Photos from Bangkok

Stunning images from Thailand’s rioting capital, as clashes between protestors and police escalate


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Photos from Bangkok

  1. I am a Thai living in Bangkok. The photos show people being shot, but note there are terrorists among the protestors who have shot randomly–and at the protestors themselves– in order to put the blame on the government and hence provoke extreme anger and eventually an insurrection aimed at restoring a political order that would absolve Thaksin of his corruption crimes. These terrorists are affiliated with the radical wing of the red shirts–and are working in cahoots with the protest leaders who have turned themselves in and are now charged with being terrorists. The army operation, contrary to opinion, has been a model of restraint, but pictures disseminated worldwide show a bias;hardly any are shown of protestors firing M79s, throwing firebombs, and snipers in black-hooded garb firing at journalists–namely because such pics are hard to capture. The military operation has been transparent, as indicated by the hordes of journalists allowed to follow up to the front line.

  2. I concur with the Thai national above. These photos demonstrate total lack of insight and are sensationalist at best in the manner in which they have been used. I have been in Bangkok during the Thai crisis and I have seen and experienced the nature of the situation first hand, along with friends and colleagues that are Thai (some in the government and businesses there). Mr. Xoomsai is correct on all the points he has stated here. It was insurrection and terror, not "peaceful protest" by any stretch of the imagination. The military was entirely justified in its actions and very transparent in informing the public of the steps being taken. There were also announcements in English. Military intervention was the only way my safety could be assured. Many, including myself, thought the military too lenient.

  3. To a certain extent, I agreed with both opinions above. The violence was not created by the army or the government, but the red-shirt leaders. If anyone could understand Thai and watch the clip that those leaders suggest people burn the town and steal brand name products from the department stores nearby, you will know that the violence is primarily caused by the protesters. Even though I think the government exaggerated at some points, it is the minor detail that is concerned with a clip that was misunderstood. However, this can mitigate the transparency of the government. From 9 clips that was broadcast, only one that red shirt protesters can defend that the clip was the old one and was the demonstration of red-shirt at somewhere else not in town. The others are true and they cannot ague. Apart from this point, I couldn’t agree more with the opinions above.

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