John Kerry: U.S. expects NATO allies to step up fight against Islamic State

U.S. Secretary of State says NATO members — including Canada — must strike at core of Islamic State


BRUSSELS — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has delivered a tough, unambiguous message to NATO members, including Canada, saying the United States expects them to do more in the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.

The blunt talk on Wednesday was particularly significant for Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government, which has pledged to end the Canadian bombing campaign and refocus the military commitment on training local forces, including police.

Kerry told his 27 other counterparts meeting in Brussels that the international coalition must strike at the core of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq and strangle its efforts to set up networks elsewhere.

Although he didn’t reference the Canadian combat withdrawal, Kerry did give the Liberal government an opening by saying that there are a number of countries willing to step up and the contributions don’t necessarily “have to be troops engaged in kinetic action.”

Kerry said the U.S. has specifically asked for special forces instructors, police trainers and so-called “enablers,” such as transport and medical facilities.

On his way into the meeting Tuesday, Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion struck a similar tone, saying Canada can withdraw its CF-18s and do more than just simply providing two per cent of the air strikes.


John Kerry: U.S. expects NATO allies to step up fight against Islamic State

  1. Trudeau/Dion are right on to diminish Canada’s role in the fight against ISIS because 2% of airstrikes represents a symbolic gesture which won’t really affect the outcome. In contrast, Trudeau/Dion are right to crater Canada’s economy in the fight against climate change because elimination of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions which represents far less than 2% of total emissions won’t really affect the outcome, but will make them both feel warm and cuddly.

    • “elimination of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions which represents far less than 2% of total emissions won’t really affect the outcome,”

      Yes. In the same way dumping your garbage in the ocean and along the highway won’t really affect the amount of garbage found in either place. I presume you do both?

      • Nope, but I now take my dumps directly into the local river. I’m sure Trudeau doesn’t mind, though.

        • Well done.
          Combine that with dumping your trash in the ocean and just think of the improvement to your personal economy.

  2. I guess all extremism is the enemy. Justinian closed down the Roman pantomime theatre 1/2 a century before Rome fell. The first Christians could not take satire. I’ve learned the Puritans are probably why the South is way behind. In the early 1600s, the Church was again closed down. When the lens was used on Jupiter, it exposed one Church lie, and that proof exposed there may be more lies to even the true believers.
    *They* told me God breeds mental illness because basically, you don’t get that Protestant work ethic dedicating all your belief to God. It makes you powerless. When you lose the ability to better yourself, you start looking for excuses by looking at others. This makes you more susceptible to mental illness.
    *They* said the four seasons of Wpg forces you to always be ready for change. NATO should be looking at wiping Christian extremism in IAs and the chains of command in member nations. *Thay* also like the idea of alcohol sensors in addition to anger and mental illness sensors among the world’s 1M most powerful individuals. Dual use biosensors can only be stored where command and control is secure. It would be nice to have a bastion of sanity and stability in the Arab world. Botwana would be Africa’s best bet I suppose. I’m not sure if they are best used for decontamination or preventing further spread. I’m trying not to screw up the future generation file.

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