Malaysian model caned for drinking -

Malaysian model caned for drinking

Kartika wants to be punished in public, not in a Malaysian jail


Malaysian model caned for drinkingSix lashes—that’s Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno’s sentence for quaffing a beer with a few friends in a Malaysian bar. Kartika, a part-time model, will be the first woman caned there, and her case has divided the Southeast Asian country. Drinking isn’t technically illegal in Malaysia, but since Kartika is Muslim she is subject to Islamic sharia law, under which the consumption of alcohol is a punishable offence.

Moderates and non-Muslims say the ruling establishes a dangerous precedent by disregarding human rights and undercutting the mainstream Malaysian legal process. According to Hamidah Marican, executive director of Sisters in Islam, which works to strengthen women’s rights in Malaysia, “Kartika’s case has . . . caused damage to Malaysia’s reputation as a model Muslim country.”

Meanwhile, Islamists support the decision, saying it’s needed to deter others from breaking sharia law. “Sharia in Malaysia is not strong, so maybe Kartika is the first person to help spark the needed change,” Shah Rizul Ayuni Zulkiply, spokesperson for the conservative University Malaya Student Representative Council, told a Malaysian news website. “Now [young people] will know what the punishment is if they do the same as Kartika.”

Kartika has refused to appeal, but she is protesting her punishment in another manner. She wants to be caned in public—not behind closed doors in a prison, as the sharia court plans to do—in order to show the world the senselessness of her government’s actions. “My daughter wants to be whipped in public, not in prison,” says Kartika’s father, Shukarno Abdul Mutalib. “We’re supposed to be an open country. She wants the world to see.”

Shukarno says Kartika will get over the physical pain quickly, but he’s worried about the long-term effect the lashing may have on his country’s image. “I’m in an Islamic country. I must obey the rules here,” he says. “[But] our government must work hard to show the world that they’re not the Taliban.”


Malaysian model caned for drinking

  1. if it is against the law to drink in this country, then expect to receive the punishment for breaking the law of the said country. How is it senseless if the punishment was known, and does not seem to be out of balance with the offence. This has nothing to do with the Taliban – as a Muslim it IS against Qurànic law to drink. This model should have known better than to indulge in such an act in public – She has let down any young girl who looked upon her as a role model. May Allah forgive her and the rest of us!

    • Obviously you think that Allah is a sadist and wants young ladies to be tortured

    • Moral of the story…don’t be a Muslim if you want to drink a little beer. She should have denounced being a Muslim, drank the the beer, and then become Muslim again.

    • ridiculous muslim law…hypocrites. Muslims are fools. Just look at here filthy countries. Sewer rats

    • your a damn fool. probably a sucide bomber…idiot

  2. It is NOT against the law to drink alcohol there – it is simply a violation of Sharia law that runs parallel. If she were non-Muslim, it would be no problem.

    • We learn: Sharia has to reformed

  3. Muslims in power all over the world are always happy to tell the media that their faith is all about peace. Peace among others and with ones self. Then why is the Muslim faith always using violence and torture against those who would defy their beliefs and honor. How does a faith of intellectual enlightenment continue to refer to non believers as infidels?
    Religion left unchecked and challenged by the evolution of our spiritual awareness is a disease and nothing less. Muslims who truly believe in peace need to stand up to those who have twisted and deformed this once beautiful religion. Do not doubt the power of Man's hunger for power and control, even sacred texts like the Koran and the Bible can be twisted and used for hatred.

  4. I agree with her. If the Islamists want to flog her, let them do it in public so the world can see how enlightend Sharia law and Muslims generally are.

  5. I know several masochists into caning. Perhaps we should visit your fine country and have a cocktail party – but only if you promise a proper beating for the indiscretion

  6. unbelievable… What a horrible law, and an embarrassing group of people .

  7. I suggest the Muslim law leave the 10th century and enter the 21st century with it's Western respect for human rights.

  8. You could and you would be caned until the flesh of your bottom rips and shows the fat and skin tattered. (They take a running start to cane you.) The blood would ooze slowly and the pain would be striking. They'll cane you again, depending on how many lashings you've totalled,but don't worry, it'll be a different spot that the first lashing. In a day, you'd probably get three at first and then they'll let you heal. In a couple of days, they'll lash you again and open the wound that's trying to heal. It might get septic because doubt the prisons are cleaned regularly.

  9. So yeah, if you're a Muslim and into SNM, go ahead and drink, wear an abaya or the tudung, show that Muslims are strong, so strong that they'll strap a bomb and commit suicide bombings, because, hey, you'll receive an abundance of virgins in heaven, right?

    Muslims should practise their religion if they are pious. If they don't like it, don't live in a Muslim country that practises Shariah law. I can understand that not every Muslim is perfect but don't be an idiot and get caught. You deserve what you get, Ms. Tudung, that's if the evidence is against you. Why can't we just mind our own business and be nice to people? Isn't that what gets us into so called 'heaven'?

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    how can you believe in something that doesn’t exist?
    lil invisible man in the sky?
    the flying spaghetti monster has a more probability of existing….
    peace, truth and reality