How Ron Paul shook up the GOP race

The 76-year-old libertarian won’t win, but he’s got more fans than ever

No more moses in the wilderness

Stephan Savoia/AP

Outside the large outdoor tent where a group of South Carolina Republicans had gathered for a town hall discussion about the presidential race, a few demonstrators shouted loudly and waved signs from the sidelines. In a scene that repeats itself around the Republican campaign trail, they turned out to be not from the Occupy movement, but supporters of Ron Paul, a fellow Republican running for president.

Republican pollster Frank Luntz, who was moderating the event, called out to them, “Come into the tent!” They didn’t budge, showing once again that bringing Paul’s movement into the Republican fold is easier said than done.

Paul, a 76-year-old Republican congressman from Texas, has long been regarded as the party’s cranky libertarian uncle. He inspires jokes about legalizing pot—and eye rolls with talk of moving the U.S. dollar to the gold standard. But in this crowded campaign, Paul has moved from the fringes to the main stage, repeatedly garnering enough votes and dollars to stay in the race while other candidates drop by the wayside. He has little chance of winning the nomination, but the soft-spoken gynecologist from Texas has stunned Republicans with his strong showing. Paul came in second in the New Hampshire primary, behind only Mitt Romney, with 23 per cent of the vote—triple what he drew when he ran for president four years ago. In Iowa, where the top two finishers, Romney and Rick Santorum, drew a quarter of the vote each, Paul came in third with one-fifth. Going into the South Carolina primary, polls had him around 15 per cent.

A Ron Paul campaign event is like nothing else on the Republican campaign trail.

He lacks the bombast of Newt Gingrich, who blasts Barack Obama as a “radical” bent on imposing “European-style socialism and secularism” on America, and lacks the Christian moralizing of Rick Santorum, not to mention the patriotic declarations of Mitt Romney that America is “the hope of the earth.” That’s because Paul isn’t just gunning for Obama, he’s running a kind of “pox-on-all-your-houses” campaign against postwar America, or at least America since it abandoned the gold standard in the 1970s. “This administration has been pretty bad,” he tells 400 enthusiastic supporters at a rally at Myrtle Beach. “But the last 30 to 40 years haven’t been great either.”

Paul’s events are more like college lectures from a slightly gnomish, eccentric professor whose dark suits always seem a size or two too big. Paul isn’t running to become president so much as to build a movement. “There is something much bigger than me going on in this country these last four or five years,” he says. “It’s growing by leaps and bounds—the freedom movement.”

For years Paul has preached small government, individual liberties, tight monetary policy and downsizing America’s role abroad. In Congress, he regularly voted against his own party’s legislation. In the post-9/11 era, he was seen as a crackpot. But in today’s post-Iraq-war, post-credit-bubble, post-deficit-explosion era, Paul offers a kind of conservative reckoning with the legacy of the Bush years—from the loose monetary policy that he blames for feeding the credit bubble and the financial crisis, to a growing deficit and expanded federal role in public education and the swaggering militarism that cost America so much.

His message is well-timed. It’s as if the party is catching up to his critique of the Bush years. In 2012, Republicans can’t get far enough from Bush. In a typical speech this week, Gingrich for example, uttered Ronald Reagan’s name seven times—Bush’s, zero. The Tea Party movement showed the frustration with the growth of government spending and bailouts under Republicans as well as Democrats. But Paul was here before the Tea Party. Paul’s zeal to abolish the Federal Reserve system was once regarded as nutty. Now it is commonplace to hear Republicans accusing the government of “debasing” the currency by expanding the money supply, and warning about inflation (mainstream economists say the Fed’s actions prevented a far worse financial crisis, but Paul blames the system of “fiat money” for a cycle of financial booms and busts).

Still, Paul is a lone voice on the Republican campaign trail speaking in defence of civil liberties, criticizing the Patriot Act and condemning the newly passed National Defense Authorization Act, which codified the powers of the U.S. government to hold suspected al-Qaeda operatives and allies without trial. The act is silent about the rights of American citizens, and critics such as Paul say it will enable the government to claim that it has the right to put American citizens into military detention. But just when he starts to sound more like a Democrat, he’ll come out with a statement, such as the one he made during the Jan. 16 debate, when he was asked what would be the best income tax rate. “Zero,” Paul declared.

Paul’s style is a combination of high-minded and homespun. At his appearances, supporters wave copies of his books—End the Fed and The Revolution: A Manifesto—as well as the Paul Family Cookbook, with its recipes for peanut butter cookies and Velveeta cheese soup. He expounds on the nature of liberty, capital, monetary policy, inflation and Austrian economics. But it’s when he gets to foreign policy that the crowd really goes wild. “The easiest place to cut should be this wild runaway spending overseas,” he says to a standing ovation. “That of course means we’d be bringing home a lot of troops.” Paul receives more campaign donations from active-duty troops than any other candidate.

As the issue of Iran’s nuclear program increasingly preoccupies the White House and the Republican candidates, Paul accuses the other candidates of “warmongering.” He has pointed to the Cuban Missile Crisis as an example of negotiations defusing potential conflict, and dismisses talk of war with Tehran. “Why should we be bombing or destabilizing a country that does have a weapon if we could contain the Soviet Union that had 30,000?” he asks.

This is what draws supporters like Paul’s New Hampshire campaign chair, Jim Forsythe, an air force veteran and Republican state senator. “People like me have been frustrated,” said Forsythe at a campaign stop in South Carolina. “We signed up to defend the constitution and I ended up defending Saudi Arabia and supporting a civil war in Bosnia.”

As at Obama’s rallies in the 2008 campaigns, there are many more young people, and more vocal enthusiasm, at Paul campaign events than at those of others. But Forsythe sees a difference: “If you ask who was behind the Obama movement, it was Obama the person. Here, Paul has kept the focus on the ideas.” Robert Lampley, a 50-year-old truck driver from West Columbia, agrees. “It’s a simple message of less government and more freedom,” he says. “I am against the war. He’s the most pro-personal liberty.” If not for Paul, Lampley said he would vote for the ultra-conservative Constitution party. Lampley dismisses other candidates’ warnings that Paul’s foreign policy is dangerous: “They are warmongers,” he says.

Such sentiments explain why Paul is drawing many voters who in 2008 voted for that other anti-war candidate, Obama. And he gives voice to the isolationist and anti-“nation-building” and anti-foreign aid instincts, which have long dwelled among Republicans—think Pat Buchanan—but had been suppressed when Bush was commander-in-chief. Indeed, Paul was one of only six Republicans to vote against the Iraq war. Now he wants to close down U.S. bases abroad and withdraw the United States from the UN and from NATO. “He wants to end the warmongering and bring the troops home,” says Steve Patterson, a 44-year-old chef, one of the Paul supporters who remained outside the tent at Myrtle Beach. “Every other candidate wants to bomb Iran.”

But it’s the foreign policy positions that keep the majority of Republican voters wary of Paul. The most damaging moment for his campaign may have been in the televised debate on Jan. 16, when he was pressed on his view that U.S. forces should not have violated Pakistani sovereignty to raid Osama bin Laden’s compound—and that the al-Qaeda leader should have been tried, not shot. Says Frank McIntosh, an undecided voter: “I like a lot of his ideas, but I’m afraid of some of his views on foreign relations.”

But, while he turns off many in his own party, Paul draws in others from across the political spectrum. “I love everything about Ron Paul—he’s going to give power back to the people and bring the troops home,” said Heather Ashe, a 19-year-old student from Chester, S.C., sporting a tie-dyed shirt. But if Paul doesn’t get the nomination, she’ll vote for Obama because she disagrees with the other Republican candidates on social issues “that are none of the government’s business—like gay rights and abortion.”

Voters like Ashe are the reason many Republicans dismiss Paul’s strong showing in the primaries—he’s drawing independent and Democratic voters. But Forsythe says this is precisely why Paul would be a strong candidate against Obama. “That’s why he’s electable,” he says. In fact, a recent CNN poll found that Paul would tie Obama in a head-to-head match if the election were held today, and Paul bests Obama among independent voters. That’s also what keeps Republicans worried that Paul could run an independent campaign if he loses the nomination. That would draw off disproportionately Republican voters and put some traditionally Republican states into play for Obama, particularly in the Southwest. Paul has said he’s not thinking about a third-party run, and Forsythe says, “I take him at his word.”

Paul has his own baggage that is receiving more attention as his profile grows. In the 1990s he published newsletters under his name that included a variety of racist statements. Paul now says they were written by ghostwriters, and he should have policed them more closely. His supporters want to keep the focus on his ideas. Tom Davis, a South Carolina state senator who endorsed Paul, says, “We need radical surgery, not medicine,” and complains that both Democrats and Republicans have inflated government, carving out loopholes for special interests and corporations. He holds up Paul’s book End the Fed and says, “He’s brought to the forefront ideas that five to six years ago nobody was talking about.”

While Paul may be libertarian in many ways, like all the other GOP candidates he is against abortion. However, he takes the position that abortion is a matter for the states, not the federal government, to decide. And he doesn’t shrink from talking about the Bible when the audience is full of Christian voters. He particularly likes the story of the prophets Isaiah and Elijah, who complained to God no one was listening to their preaching. Paul says that God told Isaiah, “If you are telling the truth, the remnant will find you,” and concludes, “I think there is always somebody out there.”

For now, there are more and more of them out there for Paul—even if they are outside the tent.


How Ron Paul shook up the GOP race

  1. I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I was wrong, and I want to join the 70-80% of primary voters who voted against Dr. Ron Paul.  They are 100% right, someone who was married with two children and went when he was drafted would make a terrible Commander and Chief.  What we need is a chicken-hawk who never served a day as our Commander and Chief.  The logic is clear, a chicken-hawk Commander and Chief would hastily start an undeclared war with Iran, and that would be a good thing. I know, we won’t find any nukes in Iran, just like we didn’t find any WMDs in Iraq, but that’s a good thing… Going to war, and not finding any WMDs makes us safer, and the blowback ensures that future generations will have plenty of wars to fight too.  Being lied to about why we went to war is also a good thing… I mean that’s why we elect politicians, to make these kind of complex decisions for us, as we the people really shouldn’t have any say in these matters as we‘re just not smart enough to understand exactly why we‘re at war.  As an added bonus we’ll have tens of thousands of additional wounded, and thousands of additional casualties, and trillions of dollars of additional debt, and these are all good things.  Don’t worry if our troops support Dr. Paul, as it’s not important what they think, and we shouldn’t actually listen to them.  I mean they signed up, so they should have no say in anything relating to the military… I mean the chicken-hawks own our soldiers… If we just think of our soldiers as numbers and not people, it will make everything easier, as their all expendable that way… I mean the whole purpose of our soldiers is to fight and die in undeclared wars where we find no WMDs, and they’ll like it that way… Listen, if it makes us feel better, we can put yellow ribbons on our cars, and have small welcome home celebrations for the soldiers who do make it back alive, but let’s not get carried away and actually start listening to them… I mean they need to be good little soldiers, and we all need to be good little soldiers and do what the chicken-hawks tell us, or we’re un-American. Well, now that I’ve joined the 80%, I sure feel a lot better… No more having to think about these complex issues, I’ll just turn on the TV, and let the status quo politicians handle all of these complex decisions for me… I mean, trusting the status quo  politicians has worked out great for us so far… Oh great, the TV is telling me that going with the 80% was the choice I that was supposed to make, so I‘m feeling a lot better… I’m also feeling much more Christian now.   

    • You are definately on target Tom.  Be sure and listen to Fox News as much as time permits so you can remain sharp.

      • I got a Fox News app for my phone so I can remain on top of the game.

        • And this is how the status quo, the establishment and the corporate run media brainwashes us. Good job. 

          • Maybe you should get a Snark detector app for your phone, helps with online communications to let you know when people are kidding. 

          • Sad thing is, people actually like spending money on things that do the thinking for them.

        • Scotty,

          Wouldn’t wanna miss all my favorite celebrity news. Too bad there’s simply not enough room on that front page for an article about SOPA, NDAA, or the continuing drone war…

        • I got my Fox news app as well,so I can stay on top of whatever the 1% feels that’s it’s ok for me to know.

          End the Fed. Ron Paul 2012.

    • Tom – I think I’ll join you…for all the reasons you mentioned (you’re right….it’s like an ephiphany…what were we thinking?)…but also because I’m just terrified of his foreign policy.  I mean, at first, it made sense to me that going around the world and killing men, women and children would create a hatred and a backlash.  If another country were to do that here then I thought I might get mad and strike back.  But, you know, that’s just dumb.  After all, the government here is waging a war against our freedoms and the TV says it’s ok…it will make me safer.  I feel safer now.  I’m going to be a good little citizen and vote for Mitt, or Gingrich, or Obama….or whoever the TV says will make me safe and ensure a future of debt, wars, and servitude to the state.  I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.  Why have I been feeling this sense of responsibility for my child’s future?  Her future is set – the state will take care of her.  Phew…now I can finally devote more time to American Idol and Dancing With the Stars.  Heck…I maybe even start keeping up with the Kardashians!  Life is grand. 

    • Nice reply. You took sarcasm to a new level. I will keep mine simple.

      RON PAUL 2012! Or corruption and bloodshed as usual.

    • I think I need to join the other 80% too, and while I’m at it laugh at all those ridiculous Paulbots who want to end the drug war and free up poor and/or minority men to get jobs and be involved in their families. I mean, poor men and brown men belong in prison and certainly no employer should want them so it’s great we have it all on record. The women don’t need them either because welfare is better than men. Welfare will award the women custody and make those women sue the men for child support so that the fed can give our state more money, and our state really needs that money to pay for all those entitlements. I also believe we should keep making states take all the assets from poor People on Medicaid so that we can help fund Medicaid for those poor people and deprive their children and grandchildren of any sort of inheritance. Since I’m a republican and I pay for all of these services, it’s only fair that the poor pay their fair share, especially since it ensures their children and grandchildren will also be dependant on the gov and forfeit their property to the gov when they die too!!!

      • Just so nobody gets confused, the fed gives states an amount of welfare funding based on their child support collections. The fed rewards higher collections. As in the prison system, states are encouraged to increase their numbers. This means the state has a monetary incentive to award sole custody over joint (thus alienating one parent) and enforce maximum child support awards. Half of all child support paid goes to welfare, not kids. The fathers are reimbursing the state for the mothers going on welfare. Medicaid rewards states that put liens on the assets of recipients and take the property. This is a scheme that can give democrats the warm fuzzies gor hrlping the poor and can make republicans feel less victimized by entitlement programs. The end result is the fed’s meddling in this and other issues destroys families and keeps them poor.

        • I feel bad for the older generation who get their information from the television. Now us young folk have to pay the price for their ignorance

          • I don’t feel bad for their ignorance. I feel bad for the youths that, as you said, will have to put up with their manipulated judgment 

          • I’m 56, a lifelong Democrat, and I’m online donating and ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ as much Ron Paul as I can. As are my sister (57) husband (60), mother-in-law (87, okay she’s not really online all that much). Along with us old fogies are my neices, nephews and children who are probably closer to your age. We are all in this together, so please help us out by being more inviting to other generations, okay?

          • Thats a relief rugreenyet! We realize that there are a lot of old folks who support Paul. But a frustration for us is that there are many, such as my parents and all older relatives, who disregard Paul because of their huge fear of other countries. I have come to the conclusion that this fear is from the Cold War years. I vainly try to explain my more correct worldview of the 21st century because Im the only in my family that has actually traveled outside the country but they just dont listen. I often hear them repeat phrases and statements that Rush and Fox say about Paul and it just shows their close-mindedness. I really respect you and your other “old folks” for exercising their ability to research and study for themselves.

          • I’m young, a Ron Paul supporter, and my dad who is 63 taught me the history of this nation. He’s the reason I can understand what has happened to our country. I used to get upset about how helpless I felt that I couldn’t change anything. I was terrified that I would grow old in a world where I was persecuted, threatened, or tortured. Then I heard Ron Paul speak, and now I’m filled with hope. Like you, I’m doing all I can do to show my support for Ron Paul. I respect anyone older than me, and feel even more hopeful to know that you are doing all you can to help out too. Please know that despite the terrible comments people are prone to leaving on these sites, that there are people like me who thank God you’re in this too!

    • Tom Tebow, you are so spot-on. The chicken-hawk/chicken-neck neocons that run this country and force us to go through full-frontal groping at the airport and destroy the internet with SOPA-PIPA-NDAA corporate-funded fascism are the true patriots!  The precious, beneficent mainsleaze media is ALWAYS right — Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty, and Jon Huntsman are SO MUCH MORE ELECTABLE than Ron Paul . . . in fact, they all still have a better chance to win than Ron Paul, even though they all dropped out. The #presstitutes and #whorespondents tell you so, so that must be the case! To think Ron Paul could win makes you a CONSPIRACY THEORIST, after all, the MSM is designed to program us to think democracy means your vote for RON PAUL doesn’t count! 

      In America, you are only allowed to vote for chicken-neck, draft-dodging, multimillionaire neo-cons that want to bankrupt America. Ron Paul is not an option. I love my American freedoms, everyone! My government is sending a love drone to your country to send the fruit of our tax-dollars to say “hello, world!”

      Wait, shhh. Bill O’Reilly’s on now. 

    • Wow well said Tom.
      One thing about this the GOP race that really stands out is how manipulating the media has become in the US.( They have been for quite some time but now its much more in your face) History channel is currently airing a 6 part mini series on Vietnam. Its amazing to see the images and stories captured by journalists during this war. Nothing is censored and the American public were able to see the truth about war in color without government manipulation. Compare the media of the 70’s to today’s. Investigative reporting is all but dead. I think Dan Rather is last of the old school journalist who questions everything. Don’t always agree but at least he’s out there actually gathering information and interviewing people. Al Jazeera, Moscow Times, even Alex Jones (prison planet) provides more insight and objective articles about the US. Lets face it if the media in the US had any guts they would start to research, debate and openly question Ron Paul’s ideas. Unfortunately even this article has a hard time understanding the implications of the gold standard and what its function is to currencies. No one wants to talk about it. Its taboo. Why? Figure out who would be hurt the most by a currency linked and its easy to figure out!

    • Amazing comment. I wrote about why voting for Ron Paul doesn’t make any sense here, in case you want to check it out: I just figured that auditing the private institution that makes our currency and not going to war for no reason were terrible ideas.

    • You’re so right! Big deal if Paul has voted to protect our freedom for 30 years. I like to hear Romney say what I want to hear. If I listen to him on Fridays and not the first of the week I can catch the versions I like. Seriously…the bankers and wallstreeters that are giving hundreds of millions to O’Bomb’a and Mitt are only returning favors. How else could they get billions from the bailouts without support from these guys? So we borrow trillions from China and Japan…it’s only about 50 grand per American…lets go for broke. Vote for anyone but Ron Paul! He’s going to try and follow the constitution and kooky stuff like that. (he’s a nut) Just take my freedom and liberty…I’ll trade it for socialism (you know “protection” and freebies). He wants to cut back on the wars? Why? Just imagine all the women and children that are killed,,,a few limbs and eyes blown away…a few dead babies laying around…a few thousand kids without parents…(you didn’t need your Mom did you?) we need the oil and the industrial military complex needs to sell more bombs. Kill’em all. Free food and healthcare for all! Don’t mess it up and vote for Ron Paul…

    • We the people are waking up. And thanks to Ron Paul. But, you know what? Being sleepy and safe is a nice feeling. I might go back on my couch and watch some more of the CNN, MSNBC, and Fox news pundits telling me just how unelectable Ron Paul is. I guess with Ron Paul being so unelectable, I might as well start looking harder at who will be the lesser of two evils, or three evils, or four evils…. it all depends on who you’re counting.

      As Pink Floyd said so aptly years ago. “We don’t need no education…” And, why not? Because, we the people have become “comfortably numb…” (and dumb). So, turn on Fox news, kick back and listen to the pundits tell us who we should vote for. In other words, it’s time to go back to sleep my fellow Americans. Fox news will sing you a joyful lullaby like McCain did years ago… to the tune of “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb bomb Iran…

      Aaaahhh, dreamy thoughts of bombing other countries has suddenly made me feel more more Christian. Soon I will begin booing the Golden Rule and cheering serial adulterers as I begin to feel safer and more evangelical.

      Ok, it’s time to go back to sleep now.

  2. ” In the 1990s he published newsletters under his name that included a
    variety of racist statements. Paul now says they were written by
    ghostwriters, and he should have policed them more closely. ”

    -Luiza Ch. Savage

    –Get your facts RIGHT! It’s been said over and over, well documented and televised that HE DID NOT RELEASE those newsletters!! He was not aware of it until recently and he was not in congress when those newsletters circulated

  3. ya… first time in 38 years  i gave a rats ass who was in chagre of the “free” world.. my daughter is 4…i can not think of her living in America as it is now or what it will be if people like the 2 partys err 1 party system we have in place keep on keeping on…. RON PAUL.. not for me.. for my daughter.

    • exactly. i think people are waking up to the 2-party sham. it’s the same as those talk shows (often hosted by the same people who give us the news, go figure) where they simulate the decision-making process to guide the viewer to “acceptable” positions. once the corporate networks have the viewers divided into two irreconcilable world views, they stand to profit from a guaranteed base

      with Ron Paul, someone has come along wiht something that unites people instead of dividing them – the concept of Liberty, and the Constitution. This idea is undermining the current ideological scheme because people no longer fit into the Left vs Right, Dem vs Repub, Liberal vs Conservative mold.

  4. A Neocon candidate will not get the votes to win without Ron Paul supporters.  Third party or not, they don’t have a chance because they will loose Democrats, Independents, and Paul supporters.  The Bush Cheney Warpigs don’t stand a chance.  Why is following the Constitution such a scary thing?

    • I agree with you 100%, except when you say “loose” you mean “lose”

      And BTW, obama is just as bad if not worse a warpig. He acts like we are leaving Iraq but we have simply replaced the troops with drones and “defence” contractors. Military-industrial-media complex owns the “2” parties

  5. So Luiza, your going to call Canada, China, and Switzerland isolationsist along with North Korea? Please learn the definition of isolationst and non-interventionism before you call people isolationist. It really is a 2nd grader mistake by a writer at this point of time.

  6. “He has little chance of winning the nomination”  What is the pathological need to throw that in every article ever written?

    Google “Little chance of winning the nomination” and you’ll see that Ron Paul is 7 out of the first 10 hits.  Coincidence?  No.  It’s just like the marketing tool of repetition. 

    Have you already decided he has little chance?  Then they got you and you deserve a break today at McDonalds.

  7. As a member of the US military I say “Damn the vote, impeach Obama and put Paul in today before it’s too LATE.”

  8. Your head line is garbage.

  9. Something tells me Tim Thomas is a Ron Paul supporter, lol

    “I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People.
    “This is being done at the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial level. This is in direct opposition to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers vision for the Federal government.
    “Because I believe this, today I exercised my right as a Free Citizen, and did not visit the White House. This was not about politics or party, as in my opinion both parties are responsible for the situation we are in as a country. This was about a choice I had to make as an INDIVIDUAL.”

    • I dont buy Thomas’ rationale for turning an invitation to dine with the president into a political grandstand for his POV. The media reported that Tim Thomas is a fan of Glenn Beck and therefore, certainly not in the Ron Paul camp…he resides more on the bigoted side of the fence IMHO. He can claim it’s not about politics all he likes, but his method and timing simply sucks the big puck re that. I think this is the first time an athlete from a championship sports team snubbed a presidential invitation. It’s not the appropriate forum for his rant, IF he genuinely meant to NOT make a political statement. Indeed, if Thomas really wanted to slam his government’s mess, he might have spoken up when Bush et al were in power and decided to ignore the constitution! A biggie! I dont recall hearing Thomas speak up then. Did anyone else?

  10. yea i stopped reading after “texas libertarian cant win”

  11. Best wishes to Ron Paul.  We heard him speak in Toronto some 35 years ago.  His principles haven’t changed, therefore any applications of said principles won’t change.  Keep listening & learning & vote for whoever upholds the principles *you* hold dear.
    Quit nattering about his physical appearance – it isn’t important.

  12. He has little chance of winning the nomination”

    By this mandatory dismissive statement, the authors have identified themselves as shills for the statist propaganda media and engraved their names into the annals of yellow journalism.

    Thank you for putting this early in the hit piece so that I did not have to waste any more time on this worthless junk.

    • One must remember the main job of the corporate mass owned media is to try to steer the electorate towards their own goals.  Reporters whom want their paycheck must throw in the mass media mantra no matter what the additional content of their writintgs.

  13. what a crap headline…Ron Paul can and must win

  14. The most important and easiest vote America faces in 2012, Dr. Ron Paul. Don’t be fooled by the other posters :)

  15. I stopped reading after I read the title – “The 76-year-old libertarian won’t win, but he’s got more fans than ever…”

  16. I have known Dr. Paul since 1970 and I can tell you this, he has never wavered on anything ever. He is modestly comfortable and is forthright on everything!

  17. I dont take this as a hit peice at all.

    I think the writer is actualy concernd that he and others like him are going to find themselves out of the tent.
    What did Paul say? “We are very dangerous to the status quo”

    The more successes that come to the Liberty Movement and Ron Paul, the louder this kind of din will be.

  18. After reading this I can see why Ron has been ridiculed and discarded time after time. His posiyions on things like the gold standard, federal reserve and ‘national’ security issues abroad make too much sense for Americans to believe them.
    Perhaps if he used more of the programmed buzz words… like socialism (think your local public library) and wmd (what wmd?) and carried around a threat tree with flashing lights….
    Ron you need a photo of you in an armed forces flight suit!
    I can just imagine the billions being spent to stop this man and his policies from ever gaining power, and the nightmares he causes shareholders of general dynamics and their ilk.

  19. Voters who want wars, torture, assassinations, “humanitarian” bombings in oil rich countries, indefinite detentions, drone attacks that kill the innocent, erosion of civil liberties, domestic war on the people (drug war), out-of-control debt and spending, graft and greed, crony capitalism, pandering to special interests, bailouts, more of the same, must NOT vote for Ron Paul.

    Voters who want peace, a humane foreign policy, restoration of civil liberties, an end to the war on drugs, sound money, balanced budgets, honesty, integrity and transparency in government, and a President wholly committed to Constitutional government can vote for Ron Paul.

    Ain’t that difficult a choice.

  20. “The 76-year-old libertarian won’t win, but…” I stopped reading right there. I’ll pose this question: How many times have you seen this phrase in reference to Michelle Bachmann, whose numbers fell out after the first straw poll? In reference to Perry, whose lack of speaking ability earned him less support than Buddy Roemer in New Hampshire? In reference to Rick Santorum, who has no money or support outside of the South? All I ask for is consistency. Your subtle attacks are clever but not invisible: you say without evidence how Ron Paul cannot win but go on about his popular draw or good ideas for the rest of the article. This frames you as a Paul supporter that is conceding.

    Friends, please don’t fall into this trap! Ms. Luiza Savage is just one of the many who marginalize Ron Paul to the degree that people either forget he’s running or pass him off as a “nut-job” without actual research. Can’t you see? The “impartial” media is becoming more and more difficult to locate. Who controls the perception of the people? The media does. Their dismissal of Paul has a direct relationship with the people’s dismissal of Paul.

    So, I challenge those of you who are still skeptical about Paul. Do your own research. Look up videos of him if you want, but I honestly think that a sound bite doesn’t do him justice. Read his positions. Consider how his monetary policy has changed this race: he managed to infect Gingrich and Perry on the issue of the federal reserve. Consider how his foreign policy is truly conservative: he calls for intelligence and strategy: don’t keep doing what isn’t working (nation-building in the Middle East), but, if war is necessary, go into it with approval and a real plan to win. Is that too much to ask? How far has the party of “conservatives” drifted, when we support war and spending as being the default answers to every problem.

    The Republican Party is not what it is and should be. We have the power to change it.

    Infect with ideas, and keep this R3volution moving! Ron Paul 2012!

  21. Nixon closed the int’l gold window in 1971, but it was FDR in 1933 who confiscated private holdings in gold, sealing up safe deposit boxes, ‘giving’ holders $20.xx for each oz. of gold, and then declaring an oz to be worth $35.

  22. “…when he was asked what would be the best income tax rate. “Zero,” Paul declared.”

    Dr. Paul opposes the income tax, which the original Constitution indirectly prohibitted. It was the 16th amendment of 1913 that opened the gates to Leviathan. That same year, the Federal Reserve was hatched.

  23. Dr. Paul believes in the golden rule, a right of an accused to a trial, peace and diplomacy, property rights and free markets. Ergo, the MSM ignores him or belittles him. The GOP establishment despises him.

    • the entire establishment despises him! I’m voting for the one they fear! Ron Paul 2012!!!!

  24. “In fact, a recent CNN poll found that Paul would tie Obama in a head-to-head match if the election were held today…” — Yet Savage says he’ll never be elected president.

    • I am tiring of all of these so called right wing talk show hosts. They have fled from the only candidate running who embodies all of their hopes and dreams for America while at the same time, they can not say enough about the phony RINO do nothings that are the controlled media darlings for now. They must actually be on the other side or they are terrified of real and dramatic change back to a Constitutional government. They want low calorie Fascism, not a drastic life saving diet. This 76 year old man has more courage than all of those fat slugs who hide behind their microphones and wave their cheap foreign made flags.

  25. American voters should ask themselves what might happen if Ron is not elected president. Once they acknowledge the impending doom of another Obama term, or a Romney/Gingrich presidency, they’ll realise their only hope is to vote for Dr. Paul.

    For fans of “House” consider this analogy: a patient has one of two conditions. The first condition is untreatable but is three times more likely than the second condition, which is treatable. What to do? You treat the 2nd condition.

  26. Nice headline. How did they know so far in advance that the 76 year old would not win? The media is so amazing.

  27. Only three primaries have been held so far. Could Ron Paul still win? Sure, why not.

    • Let us all pledge to either write in Dr. Paul’s name on our ballot or nothing at all since a vote for these RINO’s is a vote for the same CFR policies that Obama is pursuing. Go Ron Paul.

  28. Wow, not one commenter has even a shred of support for your views! You are a lackey!
      Ron Paul 2012 by a landslide! ooooo you don’t like that do you?
    This is the land of the free, and the home of the BRAVE! Nobody is afraid to go agaisnt this crap anymore. You are the weakest link GOODBYE!

  29. Has anyone compiled a list of Shill Reporters yet? I need one if anyone has. Let’s give it right back to em’.

  30. Dear Author,  You’re an idiot.

    Gingrich is not on the ballots and cannot win, never mind what a slimeball he is.  Santorum has no mney and is off even more ballots than Gingrich, and canot win  And America is NEVER going to elect a mormon, never mind a flip flopping you’re just envious 1%er like Romney.

    Who’s left?  And who already indicates he beats Obama heads up?

    As far as you neo con types wanting war with Iran.  What do you suppose will be left of our economy when gas hits $10 a gallon, which is what will happen if we attack them?

  31.  This lousy “journalist” didn’t mention Ron Paul once, not once!  But what do you expect from the MSM?  Ron Paul 2012

    Ron Paul 2012

  32. Jesus Christ I have had ENOUGH of the ‘won’t in’ lines inserted into headlines and so-called news stories. He already IS winning! Learn the process or quit reporting on elections. Newt can’t even get on the ballot in some states and is ineligible for 564 delegates. How in the heck do you think he could ever get enough delegates? By the way Florida gave up half their delegates this year just to hold an earlier primary. Pretty stupid for Florida but good for Dr. Paul.

  33. Great, another ignorant hit piece. Go back to journalism school and learn how to be objective…oh, wait. That might make your bias even worse.

  34. make sure to scroll down and read Tom Tebow’s comment. Worth it! In fact the writer of this article should fired and replaced by Tom!

  35. Ron Paul 2012

    I sure do have a lot of respect for the man and what he has to say.
    Haing said that let me say this.
    When you comment for Ron Paul,
    Paul camly stick to the message., if you want to change voters minds, you must  stick to the message and give it in such a way that is more palatable.
    Think about this he doesnt invoke Jesus Crhirst, nor does he call people idiots.

    There is a lot of good posts that stick to the Ron Paul method howver many dont..
    By all means have  your opinon and when you want to blast someone as we all do from time to time, but try to leave Ron Paul’s good name out of it.  The short version try to speak as he would using your own words.  Respect wins people over, not anti mantra.

    Liberty is equivalent to the truth and by knowing and spreading the truth the truth shall surely make us free.

    Ron Paul 2012 the only ticket that can truly save this country.

  36. Ron Paul is making a difference even now by initiating
    a discussion in every neighborhood in America about the Federal Reserve, about
    bailing out not only banks but entire countries, about our foreign policy of
    sending our troops into undeclared wars in the middle east to support one or
    another faction for very suspect purposes, and about constitutional government
    and civil liberties. Thank God for Ron Paul. Whether he wins or loses, he is
    waking up America to the realities of corrupt government that have festered for
    far too long.
    Since every day that passes brings him more fans, his chances of winning increase every day…

  37. Why won’t he win?  If he gains enough support and wins the primary…he will surely win in November!

  38. i want the government to make all my decisions even who i vote for. print as much money as you need, my great grandchildren got it.

  39. Ron Paul has the most passionate supporters, but the problem is undecideds show up to vote for election and do what fox news told them to do that morning when they woke up.  The media blackout really hurts Ron.  I think people should look at that passion as a sign.  More and more people of all ages are becoming passionate about the constitution and liberty.  Especially since Gingrich and Santorum cannot mathematically attain the nomination, since they are not on enough state ballots to gather enough delegates.  Why waste you’re vote on those two?  they’re unelectable.

  40. I don’t read articles from idiots that make predictions months in advance; but I do go onto there websites and call them idiots.

  41. What? He won’t win? How did you find that out?  Then why are we, or even the others campaigning, if the author knows that Ron Paul doesn’t win?

    Stupid garbage writer.

  42.  “Mainstream economists say the Fed prevented a worse financial crisis”. Alright, take their word for it.. don’t do your own research or anything. The fact of the matter is that money is a commodity like anything else (oil, gold, etc.). There is a certain amount of demand for dollars (those looking to sell assets) and a certain amount of supply of money (those who want to buy assets). This purely simple market principle is distorted, and the entire economy by extension, when the Fed intervenes. First, by printing trillions out of thin air this decreases the value of dollars because there are more of them in the system. Likewise, banks will lend them at cheaper interest rates. People will acquire capital based on artificially low interest rates that they never should have had, and the difference between what the rates should be based on supply and demand, and what the Fed causes them to be IS THE BUBBLE. Market determined interest rate MINUS Fed determined interest rate = ARTIFICIAL BUBBLE. There is no real economic activity behind it. This is what the Fed has been doing for a century. During the Great Depression, the Fed abruptly raised interest rates after the crash.. which made the situation worse. This time, they decided to print money out of thin air (not backed by anything) and flood the economy with this funny money. Of course it has lessened the impact of the previous bubble bursting.. but all it is doing is creating a new, BIGGER ONE. There is no free lunch, we will have to deal with this in the future. There will either be another financial collapse due to a bubble bursting, or even worse there will be a dollar crisis in which case everything you have come to know will come crashing down. The true answer, as Ron Paul has said many times, is to allow the corrections to take place. Sure, this may involve some pain coming off this “high”, as any drug addict would experience pain after deciding to take an addictive drug for a prolonged period of time. Do you suggest that person persist in taking drugs until they die, to avoid some short term pain? Do you believe we should drive ourselves into oblivion, just to avoid some short term pain as well? THINK. USE YOUR HEAD.

    • defines a cult as:cult   /kʌlt/ Show Spelled[kuhlt] 
      noun 1. a particular system of religious worship, especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies. 2. an instance of great veneration of a person, ideal, or thing, especially as manifested by a body of admirers: the physical fitness cult. 3. the object of such devotion. 4. a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc. 5. Sociology . a group having a sacred ideology and a set of rites centering around their sacred symbols.  As for the second and fourth definition, I would agree. I absolutely have great veneration for someone who not only believes what I also believe, but acts according to those beliefs. You call it a cult, I call it hope. 

      • He calls it cult, I call it it passionate support,,, for someone who isn’t a 1% lackey.
        But hey.. everyone has their own opinion. If people want to say I’m in a “cult” because my principles and ideals align with the candidate I choose, so be it.

        I’m not going to hold my nose when I go to vote to please people who might say I’m in a cult. I support Ron Paul because I actually do believe in individual liberty and I am a critical thinking individual. That’s why I don’t go for the other candidates.

        They are all just cookie cutter establishment tools, spouting the same old rah rah rhetoric while avoding the real problems, and of course, offering no real solutions.

  43. why do all media types think Dr. Paul wont win? i havent watched tv period for months now because of all the bull. it become sickening. so when i want to read real news i go on the net searh ron paul in google and youtube.

    Dr. Paul will win if you vote for him and thats all that matters.

    peace out.

  44. Journalists say,, He’s too old. His fringe constitutional, libertarian leaning ideas won’t appeal to the people. He is unelectable…

    They said with confidence.. and boy did they hit the nail right on the head (about Ronald Reagan) lol

  45. Dr. Paul will win whether he wins or not. The movement for the Constitution, for the Free market, for individual liberty, for Peace, against the wars, against the foreign welfare, against the tyrannical taxes, against the Federal Reserve and its endless printing of our now fiat currency, against the anti-rights cabinet departments, agencies, and GSEs paid for by the Federal Reserve, started years ago and is growing by leaps and bounds. 

    The crowds here number in the least around 500, and above that, in the thousands. He receives the most donations from active duty troops, more than ALL the other candidates (including Obama). His entire grassroots base is not paid for, but completely volunteer. There are literally thousands of people around the country volunteering for the campaign at any time, whether it be by running for office, learning and reading economics, law, and history, conversing with others on the web (he has the largest internet following out of ALL candidates) or going door to door in real life. He has one of the best funded campaigns, WITH NO DONATIONS FROM LOBBYISTS. His average donation is around 25$, with donors ranging from 20,000-100,000 a time. More than all of this, he has a message, he has an idea, one that all Americans need rights now, FREEDOM.  

  46. Hey Establishment!!! ………He is in it to, WIN IT!!!!

    GET OVER IT!!!

    Ron Paul 2012 or Bust!!

  47. I don’t quite get the intense support although I have seen it around even in the last election. Paul is an interesting guy however his ideas seem to be longer than a bumper sticker so no, he won’t get the nod. The GOP is currently all a-drool over Gingritch for pete’s sake.

    I think it’s probably easier to see from this distance. You do all realize this is a Canadian site, right?

  48. Who says he can’t win?  He dominates, yes dominates the debates (if you bother to listen).  Gingrich, Santorum and Romney all LEARN from Ron Paul. He is their master.

    I mean hello.

    • 100% correct. If you watch the progress of the debates from the beginning of this election cycle, you can see all 3 of those bozos parroting Paul. They have realized that there is some popularity to what he is saying. But You can’t trust them to follow through since they are only just picking up the rhetoric that has been Paul’s policy for 30 years. C’mon republicans. Don’t be so gullible…

  49. See the Tampa Debate Ron Paul Supporter madness, it was crazy… here

  50. Watch the power of nightmares… neocons too if you dare.
    then tell us pauls movement isnt the next wave… he might not win 2012, but rand will be a unstopable force in 2016.

    Ron paul will go down as the solution to end our current political insanity of fear of the unknown.

  51. Ron Paul is the only man with the feet on the ground, the rest, especially Newt and Mitten, the two clowns are like a couple of teenagers arguing over girls -they are disgusting!!
    Are those two amateur politicians aware of what’s going on today in AMerica? What about the infamous TSA? Dr Paul is aware of this abuse of the administration, against Americans, and he is committed to stop it by fithgting for our civil liberties.
    Unfortunately, those who are affiliated to the corruption, discard Dr Paul as a non-winning candiate and people believe it.
    Let’s keep fighting for our right, to restore our future and of our children and their children.

  52. Great article, thank you for writing this.

  53. Newt told us the he didn’t want an open marriage WHILE HE WAS LIVING IT. So I’ll either vote for him or Larry King. Mitt Told us he was against abortion but the video records him saying I’m for choice.  So I’ll either vote for him or obama. Santorum just wants to bomb the bejeebers out of Iran so I’ll either vote for him or write in Robert Strange McNamara. and Rush said that Ron Paul was the crazy aunt in the cellar. Maybe I won’t even vote.

  54. This article was well-researched and excellently written.

    One quibble: Calling Ron Paul an “isolationist” is like calling your neighbor a “hermit” because he does not come to your house to smash your windows, beat your kids, shoot your dog, then piddle on its corpse.

    Paul is a non-interventionist. He advocates open, friendly trade and relations with all peoples and nations, which is not very isolationist, is it?

  55. wether or not you think he will claim the nomination or the presidency – one thing is for certain: if there is any challenge to obama IT IS RON PAUL.  mitt, newt and rick reek of stagnation, corruption, sycophancy and violence.  there is NOTHING other than ron paul that a democrat would even consider voting for from the gop pile of nominees.  ron paul brings before him integrity and consistency that transcends party divides.

    additionally mr. president understand that eloquence and charisma never disguise what is incorrect and morally reprehensible nor the promise of comfort silence those that seek to know the truth.

  56. The moronic MSM keep on chanting their little mantra that Ron Paul “can’t win”.  That’s called “wishful thinking” on their part as well as a deliberate attempt to convince the voting public of that falsehood.  They are the same gang who told us that Dr Paul couldn’t get more than 9% in any primary.  They are the same clique who told us in solemn tones about the WMDs in Iraq.  The MSM are the same idiots who would have us believe that the Serbs had killed 100,000 Albanians and buried them in “mass graves”.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they tell us that Pol Pot was a humanitarian.
    Those who want a return to Constitutional government in the USA and who want a new era of peace, prosperity and liberty should decide for themselves whom to vote for.  I would suggest that those who long for the right to run their own lives and make their own decisions vote for…
    RON PAUL for President in 2012!

  57. go ron paul he is the last hope for the US before they colapse like every other empire !

  58. To hell with the media and all these lost, delusional, weak cowards who tow the line for those who wish to see America fall! VOTE FOR RON PAUL…EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO WRITE IT IN…it may well be your last chance to save this country.

  59. Dr. Paul has been endorsed by God herself.
    “Ron Paul is good.”  Torah Code.

  60. lololo wont win hes just starting yes he will win

  61. You unprofessionally state your personal OPINION that Ron Paul won’t win.
    You must therefore also believe our economy is doomed.

    As you know, the US
    economy is sinking quickly. Canada is economically tied to the United
    States. If the US sinks, we sink. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate with
    a viable plan to rescue the US from economic collapse

    Luckily you are wrong. Ron Paul is HIGHLY electable…as proven here:

    Victory for Ron Paul = Victory for America = Victory for Canada

  62. This article is not true, and mostly not factual. It is that simple.

  63. Do people ever do real research on the candidates before they vote for them. Did you know that Romney, and Obama’s number one supporters are the same? Maybe America does not think we need change? How can Rick Santorum be a Christian, when he wants to kill em all. I’m glad my last name is not Castro. Did you know that Israel has a lot of terriost that want to kill Americans, even inside their government. Does this mean we should bomb Israel? As Michelle Bachman said Israel is our greatest alli, and friend. I just can not make sense of any of them.

  64. Generally a fair an objective assessment of Paul but you still fell into two errors which are constantly made by the media, 

    First, it is inaccurate to call Paul isolationist.  He is non-interventionist.  North Korea is isolationist. That is they don’t engage with anyone outside their borders.  Paul on the other hand says we should talk and trade with everyone including Iran.  He points out that we fought th Vietnamese for years with nothing to show for it but dead soldiers.  Now we trade with them to out mutual benefit.

    As for abortion, while the Libertarian Party platform is pro-choice, there are many libertarians that oppose abortion.  That is because libertarianism as a philosophy does not address the question of when in the path of gestation you become human.  It only addresses how known humans should interact.  People develop their position on abortion from other sources.  In any event if this issue is left to the states there will no doubt we a range of answers on when or if abortion should be legal and people can vote with their feet on thr issue.

    • The ‘isolationist’ smear is just another trick the media and pundits use to write off Paul. The most hilarious thing about it was Jon Stossel’s recent article posted on Fox News. It was an opinion piece about Obama’s state of the union address. One of Stossel’s suggestions was exactly what Ron Paul’s message has been from day 1. Get the troops out of Japan, Germany etc. 

  65. Oops missed another error.  Paul not only receives more military contributions than other candidates, he receives twice as many as all the others combined.

  66. The “he won’t win” demagoguery is getting SO tiring…

  67. Ron Paul would win as an independent candidate. He has ideas that have mass appeal. He would decriminalize drugs, bring troops home from around the world, closing military bases in Europe and Asia and has a real plan to balance the budget. Ron Paul would take as many Democratic votes as Republican votes and would get more independent votes than either Obama or Romney/Gingrich. Ron Paul is a fiscal conservative, a social libertarian and to the left of Obama on the military. Neither Republicans nor Democrats want a Ron Paul third party candidacy.

  68. So, Ron Paul is unelectable.  Thanks for clearing that up… good work you titans of journalism! Yep.

  69. Ron Paul has integrity and the rest do not. He’s the only choice that will actually get our country back on track.

  70. I so wish Ron Paul would get the republican nomination…and if I were American, I’d be considered in the Democratic camp. Ron Paul would be a return to the kind of sanity so absent down there for so long. What he says makes so much sense! Freedom was what the USA was famously built upon and it’s THE country that incarcerates a larger percentage of its population than all others! Some ‘Freedom’! Sadly, Harper buys into this same failed jail-more-of-us model.