Carlos Slim to Acapulco’s rescue -

Carlos Slim to Acapulco’s rescue

The world’s richest man is funding the dilapidated city’s revitalization

Carlos slim to Acapulco’s rescue

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John and Jackie Kennedy honeymooned in Acapulco in 1953, and Liz Taylor married one of her husbands there. It was the golden era of Hollywood visitors. Fast forward and today Acapulco is filled with dilapidated mansions and military patrols: 900 people were killed in the city last year alone, triple the number of murders in 2010. This is due to drug-related violence spinning out of control; the latest gory news was the nine taxi drivers and three passengers killed by gunmen last month. Now Carlos Slim, Mexico’s telecom tycoon and the world’s richest man, according to Forbes, is coming to the rescue, donating an undisclosed amount of money to the town and presiding over a council to fund new hotels, improve the transportation system, and promote a rebranded Acapulco. Saúl Campos, a manager at the five-star Copacabana, welcomes Slim’s announcement. “It was about time someone paid attention to us,” he says, adding hotel occupancy has dropped to 20 per cent. Slim believes Acapulco deserves a second chance, but will his Midas touch work?


Carlos Slim to Acapulco’s rescue

  1. I have been to Acapulco several times in the past few years, most recently in January.  I never felt unsafe, and while the city itself has seen better days (unlike Playa del Carmen, for example), the natural beauty of the setting, and the warmth of the people were still very much in evidence.  If people could see past the headline violence (which has not injured tourists) to go and give Acapulco a visit, I think most would be repeat visitors.  

  2. Acapulco is safer than most US cities for foreigners… I just got back from the best vacation of my life.  I stayed at Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites (… they have Canadian HDTV satellite and flat screen TVs right on the beach!  Watching hockey on the beach while drinking Coronas is heavenly!

  3. BTW, you can also buy these amazing condos on the beach for about $60,000!!! (  They rent it out for you when not using too… I think I have to buy one after my experience there!

  4. The press have had a field day but we residents know that things are nothing like as bad as they are made to seem by all the irresponsible reporting. Life goes on as usual but with much better weather !!!