Not so liberal after all -

Not so liberal after all

A far-right party wins 20 seats in Sweden

Not so liberal after all

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As a wave of anti-immigration sentiment sweeps across Europe, Sweden has seemed relatively immune. The country prides itself on a tolerant attitude, not to mention generous welfare and immigration policies (it brought in some 40,000 refugees in the first four years of the Iraq war). This makes recent election results all the more surprising. On Sept. 19, Swedish voters re-elected the ruling centre-right coalition—but gave the far-right Sweden Democrats 20 seats, inviting them to make their first entry into the national parliament.

Led by Jimmie Åkesson, who’s called Islam the country’s biggest security threat since the Second World War, the Sweden Democrats stirred up controversy throughout the campaign. One advertisement, which showed an elderly white woman trampled by a horde of burka-clad women pushing baby strollers, was banned from television but scored tens of thousands of hits on YouTube. The party wasn’t allowed to join in televised debates, but the country’s attitudes to immigration may now be aligning more closely with some of its neighbours’.

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt had asked voters for a clear majority. For now, at least, he’ll have to work with the fragile minority government he’s got.


Not so liberal after all

  1. what's been happenning recently (in the US, Sweden, Canada and others) regarding islamic rights/freedoms and related topics is simply depressing and disheartening. Let us focus on real problems with our society and state of being and stop squabbaling over meager and ultimately pointless prejudice and general fear of what is not properly understood

    • Muslims have lost rights in the US, Sweden, Canada and other places? Please enlighten us with your proper understanding and provide us with an example.

      • Quebec: headdresses banned although only 30-40 women in the whole province even wear them, and no crimes have been committed by those wearing burkas, hijabs, etc.
        Germany: game released that involves blowing up mosques and muslims

        Need I provide more links?

        • so you are saying that they should be allowed to do as they please, namely, beat us on the head with their BS and try every which way to destroy us, while we sit back and watch the show? it is good that you like their lifestyle. you should move to their country if you are not already there. i am sure they will enjoy having you around. while you are busy bending over for them, please leave us to our prejudices.

          as for that link you posted, it is a GAME, as opposed to the actual destruction they carry out with total impunity, thanks to people like you.

  2. Read the Qu'ran, read Sharia law, this is a society issue. The ideals of these texts go against every freedom we take for granted in the so called 'West'.
    It is not pointless and prejudice to talk or raise questions about Islam and how this religion is to blend like a melting pot into "western society".
    The article above is proving that a lot of people have concerns about immigration from Islamic countries. Nothing wrong with the people, that's prejudice, its the religion that is oppressive, violent, fanatical and degrading to women.
    How can 'western' societies expect the ideal of a melting pot immigration policy to work as it has for years if Islamic immigrants predominantly segregate from western society based on extreme religious differences.
    We are referred to as an infidel!

    • The bible says the same damn thing about non-believers of Christianity BUT does that mean all Christians hate non-Christians? Nope. This is why it's considered hateful to judge all Muslims as wanting to kill infidels. Give each person an individual chance!! We all deserve it!!

      • i din't understand you statement, "it is considered hateful to judge all muslims…" you are saying it is ok for them to hate us infidels, but we should not judge them for that!?? WOW!! You really really do understand them muslims just too well!!
        and comparing them to Christians too!! you may not realise this but Christians are tolerating these mullahs a LOT more than the mullahs are tolerating them, and that is in OUR COUNTRIES. They don't show us the same courtesy in THEIR countries. Try going and talking about what you deserve in their countries and see what happens!! then come and tell us about the "deserve" part of it!!

  3. Before anyone expresses too much surprise, maybe said anyone would like to do a little research on the effects of the rapid rise of the islamic population in Malmo.

    • :@ oh!! that is so hateful!! you know they are only trying to express themselves freely!! so what if they are ungrateful!! we are infidels and should accept their anger and ungratefulness as a blessing from their dear great one!! after all they only want to achieve peace for themselves, right!? :@
      …even sarcasm fails here!!

  4. The answer to the "Muslim problem" is the same as the answer to the Christian/Jew/Hindu/Pagan problem.

    If they break the law, put them in jail. If not, leave them alone.

  5. Go To Page 46 Of
    Picture of a girl being stoned to death.

    If you do your own research on who,s Muhammed You will find that every source of information is basicly the same Islam is a crule nation and rules their people by fear Who was Muhammad , He was a murderer,rapist, and a child molester .Lets make sure we keep Canada free for our children and not like Iran where they stone there women to death .