The rise of the far right in Europe

Defying predictions, nationalist parties are tightening their networks and coalescing into dangerous alliances



In August 2010, dozens of far-right politicians from across Europe flew to Tokyo for a week of plotting and scheming. They were invited by Japan’s right-wing Issuikai group, famous for its denial of Japanese war crimes during the Nanjing Massacre, in which hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians were murdered, and tens of thousands raped, by Japanese soldiers. The occasion was a conference: “The Future of Nationalist Movements.”

By all accounts, it was a success. A who’s who of European nationalists showed up: delegates from the British Nationalist Party (BNP), Jobbik (Hungary), Tricolour Flame (Italy), Attack (Bulgaria), Freedom (Ukraine) and Flemish Interest (Belgium). Jean-Marie Le Pen—former president of France’s Muslim-bashing, European Union-trashing Front National—gave the keynote address. The congress, said an Issuikai spokesperson, was focused on “how we can protect the national identity in our respective countries and co-operate to win the battle against globalization.”

The last few years have been good to Europe’s far right. In 2010, extreme parties in the Netherlands, Hungary and Sweden gave powerful electoral showings. Soon after, Austria’s Freedom Party raked in over 25 per cent of state election votes and doubled its parliamentary seats. That momentum has not waned. “I would never have imagined that demons long believed to have been banished would return,” wrote European Parliament President Martin Schulz in 2012. “But simple-minded populism is once again gaining ground.” This year in Norway—just two years after a far-right militant named Anders Behring Breivik massacred 69 people on the island of Utøya—the Progress Party that once inspired him won almost a quarter of the national vote.

But this is not, as some observers claim, the 1930s redux—for these are not the same far-right parties. Rather, much of Europe’s radical right has broken with its bellicose past. Today’s far-right parties are more polished and articulate, more welcoming of mainstream agenda points (like same-sex marriage and welfare assistance) and more committed to playing by democratic rules. In some cases, their goals have changed too; many far-right parties have sidelined the fight for electoral seats in favour of projects meant to push mainstream parties rightward. In places like Britain, conservative parties have taken the bait. Earlier this year, the U.K. Home Office dispatched government vans to drive around London, emblazoned with the message, “In the U.K. illegally? Go home or face arrest”—in what many say was a nasty concession to far-right forces. For this reason, the new far right appears all the more insidious. Experts speak of a continental “contagion from the right.” In Hungary and Switzerland, they worry about democratic collapse.

Europe’s nationalists—by definition, domestically focused—have even shuffled toward a common foreign policy. In June, a far-right delegation travelled on a fact-finding mission to Syria, which included a visit to Marja Square, where suicide bombers had reportedly just killed 14 people. Later, the BNP’s Nick Griffin praised Hezbollah for helping Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to recapture the rebel-held city of al-Qusayr and described Beirut as “less alien than the streets of London.”

And then there’s the collaborating. Ever since the ’90s, when Jean-Marie Le Pen started the EuroNat alliance of nationalist parties, far-right parties have been talking. In recent years, however, their networks have tightened. In mid-November, Marine Le Pen of France’s Front National and Geert Wilders of Holland’s Party for Freedom announced an alliance meant to break the European parliament from within. “This is a historical day,” Wilders declared, after finalizing his pact with Le Pen in The Hague. “Today is the beginning of the liberation from the European elite, the monster in Brussels.” Le Pen and Wilders will now extend the invitation to like-minded parties across the continent.

This is not what history predicted. “Historically, far-right groups have been pretty bad at getting together,” explains Matthew Goodwin of the Chatham House, a U.K. think tank. “They are not like socialists, geared to international objectives. Parties on the right are intrinsically nationalist.” But they’re working on it. And national borders have proven permeable. Far-right parties attend each other’s conferences and demonstrations. They hold joint meetings. And they follow each other on Twitter. The European Parliament funds a number of far-right political alliances—to the tune of hundreds of thousands of euros—since they contain elected representatives who are eligible for EU dollars.

Some ironies reveal themselves immediately: ultra-nationalist parties who rail against “internationalism” are building international ties; anti-EU groups are organizing on the EU’s dime. “Year by year, Jobbik is extending its international activities,” Márton Gyöngyösi, a Jobbik parliamentarian, told Maclean’s. And it’s not just political parties that are collaborating. Last March, a number of thuggish Defence Leagues (English, Danish, Swedish, etc.) gathered at a summit in Aarhus, Denmark.

More than ever, Europe’s far-right is coalescing into muscular alliances. That can only help them in next year’s European Parliament elections, in which far-right gains are expected. Of course, this doesn’t mean the old days of street-level strong-arming have passed. Two months ago, a member of Greece’s Golden Dawn party stabbed a man to death in an Athens suburb—ushering in a state crackdown on the group. (Though Golden Dawn MPs have been arrested—and their leader formally charged with belonging to a criminal organization—the party is still Greece’s third-largest.) “The threat of violent right-wing extremism has reached new levels in Europe and should not be underestimated,” warned a recent report from the European Police office.

That has many commentators invoking the Second World War, and dusting off the old George Santayana quote: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” But while some are spurred to action, others are bitterly questioning what the fight is actually about. Among them are British Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who argued respectively that multiculturalism has “failed” and “utterly failed.”

Forty-one years ago, Jean-Marie Le Pen founded the Front National in France. A lawyer and former Foreign Legion volunteer, Le Pen quickly attracted a clique of fascists, neo-fascists, reactionary Catholics, former Vichy collaborators and colonial nostalgics. Over four decades, he would stand in five presidential elections—and serve numerous terms in France’s National Assembly and in the European Parliament. In his spare time, Le Pen made puns about Nazi gas chambers, dismissed the Holocaust as “a mere detail” and produced a musical record of Third Reich ballads. He doesn’t like Muslims either, and was convicted in 2006 of inciting racial hatred against them.

Two years ago, his daughter Marine took over the party. A quick-tounged lawyer, Marine shed her father’s crude racism and thuggish entourage. She presented herself as a France-loving patriot: not buoyed by hate, but responsive to lurking threats. (She took pains to identify the Holocaust as the 20th century’s greatest tragedy.) Marine wants to curb immigration, not abolish it. She touts protectionism, but not economic isolation. And she replaced talk of “race” with that of “culture.” In her insistence, she is not “waging war against Islam,” but rather guarding against “the Islamization of French society.”

It’s a popular mantra. “I don’t hate Muslims. I hate Islam,” the Dutch firebrand Geert Wilders has insisted. A recent report from the U.K.’s International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation argues that, across Europe, far-right groups are softening their tone: ditching racial nationalism for a kind of cultural nationalism—in which it is not whites that need protecting, but rather Europeanness.

The younger Le Pen picks her battles adeptly, stressing issues of national security. And she wins them. In 2010, in a now-infamous interview with French broadcasters, she compared Muslims praying in the streets to France’s occupation by Germany during the Second World War. A year later, France banned street prayers and became the first European country to prohibit face-covering niqabs in public—in an effort to appease Le Pen, many argue. According to a recent poll, Le Pen boasts a 32 per cent popularity rating: an eight per cent lead on French President Hollande.

Europe’s far-right has come in waves. The first parties rode the tide of 1930s fascism, often drawing support from neo-Nazi networks. They brought violence and uniforms and salutes, and a deep mistrust of democratic institutions. Another wave appeared in the mid-’80s, with Europe’s surge toward union and a massive influx of immigrants. This new far-right was anti-tax, anti-EU and wholly populist. And more ideological than its forebear. It argued for ethnopluralism: essentially, the view that every culture is valid but should be separated by borders.

And now a “third wave.” Today’s far-right is deeply steeped in the notion of a “cultural threat”—but encased in a firm avowal of democracy. Islam-bashing, for instance, is couched as a discussion of human rights. Euroskepticism is linked to support for national private industry. It is also politically savvy. New far-right parties are young and charismatic, popular on Facebook and Twitter.

Anger and mistrust have not been dampened, but rather been channelled into the democratic system. For instance, in recent years the Sweden Democrats—whose slogan is “Keep Sweden Swedish,” and whose goal is to reduce immigration by 90 per cent—has distanced itself from its 1980s neo-Nazism, which allowed the party to win parliamentary seats in 2010.

Of course, in some places, the new veneer wears thin. A video leaked by the Swedish tabloid Expressen showed the party’s spokesman for economic policy exchanging banter with a Swede of Kurdish origins. “This isn’t your country, it’s my country,” he charged: “Don’t f–k with Swedes.”

Europe is indeed experiencing a great rush of immigrants, many of whom are Muslim. Greece and Italy, where clashes with immigrants are often public and violent, receive disproportionately high numbers of Europe’s illegal immigrants. Many newcomers arrive via Turkey, or are Arab Spring refugees. This has led to a profound belief, among right-wing elements, that their national culture is under attack. Anti-immigration policies have followed.

But settled Muslims are targeted too. Far-right parties paint Islam as inherently intolerant, and Muslims as incapable of integration. In 2011, far-right groups gathered in Paris for an International Conference on the Islamization of Our Countries. “What’s at stake,” Oskar Freysinger of the Swiss People’s Party told the crowd, “is your mortal soul.” In recent years, far-right groups have introduced new terms into the European lexicon: like “creeping sharia” and “stealth jihad” and “demographic jihad.”

It has also introduced the term “counter-jihad.” So-called counter-jihad groups began popping up several years ago, some as street movements with a penchant for a fracas. These groups speak of an impending war with Islam. The continent-wide Stop Islamization of Europe (SIOE) network has mobilized otherwise disparate actors for what it describes as Europe’s existential struggle. Several popular blogs provide theoretical backbone to like-minded agitators, such as Jihad Watch and Gates of Vienna, whose name references “the siege of Vienna in 1683 [when] Islam seemed poised to overrun Christian Europe.” Anders Breivik, the Norwegian killer, found inspiration in many such blogs, from which he borrowed extensively while penning his 1,518-page manifesto, “2083: A European declaration of independence.”

The counter-jihad narrative is heavily conspiratorial. SIOE’s Danish president Anders Gravers writes: “Muslims have many allies in the European establishment, in politics, religion and the judiciary. Together with our establishment they suppress our free speech and stealthily introduce sharia law.” It’s a theory that ticks all the boxes: clandestine plots, fifth columns and government collusion. But, bit by bit, the movement is showing its cultural transcendence. “It’s largely still a white movement,” explains Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens, head of research and information at the U.K.-based International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation. “But because the ideology is not technically race-based, there is space for other races to be involved. If you don’t like Muslims and you think that Islam is inherently against Western values, there is a place for you in this movement.”

Frequently, critiques of Islam are cloaked in debates about women’s headscarves, or mosque construction, or halal meat—and so are linked with the likes of feminists and city planners and PETA activists. (Groups such as the British National Party—which has failed to extend its reach beyond lower-class, angry old men and neo-Nazis—are now all but extinct.)

This flexibility allows the far-right to embrace some unlikely bedfellows—like European Jews. Newer far-right parties, explains Vidhya Ramalingam, project coordinator at the London-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue, “have been very open in their support for Israel.” Indeed, Geert Wilders has a serious case of philo-Semitism. He has reportedly visited Israel some 40 times, and speaks of “the special feeling of solidarity that I always get when I land at Ben Gurion International Airport.” (He is also regularly photographed wearing a kippah.) Far-right street movements have also allied with small radical Jewish groups, like the Jewish Defense League. “Anti-Semitism,” says Ramalingam, “is not a convenient enemy anymore.”

Even the English Defence League (EDL)—famous for parading its hundreds of members through the streets of Muslim-populated areas, their rallying cry, in hoc signo vinces, “under this sign you shall conquer”—has changed its rhetoric. The EDL portrays itself as a human-rights body, an ally of gays and Jews and women. “In my town, half of my best mates are immigrants,” EDL co-founder Tommy Robinson recently told Maclean’s. “Their moms and dads are Ghanaian, Kenyan. Everyone loves England. Everyone gets along just fine. Except for Muslims.”

We still don’t see far-right prime ministers or presidents. But that may be just the point. For the most part, far-right parties know that they’re not going to win parliamentary majorities—and they’re no longer really trying to. Rather, their objective is to gain enough support—to create sufficient noise, to test enough taboos—to shift the entire mainstream debate. Academics in the field speak of a “mainstreaming” of far-right discourse. Across the continent, European leaders are talking tough on immigration and Islam.

Take Italy, where the country’s first black government minister—the Congolese-Italian Cécile Kyenge—has been compared to an orangutan by colleagues, pelted with bananas, and accused by elected politicians of wanting to impose “tribal traditions” on Italy. Kyenge recently received death threats before visiting a region where the far-right Northern League party is active; a local politician wrote on Facebook that Kyenge should be raped so that she could understand the pain felt by victims of rape by immigrants. In January, former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi forged an alliance with the Northern League, which won 12.7 per cent of the national vote in 2010. Northern League seeks more autonomy for northern Italy and is also anti-immigrant, anti-statist and opposed to social policies like same-sex marriage.

Sarkozy may have been a harbinger of this. In 2007, he mulled over the idea of creating a “ministry for immigration and national identity.” Later, he pledged to halve immigration and mandate labelling on halal meat—in what Reuters called “a bid to claw back rightist voters from Le Pen.” And his government launched a scheme to deport thousands of Roma back to Bulgaria and Romania. The move drew censure from the European Commission and Pope Benedict XVI. “This is a situation I had thought Europe would not have to witness again after the Second World War,” bristled European Commission commissioner Viviane Reding.

Now many far-right parties do look poised to make electoral gains. Next year, “we are likely to see the number of far-right and radical political parties increase in the European Parliament,” says Matthew Goodwin of the U.K.’s Chatham House. “We will also see more explicitly neo-Nazi parties in parliament. In lots of places, we will talk next spring about record gains.” Balázs Dénes, of the Open Society Initiative’s Budapest office, refers to Hungary’s democracy as “endangered.” The country’s Jobbik party (Movement for a Better Hungary) shows no indications of tamping down its rhetoric. It is known for its blatant neo-fascism, racism, anti-Semitism (Jobbik spokesman Gyöngyösi recently called Jews a “security risk” and recommended that “all Jews living in Hungary be registered”); it has diplomatic ties with Iran, is chummy with Russia, and exhibits hostility toward foreign-owned corporations. The party emerged in 2003, gaining just 2.2 per cent of the vote in 2006. By 2010, it claimed 16.7 per cent support, and became the third-largest party in the National Assembly. It now holds a sobering 43 seats (out of 386) in the Hungarian parliament. Jobbik’s electoral popularity has ebbed somewhat recently, but that doesn’t mean the situation is reversing in Hungary—for that would be to overlook the ruling party, Fidesz.

Fidesz has borrowed heavily from Jobbik. In 2012, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán enacted his new constitution, which refers to Hungary as a Christian nation and strips some 300 faiths and religious institutions of their legal status. “More than 200 changed laws basically re-regulated everything from the field of education to criminal justice and law enforcement,” explains Dénes, who identifies “limitation of the powers of the constitutional court” as the most alarming change. The president of the European Parliament, Schulz, warned: “The European Parliament is seriously concerned about Hungary with respect to the exercise of democracy.”

The difficult truth is that in some cases, far-right groups are responding to real concerns and capitalizing on real malaise, albeit with noxious methods. France does have security problems related to itinerant Roma groups. Islamic radicalism is a threat in some places. New immigrants continue to flood into countries hit by the euro crisis, which struggle to accommodate them. Extrajudicial sharia courts exist, and sometimes issue odious rulings (like asking women to return to violent marriages). Mainstream parties often shy away from high-level discussions of national culture, especially when it comes to Muslims. That leaves far-right parties to start the conversation and define its terms.

It’s likely that not all of this is new—but rather, the remains of long-standing grievances that were buried under political correctness or election-time politicking. For instance, in a 2011 speech in Munich, British Prime Minister David Cameron argued that “when a white person holds objectionable views, racist views for instance, we rightly condemn them. But when equally unacceptable views or practices come from someone who isn’t white, we’ve been too cautious—frankly, even fearful—to stand up to them.” Right-wing parties have chipped away at that fear.

The main challenge now is levels of engagement. Should mainstream politicians debate their far-right colleagues? Should politicial extremists be banned outright? Internationally, should more leaders speak out against the likes of Hungary’s Victor Orbán? Some governments have adopted cordon sanitaires, whereby mainstream parties refuse dealings with far-right elements. Jamie Bartlett, head of the violence and extremism programme at the U.K.’s Demos think tank, cautions against strict silence: Far-right parties “already believe that they aren’t allowed to express themselves properly, that political correctness is preventing their right to express their views. [This] will annoy and alienate them deeply.”

As it stands, and with European Parliament elections looming, far-right parties are busy making their case that Europe—as an economic entity and multicultural project—has had its day. “Far-right is a strange expression,” mused Luzi Stamm of the Swiss People’s Party, in a recent interview. “Our party has a very simple thought behind it: a majority of our people within our borders. This might look, from the outside, as nationalistic. But I think it is rather democratic.”


The rise of the far right in Europe

  1. There are a lot of irregularities plaguing this editorial. First off Katie incorrectly groups pretty much any party that is for limiting immigration into their countries with neo-Nazi movements like the BNP.

    First off, Geert Wilders is the exact opposite of a neo-Nazi as he is a huge supporter of the State of Israel and even studied there. Le Pen in France no doubt runs a party that his historically far right and extreme but under her leadership that is not what her party is advocating for. This has been the case for many years now, same with the Austrian Freedom Party.

    Not wanting your borders to flood with immigrants from other countries is not an extremist opinion. Canadian readers should look at the situation more subjectively. Europe is a place of nations and a long history of war, empires and revolutions. Canada is a place where people came to get away from that kind of stuff. It works here, but Canada geographically is very open and can afford to take on immigrants at little burden. Europe is small and is already packed and parties seeking for controlled immigration is completely understandable and not far right.

    • Neo Nazi is way overused. Even the BNP fall short of Nazi. You could argue that they’re racist but so what? That doesn’t make them Nazis. Most countries who fought the Nazis were also “racist” (or “nationalistic” depending on your political outlook). In order for the BNP to be fascist, it would have to advocate bringing Britannia back to its Imperial days of glory.

      It is really disturbing how few people actually know what Nazism is. Nazis want to create an Aryan Reich (note Aryanism doesn’t equal white/European. Many Europeans weren’t Aryan. Aryanism is a very specified racial category most akin with Nordicism). “Reich” in German means Empire. This is important to understand. It is a racial Empire with Aryanism as the cornerstone philosophy holding it together. A leader leads this “Aryan Empire” to greatness.

      To be even considered far-right, you need to believe in Empire/Imperialism. Fascism comes from Fasces. Fasces is a bundle of sticks bound together by an axe, hearkening back Imperial Rome (which Fascist model their society after). And no, Nazism and Fascism, while similar, are not the same. Fascism, simply put is a paleogenesis movement seeking to bring about a national rebirth of a society to glory and greatness. Another way of putting it is Extreme (by “extreme” I mean “aggressive”) Nationalistic Imperialism.

      There are no Fascist movements, save a select few (not counting underground movements).

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      • Well said Sun!

    • Probably I missed the Maclean’s stories about the rise of the far left which now controls several governments in the Western world, including the one in Washington, DC?

  2. I agree totally that the rise of the far right is a threat and it terrifies me that they’re predicted to have such a strong showing in 2014, not just in Europe but also elsewhere.

    The far-right Tea Party, led by the likes of Rand Paul (opposes the civil rights act), Ted Cruz (advocated the shut down of the government), Louie Gohmert (thought that Islamic terrorists were invading the US by pretending to be Mexican) and Steve Stockman (believed in arming foetuses) is also expected to surge in the American mid-term elections due to discontent among reactionaries, nativists, racists, Islamophobes and anti-government right wing anarchists over having a black, centrist President who wants to improve the lives of poor and minority Americans.

    The far-right BJP in India is also expected to take power in 2014. They are closely allied with right-wing ultranationalist militant groups (such as the RSS, VHP, Ranvir Sena & Shiv Sena) that have been involved in brutal attacks on Christians, Muslims, lower “untouchable” castes and suspected communists. Their candidate for Prime Minister is a vicious Islamophobe by the name of Narendra Modi who was involved in the slaughter of up to 2000 Muslims during religious riots in the state he was Chief Minister of by refusing to send law enforcement in to break up the street fights due to pressure from his radical right-wing supporters.

    • this is portrayed as a threat by the media. why are far right people called neo-nazis, while far left people are called hippies and ‘environmentalists’. its in the wording were the basis is prevalent. should we not also be equally ‘terrified’ by hippies taking over?

  3. I’m scared. There are rising (from the dead?) “ultra-nationalists,” forming “muscular alliances,” who “strong-arm” immigrants in Europe? I’m picturing meeting a band of zombie like, roided out, neckless thugs, led by Marine Le Pen in a back alley.

    It’s almost as if this journalist is leveraging the same fear these ultra-nationalists use.

    That being said, the ultra-nationalists need to give their heads a shake (especially in the UK). I realize it’s not about reason, but it would be nice if they could exercise some.

    The UK is over 92% “white” and 2.8% of the population is Muslim. Given current birth rates and levels of immigration (legal and otherwise) it’ll be beyond any of our lifetimes when “whites” (I don’t buy this it’s about Muslims schtick) lose political power. By that time most of us will be some shade of beige/off-white anyways.

    By 2nd and 3rd generation most (not all) immigrants begin to “look like” the natives culturally, etc. Sure society will have changed somewhat through immigration, but that’s what societies do. They evolve. Anyone who doubts this should look at a history book.

    • So it’s no problem that the ancestral peoples of the British isles are going to be relegated to ethnic minority status in their own homeland then, as long as you don’t have to experience it? What a traitor. And rubbish to the idea that second and third generation immigrants become “British” to the same extent as the majority; I know plenty of British-born individuals who aren’t halfway informed about our culture or experientially-connected to our identity with all of its peculiarities. You mark my words: conflict on the continent is guaranteed within a couple of decades if nothing is done to prevent the dispossession of native Europeans, and no amount of head-burying can change what is happening now. Do educate yourself about ethnic diversity and its effects; our very civilisation is at stake. I would recommend the following resources:

      – The work of Harvard Sociologist Robert Putnam
      – “Ethnic groups in conflict” by Donald Horowitz of Duke University
      – The website

      Good day.

      • Given that I don’t give any particular value to gong banging, men wearing skirts (I was born in Scotland), incense burning and assorted other cultural rituals, no, I don’t care about some theoretical ethnic minority status at some very distant future point. Although, I suppose you and lots of Muslims (as well as people in other groups) give a whole lot of meaning to skin colour, ethnicity, religion, language, etc. I care about shyte that actually matters, you know, like the health of the planet and its ability to sustain the human population and maintain biodiversity.

        My identity isn’t deeply rooted in superficialities, although, I concede many people’s are. Perhaps my attitude is a function of being an immigrant. Albeit, in some people’s minds, I’m the right kind of immigrant (ethno-racially) as long as I don’t open my mouth (and thereby display my evil views).

        For an accurate representation of Putnam’s work please read the following:

        The author of the study subscribes to a view similar to my own about people being beige/off-white…”successful immigrant societies “dampen the negative effects of diversity” by constructing NEW IDENTITIES.”

        Besides which, you cite two academics, and represent it selectively as if supports the view that immigration destroys societies and then ignore all kinds of other evidence which, in varying ways, contradicts the findings of the study you cite.

        For something other than anecdotes about what 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants are like …

        • The irony of celebrating the beauty of “diversity” yet calling all such diversity “superficial.”

          • Nice *straw man* …. I never stated or implied that I value diversity … becuase I don’t… I’m ambivalent towards it…that’s your interpretation of who I am based on the fact that I find the paranoid delusions of the far right humorous … i could care less about diversity … regardless of what immigration and the consequent diversity is…its negatives are grossly over stated by people who need a boogeyman to justify their own shortcomings, fears, etc.

          • “I care about shyte that actually matters, you know, like the health of the planet and its ability to sustain the human population and maintain biodiversity.”

            “My identity isn’t deeply rooted in superficialities, although, I concede many people’s are.”

            “Although, I suppose you and lots of Muslims (as well as people in other groups) give a whole lot of meaning to skin colour, ethnicity, religion, language, etc. ”


          • … and in one word you successfully summed up the logic and substance of your position … I couldn’t have done it better if I tried (congratulatory slow clap)

        • You’re fudging your argument using the Pew study. It only studied Hispanics & Asians, and neatly avoided any mention of Muslims.

          • Well, after having read the following, I concede Europe has a way bigger problem integrating Muslims…


            that being said, the fact that the U.S. has far fewer problems, to me, says something about European societies…perhaps the issue is Europeans and not Muslims? Muslims in the U.S. are more educated, healthier, wealthier, happier and come close to reflecting the society socio-economically…in Europe…not even close

      • What is your timeline for this relegation then?
        C’mon neighbour if you are that scared and you certainly seem to be frightened you must have some idea when this doom is going to hit..?
        You bandy the word traitor around yet you are on the side of those who perform the right arm salute, shout “seig” and also the people who committed untold atrocities against civilians and many of your fellow countrymen in the Far East.

        Supporting an ideology that killed many of our people in prison camps and civilians in genocide is not a British or Western value and you calling people traitors for opposing it speaks volumes as to your humanity.
        Every 11 November we remember the people who made the final sacrifice against tyranny, yet you seek to defend that same tyranny here because you’re a scared little boy. You’re a shame to those who went before you.

      • Take it to the pub, BNPer.

  4. There is an agenda being perpetrated against the peoples of Europe which is going to result in the ethnic cleansing of our great continent and the destruction of our people and culture if it is not stopped. I do not know who is behind this, but it is one of the greatest evils ever attempted. Rise up, white people. Embrace ethnic nationalism, vote for the right, and defend your ancestral homelands. Loving ones own culture and seeking to preserve it is not racist, merely common sense. Europe for Europeans!

    • Oh give it a rest.

    • There you go again with that destruction of culture schtick. No, “your” culture will change. Societies and cultures evolve. If they didn’t we’d be Catholics, burning witches at the stake, executing scientists for claiming heretical truth, stoning adulterers like the Taliban, while worshipping the sun, animal spirits and living in a cave.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • Meanwhile you and yours salute the kin of those that posed the last real existential threat to the States of Europe. Swastikas, right armed salutes and sieg heiling on British and French streets in the name of patriotism is a joke and a poor one at that.
          Fighting against a foreign political philosophy that goes against traditional British values does not make one a Marxist. But insisting that the likes of Hitler and Tojo have anything positive to add to Western culture is the ultimate in betrayal.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Yet you support those who do and laud their efforts. The Japanese group who hosted this meeting are whitewashing the atrocities committed by their military in the Far East including the torture and deaths of millions of your countryfolk.
            I’ll judge you by the company you keep.
            As for the rest of it, projection by a frightened coward who can’t handle change.

          • And I will judge you by yours. Stalin killed a lot more people than Hitler, but you communist/Marxists forget that. We see what you leftists have brought. Sharia patrols in London; Sweden becoming the rape capital of Europe; riots in Stockholm and Paris, etc. As I said, you and your kind’s days are numbered. Either we will win and your plan of genocide will be stopped, or the Islamists will win…in which case, you still loose. Your cowardly act of denying what you see right in front of your face might help you sleep at night, but it wont save you or Europe.

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          • This comment was deleted.

          • As a Left winger for most of his life (and still am in many ways), I agree. Brevik didn’t just come out of nothing.

            Everyone (including minorities) deserve a certain degree of respect, however the Left keeping pushing its luck.

            They can’t listen to concerns and they keep attacking Europeans on everything. They don’t take in serious concerns when it comes to immigration. Even on this board, people celebrate outright that Europeans deserve to become a minority. It is quite sickening.

          • Thank you. Great comment!

          • Most of us here are of European descent if not still passport carrying EU citizens. What we truly fear is not that Europeans become a minority as they are already a minority on a global basis. What we fear is that the same simple, populist solutions that destroyed Europe last time will do so again because of a few frightened people who will sell out everything that makes us decent for a fleeting feeling of security. And a kept in fear majority will fall for their easy solutions.
            That’s my fear. And history shows us where that leads.

          • Well that doesn’t seem to be the case. A few of you fear that it is the 1930s Germany, playing the tune that Muslims are the new Jews (which isn’t the case). But if what you said is true, than most people wouldn’t be voting for right wing populist parties.

            No. History shows what where things will lead if you keep pushing Europeans. We don’t want a Balkans or a former Yugoslavia. We don’t want a former aftermath of the Soviet Union.

            Most of these parties (assuming that they’re not hiding anything) are far from expansionist, etc, etc, Fascist parties. Things have gotten so far left when it comes to immigration for so long, what would you expect.

            None of it is “simple” or “easy” solutions. That is simplistic mindset that people like you have. At least the author ATTEMPTS to make the genuine effort to understand by acknowledging Sharia courts/zones, slow transformation of societies/parallel societies, etc.You should try to do the same.

          • A hell of a lot of people voted for a far right paty back in the 1920s and 30s all that proved is they were looking for easy answers and a scapegoat as a relief to the deprivations of Versailles; so your appeal to the majority is clearly misplaced.

            As for your statement that far right parties might not be hiding their intentions – hmm when ever has that happened in the past? Honestly the Sudetenland will be the last of our territorial acquisitions,,, promise.

          • There you go with “easy answers” again. You do realize that has become the catch all phrase. How convenient. The Right has the easy answers but the Left’s answers are mystically complex. Gosh. We should all nod our heads. How about “no.”

            Lets hear what is your complex answer? Cancel that. Let me guess.

            People “really” don’t have any legitimate concerns. It is the economy (which has been under left wing jurisdiction in most cases and the EU) which causes people to blame immigrants– even if many recessions/depression have not seen any populist rise. So anything people say is invalid and everything can be explained through economic determinism.

            The fact is most populist parties are rising in economically savvy countries being Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Japan, (West) Germany, Switzerland (my best case). ALL these countries are doing well.

            The few other countries like France, and Greece are the exceptions. You could count UK and Italy (although Lega Nord is doing quite and Northern Italy is economically better off than the rest of the country).

            If what you say is true then none of these mostly northern European countries should have populist or nationalist movements. Switzerland, my best case, is economically doing very well. It has a mild nationalist party (The Swiss People’s Party) that is in power. Switzerland has shifted even more to the right with new parties like the BDP splitting off of the SVP.

            So Left wing parties are not hiding anything? They’re not trying to destroy the homogeneity of European countries? Did you not read my article? Nope. You do know that Barroso the former EU president was a Maoist revolutionary in his youth, right? I see you skipped my concern that history is repeating itself like the Balkans, etc.

          • The economy has been under the control of the wealthy and enforced by the activities of Conservative western governments as well as the Bretton Woods Institutes. There is very little room for socialist policies in most fiscal actions on this globe and where socialism has gained the upper hand they have done reasonably well. Notice communism does not equal socialism.
            As for blaming immigrants (the other), well that has been standard right wing (or monarchist) fare since the days of yore. Blood Libel, pogroms. rivers of blood etc.
            You article did not support anything you said and a fair reading would have told you that.

          • I know that communism isn’t the same of socialism. However, I always question some who think they’re socialist but end up actually being communist by simply saying any socialist country isn’t “really” socialist until the proletarian own the means of production and there is no more private property.

            I assume you think Sweden isn’t Socialist? How about the other countries I listed?

            The Sweden’s Swedish Democrats (a socialist country that is doing well) has gained in support. Other other Scandinavian countries are also doing well and the populist or nationalist parties are rising.

            I don’t blame immigrants. I blame the far left for bringing them in. The immigrants are the symptom to a deeper problem. And yes, “the other.” Any argument about a transformation of a society, the customs brought in, the dwindling Europeans, are not legitimate concerns, and just can be brushed off as “oh he is talking about ‘the others.'” Even THIS article admits Sharia courts and zones proliferating throughout many countries as byproduct the immigration policies and facilitation of the far left.

            My article did and if you read it you would have seen about the “homogeneity part.” Immigration was largely done for this specific purpose.

          • You can presume what you want, but having lived in Scandinavia I’ve seen a more socialist way of governing doing well.
            As for homogeneity you have a very simplistic way of reading the few quotes that were selected for the article. Immigration was not brought in to homogenise European populations and dilute people’s precious bodily fluids. It was brought in in order to feed the burgeoning consumption fueled capitalist economic model. This machine needs workers and when there was nobody willing to do certain jobs at certain prices then people were brought in to do it. Now the same folk who facilitated that outsource to cheaper areas.
            The West initially did very well out of this model, but the latter action of outsourcing has now placed a pressure on those who were once secure in their positions. The capitalists have found great partners in totalitarian regimes around the world and don’t need the western worker anymore. Immigration has always been about the money – it forces local wages down; but the right continue to fail to question the real source of societal conflict and instead attack the other.

            Russian princes used to allow disenchanted locals to vent their frustrations on the local Jews in order to prevent people from dealing with the real cause of their tyranny.

            When will people wake up and realise that the rise of desperate extremist dogma is as a result of a divide and conquer philosophy that runs global business concerns?

          • No. It was done for many reasons. One, to rub the Rights nose in “diversity.” (that right there is malicious).

            Also, after WW2 and the Nazis, it was believed that if Europe populations were “diverse,” racism, Nazism, World War 3, or any other possible fear would come to pass. So this is another factor for the pushed multiculturalism ideology which so by coincidence happened to come during 1960s.

            How did countries survive before large amount of immigrants? Many of the natives did it. Why don’t the natives do it now? Because they’re used to this way of life. There was CONTROLLED immigration of people that were similar for social cohesion to fill certain gaps in the labor force. I see it rather ironic that those who claim against racism, and institutionalized privilege, are the first to want some dark immigrant to do the jobs that X European group won’t do. Are such people not good enough to do such jobs? Maybe if they were paid more people would do them.

            Even if what you say is true (and I don’t subscribe to Marxist dialectic Materialism and class struggle), many capitalist countries in the past did not have mass immigration. In fact, in the past countries were MORE capitalist and multiculturalism/multiracialism would have started in the early 20th Century with the Tycoons.

            You never answered my question about Sweden being socialist. I think they are and that country along with other Scandinavian countries have rising populist nationalist parties. By the way the Swedish Democrats are not raving capitalist which puts another hole in your theory.

            Socialism and uncontrolled immigration cannot coincide by the way. Socialism requires everyone to pay into the system. However if many come, especially illegally, the system collapse due to increased burdens on those who pay into it.

            So I take it you don’t believe there are actual social factors in all this. Like praying in the streets. Degrading buildings and ghettos. Neighborhoods resembling the Middle East. Sharia courts and legal system not affected by law of the land. Burkas. Genital Mutilation. Rapid increase in rape.

            I don’t think I can reach you with actual concerns that are even simplistic examples (besides more complex notions that are harder to prove like “gradual transformation”). You will continuously insist that this is all fabricated xenophobia that has not basis of concern and is simply caused by evil capitalist who want to divide and conquer (even when you say before that capitalist often wanted cheap labor) and find someone else to blame. It makes no sense to blame the cheap employees you brought into the country.


          • Of course you think Sweden are socialists, everything to the left of the likes of you is socialist.
            You are of the same mindset as those you claim to oppose and your rambling above illustrates that. You are just as deranged as the jihadis, the communists and the fascists because you don’t see solutions in people just problems and your answers are always simple and terminal. You are them and they are you and that makes you, like them a threat to reasonable people.

          • Your mistake is not seeing that “most Europeans” think they can live peacefully with Muslims who are the same “race”. This is the same mistake made by Christians in Iraq and Syria. Because you’re the same appearance or “race” doesn’t mean everything will be OK. Far from it.

          • Absolutely
            And I am pretty sure there are some Canadians who are of the same appearance as me but pay a greater allegiance to a supernatural sky daddy than towards their country.

            But that is not a function of race or even religion. Even though I follow no religion myself I have come to understand that most of the faithful live peacefully with others. It is only the extremists who don’t and just like politics the extremists generally adhere to the most honest reading of their dogma. Most religious and political people are reliably dishonest and that allows us to co-exist.
            Maybe instead of dividing the world into black/white; moslem/xtian etc we should divide the world into jacka$$es and solid folk. Then we could consign the jack a$$es to each other’s company and let the rest of us get on with living.
            Just a thought.

          • The right rose once before and that led to the death camps and a need for the decent west to deal with the devil (Stalin) in order to overcome it.
            It’ll be people like you on the gates of the camps and the decent people will fight for the truth and honesty.
            The right was vanquished then, it will be vanquished again.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • The people of Europe aren’t frightened. That emotion is restricted to a bunch of opportunist ne’er do-wells who have created a massive straw man to try and give themselves a a purpose. The likes of you and the Jihadis are just as bad as each other; simplistic slogans backed up by intimidation and lies.
            As I mentioned above my family has fought to keep the UK free so don’t go telling me what I am or what my aim is. In fact it is pertinent that you ignored the fact that I have shown my willingness to defend my country in a lawful conflict. How about you? Ever worn khaki and carried a weapon?
            You don’t know me or my family so stop pretending you do.

          • Oh god. You are quite dense aren’t you?
            Why do you think I made the comment I did?

          • You won’t have a future if the right doesn’t win.

            Yes the Right is like the immune system. It can get out of control killing off the entire body (any one who isn’t a “true” X). But this is not what is happening now. Europeans are becoming a MINORITY in their own countries.

            The West has a future under the right.

            Even if you win, you’ll lose like Powell said. You are a shrinking Liberal minority. Muslims along with other foreign migrants will eventually over take you and Islamic law will become the dominant law of the land. Even if you’re not based in Europe, group identity politics is becoming apparent even in Canada.


            You better think about this seriously.

          • I’m a shrinking liberal minority – well at least you’ve stopped referring to me as a Marxist, so that’s progress.

            Standards are standards and I’ll never ally myself with the right because they are just as bad as the conservative religious jihadis. When you propose a cure that is just as evil as the disease then there is something wrong with your school of medicine.
            I’m a human and treat others as I would wish to be treated myself. If I die that way, then I’ll die well.

          • @hairball:”my family has fought to keep the UK free”

            If you & yours fought so valiantly, why did you pack up and leave when things didn’t work out?

          • Oh things worked out wonderfully. That’s why we are here and are being productive citizens in this hemisphere in this wonderful country.
            That’s the joy of being human the world has no “no go areas” and we can contribute in all of them.

            Most of the family remains on the Sceptred Isle though, lest you should worry unduly.

          • This is the West’s last chance to preserve what it finds of value. If it doesn’t than it will be replaced by a new growing group that has its own values and belief systems, etc.

            You’re right. There is positive change and negative change. This is what made me a progressive. But now ALL change is deemed positive even when it is not.

            You have a right to be afraid. People with no fear are stupid. Irrational fear is stupid. Being afraid of giant spaghetti monster is stupid. Being afraid/concerned with the development of Sharia and Burka is not. Being afraid of becoming a minority is common sense.

          • The entire West is European. Not just the West. BTW.

          • If this is the level of stupidity your “culture” has wrought, it deserves to be replaced. Pretty much anything would be better than the drivel you’re spewing.

          • Best wishes from India.
            In India we have at most 50 years left.

        • Islam didn’t execute scientists. Christians did.

          ‘The ink of a scholar is worth a thousand times more than the blood of a martyr’ Muhammad

          • Muslims claiming the Earth is flat and quoting Koran verses. Promising punishment to anyone who disagrees. I can find you several verses in the Koran that call for the killing of non-Muslims

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Don’t quote crap Koran sites please.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • You read Arabic eh? Doubters. So you only have ‘translations’ to go by…..hell anyone can do that! You just believe what you are told, without any further research.

            Look stop with the hate crap and grow up.

            Muslims believe in the bible…..old and new testament and Jesus….plus the Koran. So all that smiting etc is straight from ‘christian’ belief.

            Christians have tortured and warred for centuries, so they aren’t one bit diffferent than muslims.

            Who do you think started all that crusading anyway?? Or the Inquisitions?

            ‘Religion poisons everything’…..which is why I’m an atheist.

            Do you judge christianity by Pat Robertson? Jerry Falwell?

            But some crackpot Muslim speaks up and you judge a billion people by that???

            Pull yourself together.

          • The copy of the Koran I have was translated by Marmaduke Pickthall. Pickthall was an English Middle-Eastern scholar in the early 1900’s who converted to Islam and spoke fluent Arabic. His translation has been confirmed as accurate by several Muslim Scholars in several Muslim countries. Can you speak Arabic? If not the how the hell do you know what it says? You asked about the 1st crusade. Well, the first Crusade was because the Muslims had couquered the Christian holy lands and were refusing to let Christian pilgrams go to their holy sites. Is that good enough for you? History is there if you care to research it. But don’t let the facts get in the way of your leftist propaganda.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Burning crosses? LOL! Typical generic smear of people like you of people who don’t agree with your WRONG version of history. I have never burned a cross, never given a Nazi salute and I don’t fly the Confederate flag so you need to find some other insult. Jerusalem was Christian hundreds of years before the muslims conquered it with military force, sweetheart. As far as helping Europe out of the dark ages, it is true they did preserve the knowledge of the Greeks, but what has Islam done in the last 500 years? The answer is NOTHING. They have gone backwards, in fact. All this history is there if you would just look. Look at how Muslims have tried to invade Western Europe for hundreds of years. It’s there, but people like you tend to forget or ignore it because it doesn’t jibe with your world view of “whit-man/west=bad; everyone else=good.”

          • LOL History is history…..the only ‘wrong’ view of it is people who misuse it for their own purposes. Like you.

            Jerusalem has been a lot of things over the centuries…..but no, it’s not christian. Wasn’t back then either.

            No, the Arabs did not ‘preserve the knowledge of the Greeks’…..they had knowledge from Greeks, Romans, Indians, Chinese….and their own contributions to the world….math, astronomy, medicine…..

            Don’t misquote Dawkins either…..when the Golden Age of Islam ended….when we attacked them along with the Ottomans….the area disintegrated and wacko local priests took over…..and they haven’t done much since.

            The earliest civilization started in the ME….they’ve been around for thousands of years….up and down and up and down again….lots of changes of fortune, borders, wealth, knowledge……happens to every society. It will do so to us as well….and we’re only been around for what….150 years?

            In our case it will be because of arrogance.

          • Holy crap! Your ignorance of history is astounding! Christians ruled Jerusalem before the Muslims! My god! Anybody knows that! The Ottoman Empire was aggressive to Europe, not the other way around. They got to the gates of Vienna before they were pushed back. Oh, ask the Armenians about the Turkish genocide. And just how did turkey become Islamic? Constantinople was Christian for hundreds of years before Muslims finally conquered it. I suppose you will deny that too. It is you who are distorting history for your world view. You hold the west accountable for every bad thing it has ever done but completely ignore the bad things Muslims have done. You seriously need a trip to the public library for a history lesson.

          • LOL Jerusalem was Jewish, and before that the city of the god Shalem

            Perhaps you need to look on a map….and check city histories.

            Byzantium was Greek, then Roman, then Turkish.

            PS…next time you go to the library…don’t use the children’s section

          • @Emily:”Jerusalem was Jewish”

            Say again? I hate to break this to you, but Christians started out as Jews. The Christian Bible was written entirely by Jews.

          • Joe….read the thread first.

          • Constantinople was conquered by the Roman before they become Christians. the Christians conquered other territories and forced indigenous peoples in Europe and elsewhere to convert. the Armenian genocide is awful but it didn’t happen in the name of a religion, the same thing happened in Canada when we got rid off millions of first nations people.

            What’s the relationship between the Ottoman Empire and those European Far right movements?

          • I didn’t say there was a connection. I was simply trying to illustrate that it was not only Christians who were aggressive, but that Muslims have been extremely aggressive also. Christianity always gets condemned for the Crusades, and rightly so, but you never hear about Muslim aggression against Spain and how they tried to invade western Europe through France. All I want is some balance. You could say that Muslims are responsible for the Spanish discovering America. When Muslims conquered Constantinople, they cut off the land trade route to China. This forced European traders to sail all the war around Africa to get there. Columbus, who already knew the Earth was round but thought it was much smaller than it actually is, was convinced it was shorter to sail west and you would eventually get to China. Had the Muslims not conquered Constantinople the Spanish crown may not have financed Columbus’ expedition.
            The reason the far-right is rising today is because both sides of the political system (the right and left) refuse to listen to the vast majority of the European people who are tired of this massive influx of third-world and Muslim immigrants. There is going to be a push-back against this and the far-right is rising because of it. Had both political parties done their job and listened to the peoples’ wishes, this wouldn’t be happening.
            If people can’t see what’s going on now, they never will. I know full well that many on the left will bury their heads in the sand and refuse to see what’s coming. All I can say is, you may live to see it and your children will positively see it. There is going to be civil war in Europe, even some Left-wing political philosophers are grudgingly admitting it.

          • you said ” to listen to the vast majority of the European people”.
            I’m European, I was born and raised in Europe before moved to Canada. First the majority of Europeans vote for those parties not because they are racist but because they are the only parties to criticize the EU and can put an end to this union.
            Spain was a part of North Africa for 600 years before the roman empire take it back from Carthage and give it back later to North African legions, so the fact that the Moorish invade Spain it ‘s a common sens. The history between Spain and morocco is really complicated to explain it in one word,even today Spain still have some cities inside morocco. what do you call a massive influx of third-world and Muslim immigrants, is basically is the no-white Europeans, it’s just a new way to express the European racism. Countries like France, brought hundred of thousand of Algerians to fight for France during the WWI & WWII (64% of the french army were North Africans) and millions after the end of he war to rebuilt the country. Algeria was a French province for 120 years, like Quebec in Canada. I’m not denying the problems caused by immigration , but you can’t blame Muslims, Jewish, Roma and other minorities for the fall of Europe.

          • “The Arabs helped the Europeans out of the Dark Ages….it wasn’t much of a way to thank them for their help”

            Oh my god. Just shut up. XD. This is too gold.

          • @Emily:”The ‘holy land’?? Whose holy land?”

            The Christians emerged in the Middle East, Israel, Syria, Iraq. Then the illiterate Muslim barbarians started their relentless attacks because they hated Christian progress.

          • Yeah, Jesus was Palestinian….now look up Algebra, and the reason why stars have Arabic names.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Lol. Is that it troll?

            No. Why are you angry that white people don’t want to be pushed around?

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Translation: “Waa waaa waaa…White people in the past pushed other people around so YOU deserve it. Isn’t it great that white people are becoming a minority!”

            At least don’t be a coward and say it upfront.

            Yeah, well if you learned anything, you wouldn’t be pushing white people. A lumbering giant is not smart to anger.

            Some? More of them are waking up. We’ll find out what happens.

          • Hon… are not a ‘lumbering giant’.

            White people aren’t becoming a minority….they have always been a minority.

          • Europeans who created the countries aren’t becoming a minority?

            Whatever you say. :)

          • Whites are a minority in the world.

          • They are a minority in London too.

          • Can you back that with stats? Just came back from London, and the UK, and was surprised how white it is, compared to where I live (Toronto).

          • Also, if white are a minority in London, why then would Cameron want to stop immigration from Bulgaria and Romania? Both countries have Christian majorities, no?

          • London is 60% white

          • why an Islamic country? I know a lots of Christian countries where life is a hell. Christianity is not only the western countries, and by the way we are a minority of christianity.

          • Yeah? Name me a fundamentalist Christian country you wouldn’t want to move to over a fundamentalist Islamic country?

            I’ll wait.

          • Democratic Republic of the Congo,most dangerous place on earth to be a woman

          • African countries don’t count as actual Western Christian countries but ok. I was talking about actual Christian Western countries vs Islamic Middle Eastern countries.

            But I’ll play. Somalia. Most dangerous place to be a human. Muslim warlords. Etc.

          • Turkey, Bosnia, part of Spain (Melilia, Seta, Canary islands) are Muslims, why you don’t compare those countries with Europeans countries. don’t compare Apples and oranges

          • Ok. You brought up the Congo. Lol. You want to use those examples (no Turkey is not part of Europe…Bosnia is subjective).

            Bosnia is not a place I would rather move to. Even Serbia, its divided Christian cousin, is a slight step up. I’ll give you that it is certainly more safe than other countries traditionally found in the Middle East (which is where the real comparison are).

            Turkey is 2nd world and not even close up to par. It is probably one of the better places. It is still backwards as ****. And no. I would rather live in a hardcore bible belt Christian town than in Turkey.

            Spain is a Catholic/Western/Christian country.

          • Melilla , Ceuta and Canary Islands are Spanish Enclaves in Northern Morocco with a majority of Muslims.
            Istanbul in Turkey is among the top 10 of the best cities in the world, and they just build with the help of Japan, the most advanced subway in the world.

            You should travel overseas and see how the world is changing fast while Europe still debating about racism in 2013.

          • Sorry. Time out experts, who ever they are, don’t qualify. There are some tourist sections in Turkey that are good. But the country in general is 2nd worldish. The architecture and technology is nowhere near as advanced as the West.

            Turkey is 49 on longevity. Above it is Argentina and even Bosnia.

            In terms of “Women’s Rights” (which is sociological and therefore subjective ranking), Turkey ranks 114 right above Algeria. The People’s Democratic Republic of Lao sits right above it. (also Sudan seems to be worse than Congo for women…not that it has anything to do with our discussion)

            Again, I’m no Christian (maybe culturally since I was raised in the West so I celebrate holidays), but I’m just not going put my head in fairy tale land and lie to myself and claim Christians and Muslims are equal.

            Morocco is another country. Spanish “enclaves” (it was a protectorate) doesn’t exist and ended in 1956.

            All the better for you to move out of a Western country (including Europe and enrich yourself). You wouldn’t want to be with ass backwards us.

          • It seems you don’t know what you’re talking about. Inside morocco you have Spanish cities, it’s like Gibraltar for the British.
            I’m proud to be European and Canadian and I have no regret to say it, and I more proud of Canada because its no longer a racist country. You distinguish between religion and culture. Women rights it’s a matter of culture not religion, and by the way Turkey was the first country in Europe to recognize the gender equality. As you can see in the link below, many Christians countries in Africa practice female genital mutilations, while some Muslims countries like Morocco or Tunisia don’t practice it.

          • Well then all the more reason for you to move to Morocco. I’ll say you’re technically correct and I was wrong. They aren’t Spanish cities anymore if Spaniards left it and most of the people are Muslim/Arabic. Ceuta (I assume that is what you’re talking about) for example has 50% of the population being Spaniards/Europeans/Christians. The other 49% is Berber/Arabic/Muslim.

            Many Muslim African countries practice genital mutilations. You said we’re going to stay away from Africa because it is comparing apples and oranges. The religion didn’t originate from there. And Christians in Africa are not taught to genital mutilate children that is part of the culture from Africans. I can prove this by Christians in Europe (and the West) don’t do this. It is however specifically an Islamic practice (and Jewish one to some extent).

            You’re going to find widespread genital mutilation in countries where Islam is dominant because it is explicitly endorsed. Cultural exceptions brought by a native group on their “take” of Christianity doesn’t count. It doesn’t make Christianity endorse genital mutilation.

            The same logic would be well Albinos are killed in Africa due to protections from evil spirits. Many of those people are “Christians” in the sense of incorporating certain aspects of Christianity. I would hardly say that part of the essential teaching of Christianity endorses killing albinos. That is a cultural issue.

          • Earlier on you said, “This is the West’s last chance to preserve what it finds of value.” A fine sentiment, no doubt. Which eventually became, “You need to grow up you sniveling juvenile turd.” Now THERE’S an example of Western literature worth preserving!

          • In his defense, he was trying to carry on a conversation with EmilyOne. A few rounds with her would make my sainted grandmother swear a blue streak.

          • I disagree with EmilyOne sometimes and agree with her other times, and also think she goes off the rails sometimes. Never, ever found it necessary to be abusive. Especially when considering so-called Western values. Civility is a much-needed trait on these Macleans comment boards.

          • To completely different people. One a person I can have discourse with and another I cannot. Please take that into account. Yes, we’re all human.

          • OK, so remeber that the next time you meet the EmilyOne you can’t have discourse with.

          • Muslims believe that the Bible exists – and they scorn its existence as “lies”. For Muslims, Christians exist to be enslaved, and to sort garbage.

          • No, I’m afraid they believe in the same bible you do.

          • It depends on which Islam you’re talking about, the Islam of the Moorish (Andalus) or saladin didn’t enslave christians.

          • It depends on which Islam you’re talking about, the Islam of the Moorish (Andalus) or saladin didn’t enslave christians

          • Your ignorance is astounding. Thousands and thousands of Christian slaves were taken when the Moors conquered Spain. And after the defeat of the King of Jerusalem in 1187, those captured crusaders who weren’t executed were sold by Saladin into slavery.
            Do a bit of research before you make such silly claims.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Why would I do that? Christians are the same.

          • “Why would I do that? Christians are the same.”


            Oh yes, Christians and Muslims are the same. Same countries. Same societies. Yep. Totally the same.

            All the more reason to for you to move. You can take a break from all those Christians.

          • Yup….look up ‘Crusade’, ‘Inquisition’, and ‘Burning heretics at the stake’

            The problem is religion., any religion… and atheism is the cure for it.

          • LOL. You can’t make this stuff up. :D

            This is the simplistic logic I’m talking about.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Lol. Oh yes. I’m a skinhead and I have no answers. :D

            Maybe I figured you’re a troll and there is no reasoning with you. What you said was utterly moronic (not due to a lack of understanding).

          • This comment was deleted.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Atheism doesn’t seem to be the solution Emily.

            You’re an atheist, right? And every time I turn around you’re busy burning some poor Harper clown or another at the stake.

            Some days, after being whacked by you, poor old Harper sitting in his den at night reading church history must think the Inquisition sounds like a Mouseketeer’s Reunion.

          • LOL and here I thought you were in Florida again, Q

          • ….

          • This comment was deleted.

          • ….

          • The only way Islam has advanced over the last 1000 years is by enslaving Christians (and Jews whenever they can find some).

        • @Richard:”. . .the native white population. . .”

          Are you including the native white Muslims? They’re increasingly significant, you know.

        • Yes, because all Muslims equal Taliban like all Europeans equal Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Ceausescu, Milsoevic…people who generalize entire populations shouldn’t throw stones in glass houses…the irony is that many (arguably all by definition) on the far right are the mirror image of people like the Taliban … fearful, racist, absolutist, reactionary, the world is out to get them

        • Radical Islam will destroy itself without any assistance from the likes of you and yours. Tyranny and terrorism are their own greatest enemies, as they create instability, and the one thing humans treasure above all is stability. Every violent act engaged in by a religious extremist is another nail in the coffin of their religion. I have enough faith in the reactionist tendencies of the human race to believe that any acts of oppression and tyranny in a modern western society will be stamped out by the intolerance for such things by the majority of ALL educated individuals, including moderates of all religions. The first priority of any organization is self-preservation. Watch as any and all reasonable adults distance themselves from extremists on both sides in order to preserve stability. Your tidings of doom are simply a desperate attempt to justify your own fears. Surrounding yourself in such fear will poison your entire life. I’ll leave you to it though – it’s your right to revel in the rot.

    • An opinion which conveniently creates the exact conflict it warns against. Your insecurities are laid so very bare. How embarrassing.

  5. What I find ironic is that a bunch of “patriots” attended a meeting organised by a bunch who are:
    “famous for its denial of Japanese war crimes during the Nanjing Massacre, in which hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians were murdered, and tens of thousands raped, by Japanese soldiers.”
    These same soldiers murdered, tortured and abused many citizens of the UK, France, Belgium, India etc. But the so-called patriots were quite happy to break bread with them all the while lifting their right arms in salute of another destroyer of their peoples.

    Then they have the audacity of calling those who oppose their treason traitors. Is it me or are the extreme right really that stupid and so lacking in self awareness?

    • ‘There are 2 types of Conservatives – those that want to hurt someone and those who want the government to do it for them.’

      • I think you are mistaken. You are talking about Liberals here.

        • This comment was deleted.

          • This comment was deleted.

    • I’m sure you must love the self flagellating. So how long does a group have to self whip themselves to atone for their original (and ancestors) sins?

      You’re worst than Christians. You use guilt as a weapon to silence and force people to do what you want. What happens when that doesn’t work anymore?

      • Guilt is just a side effect of pity and your’s is one hell of a pity party. Democracy and decency are messy and take commitment and yes a lot of sacrifice.
        You and yours want to become more like the Jihadis, me I want to be the opposite of whatever they are. You give them what they want in the name of expediency and because you’re frightened; me I prepared to cherish the Western values that the extremists hate and I will fight to preserve them.
        Pick a side you are either like them or you’re like the people who died to create our freedoms. I know where I stand and I’m not scared.

        • None of my questions were answered. And I don’t blame you that you don’t want to answer them.

          I’m more frightened of people like you who are also part of my group loving our destruction (if it came to pass). You want to self flagellate yourself based upon some sin, fine. But don’t include the rest of us.

          The West stands for more than just your freedoms. In fact your freedoms is just a small part of a huge history of Western Civilization. I find it disheartening that is all you see.

          • Those freedoms were hard won by ordinary people. To dismiss them so easily and glibly illustrates only too clearly who dishonours the memory of those who came before us.

            As to your questions, they had the appearance of questions but were based on nothing but pie in the sky thinking. My worry is that more freedoms will be removed by perpetually scared useful idiots and warrantless spying, being arrested with no access to due process, secret prisons, torture etc will become standard fare in the West.

            What good is anything if it makes us become like the Taliban in order to keep cowards from feelings scared for a couple of seconds?

          • Yes. I must be destroying a sacred religious cow. Freedom isn’t all that cracked up (there are some benefits). And no, the West is more than just freedoms and WW2 (which is all you probably think of “hurr they died for our freedoms hurr”).

            The West has thousands upon thousands years of history, culture, diversity, etc. There beautiful things beyond your notion of freedom. Ranging from the traditional and modern architecture, monarchy, governments, clothing, philosophy, language, and even the people.

            You talk about what came before us and can’t see that the West has gone through many different manifestations that tell a huge story filled with joy and sadness.

            You would rather wash that away for your personal freedoms. It is for this reason that I often find freedom, especially the over obsession, to be a problem. If you could make the choice, you would rather hold on to your own personal freedom and see your civilization die. I guess I believe in sacrifice for something greater than yourself for somethings built over thousands of years which is all the more precious. Whereas you see sacrifice to allow others to do whatever they want (freedom) the only real sacrifice around.

          • I just don’t see how stooping to the level of those who are jealous of what we have built and the freedoms we enjoy is “a sacrifice for something greater than myself.”
            The fact you dismiss the fight against the Axis so easily illustrates just how you view a real sacrifice for something greater than oneself. But then that’s easy to do when you’ve never really put yourself on the line in reality and speak of war and fighting so glibbly.
            The odd thing about the anti-sharia law mob is that they just want to enforce a different kind of sharia instead. They’re not against controlling people, they just want to be the ones doing it – it’s kind of a jihadi envy.

          • I didn’t dismiss the Axis nor WW2. You are the one dismissing thousands of years of previous history. You just didn’t read anything I said.

            You didn’t build it. And there was more to the West than WW2, the Nazis, your freedoms. You are highly individualistic and sacrifice is only meaningful in the sense of your freedoms. Thanks for proving my point.

            Oh? The “all authoritarianism are the same” argument?

          • This comment was deleted.

          • My mum’s basement? Clearly you can come up with something better than that.

            If “and no, the West is more than just freedoms and WW2” means to you “dismissing” than I’m not surprised you can’t even understand simple solutions, let alone complex problems.

      • LOL, sure. We’re being silenced by Christians. Like we’re all terrified that the Staple Singers are going to burn our houses down if we say anything naughty. Or Billy Graham will send his goon squads to terrorize the neighborhood for drinking beer on Sunday.

  6. Thanks Katie Engelhart for writing this report. As an Australian that is proud of my Anglo Heritage. It was really heartening to see that Europe really is starting to wake up. For too long now, the powers that be have forced this un-democratic, elitist led, planned, cultural marxism down our throats. But long overdue and hopefully not too late, our great people have awoken. Marine Le Pen is an extrordinary leader and when Hillary Clinton becomes the next American President. The World will get to see the best and worst of both sides of politics.

    • More fascist talking points by the race baiters.
      I know many Aussies and you make me doubt that you are anything other than someone from Stormfront pretending.

      • Mmmm word for word.

      • I’m sure you don’t know the difference between nationalism and fascism. Carry on. And no I’m not a Stormfronter.

        Race baiters? You mean those who believe white people are the bane of the world and should have their countries swamped by people of difference racial groups in the name of “diversity (less white people)?”

        You have only yourself to blame for pushing people to the limit.

        • All countries have been swamped in history. My Celtic forebears were the original Britons along with North Britons. Then along came the Norsemen, Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Normans and boom we were the Welsh and the Cornish. Canada is now mostly a christian, white country but that was only after destroying thousands. Most of those conquests were violent and military in nature and resulted in people being “swamped by people of different races and cultures.” That was the way of the world.

          Immigration is not anything like this and to try and equate it is very silly indeed.

          • This is the silly argument. “We are all immigrants until the Romans came, Norse, Normans, etc, etc.”

            That is until we need to preserve the indigenous people of America (Native Americans) or New Zealand (Maori)…oh wait then that argument just goes by the wayside.

            No. All those people are “European” and blended together. It what you said is true than the Ottoman and Caliphate invasion wouldn’t have been driven out because of the “we’re all one” mentality you have. No, there was enough difference for there to be a series of wars. European define themselves as a distinctive group.

            I’m tired of this “white people caused all war and evil in the world.” First off, Indians were fighting well before Europeans arrived. Second, I can talk about Arab slave trade that existed well before European slave trade. So lets not kid ourselves.

            For Canada, European colonies settled peacefully until there was dispute (just like most colonies during that time). The outcome of the war went in British favor and so the Indians concede. That is how it works in war. The victor gets to set the guidelines.

            Where did I say immigration is like war (or anything for the matter)? Immigration is designed with certain express intent. The slow transformation under the guise of that is is normal. The EU Migration Commissioner just admitted this. So this isn’t a secret or anything.

            Please read the article before responding. Thanks.

    • Just to let you know, members of the FN Party (the party of Marine Lepen) said on the french Tv that a minister of justice , a black women (Mrs Christine Taubira) a savage donkey and have nothing to do with the human race.
      please don’t compare Hilary Clinton with Marine Lepen.

      • Some Americans would say that about Hilary Clinton too after Benghazi. Just because someone is black doesn’t exempt them from criticism and in some cases outright scorn. Calling someone a donkey doesn’t refer to race.

  7. The last hurrah of ‘ simple-minded populism’ in Europe. A continent where they’ve never even gotten along with each other much less anyone else.

    It’s why people left Europe in droves….to come to places where they can be free and leave the juvenile jingoism behind.

    And it’s why the EU was created….no borders, no religion.

    The rightwing wackos are on the wrong side of history.

    • Actually the days of the Left are numbered buttercup.

      That isn’t why they left. They left because of war. But whatever. Europe is in decline and you can’t see that.

      • Fine with me….the Left is as crazy as the right.

        War…gosh that would be what happens when hate and juvenile jingoism take over.

        No Europe is not in decline.

        • Lol Europe is not in decline? You are truly ignorant.

          You can’t seen how people have be driven to war out of your disgusting notions.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Lol.

            You mean those white guys that created everything you see around you? I love when people like you bash white people but then complain that they oppressed you.

            Must be hard being you.

        • Europe is on the skids and won’t be there in ten years. Putin is putting on the clamps as we speak. Putin controls their gas supplies.

          • LOL yeah, Europe has been around for thousands of years, but poof…just like that it’s going to vanish.

            Oh is Putin the anti-christ tonight? It changes so often it’s hard to keep up.

    • God, you are ignorant. People left Europe because it was governed by a vast land owning upper class that deprived most people of getting a step up on the ladder of prosperity. Europe has been grinding its teeth ever since and is preying on the faux upper class in North America to bring the sheep back to the fold.

      • Um…that would be freedom, wart

        And in the US, peasants from Europe are trying to be the aristocracy in the New World

        • Exactly. But that’s not what you said. And I’m sure in the next five minutes you will be arguing with me that I’m wrong and you are right and presenting my argument as yours.

          • THIS IS WHAT I SAID:

            ‘It’s why people left Europe in droves….to come to places where they can be free and leave the juvenile jingoism behind.’

            That would be… um…….’freedom’

            Fix your ‘reading comprehension button’

          • Freedom…and prosperity. Bit of a difference.

          • You can’t be prosperous if you’re not free.

            You can’t be free if you’re not prosperous.

            The rightwing has been telling us that for years.

          • Jingoism has nothing to do with land ownership. That’s what people wanted. A chance to own their own land and practice their religion in peace. It had nothing to do with”jingoism”.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Carry on with your jingoism. The problem was land ownership, not wars.

          • It was a lot of things wart….mostly poverty

          • Poverty is not jingoism.

  8. Oh look another article with a Skinhead. They must scour to find the most offensive photo.

    This article is a little better than most but still dreadfully biased. Katie Engelhart does make an attempt and in some cases is correct. But that is about all the praise I can muster. The article is so biased it isn’t even funny.

    But this has to take the cake:

    “Prime Minister David Cameron argued that “when a white person holds objectionable views, racist views for instance, we rightly condemn them. But when equally unacceptable views or practices come from someone who isn’t white, we’ve been too cautious—frankly, even fearful—to stand up to them.” Right-wing parties have chipped away at that fear.”

    Yeah because those white people should just take it and shut up according to Katie. I would figure an egalitarian would be most agreeable what with Cameron said on this issue (regardless of his other ideas). But no, that is too radical. Well if that is radical honey, you haven’t seen nothing yet.

    • Yes, there is ‘white privilege’….and that will stop. So will the arrogance.

      Whites have just discovered they are a minority

      • Let me guess a self flagellating white Liberal. Go move. Yeah amazing white people built these countries and so should have them.

        I don’t think so honey. Your days are up pushing European people around.

        Like I said your days are up. I’ve been a Liberal left winger my entire life but the arrogance and hate is just too much. It must make you happy inside about the prospect of European/White people becoming a minority. It isn’t going to happen.

      • There is no such thing as “white privilege”. This is an academic construct that bears no relationship to reality.

        • Says a white person.

          • Says a white person whose ancestors were just as oppressed as black slaves on a plantation.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • My you take a lot on yourself. As a matter of fact I am half Irish and the other half is Scottish coal mining. They were slaves for over a hundred years with no chance to change jobs. They had to swear at their children’s baptisms that the children would work for the mine owner.

          • The Irish were real slaves…sent out to the Caribbean and NA

            James II, Charles I, Oliver Cromwell.

            However, there is white privilege.


          • Oh because wikipedia says there is? Sorry. It’s just another half baked academic theory. Nuff said.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • This comment was deleted.

  9. Huge amount of disgusting minority hatred in this thread. Wish I could smugly claim it couldn’t happen here, but after seeing the CPC candidate test the gay bashing waters in Provencher last week and win big, not so sure anymore.

    • Someone loves that white people are becoming a minority/deserves to be extinct=huge amount of minority hatred.

      Wow there are some stupid people on here.

    • Actually if you did a head count globally – white people are in a minority.

  10. What a hysterical article. It’s laughable. Really what is happening is that European countries are fed up with the ultra left wing politicians that are pushing the open doors policy in Europe. They aren’t just absorbing new immigrants, they are being swamped. The demon behind all this is the EU Commission which is trying to obliterate the various cultures of Europe to promote a “European identity”. This has nothing to do with “far right” politics. This has everything to do with a paranoid EU Commission that is going to lose its hold on the various countries of Europe because nobody actually got to vote for a European superstate. Imagine if we, in Canada believing we were in a trade agreement with the US and Mexico, suddenly found that after voting against legislation that would create a North American superstate, had that legislation withdrawn and NAFTA altered so that no vote was required? All of a sudden we had another parliament and a commission overtop of our government. Imagine, if the way to erase our border was to allow the full influx of Americans and Mexicans. That is the situation in Europe. Calling parties that want to maintain their rights as national governments as “far right” is laughable.

    • I spent a decade in Europe, and as far as I know Europe was governed y a conservative parties,. Except the UK, Greece and Germany and more recently Turkey there’s no immigration in Europe, it’s a fantasy.

      • You are playing with words. Of course there is no immigration in Europe when you consider every country to contain Europeans. I lived in Europe too. The UK version. Party affiliation in Europe means nothing when the EU dream comes first.

        • I’m critical of the EU. This bureaucracy machine is an aberration. The EU is an undemocratic institution, but letting those far right parties emerge is playing a dangerous game.

          • They are being labelled “far right” by the EU bureaucracy and authors like the above who are for globalism and the collapse of the nation state. Right now, in the EU, if you are for nations keeping their borders, you are being labelled a crackpot.

          • you not gonna convince me that FN, UDC, FPÖ.. are not racist and antisemitic parties. Those parties are the remain of the fascist and Nazi ideology in Europe.You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig

          • The EU Commission is the new Nazi Party. Don’t believe their propaganda. They are national socialists with the nation being Europe.

      • No immigrants in France, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Holland, Belgium? You are joking, aren’t you? They are swamped with immigrants! I read the other day about the first mosque being built in Reykjavik. That’s not for Islanders, you know.

        • In Sweden they have 260.000 foreign born persons (mainly Christians from Iraq).
          Norway : 90.000
          France and Holland are used to be colonial powers, what do you call immigrants in France for example are French for centuries.
          Belgium (Walonie) brought immigrants to work and also to keep Brussels a french speaking city. Brussels is a dutch city but the dutch part of Belgium can’t take it back because of the french speaking population living there.
          In other word there’s no recent immigration in Europe if you compare with Canada, the US, China, Australia, Saudi Arabia…
          Europeans are racists, and I know what I’m talking about because I’m from Europe.

  11. I don’t buy the idea that Europe is in decline. I think the reality is that the rest of the world is emerging after the end of the colonization. Countries like China, India, Russia and Turkey are used to be empires and great civilizations. Populists and fascists parties are part of European heritage, remember Europe had nearly 500 years of pro-colonial, pro-slavery and racist ideology, 60 years of democracy will not make those ideologies disappear from the European brain..

    • Oh spare me your university thesis explanation of how the world works and actually read a few books on reality. Slavery was the energy of the 17th century. Black people rose to the top of European civilization long before the race bating industry in the US created the “we wuz slaves” attitude. Abram Petrovich Gannibal was a black servant at the court of Peter the Great and was the ancestor of Alexander Pushkin. Thomas Alexandre Dumas, was a General under Napolean and ancestor of Alexandre Dumas, the author. There was no comment on their race. They were valued for their abilities. Napolean’s empress Josephine had black blood in her.

      • Napoleon restored slavery which had been abolished during the French Revolution. He tried to crush the slave rebellion in Haiti but he failed.His brother-in-law, General Leclerc, arrest Toussaint Louverture, the hero of Saint-Dominique and he restored slavery on May 11. In order to implement this decision, his armies conducted a terrible repression in the Caribbean. In Guadeloupe, the men of General Richepanse killed one out of every 10 inhabitants.
        The next day, during his official sightseeing tour of Paris, Hitler again visited Napoleon’s tomb to salute him.
        He was said later to have described this moment as ‘one of the proudest of my life’.
        some new research has shown that France’s greatest hero presided over mass atrocities against slaves which bear comparison with some of Hitler’s worst crimes against humanity.

        • And yet he had a black general and married a partially black woman. Explain that?

          • Hitler fought with German Jews in the WWI and when he was homeless in Vienna,a Jewish association gave him a refuge for a while. You know the way he treated the Jews after he became the fuhrer.
            Joséphine de Beauharnais is not black. she’s from a wealthy white Creole family that owned a sugar plantation and hundreds of slaves.

          • Yes, but there was a hint that she was not entirely white.

      • Napoleon is a racist and an anti-Semite who persecuted Jews and reintroduced widespread slavery just a few years after it had been abolished by the French government.
        He attempted massacre of an entire population over the age of 12 by methods which included gassing them in the holds of ships, relate to the French Caribbean colony of Haiti at the turn of the 19th century.

  12. Katie Engelhart’s rubbish is a nice try of far-left propaganda. Shouldn’t she have added that her “far-right” zombies are “zombies” just because they remember the happy state our parents and grandparents lived in after WWII? Obviously our parents and grand-parents were “far-right”,too,!

  13. Cause and effect.

  14. The lefties and their parasitic unions have been doing this for years!

    • “What is things crazy people say on comment threads?” I’ll take blog trolls for $400 Alex

  15. Another poster on this thread hit the mark when he said that the left always promotes diversity in European countries, or even North America for that matter I might add, but not African, Muslim, or Asian countries.

    Why is always a one way street. If an Thai or a Saudi does not wish to grant any rights, let alone assimilate foreigners and people from other races, than it is “understandable” and we have to respect their cultures. But when someone questions immigration and demographic changes which have radically altered their societies in little more than a generation they are dismissed as “far right” or “neo nazi.”

    One sobering fact:

    “And among 4,500 boys names in England in 2009, what was the No. 1 most popular baby name? Mohammed. In Brussels? Mohammed. Oslo? Mohammed. Amsterdam? Mohammed.”

  16. Why is the rise of the so-called far right a concern, when there has never been any journalistic concern over the rise of the far-left?
    You can’t swing a cat in the halls of the EU bureaucracy without smacking into some former Soviet apparatchik or, at the very least, some sycophant of the Soviet model. The European Parliament is chock-a-block full of hard-core Commies. Ditto for every organization devoted to sounding the alarm over climate change. It’s not an environmental movement, kids. It’s a Marxist/Leninist front group masquerading as an environmental movement.

    How many Canadian journalists have taken the time to do the research and then write similarly alarm-filled articles about the deep ties that exist between the so-called “progressive” group that controls Vancouver City Hall and various Communist organizations? Even fewer have taken the time to expose the links between the Commies and the BC Teachers Federation?
    That journalists in general have been acting as apologists, enablers, and even propagandists for the far left has helped fuel the rise of what journalists call the far right, even though that description is often so laughably out to lunch as to possibly constitute a deliberate distortion or smear.
    I challenge Macleans to give us an article exploring the ties between Socialist International and our NDP, or to take a critical look at Jack Layton’s early flirtations with Marxism bearing this hard fact in mind: You can find many former devotees of Communism/Marxism/Leninism. They will all tell you how they came to view the most murderous ideology of the 20th century as what it actually is- evil. When you come across someone such as Layton, or Chow, or Mulcair, or even Justin Trudeau, who have all been steeped in the mythology of Marxism and Communism, and who don’t renounce it with heartfelt condemnation, then they BELIEVE in it.

  17. People of the world are finally waking up and seeing this one world government isn’t as good as it is made out to be! I wish the people in America would see this!

  18. people on the left are the ones who try to teach others tolerance, yet they do not tolerate those who love their own nations and countries.

  19. So much sound and fury.
    So little sense.
    We live in interesting fast-paced times where most people are unable to understand the technology that controls their radio, let alone the mathematics behind demographic shifts and the rationale behind news reporting.
    We live in an era that is safer and less violent than any in history, and it’s demonstrated when a murder can make international news headlines for years.
    There is no crisis, there is no invasion.

    There is, above all, a need to understand that we live in a world where you can hear about every little event that takes place a world away, and there is a desperate need for everyone to understand that even ten years ago you would never have heard about this stuff.