Pauline Marois says Rest of Canada can visit independent Quebec

Rest of Canada can visit independent Quebec: Marois

An independent Quebec would have no borders


LAC-MEGANTIC, – An independent Quebec would have no borders and would open its arms to tourists from Canada, Parti Quebecois Leader Pauline Marois said Tuesday.

Marois was asked on the campaign trail whether an independent Quebec would be more attractive as a tourism destination.

“It won’t change our landscapes, that’s for sure” she said with a laugh.

“We’ll still be able to go see the Rockies out West and go to Prince Edward Island and they’ll be able to come here. There won’t be any borders or tolls.”

Marois then said an independent Quebec would have more latitude and freedom but she did not immediately elaborate on the border issue.M

“No, no, we’re not on independence today, we’re discussing Lac-Megantic,” she said.

Later in the day, Marois sought to clarify the border comments when she agreed with a reporter’s assertion that an independent Quebec would be like the European Union, where there is free movement of citizens.

“That’s what it means, but that’s not to say there wouldn’t be a (Quebec) citizenship and, as such, a passport,” Marois said.

For his part, Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard said the PQ’s constant musings on Quebec’s future only serve to hurt the province and that his political foes should tone down the rhetoric.

“Every time they hint at a referendum, Quebec is weakened,” he said at a campaign stop in Trois-Rivieres.

Quebec independence would destroy the rest of Canada because the province is an “essential part” of the country and its “distinct character” is part of what makes Canada so interesting.

Couillard also harked back to the failed 1990 Meech Lake constitutional agreement, which would have recognized Quebec as a distinct society.

“Canada didn’t refuse (to sign Meech),” he said. “Some provinces did not endorse Meech Lake but that doesn’t mean Canada turned it down.”

Couillard said he he believes Canadians in other provinces realize Meech was a “missed opportunity.”

“It should have (been approved by everyone). But you don’t reject a country because it wasn’t. What’s that all about?”

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Rest of Canada can visit independent Quebec: Marois

  1. >She is dreaming. If these traitors do that, separate from the country, Canadians will avoid Quebec like the plague. Many already would rather drive through the USA to travel East of West of Quebec;
    Besides, Canada will maintain a land bridge from Ontario to New Brunswick and I do not meet a “corridor”. I mean all the land south of the Ottawa River and the Saint-Lawrence River!
    >They can forget the Cree Territory, too, because the Cree People already had their referendum and voted overwhelmingly to remain in Canada, oh, and yes with all those Hydro-Quebec dams;
    >Oh, they can look somewhere else to replace that money they receive each year from Ottawa. Last year it was $19.3 Billion for Equalization Payments, Healthcare Transfers, and Social Services Transfers.. Yes, you are reading correcting, $19.3 Billion, most of it from Alberta, and the Quebec Government still posted a deficit of over $3 Billion last year. Now, in this election they Minister of Finances and Theft boasted that they reduced this to a little over $1 Billion. It’s all borrowed money – go to Google and enter “Quebec Debt Clock”. Scary!

  2. Good luck with that, Marois! Canadians will stay away from Quebec – and likely insist on closing our borders to Quebec residents. And you’d be wise to keep a close eye on those Canadians who do visit – there’s a good chance some will be carrying explosives. Separation will NOT be pretty, or violence-free; if you think it will, you are seriously deluded, as history demonstrates otherwise.

    • Perhaps Ms. Marois believes the immigrants she has shunned with her values charter will line up to visit the new nation of Quebec.

    • Due to the language police policy they have in that area I will never wanted to visit there. I don’t think many people from English speaking Canada will want to visit that province if it had to seperate.