No pregnant nuns, please

The ice-cream ad that has been banned in Italy

An ice cream advertisement has been banned in Italy after complaints from Christians that it was offensive. The ad, which depicts a heavily pregnant nun with the line “immaculately conceived,” prompted 10 complaints to Italy’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after running in the magazines The Lady and Grazia. (Another ad in the campaign features two men in cassocks and clerical collars close to kissing, with the line “we believe in salivation.”)

The ice-cream company, Antonio Federici Gelato Italiano, defended itself against the pregnant-nun complaints, arguing that “conception” described the development of their ice cream. The company also claims that the ads are, in part, meant “to comment on and question, using satire and gentle humour, the relevance and hypocrisy of religion and the attitudes of the Church to social issues.” But the ASA ruled that the pregnant nun ad was “likely to be seen as a distortion and mockery of the beliefs of Roman Catholics,” and banned it. That wasn’t the first time the ASA has had to police the company’s ads. Last year they canned another one that depicted a priest just about to kiss a nun.


No pregnant nuns, please

  1. "That wasn't the first time the ASA has had to police the company's ads. Last year they canned another one that depicted a priest just about to kiss a nun."

    And apparently they didn't like the one with Mohamed eating the ice cream, either!

  2. Great… Decision done to ban the advertisement there is no link between pregnant nun and ice cream

  3. Are Macleans and other publications conscious of the hypocrisy of publishing the above photo but not the Danish cartoons? Which story about religious imagery and censorship thereof was more newsworthy?

  4. I've seen my fair share of nuns before, and she does not make a convincing nun. In my experience, nuns are not drop-dead gorgeous!

  5. As for me , that advertisement is really offensive for some hard core Christians.. seeing a pregnant nun in the picture is already foul.. sometimes we must consider nuns to be like priests or reverends.. we must respect them and their image no matter what.. their sacrifice is enough for them to earn everybody's respect..

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  6. This Ad is really offensive. Such Ads offending any religion or hurting sentiments of people should never be given any coverage and the owners of the company should be brought to justice.

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