Oil sands critic will advise Obama on energy, climate change

John Podesta returns to the White House


Oil sands critic John Podesta will be advising President Obama specifically on energy and climate change, White House spokesman Jay Carney today told reporters aboard Air Force One en route back from South Africa. (I posted earlier today on Podesta’s past criticism of the oil sands. He also co-authored this op-ed with Tom Steyer, a billionaire investor who is spending millions fighting the Keystone XL pipeline.)

From the White House transcript released this evening:

MR. CARNEY:  I can confirm that John Podesta will be joining the White House staff as a counselor to the President.  John, as you know, has an enormous amount of experience and he has dedicated his career to a goal that he shares with the President, which is improving the lives of middle-class Americans. John was a chief of staff to former President Clinton.  He was also transition head for President-elect Obama, and has served as an informal advisor to President Obama over the years as well as to the Chief of Staff, Denis McDonough, whose idea it was to bring in John in this role for one year —

Q    One year?

MR. CARNEY:  One year only.  That’s the agreement. And he will advise on a range of issues with a particular focus on issues of energy and climate change, but will obviously bring a lot of experience to bear on behalf of the President and Denis.  So we look forward to having him.


Oil sands critic will advise Obama on energy, climate change

  1. What’s it like telling your kids climate change WILL be a crisis when science has only agreed on nothing beyond “could be” a crisis and not one IPCC warning says it WILL be an “inevitable” crisis, you know like they love to say comet hits are. A climate crisis IS a comet hit.
    What has to happen for science to finally agree it will happen, not just might happen and let’s hope its not too late before unstoppable warming arrives.
    Believe what you want but you can only say what science has said; that its a “could be” crisis not a WILL be crisis as you doomers say.

    • “too late before unstoppable warming arrives” ?
      Since 1998, the Earth is cooling, Ice Age is coming.
      Will Emperor Zwarte Piet Obama stop the Ice ?

    • You need to familiarize yourself with how science works.
      Science provides probabilities in the case of both comets striking the earth and climate change.

  2. abeldanger has some information “John Podesta gave FCI lesbiennes radiocales and the ACORN paramilitaries the Clipper backdoor into Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) networks. They now monitor all the various SATCOM/TC, GIG/DISN, NCES, and C4ISR systems, including command and control, facilities, communications, airborne platforms, telecommunications services, enterprise computing, future engineering requirements, and information systems”

  3. History is watching this Reefer Madness of Climate Blame.

    It is not a crime for scientists to only agree on nothing beyond just “could be” a catastrophic end for us all but it “IS” a crime for you news editors to say it WILL be when science has not. History can only judge your misrepresenting science and your 30 years of needless CO2 panic to billions of innocent children as a crime and the only crisis you believers, news editors and politicians have to worry about is how your grand kids will explain to their kids you how so easily and with such sickening childish glee condemned them all to the greenhouse gas ovens of YOUR exaggerated climate crisis.

  4. Not one IPCC warning says; “will be” a crisis or is “inevitable” or “eventual” so how is telling your own children it WILL be a crisis for them not pure fear mongering?

    • Science deals in probabilities. It doesn’t say smoking WILL cause cancer. Maybe you should stop scaring your children and buy them some cigarettes.

      • Whatever, YOU still can’t say it WILL happen until science does, otherwise its just neocon-like fear mongering to misquote science.

        So just what does have to happen now for science to say it WILL be a crisis before unstoppable warming arrives when its too late?
        Science can say comet hits are real and inevitable but not climate change and REAL progressives welcome the good news of a crisis exaggerated.
        And get up to date;
        *Canada killed Y2Kyoto with a freely elected climate change denying prime minister and nobody cared, especially the millions of scientists warning us of unstoppable warming (a comet hit).

  5. Science can say comet hits WILL happen “eventually” but the “scientists” can’t say their own 30 year old comet hit of an emergency of climate change crisis is as real as a comet hit is.
    Deny that and you remaining doomers canNOT say it WILL be a crisis until science does.