Representing the new guy -

Representing the new guy

Tarek Al-Khatib, a Swedish immigrant, has formed a political party to represent immigrants’ interests

Representing the new guy

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In reaction to the success of the Sweden Democrats, a far-right populist political party that in last month’s federal election won 20 seats in the 349-member parliament, Tarek Al-Khatib, a Swedish immigrant, has formed a political party to represent immigrants’ interests. Known as the Svartsk­alledmokraterna, or the “Wog Democrats,” the party’s aim is to challenge the Sweden Democrats’ anti-immigrant and anti-Islam platform. “We have to defend ourselves through greater political activity,” Al-Khatib told the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel, adding that Sweden’s shift to the right sends a “clear warning signal” to immigrants in the Nordic country.

That Sweden needs a political party that supports foreigners’ interests may be an understatement. In recent weeks, the country has seen a rash of shootings against foreigners in Malmö, the third largest city, where almost half the population are immigrants. They were the latest in a string of shootings over the past year in Malmö: 16 in total, resulting in numerous injuries and the death of one woman. Given the atmosphere of fear, the Wog Democrats appear to be gaining momentum: since its recent inception this month, the party says more than 1,000 people have expressed interest.


Representing the new guy

  1. As long as Tarek Al-Khatib doesn't call his party "Hizbollah of Sweden," people shouldn't be too concerned, right? This progress: at least Al-Khatib's party isn't threatening newspaper editors with death for making fun of Mohammed. At least not yet. Europeans are finally starting to see that the problem with democracy is that, once somebody has it, everybody will want it. Democracy is too good for just anyone…

  2. Stephanie, what's your opinion on there being too many Asians on campuses?