ends of the Earth as ragged, friendless refugees.

No fault can be fairly found in Trudeau’s coolly capable Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees Minister Ahmed Hussen. A Somali refugee himself once, Hussen spent Sunday afternoon patiently explaining the assurances Canada had managed to wring from the dysfunctional White House about Canadian dual citizens, permanent residents and holders of U.S. green cards.

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Neither is there anything amiss in the Trudeau cabinet not having had on hand an immediately robust response to Trump’s presidential order, astutely described by former Conservative immigration minister Jason Kenney as “a brutal, hamfisted act of demagogic political theatre.” It’s not like Canada was given a briefing about what Trump was going to do. But then neither was Gen. John F. Kelly, Trump’s own Homeland Security secretary. The order was not subjected to any of the ordinary legal reviews. Customs and Border Control staff didn’t get any guidance until 3 a.m. on Saturday morning, and even then the instructions they got were vague and contradictory and weird.

The executive order’s drafting was overseen by Steve Bannon, a notorious crank plucked from the eye-bulging far-right webzine Breitbart News, and it shows. Bannon once boasted: “Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal, too. I want to bring everything crashing down.” On Saturday, Trump promoted Bannon to the National Security Council, to a post above that of the director of national intelligence and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff.

Trump’s Friday executive order suspends the operations of the entire U.S. Refugee Admissions Program for 120 days, bars everyone but diplomats from Somalia, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Syria for 90 days, and shuts down the resettlement of Syrian refugees “indefinitely.” The result was chaos at airports and in presidential palaces all over the world.

In Canada, politicians across the spectrum closed ranks around Trudeau. B.C. Premier Christy Clark promised: “We will work with the federal government to support stranded refugees.” Saskatchewan’s Brad Wall: “We stand ready to assist fed gov’t re: anyone stranded by the US ban.” Trudeau antagonist Parti Québécois’ Bernard Drainville went so far as to declare that he was “proud” of Trudeau’s stance.

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As things turned out, while Hussen was assuring anyone stranded at a Canadian airport that Canada would take them in, there were no reports of anyone in that predicament. But there are people stranded by Trump’s order. There are Syrian refugees who, after having been given hopes of freedom in the United States, are now told they have nowhere to go.

This is just one small, brave thing that Canadians can do that would be rather more useful than being entertained by their politicians composing tweets about what a nice country Canada is. We could take in at least some of those refugees that Trump has turned away.

Over the Christmas holidays, Hussen’s predecessor, John McCallum, quietly capped the 2017 quota of privately sponsored Syrian refugees at 1,000—this after Canadians privately sponsored nearly 14,000 Syrian refugees in 2016. There are about 25,000 Syrian refugees still in the backlog for resettlement in Canada in 2017. Hussen could lift McCallum’s cap on private refugee sponsorships. This is more or less what the Canadian Council for Refugees proposed on Sunday.

According to the Migration Policy Institute, roughly 18,000 Syrian refugees were resettled in the United States during Barack Obama’s presidency. Canada has taken in more than 40,000 since November 2015. The United States was set to take in 3,566 Syrian refugees during the first three months of this year. According to the State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, 1,318 Syrian refugees were resettled in the United States between Jan. 1 and last Friday, when the American door slammed shut. That leaves 2,248 innocent Syrian refugees immediately “stranded,” indefinitely, by Trump’s idiocy. We could take them, at a minimum. We could do this.

Either Canadians are the big-hearted and welcoming people our politicians claim we are, or we’re not. Either diversity is our strength, or it is not.

Piety is one thing. Brave policy is quite another.


It’s time for Justin Trudeau to do brave things

  1. Very good article sir, in a time of adversity, its time to show the world our diversity, and courage to continue to help people who flee from tyranny and oppression. I for one, am not a big fan of religious groups, whatever turns their crank, but i am a human being, who believes in compassion and a world of inclusion. I agree, time for Trudeau to do some brave things, and continue to tell the world we are a better country for our diversity.

    • “… tell the world we are a better country …”

      Sorry, but that just isn’t enough. My neighbours are Muslims and we happily greet each other every day (I am Christian). The terror in Quebec makes me very sad, but I am fed up with just holding hands and saying that we are all together … nothing else. Next week, the news will be elsewhere, and nothing more will be done. It is past time for us to do something.

      Start by banning the word ‘infidel’ (كافر) from the Islamic writing and speech.

      • You seem to be fixated on that word. Below is some education you and other readers may find useful.

        The word “infidel” is not a Quranic term at all but an english one. It is not found in any approved translations of the Quran by muslim scholars. It is however found in many orientalist translations of the Quran by orientalists with a hateful agenda.

        The word for a believer in Islam is “Mu-min”. The opposite of a believer is “Kafir” (كافر). The word “kafir” is a rather neutral term for an unbeliever. Below is a link to a chapter of the Quran titled “Unbelievers”.

        The word kafir is translated by 4 separate muslim translators as, “unbeliever”, “disbeliever”, “ye who reject faith” or as “you who deny the truth”.

        Religions other than Islam also have terms for rejectors of their faith. Heathens, goyim, malich, mletchas and other fanciful words come to mind that are not so neutral in connotation.

        • Regardless of the interpretation of the words, ‘unbeliever’, etc., the question is the teachings throughout the world, in Islamic madrasas, that all non-believers should be removed from this world.
          If you wish an end to Islamophobia then, perhaps, imams everywhere will standup and deny that such hatred is being preached. Until then ….

          • Your statement that all non-believers should be removed from this world is not an Islamic teaching and is not found anywhere in the Quran. If this were to be true, God forbid, then not a single non-muslim would exist in India after its 900 year of muslim rule and not a single non-muslim exist in Spain after the 800 year reign of the moors (muslims). Both Spain and India continue to retain non-muslim majorities and their own culture and religion. Same cannot be written about the original inhabitants of North and South America, Australia or New Zealand. Those poor souls had upon them imposed a religion, culture and language of their conquerors. Perhaps a strain of hatred of heathens prevalent at that time (and maybe some gold) had something to do with it?

            The only hatred that I, my children, the 6 victims killed in Quebec city’s masjid and all good hearted Canadians are exposed to daily is now found on right wing blogs, talk shows and hate radio and no longer comes from muslim imams.

            1. There is no compulsion in religion (Quran 2:256)
            2. to you your religion and to me mine (Quran 109:6)
            3. And say to the People of the Scripture and to the unlearned: ‘Do you also believe?’ If they do, then they are on right guidance. But if they turn away, your duty is only to convey the Message. And in God’s sight are all of His servants. (Quran 3:20)

  2. Majority of Canadians are Not bigots. Trudeau is doing right.

    You rock Trudeau!

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  3. Now hold on a minute. Last thing we need is to go full emotional and antagonize the trumpster and his minions by humiliating them with holier than thou antics. Wisdom is more the need of the hour, not simply piety and bravery.

    Canada must continue to be a safe haven for persecuted folks, Syrian, Muslim or any other faith. But if we have to bring them here, do it quietly and without much fan fare. Humility too is a great virtue. Antagonization of the trumpster will lead to demands of a wall on our border. Lol. I don’t want my taxes to be paying for that.

    • I hear your advice but I disagree with you. Yes Trump is the bully and you (and many others) opine that we should just keep under the radar and not antagonize for fear of getting a wedgie ourselves. But I suggest to you that Trump is on his way out and we may be judged (by history) on any enabling behavior. (He is not gaining any new friends and in fact is losing support of his Republican base.) We are like the kindergartners in the schoolyard that is run by the grade 6ers . So we could always use the excuse that we were too small to make any difference and were afraid we might get beaten up in a retaliatory move. But I contend that these events have given Canada an opportunity to stand up in the world forum as a safe haven. As well, many tech firms are quite anxious to get superlative talent that are among this group of refugees. A win win with little downside. Some downside of course, because many refugees hoping to get into Canada have themselves been put on hold and they of course might see this as cue jumping.

      • That’s an interesting perspective. I am inclined to agree but moving forward with tact and humility remains the best course of action. And I like what I see in our immigration minister. Cool and level headed. Good hands.

    • I agree with you. Shouting this to the world servers little purpose except to create a climate with the US that we cannot win. If we determine to bring these people into Canada they should be vetted thoroughly
      and done without fanfare.
      I do wonder how many want to come to Canada and how many simply want to use Canada as a conduit for entry to the US.
      Trudeau needs to keep his mouth shut and go about his business as antagonizing Trump may have more unintended consequences than this country can handle.
      Trump is the hero to millions in the US and elsewhere and let the Americans deal with their problem and we go about our business in the Canadian manner.

      • You make a good point about some using Canada as a stepping stone into the U.S. Have you ever talked to any people who intend doing that?

        You really should get out more and talk to Canadians of All diversities. People tend to read/ listen to press that conforms/reaffirms their mindset.

        As for Trump, what he does in his country is his business and what Canada/Canadians do/want is ours. Trump wants a share of royalties from our resources. Resources that Canadians in the past have subsidised (sp?) with taxpayer monies.

    • “… do it quietly and without much fan fare.”

      Excellent. Then the extraordinary, but planned, growth of a certain religious group in our population would not be noticed until Sharia law became de facto.

      • Yes. Unfortunately, many immigrants to Canada have no desire to adopt our ways, but to force their ways onto us. “Multiculturalism” was the brain child of Justin Trudeau’s father. I do not think that it has resulted in a country made strong by diversity. Our cities have now become as violent as any other major urban centres. That “Caring Canadian Heart” was born in the wide open spaces of this country, when people had the time and peace of mind to explore the outdoors , be in tune with nature, and “reflect”. Now, the goal seems to be to imitate every other place in the world — where millions of people are crammed into small geographic areas. This is a recipe for violence. The fact that I am on this website, saying these things, SHOULD be a “wake up” call for the “MSM” (mainstream media) and our politicians. The Great Canadian Heart is breaking, as we lose the peace that made us strong.

      • You have demonstrated well that it is easy to paint a comment board by taking a statement out of context and imply to it a twisted meaning. But I am still here to provide a clarification.

        “….do it quietly and without much fan fare” was my advice for humility to Trudeau so as not to antagonize the trumpster and his minions with a holier than thou attitude. In no way did it imply concealing refugee intake from Canada or Canadians, and nor is this possible by law. But you knew that didn’t you?

        And yes, the only extraordinary planning that you call out is the one that went in within evil hearts and dark dungeons to set forth and destroy nations and create refugees in the first place.

        And do stop fear mongering about Sharia law. Old bone, no meat.

  4. It took PM Buttercup all of 2 seconds to label the Quebec attack a terrorist attack. Yet he and his band of liberal pukes refused to call the brutal death of Cpl Nathan Cirillo and WO P. Vincent what it was, a brutal terrorist attacked. Another example of Trudeau pandering for the Muslim vote. Makes me sick to see this man-child at the helm of this county. I hope Trump eats him alive.

    • You know, i could tell you to go to Flying Jesus, and live in the states with Trump, but i won’t do that, because that makes me like you, and i also know that we live in a society that excepts everyone no matter what their religion or politics are, and that even includes you. He didn’t say it was an act of terrorism, he said it was an act of terror on a religion, quit spreading Fake News.

      • Thank you Carpet Bomber for your civility.

      • I too thank you, Carpet Bomber, for taking the high road in your response.

    • And what is wrong with pandering to the Muslim vote? It is there for the taking as a valid elector block, is it not? Why don’t you and PC pander to it as well?

      Unless of course you would rather pander to the block of racists, haters and bigots……

    • you are disrespectful wrong and ans asshole .go away. I hope life eats you alive.

    • Are you Canadian enough when you want that the US President Trump “eats our PM alive”. Meaning what when you call 44 years old man “man-child”?
      Making fake news and using this kind of language including: “He (meaning PM) and his band of liberal pukes” – only shows what kind of a person you really are.
      Did you read what you wrote before you post it? Maybe you should.

  5. Canadians must be very proud to have a true leader of class, knowledge, and courage.
    As an I American I can’t say that I feel the same about my #notmypresident.
    As Americans we have been selfish to consider ourselves the leader of the free world and to teach the rest of the world as to how they should conducts themselves. No more!!!
    Justin Trudeau is the leader of the free world as he has showed leadership, humanity, logic, and grace. So proud to share a border with Canadians. I only wish that my country also shared your values. Lots of Love.

    • We in Canada, lived 10 years of that kind of leadership(Trump), divide and conquer, and we finally got rid of it in the last election(Harper), but there is still some smoldering ashes of that party slowly starting to rear its ugly head again. We may never ever be able to put the fires of racism out, but we can control it, by standing our ground, and keep spreading the word of inclusiveness, we will not tolerate this cancer of divide and conquer spreading in our societies, we must try to inoculate this scourge, on our citizens of the world. Thank you for you comment.

      • Talk about your fake news. Come on carp.

        Under Harper, and for the last 20 years the majority being Liberal ruled, our immigration rate has stayed at a flat 0.74% of our population.

        Under Trudeau junior, while he has increased immigration slightly. Overall economic immigrants have fallen from 63% to 53% at this time.

        • I don’t know much about numbers Chip M, and don’t profess to either, i just go with facts, i don’t ever in my life, 60 years now, ever heard of a liberal candidate, or ever known of a liberal candidate to talk about dividing this country by using its people or race to do so, that is 100% a fact, Jack. Harper used this division as a wedge, with a spike on the end of it, to drive home his racist message, and mind you, he didn’t invent it. it was the Bloc who drew up the plan, Harper just adopted it, and that same odor has permeated into the conservative leadership race.

          • Hogwash Carp – typical political rant. Harper was a class act pulling us out of a financial mess and stopping the crazy deficit spending that the Libs loved and do love now. As for immigration, the Cons were bring in a slow but steady sponsored and researched group of immigrants. Justine let them pour in almost unchecked. Most will be OK but there is room for questions.

          • Carpet Bomber, that is untrue. Harper was bringing in a group of Syrian refugees as well. You are such a Trudeau suck up. You would think you were his mother the way you talk about him. Perhaps you should do a little research about what the First Nations chiefs are saying about him.

          • You don;t much about numbers, but you just go with the facts? What does that mean. The numbers (facts) are on Canada’s immigration website available for all.

        • Under Harper, we had the niqab kerfuffle – banning them at citizenship ceremonies, in breach of the Charter. We had C-24, a bill which created different types of citizenship – some of which were conditional and could be stripped away. We had talk of “old stock” Canadians. We had “barbaric practices” tip lines.

          Harper was playing the same politics of division and hate as Trump – just a slightly milder version of it. He, Marois, Leitch and others have some Muslim blood on themselves today.

          • Become a Canadian Citizen because ‘a Canadian Citizen will always be a Canadian Citizen’. Remember?

          • And I suppose Trudeau’s extreme vetting of new MPs for Liberal values was not divisive? Good thing he had the heart to “grandfather” in existing Liberal MPs — sheesh!

            The ONLY party at this time that accepts both Pro Life or Pro Choice as MPs is the Conservative Party of Canada. Liberals & NDP are champions of division and discrimination.

    • Jaime,
      Your American friends elected Trump and whether you like it or not, he is one of the few politicians I’ve ever seen who is delivering what he promised and what got him elected-there have been NO surprises!!
      Describing Trudeau as a leader is only a view one could hold from afar!!

      • You’re right – no surprises. Ruling by fiat – er, “executive orders” – like a typical dictator. Spreading hate and dissension, the better to divide and conquer. Gaslighting everybody with his “alternative facts.” He is exactly the tinpot despot many of us feared he’d be.

        • Obama issued more executive orders than any other president. And yes, there are NO surprises to those who elected him President-he is doing EXACTLY what they elected him to do. Trump won the election-get over it

    • I think that you are buying into a myth that is being perpetuated by the media and our politicians. Canada is no longer a united country. There are no guiding principles of love, harmony, peace and justice here anymore. Now, there are the rich and the poor ; First Nations and Caucasians ; a divide between the urban majority and rural minority ; etc. . You don’t hear about this because most people are just too busy trying to make a living. IF our Prime Minister cared as much about the 900 people who died of fentanyl (NOT their choice to do so) as he does about the victims of this terrible crime in Quebec City ; if he was showing any guts regarding climate change ; if he wasn’t holding private “get togethers” with Chinese billionaires (the quicker to sell out our country) ; if he cared about the Native women who continue to go missing and /or be found murdered on roadsides…. then, maybe then, there would be peace again in this country. Canada is not far behind the United States in having the “silent majority” (well, we used to be a majority – but he is doing everything he can to make us a minority), ……. maybe then Canadians would once again walk free and proud, with a smile on our faces and the ABILITY to greet those from away with welcome.

  6. Provide an example of accommodation.

    If someone asks you a question in a language you understand answer them in that language or apologize for not understanding and look for a common way to communicate.

    If a new Canadian’s best second language is English and you can speak to them in English you should accommodate them.

    The pure laine seem to have a superior and confrontational attitude to their language as demonstrated by PM Trudeau answering English with French.

    Actions are more important than platitudes and apologies.

    • Yup you have a valid criticism….but not in this forum

  7. Trudeau spoke up on Islamophobia and hate speech when it counted while the Conservatives were exploiting it for political advantage and Tom Mulcair was playing coy trying to curry favour with anti immigrant vote in Quebec.

    Trudeau made a very straight forward and bold speech which the Conservatives(and their cheering section in the press) and Tom Mulcair denounced as equating the whipping up of anti Islamic feeling in Canada to the Holocaust-which he did not do at all-but he did equate the vilifying of Muslims to the pre war vilifying of Jews. and also east Asians and others.
    “Trudeau said …’We should all shudder to hear the same rhetoric that led to a ‘none is too many’ immigration policy toward Jews in the ’30s and ’40s being used to raise fears against Muslims today.”

    “Now this is critically important given that even Thomas Mulcair, along with many writers, has Trudeau conflating the treatment of Muslims with the Holocaust….He did nothing of the sort. He did not directly or inferentially mention the Holocaust and has not mentioned it since, despite the baiting of the Tories and now Mulcair and the NDP.

    The policy he mentioned predated the Holocaust. The Jews in question were fleeing because of Kristallnacht, literally, “Night of Crystal,” of violent anti-Jewish pogroms which took place on Nov. 9-10, 1938, throughout Germany.

    If anyone in May 1939 had predicted that a civilized nation would murder some six million people, including I might say, the mentally ill and disabled, Roma people and homosexuals, he would have been considered mad.

    Trudeau also warned “that Harper and his fellow Tories are going down a dangerous path in a country that is home to over 1 million Muslims.
    “Fear is a dangerous thing. Once stoked, whether by a judge from the bench or a prime minister with a dog whistle, there is no way to predict where it will end,” Trudeau said.
    “Across Canada, and especially in my home province (of Quebec), Canadians are being encouraged by their government to be fearful of one another. For me, this is both unconscionable and a real threat to Canadian liberty.”

  8. It’s great that Trudeau is standing up for refugees, but he needs to tread carefully with Trump. DT is a loose canon, and if he ever does the math and realizes that Canada is letting in refugees from the countries he’s banned + we share the biggest undefended border, he’s likely to do something brash that could end up being very bad for everyone that lives or does business across our borders.

    • With a person who uses altered facts and counts on requires incredible amounts of praise to function (I had the largest audience ever at an inauguration), one can never tread carefully enough. Trump is unstable and he always will be. Why do you think he was involved in so many law suits? He tends to have a short fuse. We cannot count on placating him. Will we be Neville Chamberlain or Winston Churchill?

    • Do we do what’s right and principled or what would please the bully to the south? Appeasement wasn’t successful in the last century – it just encouraged the bully to go further.

  9. Trudeau did not do wrong by tweeting as he did. He and his colleagues have a challenging task: balancing Canada’s economic needs with our multiculturalism. It was premature, then, to confront Trump. Besides, the implication was clear that Canada would welcome the ‘rejected’ refugees.

    It now seems that the DHS is disobeying one or more court orders, although the ban was implemented without adequate preparation, in its drafting and in the distribution to border officials. Sloppy at best; fascism at worst.

    One historian (unfortunately, I can’t remember which one) describes the mess as a “shock event,” intentionally designed to create fear and confusion, especially due to the waffling about those with green cards and the ambiguous press release from the DHS. A shock event creates a kind of paralysis and a distraction… a common tactic of fascists.

    Whether our government should wait to condemn Trump until it’s clear that the DHS will continue to defy the courts contrary to the rule of law, or not, the Canadian cat is out of the bag. The world ought to know by now that Canada condemns even the threat of fascism in our major trading partner, and deplores it wherever it exists.

    Offering publicly and clearly to take in the ‘rejected’ refugees can do no harm.

    If the DHS continues to ignore the rule of law, then the US is clearly a fascist state, at least until the American public takes its country back… if possible. It may be too late. All of Trump’s alleged assurances to Canada may crumble, and trying to balance our economic interests with our values will be for nought.

    During these volatile and distressing times, I hope our government is exploring other trade alliances, i.e., creating a Plan B, as Mexico appears to be doing with other Latin American countries.

    I hope Canadians value human rights and dignity enough to weather the coming–and inevitable, in my opinion–storms. If we pull together, we will survive.

    Above all, I hope the spineless politicians of all political stripes in the US will come to their senses and use the 25th Amendment to give Trump his proper place in history… on the Wall of Infamy.

    • Well said, thank you.

  10. All Sunday I’ve seen at TV, Trudeau statement against Trump’s immigration ban, Toronto’s mayor statement, Mississauga mayor statement, all bragging about Canada friendliness toward refugees, all trying to gain political capital at Trump’s expense.
    What they got instead was a tragedy ! Shame on you!

  11. All of those here, those demonstrating and the vast majority of the media who appear shocked and dismayed by Trump’s actions are missing a very salient point. On January 20, after the US public watched him campaign for 18 months, Trump became the President of the US and is doing something most politicians don’t do. He is rapidly putting in place everything he promised to do if elected-there have been ABSOLUTELY NO SURPRISES. Those who didn’t like the promises that got him elected still don’t and, unfortunately, get the majority of media air time.


        Trump screwed up his declaration. He initially banned dual citizens; those who had complete US citizenship (were born in one of the countries and had revoked their citizenship to that country) and those who had green cards plus people who already were approved for refugee status. Some of this people had worked with the US military. Some worked for high tech companies like Google. He had to back track on some of them. People might have supported some of his decisions but according to this article Trump backtracked on the citizens and those with green cards because stepped in. So many of those polled likely had no idea how far he went. You have an interesting name Victor. How would you like it if you got kicked out of the country because you originated from a country that someone didn’t like even if you were a citizen of another country? How would you feel if your citizenship got revoked by the leader of your new country and countrymen chose the country first and left you out in the cold?

        • He backtracked when the courts stepped in and said he couldn’t keep citizens or those with green cards out.

        • Many people do not understand the stake of this immigration ban.
          Under Obama – UNCHR agreement 20 000 refugees were scheduled to arrive in US in the next 4 months.

          Trump doesn’t want these refugees. Also half of Americans does not want these refugees and it’s understandable.
          The US national debt is about 20 trillion or $160 000 per household.
          They don’t want to spend too much money on refugees so, for 2017 they reduced the number of refugees from 100 000 to 50 000.

          More they want to select the refugees based on their criteria ( educated and mostly Christians ). 70% of US are Christians. But the number of Christians decreases every year by 1%.
          Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and by 2050 will overtake Christianity. So, instead of Catholic district school-board, by 2050 we are going to have Islamic district school-board, because in a democracy it’s just fair to have special school-board for the religion with the biggest membership.
          Trump’s chief of staff, Reinbus isa proud, practicing Christian orthodox. The chief strategist Bannon a very vocal defender of Vatican so it’s easy to imagine how this new staff will run the country.
          After a Muslim friendly president ( Obama ), US got a Christian friendly president.
          We like it are not these are the facts and I, personally, cannot blame Trump for what he’s doing. He’s doing what he believes it’s the best for his country.

          • If you seriously think he’s doing this for the “best of his country”, you’re either delusional or blind or both. Trump doesnt care about the county. He cares about power and money, but he doesnt want the attendant responsibility that comes with being president. That’s why Bannon is running the US right now, and all Trump is doing is signing the paperwork.

  12. PM’s tweet was, in a sea of fear, a breath of fresh air. Canada’s stand for tolerance & justice is a beacon for other nations to follow.
    Vive le Canada!

    • Rather then stick his finger in the eye of a government he needs to get along with for the next four years, Trudeau would have been much better to either say nothing or at most say “President Trump is doing what he said he would when he got elected and I plan to do what I said I’d do when Canadians elected me.”
      A very true, less antagonistic statement.

      • “Trudeau should have said, “… and I will do what I said I would do…” Well, we have just seen today that he is as dishonest as those who came before him, with his about face on electoral reform.

        • He is far more dishonest and I’m confident you will see Trudeau break many more promises. The most atrocious one for me to date is that he said they would balance the budget by the end of his first term Now he says 2050!! But it will get balanced long before that because he will be replaced after his first term by someone who knows how to prioritize and spend tax payers’ money wisely.

    • I find the word ‘tolerance’ when describing majority Canadians condescending.

      Acceptance is a better word to use when describing majority Canadians.

      • I would choose ‘too tolerant’.

  13. I have little doubt that they’re already working on the logistics of this. You dont just bring in 2500 people without some kind of plan for what you’re going to do from there, so may I gently request we give the PM at least a few more minutes to work up something for everyone’s approval? I realize that in this day of instant coffee and instant mail and instant everything else, the concept of taking more than one or two days to arrange something is staggering beyond belief, but let’s at least give him *some* time here, shall we?

    • This outright racism of the Muslim ban cannot be condoned however it is better to emphasize the difference of our approach rather than striking out directly against this loose cannon. Merkel and others are members of the EU and are not so economically dependent o the US as we are at this time.
      There is a very fine balance here indeed.

      It is interesting to see Jason Kenney who triggered the whole niqab uproar in the last election by seeking to impose and then challenging the courts on forcing women to remove the niqab at the citizenship ceremonies. He fanned the flames of bigotry and fear and fundriased on the resultant support.
      Nowadays everyone seems to have forgotten his role and to concentrate on the tip line and Leitch and Alexander. But both Kenny and Harper pushed the anti Islam card pretty hard. Now Kenney is tweeting away his opposition to the Muslim ban south of the border-which is fine, but he seems to be betting that no one remembers his role in igniting the wave of anti Islam sentiment in the first place.

      • It it was a “Muslim ban”, Trump blew it-he left out 42 countries that are predominantly Muslim.

  14. PM Trudeau must start looking after Canadians,starting with senior citizens.
    Someone should should him the list of promises he made before the federal election and make him apoligize for the lies he made.

    • Thank you for this comment. He is not doing what he said he would do.

  15. You’ll be waiting a long time for Harper in Yoga Pants to go Alpha Male.

    Harper Lite caved to CONservative pressure and didn’t attend Castro’s funeral. He will never stand up to Trump.

  16. Macleans can pay for them, correct?

  17. I am not of >”the white supremacist variety that Trumps’ electoral-college victory has sent into such triumphalist ecstacies. “ .
    >Nor am I one of the “takfiri jihadist type.” I am,quite simply, a 60 year -old Canadian woman — a former teacher and librarian, and a grandmother.

    >I am writing because I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, wish that,
    >as a country, we could begin to have a conversation — a respectful,
    >supportive conversation , about how much “diversity’ our country is
    >strong enough to tolerate right now. In this country, we have had long
    >established ethnic/cultural “issues” –most noticeably the French
    >Canadian versus English Canadian and the indigenous versus

    Neither or those “racial” conflicts has as yet been
    >fully considered, let alone brought to a harmonious conclusion. Why,
    >then, does Mr. Glavin, and our Prime Minister, think that Canadians’ ”
    hearts” can withstand anymore conflict?

    As well, our country is in no way
    >the “beacon of hope for the world’s lost and weary” , as Justin Trudeau
    >seems to think it is. Are all of Canada’s citizens housed? — if so, why do we
    >have an ever growing number of homeless people, and families dependent
    >using Food Banks? Are people with physical or mental challenges in this
    >country able to meet their great individual potential because our
    >government cares so much about them?? Are our Senior Citizens feeling
    >safe and secure in their financial future, as their ability to earn an
    >income wanes???

    The answer is “no”. And, until the answer is “yes”,
    >then I would caution people like Mr. Glavin, and Mr. Trudeau, that
    >there may well be a growing number of Canadians feeling a disconnect to
    >the “politcally correct”, the “progressive” agenda being pushed down our

    Mr. Glavin says, “Either Canadians are the big-hearted and
    >welcoming people our politicians claim we are, or we’re not.” Well!
    > , I am a big-hearted person, but I say, FIRST we take care of!
    > all exi>sting marginalized people in our society. THEN, we can look around to
    >see who outside of our borders we can help.”

    I am fully supportive of
    >John McCallum’s cap on the 2017 quota of privately-sponsored Syrian
    >refugees at 1,000.”

    I would like both Mr. Glavin and Mr. Trudeau to
    >understand that if they choose to brand me as a “racist” for this, then they have that right. But I have the right to speak, and the wish to be heard. If Mr. Glavin and Mr. Trudeau cannot open their ears to my voice, then Kevin O’Leary — >Canada’s version of Donald Trump,, may well get
    >my vote.

    • Start by banning the word ‘infidel’ (كافر) from Islamic writing and speech.

      • You seem to be fixated on that word. Below is some education you and other readers may find useful.

        The word “infidel” is not a Quranic term at all but an english one. It is not found in any approved translations of the Quran by muslim scholars. It is however found in many orientalist translations of the Quran by orientalists with a hateful agenda.

        The word for a believer in Islam is “Mu-min”. The opposite of a believer is “Kafir” (كافر). The word “kafir” is a rather neutral term for an unbeliever. Below is a link to a chapter of the Quran titled “Unbelievers”.

        The word kafir is translated by 4 separate muslim translators as, “unbeliever”, “disbeliever”, “ye who reject faith” or as “you who deny the truth”.

        Religions other than Islam also have terms for rejectors of their faith. Heathens, goyim, malich, mletchas and other fanciful words come to mind that are not so neutral in connotation.

        PS. While not a Bangladeshi myself, I hold their Imams in high regard. You have not spent enough time with them for a cure, traces of bigotry have remained.

    • You are right. And O’Leary will listen but he’s much brighter than Trump.

    • Finally a post from the right that seems genuine, respectful and worth addressing. I do not pretend to have all the answers, but it does seem that your concerns revolve around one single issue that Canadians should indeed debate but also come to grip with its conclusive reality, harsh as it may feel to a certain demographic.

      And that issue or question is: Do we need more immigration in Canada? Some considerations below.

      When a small population of a nation is unable to increase or sustain its tax base or sustain a minimum birth rate required to afford entitlements for its seniors and sustain consumption for its businesses or prevent asset prices from collapse, then the answer to the above question becomes a violent and resounding “YES”. i.e., Yes, Canada needs immigration. You see, it is a simple matter of economics and demographics. Politics on the right and the left of our country have long reconciled with this reality. If you did not get the memo, then you owe it to yourself to lookup the annual number of immigrants that were brought in under Harper’s rule (a champion of the right?).

      Now once the above reality sinks in, then it will logically follow that immigration by its nature is inherently multicultural and diverse. Unless you advocate restricting it to a certain ethnic base. And restricting it to a certain ethnic base was tried in Canada’s past without success. A policy of limiting immigration to predominantly European immigrants, apart from appearing racist, is also no longer feasible since those source nations themselves suffer from demographic misalignments and low birth rates and compete to retain human capital.

      Unlike US or Europe, the Canadian immigration system is not based on handouts or infiltration. There is a vigorous vetting and points system that ensures only the best and brightest that can contribute to the Canadian economy and society are brought in. And it works. I came in through such a program during Harper’s rule. Of the six immigrant worshipers killed in Quebec’s masjid, one was a University Laval professor, one an entrepreneur running his own business, one a pharmacist’s aid and two were information technology workers in Quebec government, each doing their part for our society and also our birth rate by averaging 3-4 children of their own who are now fatherless.

      You asked how much diversity (aka immigration) is our country willing to tolerate right now? As much as is necessary to ensure Canada’s debts continue to be paid and entitlements sustained. That said, every country, rich or poor, has its haves and have-nots that will be leveraged for political agendas. The have-nots (or “no longer capables”) will always blame and lash out at immigrants and ethnic minorities. Fear of the unknown and fear of being outnumbered are genuine human emotions. The native Indians dealt with these emotions too, did they not?

      To conclude on a philosophical note: Man establishes turfs and borders, but immigration is God’s way of reminding humanity, this is God’s earth. He is capable of recycling humanity, ensuring justice for past misdeeds and providing a sustenance and future for all. Ethnicities do not factor in His enduring calculations.

      So my dear Lindsay3, please get on with the program. Diversity is no longer a choice. It is something we humans need to accept and embrace on our way out of God’s earth.

      • I am sorry, but I find your tone condescending. “please get on the program”???? I am fully aware of the fact that the birthrate in Canada dropped significantly in the ’70’s and 1980’s. I am also aware that it did so because the Canadian economy could not sustain larger families any longer. I was one of the thousands of women who limited the number of children whom she had in order to raise my (smaller) family’s standard of living. I did not do this — deprive myself of more children, so that the places which MY children could have had in MY country could be taken up my people from other countries. Three of the four people whom you mention as being “contributing” immigrants are, in fact, government workers. These jobs have, literally, been taken from long-time Canadian families, and given over to others. The Quebec society is the closest I have seen to showing some sense in this matter — that is, it values its French-speaking citizens, and so provides incentives for its women to bear children. I am very happy that the immigrant families which you speak about can AFFORD to have 3-4 children. I wish that I could have. Too bad the salaries that support those children come from the very government that won’t support it’s own people. I will not respond again, because I see from your tone — “the have-nots ” equalling “the no longer capable” that you are quite satisfied with your intellectual prowess. Just one question , though — of those “have-nots” — or, in your words, “no longer capables”, would in fact STILL BE capable if they were truly provided the conditions necessary to be productive. (for example, “supported employment”. The money given to others could, as I say, go a long way towards re-establishing the health and dignity of many, many, many “no longer capables”. I would like to wish you well , but , right now, I am feeling too bruised at seeing my country become yet another battle ground in age-old battles to do so.

        • I apologize that you found my post condescending. Had I placed myself in your shoes and retained your misplaced fears and biases, perhaps I too would have found it such. I make no apologies for the content of my post however, which you inadvertently validated yourself.

          You wrote: “I am also aware that i did so because the Canadian economy could not sustain larger families any longer. I was one of the thousands of women who limited the number of children whom she had in order to raise my (smaller) family’s standard of living.”

          And the above sentence right there is the justification for immigration in Canada, brilliantly summarized in a single sentence by a teacher, a librarian and a grand mother.

          Upon analysis of your comment, there appears an interesting paradox.
          You live in Canada, the greatest country on the earth, a welfare state that guarantees health-care and education for all its citizens and provides child benefits. And yet you found reasons to limit the number of your children for a better life?

          Now consider, the humble woman of Gaza, Palestine. She lives in one of the most brutal conditions in the world, has no healthcare, no sanitation, no income or even a hope for the future of her children. And yet she made no such calculations to restrict her family size? Consider also families in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Egypt or Syria and compare the GDP of those nations to the GDP of Canada. Those families received not a dinar of government support, they have third world economies and yet a woman of your age now has 9-10 grand children?
          Fascinating? Yeah. This is God’s paradox. And through it He recycles humanity, ensures justice for past misdeeds and a sustenance and future for all that “get along” in harmony with His program.

          The answer to your “just one question” lies in the above paradox. That woman in Gaza gets no help of supported employment, nor does she expect her government to make conditions supportive for her. She is no snowflake. She is naturally and morally “capable”. God bless her.

      • A typical practising Muslim who believes that there is ‘entitlement’ to live anywhere in the world without hindrance. To populate until there are no more disbelievers.
        Why does he love Justin? Because, “Become a Canadian Citizen … ‘a Canadian Citizen will always be a Canadian Citizen’, even if he becomes a terrorist”. Remember?”

        • And now Justin Trudeau has broken his promise to bring about electoral reform. I did not vote for him, but when he was elected , I said to people, “If he does HALF of what he says he will do, the country will be better.” Electoral reform was a big part of the “half” that I counted on. I am so disappointed in him. I knew that he is inexperienced and naive, but I did not think that he would prove himself to be a liar.

        • Silly child. You accuse me of claiming entitlement to live anywhere in the world without hindrance. And yet here you are, a progeny of a people that entitled themselves via a certain manifest destiny and felt no hindrance in ransacking lands of the natives, subjugate them and colonize them?

          There is no Islamic advice in the Quran to populate until there are no more disbelievers. And if such advice were to be found, what then prevented you from populating? This is one area that has always been a level playing field, has it not? Were you not adequately endowed just like anyone else to bear children?

          My posts have nothing to do with Justin. I do love anyone that lives and demonstrates Canadian values, muslim or not.

  18. To date Trump has not ‘banned’ muslims. He has put a temporary hold on allowing entry to people from several majority muslim countries.

    In this context, Trudeau has done the correct thing. Reiterate Canada’s position and allow the US to make their decisions.
    It does appear from the evidence available that Trump and Bannon are planning a muslim ban. I certainly get that feeling. But until they do so, the Canadian gov’t is not in a position to tell them it is wrong to do so.
    The protests on the other hand, are an appropriate way to signal to Trump/Bannon that their expected plans are wrong. Getting into the streets is a good thing. Trump has said as much himself in the past. And given the scant details and extremely poor communication from the White House since Trump came to power, ordinary citizens are right to question the ultimate motives.
    Which brings an interesting question, at least for me. I’ve not yet joined the protests and I’m not sure if now is the time for me. Should the worst fears of Trumps intentions come to pass in 90 days, I believe that will be the time for those of us less inclined to march in the streets to stand up and do so. To see protests swell from a few hundred thousand to a few million will send an even more important message. One that would be impossible to ignore.

    • Trumps actions is using existing legislation passed by the Obama administration with the full support of the Democrats in congress – why no protests then?

  19. Sure let’s take them in – ONCE we get an update on what has happened to the 25,000 Syrian refugees we took in over the last year. How many of the adults have jobs? How many have been transferred to provincial welfare roles (after the one year of support provided by the feds)? How much money has it cost us to provide ‘integration’ services to them? How many are even able to pass the minimum English/French language tests?

    Its fine to be generous, but when there are Canadians who are homeless, who lack good schools, who have no opportunities for job training/education, then maybe we don’t need to be so generous to individuals to whom their ‘brothers’ in the Arab world have NO INTEREST in offering safety and shelter.

    Just asking the questions over and over and over again, because our betters in the MSM seem to be less than interested in even asking these questions and the government is even less interested in answering them!

    • “Thank you”, Maureen. I agree with you. In a previous comment, I said that I “sincerely wish, from the bottom of my heart” , that ordinary Canadians could be asked how we feel one issue of immigration. To have our government hold a “meaningful dialogue” with us about what vision we have for our country. This comment was met by sarcasm from a contributor who has chosen the name of “A Practicing Muslim”. That writer assumes that because I expressed this sentiment, that I am “from the right”. Well, I never was before — I have been a card-carrying NDP’er all my life. But, if “my party” won’t begin to listen, then it is dragging us right into the situation which led to Donald Trump’s election – that is, the “forgotten people” of the United States whom Mr . Trump appealed to. I have never once in my life identified with “the right” ,until now — when I begin to see whole parts of my country become places that I don’t recognize, and don’t want to live in.

      • Lol. NDP? A vote for NDP is a vote for PC. Genuine and good hearted Canadians were fooled and made that mistake twice. Lesson learnt, never again.

  20. Donald Trump is concerned about American citizens first and foremost. Justin Trudeau is concerned with making Justin Trudeau look good to the world. He fails to comprehend that he has been so generous with the taxpayers’ money that we can’t afford to look after any more refugees. Justin personally could afford to look after several on his own. I would give my right arm to have Donald Trump as our PM and let the Liberal snowflakes in the States have Justin. Unless things have changed since I last heard, we are still paying hotels for accommodation for Justin’s last move. There is trouble in schools with the lack of integration and our girls being treated like second class citizens. The swimming classes which worked well before have had to be segregated, boys only and then girls. This is not our Canada. Unless and until people are willing to integrate and Canadians do not lose their rights so others can have theirs, all immigration should be stopped. The Lord’s Prayer is no longer allowed in schools but prayer rooms for Muslim students are provided. It is nice to accommodate people but unless they can be accommodated without taking our freedoms away, it should come to a halt. Justin should keep his nose out of the business of the US.

    • Well, Carole H — I think that you have spoken for a LOT of Canadians. What you have said is how I feel. My heart is breaking, because I think that Justin and his young friends now have quite a stranglehold on power in this country. And so it will go on…… Last year, when the Syrian refugee crises was at its height, Justin said, “Canadians, open up your cottages to these refugees”. Well, I will never be able to afford a cottage. And why not? — because people from other countries are buying up all of the land — whether they live here or not. (I am very, very saddened to hear that your swimming classes have had to be divided by gender. I am assuming that this has happened because of other people’s differing religious beliefs?? That is truly sad. )

      • For anybody who might be interested, there is an organization called “Immigration Watch” . I do not yet know much about it. I believe that it is based out of Vancouver. Just Google “lower immigration Canada” and you will find their website. There are two E-Mail addresses to contact (which I have done, but have not yet heard back from. ) The E-Mail addresses speak volumes — one has the words “save Canada”, and the other has “groundswell”. That is what we need — a “groundswell” of ordinary folks getting involved and demanding that our voices be heard.

        • I would also like to say that if you take the time to read, carefully, the comments posted by a person with the tag name of “Practicing Muslim” on this site, you might be surprised by how deep the sense of superiority is in this person. He has an answer for everything. If he needs to apologize for something he has said, — well, he apologizes, but then turns it around that it is your fault for what he said. He has called me a “silly girl” and used other demeaning words and phrases towards myself and others. (see also the “comments” section under the article “We need to understand what Islamaphobia is. ” I do not, in fact, know any Muslim people — I find the full (black) clothing which the women wear abhorrent. (that is a personal opinion, expressly honestly and openly, without hate ). It makes me not WANT to know any Muslim people. And, after reading “Practicing Muslim”‘s comments, I feel that there is in fact a deep sense of entitlement and, as I say, superiority in this one man. His whole attitude is that they have done us a favor by being here — because of our low birth rate and aging population. I agree that the demographics of our country have currently placed us in a various precarious position, in terms of supporting the social programs which we hold dear. But a REAL leader would hold meaningful discussions about how we should address this, and not just give the country away . It is not coincidence that Justin Trudeau, “The Great Immigrator”, :) :), also has private meetings with Chinese billionaires. Here in BC, one of our largest providers of Seniors Housing is now being bought by a private Chinese company. The Canada which we had the privilege to grow up in is going, going…. will we let it become “gone”????

  21. its sad what happened and its good we helped syrians but its time for the government to stop(at least for now) helping refugees and start taking care of canadians again for christ sakes refugees makes more in a month than a canadian on disability

    • Hi, Bryan. The government would tell you that we need all of this immigration for economic reasons. And, you know, MAYBE that is the case. But I don’t believe it. You mention a person on disability. If a person receives provincial disability benefits, the amount differs from province to province. But it is roughly, I think, in the area of about $700.00. What is a person supposed to do on $700.00 / month??? Live in pain and shame, that is what. But what if we actually did some thinking, and put real effort into providing everyone who wanted it some sort of meaningful work — for the benefit of the economy, but also for the personal dignity of our citizens?? It could be done. In the city in which I live, about seven people with varying disabilities now have meaningful work by having been made the “crew” that clears graffiti off of Hydro BC metre boxes, etc… A small paycheque to supplement their meager pay, but, done right, it gives a sense of community , hope and dignity. As well, many, many , many Senior Citizens would love to still contribute to the workforce — if the workforce would accommodate them. And many of these people(Seniors) are extremely well educated. But rather than adopt a “Canadians First” policy, our provincial and federal governments are willing to see individuals being thrown onto the societal garbage dump. And, in their place, we are told that we need to bring in all of these people from other countries. I wish very, very much that in our country “the economy worked for the people”, rather than “the people working for the economy”.

  22. To other participants in these “Comments” sections : In seven days, on Feb. 16th, a Private Members Bill – Bill M103 , is going to be debated. I have been told by a number of people that this Bill could, in fact, the first breach in our cherished freedom of speech. I have also been told that the Muslim Brotherhood is taking an interest in what is going on in Canada. I do not have any way, as of today, to verify these things – for you or for myself. However, due to the importance of this issue, and the great haste with which this Bill is being dealt with, I am posting this to ask that you seriously consider speaking up about this. Calling your Member of Parliament and asking for more information, and using your own best judgment, would be a good place to start. It is up to you. Here is one of the information feeds which I have received :
    “Given the current Government’s stated goal of obtaining a seat at the United Nations Security Council, pressures from within and outside the country from powerful Islamic lobby groups, and the Canadian Government’s demonstrated proclivity to advance the “Islamophobia” initiative with undue haste and in the absence of evidence, there is a real risk that the fundamental right to free speech by all Canadians will be unnecessarily curtailed to accommodate the sensibilities of a special interest group.”
    – Major Ret’d Russ Cooper

    • One more comment :
      Could I please direct you to something which I have found during this past week , as I have been trying to come to terms with all of this “stuff”. There is Retired General by the name of Russ Cooper. General Cooper (Retd) wrote to all Members of Parliament last year, after they had passed the e-petition regarding “islamophobia”. In great detail, and over several pages, he talked to the Members of Parliament about why he believes that this was not necessarily a good thing to do — why it might well be a first step in eroding our freedom of speech. Now, on Feb. 16th, our House of Commons is going to debate a second bill — this time a Private Member’s Bill brought forth by a Muslim Member of Parliament. General Cooper believes that this second Bill would go even further towards eroding Canadian’s hard won freedoms. He details some of the history of how the Muslim Brotherhood and other activist Muslim factions are operating in the US and Canada. General Cooper’s letter is entitled : ” A Letter to All Canadian Members of Parliament — Choosing Free Speech in the Face of Allegations of Islamophobia”. One place where you can find a copy of this letter is on this website : on the brink of incorporating Islamic speech codes.
      “Thank You” for your input, Gage G.. Sincerely, “Lindsay”