Palestinians protest Baird’s visit by hurling eggs and shoes

Activists from the Fatah party had called for a boycott of the minister because of the Canada’s perceived pro-Israel stance

A Palestinian protester holds a poster with a photo of Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird that reads in Arabic, 'You should be ashamed of your biased position towards Israel.' (Nasser Nasser/AP Photo)

A Palestinian protester holds a poster with a photo of Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird that reads in Arabic, ‘You should be ashamed of your biased position towards Israel.’ (Nasser Nasser/AP Photo)

RAMALLAH, Palestinian Territories – Dozens of Palestinian protesters in Ramallah hurled eggs and shoes at the convoy of Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird.

Baird travelled to the West Bank city today to meet with Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki.

The protesters held signs reading: “Baird you are not welcome in Palestine.”

Activists from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party had earlier called for a boycott of the minister because of the Canadian government’s perceived pro-Israel stance.

Baird is in the region for four days of meetings with Israeli and Palestinian officials.

In a statement this morning, he described his meeting with Malki was “cordial and constructive,” and said it included “candid and frank exchanges on areas where we differ in opinion.”

Canada is opposed to the recent Palestinian bid to pursue war crime charges against Israel.

Baird’s statement says he asked Malki to “strongly reconsider the consequences of moving forward with any action that may be counterproductive to a negotiated solution with the State of Israel.”

It was also his first meeting with the Palestinian Authority since the United Nations Security Council blocked a Palestinian motion to set a three-year deadline for the establishment of a Palestinian state on lands occupied by Israel.

Baird has spoken out against the move, as he has with similar Palestinian statehood initiatives at the U.N..

The minister later met in Jerusalem with Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister Avigdor Lieberman, and is scheduled to meet with other Israeli politicians.

In a statement, Baird noted his meetings come a year after Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s visit to Israel, and the two signed a declaration outlining co-operation in the diplomatic, trade and development areas.

“Canada and Israel share similar views on the world stage,” said Baird.

“Canada strongly supports Israel’s right to defend itself by itself and its right to live in peace with its neighbours. Canada will fight any efforts internationally to delegitimize the State of Israel, including the disturbing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement.”

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Palestinians protest Baird’s visit by hurling eggs and shoes

  1. Eggs and shoes…..a global embarrassment for Canada.

    Harp is always on the wrong side of history.

  2. Would they be the same protestors who take Canadian money for rebuilding what they have destroyed, the same people who take Canadian food and supplies to feed and clothe their kids because they are too busy trying to kill their neighbors who they feel should not exist.

    • Maybe they’re the same people whose country is occupied by a foreign power.

      • Maybe they should learn to co-exist with their neighbors instead of trying to kill them because of their faith. By the way, whose country??? Check your history books.

        • The country is Palestine. The UN decided to create Israel in Palestine.

          Naturally Palestinians resent it.

          • What is this country of palestine you speak of? Where was its capital? Who was it’s king? I’ve read lots of ancient history and I can find no mention of the country or kingdom of palestine.
            I have, on the other hand seen tons of references to King David leader of the Jews and it’s capital of Jerusalem dating back over 3000 years.

        • Not interested in religious clap-trap. Try a history book.

          • I have. Maybe you should follow your own advice.

          • There was no Moses, no ‘exodus’, no 40 years in the Sinai….and Caanan is Palestine.

            Jesus was a Palestinian.

          • Too funny.
            The “Philistines” had a few city states in that area at the time when Jerusalem was the capitol of the Jewish kingdom, but they had no king or capital.
            Do you actually believe the nonsense you write? Or do you just like the attention you get from being bizarre?
            “Jesus was a palestinian” lol

          • Not gonna argue it with you Simon, especially if you’re ignorant enough to confuse Philistines with Palestinians.

            Bethlehem is in the west bank.

            Baird has earned his eggs and shoes.

          • There was no west bank when Jesus was born. lol
            He was a Jew. No ifs, ands or buts about it.
            I’d have to say you’re the one who is confused…as usual.
            Maybe read even just a little history of the area before you post your nonsensical rants.

          • I told you I’m not going to argue known history with a religious loon. This time around you can’t even distinguish religion from geography!

            Don’t worry though…you’ve earned your eggs and shoes too.

          • Oh it’s known history allright…to everyone but you. lol
            How old are you? Ten?
            I’m done trying to enlighten the ignorant.
            Nighty night wing nut.

          • A History book that goes back only 40 years.

          • Very true Teuchter…..but you have to know what the history is in the first place…..and you are talking mythology instead.

        • As Simon Sez grabs his bible and runs…….LOL

          • @Emilyloon There was no Palestine until 40 years ago. Can you not read????

          • Teuchter…you can run along with Simon Sez….both of you were thumped with a bible too many times to make sense.

          • @Emilyloon….
            History is what it is and you can’t change it although some of you try.

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