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Putin: Russia will continue helping Syria even if it comes under attack


ST. PETERSBURG, Russia – President Vladimir Putin says Russia will continue helping Syria even if it comes under attack.

Putin, speaking at Friday’s briefing after the Group of 20 summit, answered with a firm “we will” when asked if Russia will keep providing assistance to Syria if it’s attacked.

He added that Russia has been supplying weapons to Syria and maintaining economic co-operation.

Putin said that Russia intends to increase its humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people after more than two years of hostilities.

Putin and his officials have previously said that Moscow has no intention of engaging in the conflict.

However, Russia has increased its naval presence in the Mediterranean, which the Kremlin’s chief of staff said could help Russia evacuate its citizens from Syria if necessary.

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Putin: Russia will continue helping Syria even if it comes under attack

  1. Good, Putin doesn’t support terrorism like Obama does. Fact is 9/11 were Sunni 9/11, Boston bombing was Sunni radicals….yet Obama sides with Saudi/UAE Sunni radicals? And we all know where Obama got the money from for 9/11 and 10+ years hiding, Saudi Sunni.

    Fact is Shia Syria and Iran hate al Qaeda and don’t tolerate them. So why is Obama supporting terrorists?

    Bankers want it, hides the debt corruption…gives them a goat.
    Munitions people want it, no war no profit.
    Politicians want it for the lobby money and to hide their corruption.
    Those owing hundreds of billions to Iran for past oil shipments would love to reneg on the debt like they did in Libya.

    Fact is this war is about corruption, American/Europe/UAE corruption and domination over the middle east for various economic, religious and war mongering excuses.

    At least Russia, China, Iran, Syria and others don’t support terrorism for religion and politics.

    • Um…you do realize that Obama wasn’t the President during 9/11 right? Kinda hurts your point when you get that wrong.

      Fact is, your point is loaded with loaded with false statements & when you decide to make up facts; it proves you’re no better than FOXNews. Do some research, (finding out who the President was during 9/11 is a good start), & then get back to us. Your repost will be way more effective with actual facts.

      You’re welcome.

      • 911 shoukld be none the less part of Obama’s considerations. So why is he supporting 911 like terrorism? Syria rebels are al Qaeda, Sunni islam, lots of Saudi/UAE rememberer….just like 911. Even funded by the Saudi/UAE like Osama was.

        I blame both Bush and Obama. Never understood with 911 terrorists being Saudi/UAE Sunni why USA bomb Iraq and Afghanistan.

        USA never did disclose where Osama, terrorists got the the money. As to deliberately ignore Saudi funded terrorism.

        It isn’t about black or white, its about endemic corruption.

  2. Regardless of your feelings Putin, you have to admit he is doing a good job of playing world politics.